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Eikanger Retain Norwegian Crown

Eikanger Bjorsvik retained the premier Entertainment title in Norway by winning the SIDDIS title. We have all the details.


Eikanger Take Norwegian SIDDIS Title.

Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag maintained their position as the leading band in Norway by retaining the SIDDIS Entertainment title that they also won last year on the weekend.

Eikanger beat Manger Musikklag conducted by Martin Winter by one point to record victory in this, the premier entertainment contest in Norway. Third place went to Oslofjord Brass conducted by Kim Lofthouse. Eikanger’s specially arranged programme was meant to depict a mosaic of different folk music and jazz and was performed without a conductor.

Eikanger’s programme started off with “Red Morning Star” arranged by the bands soprano player Frode Ryland and followed this with his arrangement of the Bulgarian Folk Song, “Bucimis”. “Unisons” by Mikhail Alperin and arranged by Svein Henrik Giske was immediately followed by “Rasarit” (Sunrise) which featured Eb tuba soloist Sleire Johansen.

“Nou Skomorohi” (The New Minstrel) featured the bands flugel horn and euphonium players Camilla Sjovold and Tormod Flaten and was arranged by the bands conductor Reid Gilje. This was further followed by “Ne aludj el” (Don’t fall asleep) also by Gilje, before they ended their winning programme by playing “Balkan Moods/Bucimis Ending”, a traditional piece arranged by Gilje and Frode Ryland in which the solo part was brilliantly played by Martin Winter.

Martin Winter himself was busy conducting at the contest and took rivals Manger Musikklag into a well deserved second place. Oslofjord improved dramatically on their 7th place of last year to take the third place on offer, ahead of Stavanger in fourth—a drop of two places from last year. Further British interest was maintained by Bryan Hurdley who took Sandefjord into 5th spot, Ray Farr who took Krohnengen into 7th and John Hinckley who took Tertnes into 8th place.

Points were awarded for the music programme itself (out of 10) and for the standard of the performance (out of 100). The instrumental prize went to Stian Willanger, the brilliant percussion player of Manger Musikklag.

Meanwhile the First Section prize went to Alexander Brass conducted by Morten Hansen who improved on their 3rd place last year to take the title ahead of Askoy Brass Band who came from 7th last year to take the runners up spot. Third place went to Kleppe who also improved dramatically from coming 6th last year. Last years winners Krokbjor and runners up Jaren took place in the Elite Section and performed well to come home 9th and 6th respectively there.

The Second Section title went to Flesland Musikklag conducted by Michael Antrobus who took the title with a two point margin over Brottum Musikkforening. Third place went to Rosendal Musikklag. Flesland were 5th last year so this was a fine improvement, whilst Rosendal Musikklag who came third under Yngve Nikolaisen were promoted from the Third Section this year.

The Third Section title went to Hasle Ungdoms Brass Band conducted by Tarjei Gilbrant who secured a fine three point winning margin over second placed Haukas Musikklag who were a further point ahead of Oltedal Algard Musikkorps.

Full Results:

Elite Division:
���������������(Points awarded for programme and music content) �������������������������
1. Eikanger—Bjorsvik Musikklag �����8 + 96= 104pts�����
2. Manger Musikklag (M. Winter)����������8 + 95=�����103pts
3. Oslofjord Brass (K. Lofthouse)�����7 + 93=�����100pts
4. Stavanger Brass Band (L. Gudim)����������7 + 92=�����99pts
5. Sandefjord Symposium (B. Hurdley)�����6 + 92=�����98pts
6. Jaren Hornmusikkforening (H. Haukas)�����8 + 90=�����98pts
7. Krohnengen Brass (R. Farr)����������6 + 90=�����96pts
8. Tertnes Brass (J. Hinckley)�����6 + 90=�����96pts
9. Krokbjor Brass (T. Innbjor)����������5 + 89=�����94pts
10. Tomra Brass (A. Dalhaug)����������5 + 87=�����92pts

Best Soloist: Stian Willanger. Manger Musikklag

First Section:
1. Alexander Brass (M. Hansen)����������8 + 95=�����103pts
2. Askoy Brass Band (E. Magnussen)�����8 + 92=�����100pts
3. Kleppe Musikklag (E. Gjerdevik)�����8 + 91=�����99pts
4. Oster Brass (F. Rydland)����������7 + 91=�����98pts
5. Radoy Brass (S. Svendsen)����������7 + 90=�����97pts
6. Hornorkestret Stavanger (M. Hansen)�����8 + 89=�����97pts
7. Sola Brass Band (G. Karlson)�����7 + 89=�����96pts
8. Sorum Musikklag (T. Elnes)����������6 + 89=�����95pts
9. Sagvag Musikklag (T. Hatlevik) 7 + 88= 95pts
10. Vennesia Kristne Brass (B. Breistein)�����7 + 88=�����95pts
11. Kopervik Musikkorps (R. Gray)����������7 + 87=�����94pts
12. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn (R. Gilje)�����7 + 86=�����93pts
13. Austrheim-Lindas Musikklag (C. Breistein)
7 + 85=�����92pts

Soloist Prize: Anders Hauge, Tuba, Sagvag Musikklag

Second Section: ����� �����
1. Flesland Musikklag (M. Antrobus)�����9 + 93=�����102pts
2. Brottum Musikkforening (E. Myrseth)�����9 + 91=�����100pts
3. Rosendal Musikklag�����(Y. Nikolaisen)�����9 + 90=�����99pts
4. Laksevag Musikkforening (R. Farr)�����7 + 91=�����98pts
5. Bergen Brass Band (K. Rydland)�����8 + 90=�����98pts
6. Grenland Brass (K. Klingberg)�����8 + 89=�����97pts
7. Stangaland Brass (H. Skar jr)����������8 + 87=�����95pts
8. Rong Brass (O. Nostdal)����������6 + 88=�����94pts
9. Krapfoss Hornorkester (E. Odegard)�����6 + 87=�����93pts
10. Eidsberg Brass Band (H. Ringstad)�����6 + 84=�����90pts

Soloist Prize: Espen Westbye, Flugel horn, Grenland Brass

Third Section:
1. Hasle Ungdoms Brass (T. Gilbrant) �����8 + 94=�����102pts
2. Haukas Musikklag (K. Rydland)�����7 + 92=�����99pts
3. Oltedal Algard Musikkorps (J. Rogne)�����8 + 90=�����98pts
4. Skui Brass Band (T. Nilsen)����������8 + 88=�����96pts
5. Stavanger Kommunes Korps (P. Austnes)�����7 + 87=�����94pts
6. IMI Brass (P. Petersen)����������7 + 86=�����93pts
7. Ranaberg Musikkorps (E. Sivertsen)�����8 + 85=�����93pts
8. Skeie Glad- Brass (E. Maeland)�����7 + 84=�����91pts
9. Ungdomskopset Samklang (T. Flaten)�����6 + 83=�����89pts

Soloist Prize: Janken Olsen-Hagen, Flugel horn, Skeie Glad Brass�������������������������


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