No time for schadenfreude — Arts funding is heading towards implosion

November 11, 2022
Brass Bands England and the National Youth Band of Great Britain emerged from the wreckage of the latest Arts funding rounds in better health than many - but there is little reason to feel satisfied with the overall outcome.

2023 RNCM Brass Band Festival — Looking to the future - Celebrating the past

November 2, 2022
A host of world class performers, soloists, premieres and repertoire underpin Paul Hindmarsh's final curation of an unmissable festival of the best of brass banding.

The price of stability — 2022 Brass Bands England Conference

October 26, 2022
Will the progress made by Brass Bands England over the past year lead to the future funding its deserves when the next Arts Council England decision is made?

2022 National Championship of Great Britain — Adjudicator remarks

October 17, 2022
What the judges wrote about the top three performances of 'Hyperlink' from Foden's, Black Dyke and Cory on the weekend.

2022 National Championship of Great Britain — Preview

October 14, 2022
All connections lead to the Royal Albert Hall this weekend, but there is a danger that it is no longer the hub attraction it used to be.

A Force of Destiny — Derek Garside recalls an iconic victory

October 13, 2022
The great principal cornet recalls one of the most memorable National Championship victories in history - almost 60 years ago to the day.

2022 National Championship of Great Britain — Hyperlink test piece review

October 12, 2022
What actually links us is not quite what you might expect from Peter Graham's latest work to be performed at the Royal Albert Hall this weekend.

In appreciation — The British Bandsman magazine: Part 2: 1953 - 2022

October 10, 2022
In the second part of his series, brass band historian Tim Mutum, a reader for over 50 years and a contributor for its last decade, explores the importance of what was for the majority of its life, the leading voice of the brass band movement

2022 Cheltenham National Finals — Sections 1-4 preview

September 15, 2022
Her Majesty never won a 'National' herself, but Cheltenham will come up some winners from bands that will pay their musical tribute to her out of the starting gates this weekend.

2022 British Open Championship — The King of the British Open

September 14, 2022
Prof David King has now won five British Open titles at an event that has been part of his musical life since 1982.

2022 British Open Championship — A different contest focus

September 13, 2022
Lorne Campbell was the roving photographic eye at the 168th British Open Championship at Symphony Hall to capture a flavour of the contest day.

2022 British Open Championship — Adjudicator remarks

September 12, 2022
The adjudications from Stephen Roberts, Martyn Brabbins and Dr Robert Childs for the podium performances of Brighouse & Rastrick, Foden's and Aldbourne.

2022 British Open Championship — Contest preview

September 9, 2022
The 168th British Open Championship was always to have taken place in more reflective circumstances this year, but there is still the opportunity to rejoice in respect and admiration.

2022 British Open Championship — The World Rejoicing test piece review

September 5, 2022
Edward Gregson's mature exploration of a Lutheran chorale remains a joyful herald call in these troubled times...

Eyes right — Promoting performers visual health

August 23, 2022
A collaboration between leading eye care specialists, advocates and manufacturers aims to lead to a better understanding of the visual needs of musicians.

In appreciation — The British Bandsman magazine: Part 1: 1887 - 1952

August 21, 2022
In the first of two articles, brass band historian Tim Mutum, a reader for over 50 years and a contributor for its last decade, explores the importance of what was for the majority of its life, the leading voice of the brass band movement

Future encores? — Can more bands follow Tredegar's success at the Proms?

August 17, 2022
Tredegar's appearances at this year's BBC Proms gained widespread critical acclaim - but now they've blown the doors open can anyone else follow them in?

Personal insight — Driving the ethos of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain

August 15, 2022
Mark Bromley, CEO of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain, provides a personal insight into the ethos that is now firmly embedded into the organisation that has just celebrated its 70th anniversary.

IBBSS 2022 — From copper to brass...

August 14, 2022
Around 100 global delegates came to Swansea this year for the International Brass Band Summer School course led by Prof Nicholas Childs - and found a warm welcome to go with the music making...

A legacy of artistry and sincerity — The musical world pays tribute to Bramwell Tovey

July 18, 2022
The death of Bramwell Tovey has been marked by remarkable tributes from across the musical world.

4BR Hall of Fame — No. 22: Alex Mortimer

July 11, 2022
Tim Mutum explores the life of the mercurial Alex Mortimer, the self proclaimed ‘musical navvie’ regarded as a brass band genius.

Live imitating Art — A new performance approach maintains Brassed Off appeal

June 22, 2022
Helen Varley examines the lasting appeal of the film, as a 'Live' approach to performance maintains the emotional connection to a familiar story.

Risen again — The return of the Whit Friday march contests

June 7, 2022
Despite the challenges, the ineffable spirit of the Whit Friday march contests will hopefully be revived into joyful, supportive life as the greatest free show on earth returns.

Brass Band of Battle Creek — A vision of American success

May 30, 2022
Americans are at their best when thinking big - and enjoy it even more in making their vision a worldwide success.

2022 European Championships retrospective — Cradle credit notes

May 13, 2022
4BR Editor Iwan Fox looks back at a European Championship Festival that in the end amounted to much more than just profit and loss...

2022 British Open Spring Festival — Preview to the 100th event

May 6, 2022
The 100th anniversary Spring Festival takes place at Blackpool's Winter Gardens this weekend with some great tests of musical character to challenge the bands.

2022 European Championships — Gala Concert

May 5, 2022
Images from the fantastic Gala Concert featuring the twin forces of Cory and Louis Dowdeswell and his band.

2022 European Championships — Broadcast to the banding world

May 3, 2022
World of Brass broadcast the European Championships to the banding world on the Wobplay.com platform - with players and personalities interviewed on camera with their views and opinion.

2022 European Championships — Outdoor performances

May 3, 2022
Centenary Square hosted performances from bands and ensembles that entertained people visiting the Birmingham city centre.

2022 European Championships — Own Choice Selections

April 28, 2022
Iwan Fox looks at the eleven own choice works that will be performed by the Championship Section bands on Sunday.

2022 European Championships — Preview to Birmingham

April 28, 2022
The European Championships are back - and although its attractions may look familiar, events and ambitions are very different...

A rejuvenated culture — The National Youth Band of Great Britain Easter Course

April 20, 2022
Roy Terry reports from the Easter Course of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and finds a new organisational culture being embraced and musically developed.

4BR Hall of Fame — No. 21: Lt Col Cecil H Jaeger

April 13, 2022
Tim Mutum looks back on the life and short but memorable brass band career of the conductor known to all as 'Jiggs'.

Fire up the Quattro — The return of the Regional Championships

February 25, 2022
Regional Championship activity is reawakened this weekend - but banding in the UK cannot base its future survival by thinking it can live in a pre-Covid past.

Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all — Contest Music's hidden tunes: Part 2

February 23, 2022
In the second part of his major appraisal of Wilfred Heaton's masterpiece, Paul Hindmarsh identifies the hidden tunes the composer secreted within his score...

Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all — Contest Music's hidden tunes: Part 1

February 22, 2022
In the first part of his major appraisal of one of the brass band movement's most important works, Wilfred Heaton biographer Paul Hindmarsh goes in search of the hidden tunes to be found in 'Contest Music'.

The Coal Connection — 75 years of brass bands and the NCB

January 5, 2022
The National Coal Board came into existence 75 years ago this month - and with it a connection to brass bands that remains to this day.

2021 4BR Band of the Year — The conductors and players

December 31, 2021
These are the conductors and players we've picked to perform in our 2021 Band of the Year line-up - if we were ever lucky enough to get them together for a one off performance.

National Youth Brass Band at 70 — Challenges met and opportunities to come

December 29, 2021
Mark Bromley, CEO of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain talks to 4BR about the organisation's response to the challenges posed in 2021, and how it is now looking forward to its 70th anniversary year in 2022.

Mediterranean attractions — How a brass band is core to attracting students to Antibes

December 27, 2021
Antibes Conservatoire of Music & Drama has a new state of the art concert hall - but it is a brass band that is being promoted as a star attraction for students.

4BR Christmas Quiz — Test your musical knowledge

December 26, 2021
We have a fantastic prize package on offer for the person who gets the right answers in our festive quiz - a Besson Prodige cornet plus a set of mutes and a pack of music worth...

2021 4BR Awards — The Nominations

December 17, 2021
The long list of 4BR annual award nominations that will be considered by our panel of judges has been released.

4BR Hall of Fame — No. 20: Helen Perkin

December 15, 2021
Iwan Fox looks back on the life of a remarkable musician whose brief compositional association with the brass band movement has almost been lost over time.

Daisy, Daisy... — Remembering a pioneering female cornet entertainer

November 18, 2021
As the brass band entertainers take to the stage at Brass in Concert this weekend, we look at the remarkable musical life of the pioneering female cornet star Daisy Squelch.

Take 5 — A quintet of live National title winning performances

October 27, 2021
Five memorable winning performances captured live from the stage of the Royal Albert Hall.

2022 RNCM Brass Band Festival — A catalyst flagship for the movement

October 10, 2021
Artistic Director, Paul Hindmarsh offers a curator's perspective on what will be on offer at the UK banding movement’s most important festival of repertoire in January.

Postcard from the Royal Albert Hall — Power to the people?

October 7, 2021
Are we coming to an end to our banding history of the National Championships at the Royal Albert Hall? Hopefully not, but something needs to change.

2021 National Championship of Great Britain — Royal Albert Hall preview

September 30, 2021
Players and conductors from 19 bands hope to leave the Royal Albert Hall as contesting heroes on the weekend - at an event that has also overcome challenges of its own to be launched this year.

2021 National Championship of Great Britain test piece review — Heroes

September 29, 2021
American composer Bruce Broughton provides a score from which bands need to find the right stuff of heroes to claim the National title at the Royal Albert Hall.

Fuel in the tank — Brass Bands England Conference 2021

September 27, 2021
Petrol may have been in short supply on the weekend, but collective confidence certainly wasn't at the BBE Annual Conference.

Cheltenham Postcard — Cold War tensions amid the success

September 21, 2021
The success of the National Championship weekend in Cheltenham has also highlighted the need to get the main banding empire builders to at least start talking to each other.

2021 National Championships of Great Britain — Cheltenham preview

September 14, 2021
Banding returns to the National stage this weekend - diminished in numbers but hopefully not in stature. The future may be a different matter though...

Scotland's Cheltenham challenge — We will drive 500 miles...

September 12, 2021
Kingdom Brass, Annan Town and Langholm Silver will each make round trips of over 500 miles to try and return home with National titles.

Take 5 — A quintet of Connotations

September 7, 2021
With the First Section National Finals on the horizon, 4BR Editor Iwan Fox picks five performances of Edward Gregson's 1977 seminal work to add to your listening pleasure.

4BR Hall of Fame — No.19: Rowland Jones

September 1, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back on the life and career of a musician who made his mark as a world class performer in both the brass band and operatic worlds.

If the shoes fit — Combining performance excellence, explanation and Nike trainers...

August 15, 2021
The recent Aurora Orchestra Proms concert caught both the eyes and the ears of the audience at the Albert Hall - and its something the brass band movement could learn from.

The 1980s — The last Golden Age of UK banding?

August 4, 2021
Was the era of Mrs Thatcher, the Miners' Strike, 'loads of money' yuppies and football hooliganism also the last golden age of the brass band movement in the UK?

Take 5 — A quintet of Contest Music classics

August 1, 2021
4BR Editor Iwan Fox picks five performances of Wilfred Heaton's masterpiece to add to your recording library.

4BR Hall of Fame — No.18: Teddy Gray

July 27, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back on the life and career of a principal cornet who defined his own spotlight of excellence.

4BR Talking Point — A change of musical prescription

July 25, 2021
Sandy Smith argues that a re-evaluation of the importance of classical music arrangements could have a lasting benefit to a post Covid brass band movement.

Brass Bands England — An open reply to Brighouse & Rastrick Band

July 8, 2021
Brass Bands England provide a robust defence of their work, responsibilities and ambitions as they reply to the questions posed by Brighouse & Rastrick Band.

Best of Brass Festival — A Risk Assessment needed to connect to wider audience relevance

July 6, 2021
Much to admire on the day at Halifax, but persistence, tenacity and sheer bloody-mindedness are not the characteristics banding needs in abundance if it is to make a lasting mark with the wider public on its post Covid return.

Denis Wick at 90 — The musician with the golden touch

June 26, 2021
One of the greatest influences on the sound of the modern brass player and the modern brass band has just celebrated his 90th birthday.

Take 5 — A quintet of iconic middle movements

June 21, 2021
4BR Editor Iwan Fox picks a quintet of iconic test-piece middle movements that bands as well as conductors with musical aspirations of greatness should understand and master.

4BR Hall of Fame — No.17: Jack Mackintosh

June 9, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back on the life and career of one of the greatest cornet players of any era - and a man always full of comparisons.

4BR Interview — Mathilde Roh - an unconventional cornet star

June 8, 2021
4BR meets Mathilde Roh - the remarkable young Treize Etoiles cornet player who recently claimed the Swiss National Solo Championship title for the third year in a row.

The cherry on the top — National Youth Band returns for Easter

June 5, 2021
The National Youth Band of Great Britain makes a three day return to live action after the challenges of Covid19.

Are we there yet? — After the Covid journey, have we reached the destination we hoped for?

May 22, 2021
As we approach our return to banding, are we about to reach a destination that offers future hope for prosperity or have we simply failed to grasp the opportunity for change.

Take 5 — May the Force be with you...

April 29, 2021
4BR Editor Iwan Fox picks a quintet of memorable brass band recordings of the great Verdi overture La Forza Del Destino to add to your collection.

Prestige performances — Why on-line magic must be rooted in reality

April 28, 2021
4BR Editor Iwan Fox argues that despite the success, brass bands must maintain the prestige of on-line contesting reality rather than relying on aural illusion to keep everyone entertained.

4BR Hall of Fame — No.16: James Scott

April 25, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back on the life and musical career of one of the most respected figures of the banding movement.

Bums on seats — Understanding the new entertainment normality

March 5, 2021
When brass bands return to live performance how do they prise the bums of an audience from the sofas in front of smart television screens to hear them play - or can they also offer another button to press...

4BR Hall of Fame — No.15: Willie Lang

February 16, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back at the remarkable life of the great cornet and trumpet player Willie Lang.

Score Exchange — Three unusual places to find great brass band scores

February 15, 2021
How do you find high quality sheet music? Score Exchange may be just the right place to find out...

Take 5 — A quintet of the best Journey into Freedom recordings

February 12, 2021
4BR Editor Iwan Fox picks five of the best recordings of Eric Ball's classic test-piece to add to your collection.

It's coming home — Has Brass Bands England set out a new contesting future?

February 10, 2021
The European Championships will return to Birmingham in 2022, but can it provide the right stimulus both EBBA and British contesting needs to proposer in the years to come?

Getting the right message across — Have we finally convinced the media?

January 18, 2021
Brass banding is starting to be portrayed in a more informed light in the national media - thanks to finally realising we can influence some control over the message to report on...

4BR Hall of Fame — No.14: George Thompson MBE

January 4, 2021
Tim Mutum looks back on the life of one of the truly unique musical talents of the banding movement.

Regent Hall Concerts - Royal Greenwich Brass Band

Friday 9 December • Regent Hall (The Salvation Army). 275 Oxford Street. London W1C2DJ

PEMBERTON OLD WIGAN DW BRASS BANDS - Pemberton Old Wigan DW B Band Christmas concert

Friday 9 December • Pemberton Old Brass Bands club. Enfield street . Pemberton . Wigan WN5 8DZ


Saturday 10 December • St Andrew's Methodist Church, The Stow, Harlow CM20 3AF

Lofthouse 2000 Brass Band - Lofthouse 2000 Brass for YAS Christmas Concert

Saturday 10 December • St Austin's Theatre. 4 Wentworth Terrace. Wakefield WF1 3QN WF1 3QN

Mereside Brass - Christmas Tree Festival

Saturday 10 December • St Chad's Church. Winsford. Cheshire CW7 4DA

Ashton under Lyne Band

December 5 • PRINCIPAL CORNET : Are you a strong, ambitious player who is capable of leading a championship section band? Are you looking for a fresh challenge with an established band? We have a sensible diary of engagements and an immediate start is available.

City of Hull Band

December 5 • New Year. New challenge????? First class Solo Baritone required for January 2023. Rehearsing Sunday and Wednesday evenings near the Humber Bridge under the musical direction of Dean Jones.

Chadderton Band

December 5 • Chadderton Band is a non-contesting band playing at various events throughout the year. We are a friendly band and welcome all players of any age and ability on all sections of the band. Please come along and meet the band you will be very welcomed.

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MA LLCM TD CertEd (Dist)
Conductor, Band Trainer, Composer, Trumpet and Cornet Soloist, Arranger, Adjudicator


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