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The French Tenor Horn The French Tenor Horn - Anthony Galinier

Paris Brass Band


CD currently not available for purchase


1. Fiesta, Bertrand Moren, 7.07
2. Tanti Anni Prima, Astor Piazzola, arr. Thiery Caens, Tenor Horn soloist Owen Farr, 7.45
3. Variations n a Welsh Theme, Peter Kneale, 9.02
4. An Untold Story, Paul Lovatt Cooper, arr. Claude Kesmaecker, 4.08
5. Duel, Bertrand Moren, Trombone soloist Fabrice Millischer, 12.13
6. Demelza, Hugh Nash, 4.41
7. The Carousel, Roy Newsome, arr. Tommy Bourgeois, 6.57
Sonate, Paul Hindmith
8. Premier Movement, 1.52
9. Deuxieme Movement, 3.42
10. Troisieme Movement, 1.42
11. Quatrieme Movement, 3.04
12. Concert Etude, Alexander Goedicke, arr. St.Pullin, 3.38

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