The Champions — Who won what in 2012

There were a lot of brass band contests in 2012. 4BR provides the definitive list of the bands that took away the victors laurels all over the world.

Black DykeEuropean Champion: Black Dyke (Dr Nicholas Childs)

European B Section: Austria Brass Band of University of Music & Performing Arts, Graz (Uwe Koeller)

4BR/World of Brass Rankings: Cory (Dr Robert Childs & Philip Harper)

National Champions:

Australia: Gunnedah Shire Band (Howard Taylor)
Belgium: Brass Band Buizingen (Luc Vertommen)
Denmark: Lyngby Taarbaek (Selmer Simonsen)
Eire: Drogheda Brass (Michael Mayer)
England: Black Dyke (Dr Nicholas Childs)
France: Paris Brass Band (Florent Didier)
Germany: Bavarian Brass Band Academy (Franz Matsiak)
Great Britain: Foden’s (Allan Withington)
Holland: Brass Band Schoonhoven (Erik Janssen)
New Zealand: Woolston Brass (Graham Hickman)
Northern Ireland: 1st Old Boys Association Silver (Stephen Cairns)
Norway: Eikanger Bjorsvik (Prof David King)
Scotland: Co-operative Funeralcare (Dr Nicholas Childs)
Sweden: Windcorp (Andreas Katz)
Switzerland: Brass Band Fribourg (Frederic Theodoloz)
United States of America:  Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa)
Wales: Cory (Dr Robert Childs)

Major UK Championships:

FodensBritish Open: Foden’s (Allan Withington)
Brass in Concert: Cory (Philip Harper)
All England Masters International: Tredegar (Ian Porthouse)
Grand Shield: Hepworth (Russell Gray)
Senior Cup: Northop Silver (Thomas Wyss)
Senior Trophy: Wakefield Metropolitan (Michael Howley)

Butlins Mineworkers Championship:
Championship Section:
Flowers (Paul Holland)
First Section: Becontree Brass (Adam Cooke)
Second Section: Mossley (Duncan Byers)
Third Section: Boarshurst Silver (David Ashworth)
Fourth Section: Coppull & Standish (Matt Striger)
Youth: Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
Junior Ensemble: Youth Brass 1000 (Adele Hudson)

Scottish Open: Co-operative Funeralcare (Dr Nicholas Childs)

National Champions of Great Britain: 
First Section:
Unite the Union (City of Sheffield) (Derek Renshaw)
Second Section: South Milford (Martin Hall)
Third Section: Hitchin (Craig Patterson)
Fourth Section: Norfolk Wherry Brass (Andrew Craze)

CarniustieNational Youth Championships of Great Britain:
Smithy Bridge Primary (Lee Rigg)
Junior: Chalford (Steve Tubb)
Intermediate: Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
Championship: Carnoustie & District (Michael Robertson)

Whit Friday Champions:
Saddleworth: Black Dyke

Regional Champions:

Zone OneLondon & Southern Counties:

Championship Section:
Zone One (Richard Ward)
First Section: Becontree Brass (Adam Cooke)
Second Section: Thundersley Brass (John Ward)
Third Section: Hitchin (Craig Patterson)
Fourth Section: Amersham (Paul Fisher)


Championship Section:
Desford Colliery (Russell Gray)
First Section: Ratby Co-operative (Michael Fowles)
Second Section: Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell)
Third Section: Daventry Brass (Bob Stradling)
Fourth Section: Burbage (Buxton) (Steve Critchlow)

fELLINGNorth East:

Championship Section:
Felling (Steve Malcolm)
First Section: Shepherd Group (Richard Wilton)
Second Section: South Milford (Martin Hall)
Third Section: Ripon City (Malcolm Dibb)
Fourth Section: Dunston Silver (Steve Archer)

LeylandNorth West:

Championship Section:
Leyland (Michael Bach)
First Section: Rainford (Neil Samuel)
Second Section: Mossley (Duncan Byers)
Third Section: Besses Boys (James Holt)
Fourth Section:  Golborne (Paul Andrews)

Co-operative FuneralcareScotland:

Championship Section:
Co-operative Funeralcare (Dr Nicholas Childs)
First Section: Clackmannan & District (Paul McKelvie OBE)
Second Section: Croy Silver (Gareth Bowman)
Third Section: Jedforest Instrumental (Phil Rosier)
Fourth Section: Kingdom Brass B (Bede Williams)


Championship Section:
Cory (Dr Robert Childs)
First Section: Burry Port (Michael Thorne)
Second Section: Goodwick Brass (Matthew Jenkins)
Third Section: Pontypool Brass (Owen Farr)
Fourth Section: Severn Tunnel (Josh Ruck)

FlowersWest of England:

Championship Section:
Flowers (Paul Holland)
First Section: Brunel Brass (John Winterflood)
Second Section: Lympstone South West Telecoms (Charles Fleming)
Third Section: Bream Silver (Bryn James)
Fourth Section: Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver (Joanne Sykes)

Black DykeYorkshire:

Championship Section:
Black Dyke (Dr Nicholas Childs)
First Section: Unite the Union (City of Sheffield) (Derek Renshaw)
Second Section: Clifton & Lightcliffe (John Clay)
Third Section: Elland Silver (James Shepherd)
Fourth Section: Linthwaite (Tony Jaegar-Fozzard)

The Rest of the World:


National Championship:
B Section:
City of Holroyd Brass
C Division: Marion City Brass
Junior A: Gunnedah Shire Youth
Junior B: Warriparinga Youth
Junior C: Bendigo Youth Brass

Gunnedah Festival Championship:
Hymn & Test:
Gunnedah Shire Junior
Entertainment: Moree District
Festival of Brass:
Brisbane Excelsior
C&D:  Toowoomba Municipal

Latrobe Festival:
Boroonda Brass
B: Diamond Valley Brass
C: Frankston City
D: Stonnington City Brass

NSW Championships:
St Mary’s Band Club
B: City Holroyd
C: Warringah Concert Brass
D: Armidale City Band
Junior A: Willoughby City Youth

Queensland State Championships:
A Grade:
Brisbane Excelsior
B Grade: Cairns Brass
C Grade:  Sunshine Brass
D Grade:  Sunnybank Brass 2
Junior Grade: Brisbane Brass Juniors

South Australia Championships:
K&N Spring Gully Brass
C: Marion City Brass
D: Warriparinga Brass
Junior: Hahndorf Youth Brass

Tasmanian Championship:
  Boroondara Brass
B:  City of Launceston RSL Band
C:  Glenorchy City
Victoria Championships:
Kew Band
C: Boroondara Harmony 
D:  Creswick Brass
Junior C: Bendigo Youth

Western Australian State Festival:
B: Canning
C: Bunbury
D: Goldfields/Esperance
Junior Brass: Morawa DHS
Entertainment: RASWA


National Championship:
First Division:
Brass Band Panta Rhei
Second Division: Brass’Art
Third Division: Brass Band Scaldis

Flemish Open:
Brass Band Schoonhoven
B: Brass Band Bacchus
C: Young Brass Band Willebroek
D: Brass Band St Cecilia Leest

International Brass Band Championship: Manger Musikklag


National Championship:
Second Division:
Dania Brass
Third Division: Sejs Blaeserne

Albourg Festival:
Section A:
Peder Most Garden
Section B: Brovst Pigegarde
Section C: Logstor Garden
BBQ Bands: Hjallerup Ensemble


National Championship:
Section 2:
Lourdes Brass
Section 3: Einis Brass
Section 4: Dungarvon Brass


National Championship:
First Division:
  Brassage Brass Band
Second Division:  Brass Band de Champs-sur-marne
Third Division:  Brass Pearl

French Open:
Paris Brass Band
First:  NG Redien
Second:  Verluwe Brass Band
Third:  Brass Band de la Gorgue
Fourth: Brass Band Junior du CRR de Tours


National Championship:
Cologne Concert Brass
Medium: Baden Brass Band
Entertainment: Brass Band Loft den Meer


National Championship:
First Division:
Heman Brass
Second Division: Excelsior
Third Division: Gloria Die
Fourth Division: Halleluja

Euro Brass:
Brass Band Schoonhoven
B: Brass Band Heman
C: Backum Brass

NewZealansNew Zealand:

National Championship:
B Section:
Eastern Bay of Plenty
C Section: Papakura RSA Brass
D Section:  Cambridge Brass
Youth: Nelson Vivace Youth Brass

Scenic Hotels Band of the Year: Woolston Brass

Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland:

National Championship:
Grade 2:
  Third Carrickfergus
Grade 3:  Comber Silver
Grade 4:  Warrenpoint Silver
Grade 5:  Kilkeel Silver
Youth Brass: 1st Old Boys Junior

BBL Brass in Concert:
Championship Section:
  1st Old Boys
Second Grade:  CWA Brass
Fourth Grade:  Dungarvon Brass
Fifth Grade:  1st Larne Old Boys Silver
Youth: 1st Old Boys Association Youth

Brass Band League:
  1st Old Boys
Second Grade:  Third Carrickfergus
Third Grade: CWA Brass
Fourth Grade:  Letterbreen Silver
Fifth Grade: Kilskerry Silver

Brass Band League Spring Festival:
  1st Old Boys
Second Grade:  Third Carrickfergus
Third Grade:  CWA Brass: 
Junior: 1st Old Boys Youth
School: Omagh Academy Brass Band


National Championship:
First Division:
Tertnes Brass
Second Division: Askoy Brass
Third Division: Flesland Musikklag
Fourth Division: Tysnes Musikklag
Fifth Division: Bertnes Brass

First Division: Askoy Brass
Second Division: Rong Brass
Third Division: Folleso Musikklag
Fourth Division: Rosendal Musikklag

Grenland Festival:
Elite Division:
First Division:  Hasle Brass
Second Division:  Gjesdal Brass
Third Division: Langhaus Brass


Scottish Challenge Shield: Newmilns & Galston
Scottish Challenge Cup: Kingdom Brass B

Scottish Band of the Year:
Championship Section:
  Co-operative Funeralcare
First Section:  Clackmannan & District
Second Section:  Coalburn Silver
Third Section:  Jedforest Instrumental
Fourth Section:  Kingdom Brass B

Scottish Youth Championships:
Coalburn Bronze Band
Novice: Loanhead Brass Roots
Development: Campbeltown Junior Band
Senior:  Dalmellington Junior Band
Premier:  Carnoustie & District
Percussion: Midlothian Schools Percussion Ensemble

Fife Charities: Unison Kinneil

Fife Brass Band Festival:
Kingdom Brass
First Section: Newmilns & Galston
Second Section: Coalburn Silver
Third Section: Renfrew Burgh
Fourth Section: Kingdom Brass B

Land O’ Burns: Co-operative Funeralcare

Scottish Borders:
Coalburn Silver

West Lothian Entertainment: Co-operative Funeralcare


National Championship:
First Division:
Uffles Blas Brass Band
Second Division: Axxon Brass Band
Youth: Asenhoga Youth Brass Band


National Championship:
First Division:
Brass Band MG Rickenbach
Second Division: Brass Band Feldmusik Eschokmatt
Third Division: Brass Band Abinchova
Fourth Division:  Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch B

Swiss Open: Treize Etoiles

USAUnited States of America:

National Championship: Atlantic Brass Band
First Section: Central Ohio
Second Section: Madison Brass Band
Third Section: Bend in the River Brass

United States Open Championship: Fountain City

Ohio Brass Festival: Brass Band of Columbus


Welsh League:
  Burry Port
First Section: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith)
Second Section:  Goodwick Brass
Third Section:  Ammanford
Fourth Section:  Ebbw Valley

South Wales Miners Eisteddfod Welsh Open: Tredegar

South Wales Miners Welfare Entertainment: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) M2

Welsh National Eisteddfod:
: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith)
Second Section: Llwydcoed
Third Section:  City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) M2
Fourth Section: Oakdale Silver

SEWBBA Ebbw Vale:
Burry Port
First Section: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith)
Second Section: Treherbert
Third Section: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) M2
Fourth Section: Ebbw Valley
Youth: BTM Next Generation

West Wales BBA Fishguard:
Burry Port
First Section: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith)
Second Section: Goodwick Brass
Third Section: Ammanford
Fourth Section: Cwmtawe Youth
Youth: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) M3

SEWBBA Blaenavon:
Burry Port
First Section: City of Cardiff (Melingriffith)
Second Section: Goodwick Brass
Third Section:  AW Parker (Drybrook)
Fourth Section: Ebbw Valley

Greater Gwent Festival:
Cwmtawe Training
Schools: Croesyceiliog School
Music Centre/County: Greater Gwent Schools
Independent/Community: BTM Youth
Independent/Community (Gwent): Usk Youth
Percussion: BTM 

Newtown March: Llanrug Silver

North Wales Open:
Second Section: Royal Buckley
Fourth Section: Deeside Silver
Fifth Section: Deeside Training
Section 6a: Beaumaris Youth
Section 6b: Deiniolen Youth

EllandOther contests in Great Britain:

Action Research Youth Championships: Elland Silver Youth

Battle of the Bands: Dronfield

First Section: Blidworth Welfare
Second Section: Strata Brass
Third Section: Hucknall & Linby MC
Fourth Section:  Market Rasen

Bolsover Charity: Sir Richard Arkwright’s Masson Mills

PembertonBrass at the Guild Hall:
Champ/First Section:
Pemberton Old Wigan DW
Second Section:  Tyldesley
Third Section:  Blackpool Brass
Fourth Section: Tarleton

Brass Factor: Hade Edge

Brighouse Lions March & Hymn:
Marsden Slilver
Youth: Elland Silver Youth

St DennisBugle Contest:
St Dennis
First Section: Helston Town
Second Section: Heyl Town
Third Section: Tiverton Town
Fourth Section: Tiverton Town
Youth: Mount Charles Youth
Training Section: St Austell Juniors

Buxton Festival:
: Bollington
Second Section: Shirebrook Miners Welfare
Third Section: Whitworth Vale & Healey
Fourth Section: Parr St Helens

Cornish Championship: St Dennis

DFDS Seaways: Brass Band Heist

HesistDoctor Martin Trust Entertainment: Reg Vardy

Dronfield: Dronfield

Durham CBBA:
Easington Colliery
B: Murton Colliery
C: Dunston Silver

Durham League:
Cockerton Silver
B: NASUWT Concert

East Anglian BBA:
B: Great Yarmouth

Exmouth Festival of Brass: St Pinnock

Second Section: Flixton
Third Section: Blackpool Brass
Fourth Section: Parr St Helens
Youth: Stockport Schools Brass

Gloucester BBA:
Section A:
Section B:  City of Bristol
Section C: Ebbw Valley
Section D: Lydbrook Training

Gloucester BBA Entertainment Contest:
Section A:
Bream Silver
Section B: Lions Brass4Youth

Hade EdgeHardraw Scar:
Class A:
Hade Edge
Class B: Lancaster

Hebden Bridge Heritage: Marsden Silver

Kippax Entertainment: South Milford

Kirkby Lonsdale:
Third Section:
Hazel Grove
Fourth Section: Tarleton

AshtonLeicester BBA:
Aston under Lyne
First Section: Shepherd Group
Second Section: City of Bristol
Third Section: Hucknall & Lindby MC
Fourth Section: Amersham
Unregistered: Enderby Youth

Manx Music Festival: Manx Concert Brass

Morley March: Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel

Otley Mayors Challenge: Otley

Oldham LeesNorthern Open:
Section A: Oldham (Lees)
Section B: City of Bradford
Section C: Blackpool Brass
Section D: Ifton Colliery

Pogson Bray: Clifton & Lightcliffe

Ripon Entertainment: Ripon City

SCABA Crawley:
Haverhill Silver
B: LGB Brass

SCABA Crawley:
Wantage Silver
First Section: Nothfleet Brass
Second Section: Olney Town
Third Section: Sussex Brass
Youth: Shanklin Town

CamborneSWBBA Torquay:
Second Section: Lympstone South West Telecoms
Third Section: Bodmin Town
Fourth Section:  Launceston Town
Ungraded: Pendeen Silver
Youth Section: Launceston Town Youth
Training:  Saltash Juniors

Tameside Open:
Oldham (Lees)
Second Section: Tyldesley
Third Section: Formby
Fourth Section: Darwen Brass

University Championship of Great Britain: Brass United (RNCM & University of Manchester)

Weston Super Mare:
Jackfield (Elcock Reisen)
Second Section: Lympstone South West Telecoms
Third Section:  Bream Silver
Fourth Section: Severn Tunnel

WoodfallsWessex Contest:
Championship Section:
First Section: Hyde
Second Section: Otterborne
Third Section: Gillingham Imperial
Fourth Section: Andover Town

Wessex Youth & Training:
Andover Town
Youth: Great Western Youth Band

Whiston Festival of Brass:
South Yorkshire Police
Third Section: Worsborough Brass
Fourth Section/Unregistered: Maltby Miners Welfare

First Section: Filton Concert
Second Section: Strata Brass
Third Section: Eccles Borough
Fourth Section:  Trentham Brass
Local: Cheltenham Silver

Yeovil Entertainment Contest: Flowers

PEMBERTON OLD WIGAN DW BRASS BANDS - 150th Anniversary of Wigan Rotary Club

Saturday 15 June • Pemberton Old Band rooms. Enfield Street. Pemberton. Wigan WN5 8DZ

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Ashton Band

Sunday 16 June • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Strata Brass

Sunday 23 June • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Wotton-under-Edge Silver Band - Foden's Band

Sunday 23 June • Renishaw Innovation Centre,. New Mills, Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge,. Gloucestershire GL12 8JR

West Midlands Police Band - Sovereign Brass and Brett Baker (Trombone)

Sunday 23 June • Tipton Green Methodist Church. Park Lane West. Tipton. Sandwell. DY1 4QF

East of England Co-op Band

June 16 • The East of England Co-op Band are looking for a determined and experienced Musical Director following the current MD's decision to step down. The band are looking to further their development and continue their healthy concert and contesting diary.

The Wigston Band

June 15 • The Wigston Band is a friendly 3rd Section band based within South Leicestershire. We are looking for cornets and basses to complete our ranks so we can achieve our ambitions of climbing back to the 2nd section as soon as possible.

East of England Co-op Band

June 15 • The East of England Co-op Band are looking for a determined and experienced Musical Director following the current MD's decision to step down. The band are looking to further their development and continue their healthy concert and contesting diary.

Martyn Evans

BEd (Hons) NABBC member
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