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2018 Regional Championships: London & Southern Counties, North and Wales
Stevenage, Durham and Swansea
17-18 March 2018.

Live comments

Malcolm Wood (London & SC), Iwan Fox (Wales) and Steve Jack (North)

London and SC

Sunday 18, 17:02:49

Championship Section:

2. Jersey Premier Brass (Tim Pritchard)

A very credible and hard working performance from the Channel Islanders and one that they can be proud of.

It tested them, and they got inside the music, with the MD pulling the tempo's back to let his players play, but it stretched them as well. That resulted in tentative moments and a few uncertainties, but there was real belief that they could succeed today.

The lyrical sections demonstrated fine musicianship and control whilst credit must go to Percussion for continually pushing the pulse onwards.

Top section banding is not easy, but that was sheer bloody guts at times. Take a bow folks.

To come:

3. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)

London and SC

Sunday 18, 16:50:12

Championship Section:

Quick reminder....

Quick reminder from MC and stewards in the hall, please do not use any device to record. The stewards are vigilant and if they spot anything, they are asking people to turn things off or leave the theatre.

Recordings can be sourced from World of Sound.

North of England

Sunday 18, 16:48:40

Championship Section:

Steve Jack's round up and prediction

A thoroughly enjoyable contest has brought two outstanding performances that you can only separate with the proverbial cigarette paper.

Reg Vardy and NASUWT Riverside pulled out performances of real top flight substance that should take the top two places and the trip to the Albert Hall. However don't be surprised if they are reversed.

Behind them for us comes a rejuvinated Fishburn with EYMS in fourth.

4BR prediction

1. Reg Vardy
2. NASUWT Riverside
3. Fishburn

London and SC

Sunday 18, 16:42:36

Championship Section:

1. Haverhill Silver (Paul Filby)

A very considered if not error free reading from Haverhill to get things underway here in Stevenage. It was a journey from darkness to light, that just needed more clarity and detail (bit heavy dynamics at times).

The quality playing was there especially in the lyrical sections, but there was some erratic playing at times and it did tire towards the end.

Bold, brave effort though

North of England

Sunday 18, 16:37:12

Championship Section:

10. Shepherd Building Society (Robert Wilton)

Now that was a good start — full of nicely shaped sounds and a superb fruity bass trom. When Slane crosses from euphoniums to back row cornets, boy do we hear them making the most of the spotlight.

The middle movement just lacked that extra bit of finesse, but you have to respect their attempt at it — played with real confidence.

The finale was a real stonker though; a riotous assembly if ever there was one. A very good one indeed that — enjoyable and substantial.

North of England

Sunday 18, 16:33:47

Championship Section:

9. Kirkbymoorside Town (Sarah Woodward)

After travelling through the snow Kirkbymoorside show their intent with a restrained opening that suits their young band. Sarah Woodward gives the music time and space directing on her debut. Her dad John would be proud of her — it's cultured stuff this.

There are a few slips here and there, but on the whole its Neatly portrayed and cohesive. Middle movement may just lack a little of the quiet reflectiveness of others but it was delivered with confidence.

The finale may not have the strength and power either but it has enough about it for a strong, triumphant close.

To come

Shepherd Building Group

North of England

Sunday 18, 16:30:21

Championship Section:

8. EYMS (Stig Maersk)

The opening is good but — yikes — slips and blips from the cornets are points losing shrapnel surely?

Gathered back in tempo Stig Maersk, conducting without a score, leads them back onto the straight and narrow with a fabulous bit of ensemble playing from all concerned.

The slow movement rocks gently...until a nasty high split from euph and suddenly it goes as cold as the weather outside. What a pity.

The finale brings the best from them again...but the final approach is rather lacklustre and tame. A nearly one that — and they know it.

To come

9. Kirbymoorside

London and SC

Sunday 18, 16:28:05

Championship Section:

The last leg.....

So the final contest of the Regional series is about to start with eleven accounts of Odyssey — Northfleet pulled out (but not due to weather we understand).

Ian Brownbill and Sandy Smith doing this one till into Sunday night.

North of England

Sunday 18, 16:26:37

Championship Section:

7. Reg Vardy (Russell Gray)

The Belgian cornet star Lode Violet is the top man for this performance, but whatever the arguments the start is stunning with Russell Gray pulling every ounce out of the players. They really meant business.

Allegro is masterfully played, before entering a beautifully executed central section where Lode Violet shows his class — playing with a compassion which belies his young years. Its gorgeous stuff.

The finale goes on a pace that again takes off the roof (and a couple of bricks with it). Quite brilliant...but...will the judges like the interpretation which was bubbling with passion?

To come


London and SC

Sunday 18, 16:10:42


Championship Section:

Test Piece: 'Odyssey' — Kevin Norbury
Sunday 18th March
Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill & Sandy Smith
Draw: 2.00pm
Commences: Following Second Section but not before 3.30pm

1. Haverhill Silver (Paul Filby)
2. Jersey Premier Brass (Tim Pritchard)
3. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)
4. Thundersley (Nigel Taken)
5. Friary Guildford (Chris King)
6. Wantage (Paul Holland)
7. Kidlington Concert Brass (Duncan Wilson)
8. Medway (Melvin White)
9. Redbridge (Jeremy Wise)
10. Aveley & Newham (Alan Duguid)
11. Zone One Brass (Richard Ward)

withdrawn: Northfleet Brass (David Lewis)

Black Dyke Band - The Hawth, Crawley

Sunday 18 March • The Hawth, Hawth Ave, Crawley RH10 6YZ

Contest: Welsh Regional Championships

Sunday 18 March • Brangwyn Hall, The Guildhall, Swansea SA1 4PE

Contest: London & SC REgional Championships

Sunday 18 March • Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Lytton Way, Stevenage SG1 1LZ

Contest: North of England Regional Championships

Sunday 18 March • The Gala Theatre, 1 Millennium Place, Durham DH1 1WA

Black Dyke Band - Mirfield Parish Church

Thursday 22 March • Mirfield Parish Church, 38 Church Lane, Mirfield WF14 9HX

Clifton and Lightcliffe Band

March 18 • Our third section B Band are looking for Cornet and Trombone players. Rehearsals Friday's 7.00 - 8.15pm and Sunday mornings 10.00 - 12.15pm Based at Bailiff Bridge Brighouse. Our Saturday morning training band is also looking for players. All abilities.

Clifton and Lightcliffe Band

March 18 • Second Section band we are looking for a 2nd Trombone and back row cornet. We have a busy concert calendar and a trip to Italy planned for August 2018.. Based at Bailiff Bridge Brighouse.

Wakefield Metropolitan Brass Band

March 17 • Musical Director due to work commitments, the Wakefield Metropolitan Band seeks applications for this position. 1st section band with a 5th place at the areas. We require someone with the drive and ambition to take us to the next level is this you ?

David A. Stowell

Conductor and composer