2013 North West Regional Championships — As it happened

All the action from the 2013 North West Regional Championships — as it happened.

North West • Monday 11, 09:57:12

Championship Section:
Test Piece: 'Harmony Music' - Philip Sparke
Sunday 10th March
Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent and David Horsfield

1. Leyland (Michael Bach), 12*
2. Foden’s (Allan Withington), 7**
3. Milnrow (Russell Gray), 5*
4. Fairey (Garry Cutt), 10
5. Rainford (Gareth Brindle), 6
6. Wingates (Andrew Berryman), 3
7. Ashton-under-Lyne (Simon Stonehouse), 9
8. Bollington Brass (Peter Christian), 11
9. Co-operative Funeralcare North West (Jef Sparkes), 2
10. Blackburn and Darwen (Nick Sheppard), 8
11. Pemberton Old Wigan DW (Stig Maersk), 1
12. Roberts Bakery (Colin Cranson,) 4

**Pre-qualified for National Finals
* Qualify for place at National Finals

North West • Sunday 10, 20:15:06

A rather mixed set overall with any number of interpretations. It's all down to that now because there hasn't been any substandard playing. Perhaps for our taste Skelmersdale, Blackpool, Eccles and Boarshurst have aquitted themselves well whilst Parr and Stalybridge chose different styles that may resonate in the box. I wouldn't choose to bet on the outcome here!

North West • Sunday 10, 20:13:37

Section 3: Littleborough (Adrian Woodhead), 16
Opening - Direct and positive start but just a little unsettled in show tune.
Middle - Settles with nice flugel. Smooth rather than jazz style.
Close - Direct and rhythmic patterns.
Overall - An uncomplicated and rather direct account.

North West • Sunday 10, 19:56:57

Section 3: Marple (Les Webb), 15
Opening - Confident broad opening leads to a very bright theme.
Middle - Simple and understated no hard edges to be heard.
Close - Positive approach and attack but just a touch loose in the final reprise to complete a Hollywood journey.
Overall - Generally well described account with definition.

North West • Sunday 10, 19:41:10

Section 3: Boarshurst Silver (David Ashworth), 14
Opening - Warm sounds open followed by well controlled fluid playing.
Middle - Very confident stuff
Close - Style is there to hear all across.
Overall - Smashing trip down the Hollywood Strip. A really well constructed performance.

North West • Sunday 10, 19:23:58

Section3: Eagley (Matthew Ryan), 13
Opening - Smooth opening to 'show tune' style.
Middle - MD glides the music around the stand ensuring no harsh tones.
Close - Conductor ensures very distinct well demarcated sections are order of the day.
Overall - Solid account with good solo lines. MD certainly in command in this performance.

North West • Sunday 10, 19:20:31

Championship Section:


It’s been an intriguing contest where the top three or four bands have been quite some distance ahead of the rest today.

Anyone of Leyland, Fairey or Fodens could win this and it could come down the subtleties in the way the MDs executed their performances.

Hard on their heels will be Milnrow whose reading by Russell Gray really impressed whilst Pemberton Old and Wingates should be looking for top six status,

4BR Prediction:

1 Fairey
3 Foden’s
4 Milnrow
5 Wingates
6 Pemberton

North West • Sunday 10, 19:09:31

Championship Section
judges going away to decide

North West • Sunday 10, 19:08:16

Championship Section
12.Leyland (Michael Bach)

Leyland could well have retained their title right under the noses of their rivals today.

This was an exciting musical roller-coaster ride. Michael Bach intelligently lays out a beautiful musical portrait that allows his players to perform with freedom and the touch of contesting adrenaline.

It’s a performance complete with precise and effective ensemble work topped off with quality solo contributions. Iain Culross (cornet) and Rebecca Landon (Tenor horn) take a bow!!!

The Ravel is truly wonderful, whilst the reprise is an edge of the seat exciting ride.

Maybe, just maybe?

North West • Sunday 10, 19:07:57

Section 3: Lostock Hall Memorial (Graham Martin), 12
Opening - More steady in approach and less brash than many.
Middle - A style offering a 'gentle kiss on the hand'
Close - Controlled and broad in style before the caped crusader makes an appearance.
Overall - Lots of cinematic imagery in the interpretation from the MD.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:57:15

Championship Section Leyland going for title defence and qualification.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:56:32

Championship Section
11.Bollington Brass (Peter Christian)

Huge credit to Bollington Brass for this tenacious effort on Harmony Music. This was a performance through the grittiest of teeth where they never gave in and they were never going to give.

Despite the musical and technical fragilities in evidence, the ensemble and soloists played as though their lives depended upon it.

The tiredness in evidence at the end was understandable.

Huge respect for rising to the difficult challenge though.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:52:37

Section 3: Eccles Borough (Mareika Gray), 11
Opening - Bold and big sounds to set us off.
Middle - Clean transition to 'Big Band' style more Basie than Ellington.
Close - All parts are defined and it pushes along with confidence. An ending like the flying man with rockets on his boots
Overall - Confident stuff and no mistake

North West • Sunday 10, 18:41:47

Section 1, 2, 4 Results we're now in possession of the full results from the three sections to declare today so far. Once the Champs top section is over, we will publish asap.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:40:23

Section 4 Result: City of Chester, Coppull & Standish and Pilling Jubilee head for Finals

North West • Sunday 10, 18:39:19

Championship Section
10.Fairey (Garry Cutt)

Fairey’s deliver a rendition of ‘Harmony Music’ that oozes with musicality from the opening through to the close.

Superbly crafted by Garry Cutt, everything is so tastefully done with the music flowing as freely as water from a top with only the tiniest of blockages along the way.

David Morton sings like many a performer on this great stage and James Fieldhouse and Julie Meechan deliver the goods when it matters.

The high class playing continues right through to the close.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:35:39

Section 3: Parr (Richardson Ltd.) St. Helens (John Ludden), 10
Opening - Bright opening with a logical progression
Middle - More cinematic than jazzy in approach.
Close - Pushes along with gusto and the Rodeo Drive traffic is clearly heared.
Overall - A quite different take on Hollywood from Parr.

North West • Sunday 10, 18:18:09

Section 3: Blackpool Brass (Tariq Ahmed), 9
Opening - Warm sound plenty of style.
Middle - Jazz from a salon rather than a speakeasy.
Close - The soft shoes approach rather than a jitter bug with clean thematic lines to the end.
Overall - Good sound with a touch of a shimmer on the surface

North West • Sunday 10, 18:13:25

Championship Section Three to go and two places up for grabs, can Fairey book a London spot?

North West • Sunday 10, 18:12:32

Championship Section
9.Ashton-under-Lyne (Simon Stonehouse)

Ashton deliver a performance that stronger and more confident throughout.

It wasn’t without its technical or musical fragilities but the approach that MD, Simon Stonehouse laid out before his ensemble was one of pure common sense.

Nothing was overdone and nothing was expected that was of the high-wire variety either. The ensemble and soloists gave it their all and the total commitment was there for all to see

North West • Sunday 10, 17:59:30

Section 4: judges speaking at end of contest, its going to be close but results soon we think

North West • Sunday 10, 17:58:30

Championship Section
8.Blackburn and Darwen (Nick Sheppard)

A big, bold and ‘up and at them’ approach from Blackburn and Darwen that may not find favour today

There were lots of moments to admire from the musical aspect, but fragilities in the technical aspects caught them out. The ensemble really dug deep as did the soloists but the error count will sure count against them today.

Blackburn wasn’t first band to find ‘Harmony Music’ a tough ask though today

North West • Sunday 10, 17:55:31

Section 3: Skelmersdale Prize (tbc), 8
Opening - Full sound with plenty of punch
Middle - Fur coat and no knickers what sleazy jazz style!
Close - Confident stuff.
Overall - It shouldn't be a Hollywood gong for such a committed performance.

North West • Sunday 10, 17:42:25

Championship Section: In addition to Fodens, two bands qualify for London today. Blackburn & Darwen on now

North West • Sunday 10, 17:38:09

Section 3: Darwen Brass (Steve Hartley), 7
Opening - Good start with plenty of movement
Middle - Steady as she goes - and none the worse for it.
Close - Intonation issues to begin but there's plenty of verve as it pushes on.
Overall - Enjoyable trip down the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame'

North West • Sunday 10, 17:37:44

Championship Section
7.Foden’s (Allan Withington)

The Champions deliver a seriously impressive performance that has set a high bar to beat.

The big, bold start was topped off by a real beauty of a euphonium cadenza that had you drooling.

The ensemble playing was sublime—so much space & time given to everything—the music breathed with so much ease. Mark Wilkinson delivers the goods in the cornet line whilst Lesley Poole’s horn cadenza is top draw.

The Ravel flows with real ease (sublime stuff at times it really was) whilst the Vivaces are the best of the day (so far) by a huge distance bringing to an end a great close

Impressive stuff, but if some of the other contenders rise to the challenge, the door could well have been left ajar.

North West • Sunday 10, 17:21:48

Section 3: Old Hall Brass (John North), 6
Opening - Rhythmic and dynamically tidy
Middle - Untidy start but neat flugel solo
Close - Cleaner and confident playing. Good close
Overall - Some stylish playing noted as the bad warmed. Nice 'Hollywood' feel.

North West • Sunday 10, 17:21:31

Championship Section: Now its Fodens in a bid for NW glory, its not full but large audience in for this........

North West • Sunday 10, 17:13:14

Championship Section
6.Rainford (Gareth Brindle)

A performance full of commitment, bravery and endeavour from Rainford that had so much to admire.

Gareth Brindle did a superb job of moulding a reading that aimed to bring the music to the fore and it was so enjoyable to listen to

The soloists dug so deep they could have put a few dents in the stage flooring whilst the ensemble gave everything in its support. The Ravel interlude was very impressive.

There was a little bit of tiredness towards the end, but this certainly had a bit more excitement than one or two safer readings today

North West • Sunday 10, 17:04:48

Section 3: Stalybridge Old (Graham Smith), 5
Opening - Clean start full of confidence
Middle - Steady all across
Close - Momentum maintained with solid playing
Overall - A confident and bright performance

North West • Sunday 10, 17:01:24

Championship Section: You can tell Mr Brindle has played under some of the best (Major Parkes, Allan Withington, Dr Nicholas Childs), this is a really neat bit of conducting, no flambuoyant gestures, but a technique, easy to follow.

North West • Sunday 10, 16:53:56

Championship Section: now for top level debut of Rainford led by ex Fairey and Dyke baritone, Gareth Brindle, conducting in a contest for the very first time. Into the fire and all that........

North West • Sunday 10, 16:52:06

Championship Section
5.Milnrow (Russell Gray)

This was a performance that is out on its own so far today.

Russell Gray carved out a real beautiful musical interpretation that had so much to admire from the opening

Nothing was ever really done. Despite a few blips, the ensemble playing was neat and tidy whilst the cornet shone and the horn cadenza is the best so far today—lovely sound and control.

The reprise is full of colour and drama and it ends with real confidence.

Impressive reading and performance that should give judges plenty to ponder

North West • Sunday 10, 16:45:29

Section 3: Golborne (Paul Andrews), 4
Opening - Good opening
Middle - Not quite as confident in smooth jazz lines.
Close - Band work hard to contrast the varied melodic changes
Overall - An uncomplicated, unfussy and direct account.

North West • Sunday 10, 16:36:18

Section 4: still interestingly wide open in 4th sec but Dobcross Youth give credible account

North West • Sunday 10, 16:32:34

Championship Section
4.Roberts Bakery (Colin Cranson)

A safe reading from Colin Cranson’s band today and he deserves a pat on the back because he knows it tested them.

There was some fine playing but also plenty of uncomfortable moments so it never really clicked into gear. The soloists were brave and despite nerves, dug deep as though there lives depended upon it. Roberts was yet another band to enjoy a nice bit of Ravel but there was tiredness on show at the end.

Not one to feature today but full marks for the endeavours

North West • Sunday 10, 16:25:42

Section 3: Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson), 3
Opening - Clean opening just wavers in the reprise
Middle - A bit straight stylistically but its together.
Close - Maintained the stamina and built well.
Overall - Generally well played but the not all the contrasting styles were captured so effectively

North West • Sunday 10, 16:20:05

Section 4: 12 down in 4th Section, standard very mixed indeed

North West • Sunday 10, 16:10:03

Section 3: Ramsey Town (Robert Quane), 2
Opening - Good style and confident
Middle - Truly lyrical: Nice Flugel
Close - Just a bit loose rhythmically at times but settles to decent end.
Overall - Much more at ease with the softer style

North West • Sunday 10, 15:57:24

Championship Section
3.Wingates (Andy Berryman)

A performance that had lots to admire from Wingates & Andy Berryman.

Huge credit to the MD for the sensible way he laid out the performance allowing for the detail and attention to tempi and dynamics to come to the fore.

There was some nice solo playing (granted with one or two tiny blips along the way) that just needed a touch more control at times. The MD knows his Ravel and pulled out the stops in this section whilst the closing section wasn’t bad at all.

Its one that could get some reward today.

Championship Section
2.Co-operative Funeralcare North West (Jef Sparkes)

A brave old effort this that found Sparke’s music the real winner although you can’t question the passion and determination transform it in a performance of real merit.

The uncertain opening seemingly unnerved them and they took a while to settle. When it did, there was some real quality on show but some of the solo lines were a little bit nervous at times. The Ravel was where the band was at ease the most whilst the Vervaces were very nervous.

Sadly, a performance where it just didn’t happen for them today

North West • Sunday 10, 15:55:08

Section 3: Formby (Louise Hough), 1
Opening - Clean and direct
Middle - Quite well judged
Close - Just a touch hurried perhaps
Overall: Fairly well scoped just the conclusion to catch the ear

North West • Sunday 10, 15:48:55

Section 3: Now underway with Formby

North West • Sunday 10, 15:45:54

First Section - Results

1. Freckleton (Paul Dalton) 1
2. Morecambe (Andrew Warriner) 14
3. Diggle (Sean Conway) 15
4. Wardle Anderson Brass (Steven Walsh) 6
5. Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel) 2
6. Poulton-le-Fylde (John Wood) 9

North West • Sunday 10, 15:38:22

2.Co-operative Funeralcare North West (Jef Sparkes)

Championship Section 1.Pemberton Old Wigan DW (Stig Maersk)

An impressive opening ‘Harmony Music’ from Pemberton Old DW.

It wasn’t without nerves at times with a big and at times very bold ensemble sound whilst the euphonium cadenza was nicely done even though there was the odd uncertain moment.

The Ravel had a nice feel to it and the Vivaces were played with lots of energy. The close however was more cautious in execution than a thud thumper.

Not a bad marker though

North West • Sunday 10, 15:26:56

Championship Section its underway in Blackpool, here is the draw:

Ashton-under-Lyne (Simon Stonehouse) 9
Blackburn and Darwen (Nick Sheppard) 8
Bollington Brass (Peter Christian) 11
Co-operative Funeralcare North West (Jef Sparkes) 2
Fairey (Garry Cutt) 10
Foden’s (Allan Withington) 7
Leyland (Michael Bach) 12
Milnrow (Russell Gray) 5
Pemberton Old Wigan DW (Stig Maersk) 1
Rainford (Gareth Brindle) 6
Roberts Bakery (Colin Cranson) 4
Wingates (Andrew Berryman) 3

North West • Sunday 10, 15:05:31

Section 1
A short break now till results are announced

North West • Sunday 10, 15:04:44

Section 1: Round-Up
A smashing contest that had a good standard and not just a couple of creditable performances but a good number. Longidge, Freckleton and Poynton were not overshadowed in the second stanza where Morecambe showed there quality. Crewe and Oldham were not much further wide of the mark.

North West • Sunday 10, 15:02:53

Section 1: Diggle (Sean Conway) 15
1. Triumphal in style 2. Bold and forthright playing but not without odd waver in tempo/rhythm 3. Warm horn opens for lovely lyrical sounds to follow 4. Stiring stuff alright. A fizz bang of an ending.
Overall: A decent show to end the section.

North West • Sunday 10, 15:01:08

Section 2: The Second Section bands have been put through the mill with this difficult work. Forget picking a winner, picking the top six could be a very touch job for the judges. That said, there has been some quality shows today from a number of bands whilst committment and dedication has been superb from every band.

For us, Whitworth Vale & Healey deserve to go through to Cheltenham but its a very close call for runners up with Middleton, Mossley, Tydlesley, Eccleston, Hazel Grove and Delph all vying for top six berths.

4BR Prediction:

1. Whitworth Vale & Healey
2. Mossley
3. Middleton
4. Tydlesley
5. Eccleston
6. Hazel Grove

Dark Horses: Delph

North West • Sunday 10, 14:46:09

Section 1:- Diggle - Last band just playing

North West • Sunday 10, 14:44:26

Section 1: Morecambe (Andrew Warriner) 14
1. Proud and smooth sounds with dynamics kept down 2. Powerful and clean in style with controlled dynamics 3. Totally in control with a delicate flowing style 4. Bubbly and sparkling
Overall: Very controlled and confident having both fizz and substance.

North West • Sunday 10, 14:30:48

Section 4: 6 down and its a mixed bag so far with Coppull still in front, but huge credit to Valley Brass.

North West • Sunday 10, 14:20:31

Section 1: Silk Brass (David Holling) 13
1. No nonsense approach - grabbed music by the throat 2. Tempo moved along with real fire in the belly of the Welsh dragon 3. Unsettled opening but euph is on form and sweetens the whole. 4. Bright, alert and sprightly sounds all across.
Overall: Some stirring stuff however the 3rd Movement scrapes might be costly.

North West • Sunday 10, 14:18:23

Section 2: Qualification going to be tight in Opera House for Cheltenham. Mossley was extremely musical, it really could come to personal preference in the box and nothing more.

North West • Sunday 10, 14:15:48

Section 2: enjoying watching Alan Wycherley's clean, clear and precise conducting technique.

North West • Sunday 10, 13:58:49

Section 1: Crewe Brass (Jamie Meredith) 12
1. Direct and no frills approach 2. The lumbering tempo was really well handled 3. Nicely shaped by MD with very good melodic lines 4. Boucy in style with good playing with solid perc. support.
Overall: Confident with quality, a well constructed approach by MD. A good show

North West • Sunday 10, 13:54:47

Section 2: Mossley are giving this a real go. Former Leyland player, Nicky Longdon is in good on form as Principal Cornet - lovely sweet sound.

North West • Sunday 10, 13:46:05

Section 2: Whitworth Vale & Healey may just have put the cat amongst the pigeons with a good account

North West • Sunday 10, 13:45:17

Section 4: 3 gone with Coppull out in front for us with a musical account

North West • Sunday 10, 13:38:02

Section 2: enjoying a measured and well thought out account from Whitworth.

North West • Sunday 10, 13:36:21

Section 1 - Flixton (Stephen Curtis) 11
1. Quite controlled and broad in style 2. The reins are kept tight - steady throughout 3. Charming and graceful 4. Band now play with an unabashed freedom. Bright and high-spirited
Overall: Solid and controlled approach by MD. Last movement had a lovely free spirit

North West • Sunday 10, 13:34:24

Section 2: lots of fine efforts from cornet players today. We're on band 13 at moment, Whitworth Vale & Healey and qualification for Cheltenham still up for grabs. Like other regions, this is going to be close.

North West • Sunday 10, 13:15:16

Section 4: Stacksteads lay down decent marker on Devon Fantasy

North West • Sunday 10, 13:14:24

Section 1 - Manx Concert Brass (Ian Clague MBE) 10
1. A quite strident approach with forceful dynamic 2. A lumbering pulse with pointed trombone accents hallmark the movement. 3. Flowing gently, in marked contrast to preceeding tones. 4. Bold and fiery.
Overall: Strong dynamically in the acoustic. Lots of fireworks throughout.

North West • Sunday 10, 13:03:31


Fourth Section:
Test Piece: 'A Devon Fantasy' - Eric Ball

Sunday 10th March
Pavilion Theatre
Draw: 12 noon
Start: 1.00pm
Adjudicator: Ewan Easton and Stephen Brodie

Stacksteads (Fred Bowker), 1
Sale Brass (John Dickinson), 2
Coppull and Standish (Matthew Stringer), 3
Rode Hall Silver (Nigel Butler), 4
Valley Brass (Haydock) (David Chadwick), 5
Mereside Brass (Mike Phenton), 6
Cadishead Public (Craig McFarland), 7
Blackley (Daniel Price), 8
Denton Brass (Jessica Tredrea), 9
Tarleton Brass (Gillian Bould), 10
Thornton Cleveleys (Steve Simpson), 11
Pilling Jubilee Silver (Len Charnock), 12
Dobcross Youth (Jonathan Parkes), 13
Lees (Stephen Tighe), 14
City of Chester (Philip Mottershead), 15
Greenfield (Tom Haslam), 16

North West • Sunday 10, 12:56:13

Section 2: Pemberton recommenced the contest and they became the latest outfit to find out what a real tough test this is.

North West • Sunday 10, 12:54:54

Section 1 - Poulton-le-Fylde (John Wood) 9
1. Direct and quite exultant in style 2. Steady attack but not without odd waver rhythmically - not darkly lit as many. 3. Pleasing style features with euph on good form. 4. Frolicsome in style without losing focus.
Overall: Decent account just the odd crackly moment here and there.

North West • Sunday 10, 12:45:42

Section 2: Back underway in Opera House. It's been tough going with only a few coming off stage knowing they could well be in with a shout. Huge amount of character, grit and determination on show though. 110% and more given on the stage and as somebody has just pointed out 'its been a tough few weeks'

North West • Sunday 10, 12:42:24

Section 4 Draw done and posted when contest starts at 1pm. Our colleague has had an arduous journey to Blackpool but has made it in time.

North West • Sunday 10, 12:41:14

Section 1: Whistle just gone to re-commence

North West • Sunday 10, 12:29:27

Section 1 - Half Way
Such a good contest. It really is looking for things to fault rather than problems staring you in the face. Longridge played so well. Freckleton put down a great marker and Neil Samuel found something in Poynton too. Really looking forward to Part Two

North West • Sunday 10, 12:27:08

Section 1 - Longridge (Mark Peacock) 8
1. Solid and together 2. Forceful without being strident. 3. What sounded straight-forward was actually truly refined in interpretation by MD. 4. How do you get a band to be volatile and yet whimsical. Great playing.
Overall: One to savour - a cracking show.

North West • Sunday 10, 12:04:11

Section 1 - Oldham (Lees) (John Collins) 7
1. Concentrated and full. It's confident stuff 2. Stringent which emphasises the sternness of the music. 3. Not quite as solid in 3rd mov. but not without some pleasing sounds 4. Cheery playing with a smashing balance and contrast.
Overall: Again it might be the 3rd Movement ruffles that undo but what a mighty enjoyable performance.

North West • Sunday 10, 12:00:46

Section 2 8 bands in for Plantaganets, its been a difficult job for the bands with not too many being overly successful which is a real shame. Huge amounts of commitment on show though. We think there will be a judges comfort break after band 9.

North West • Sunday 10, 11:47:00

Section 2: Tyldesley certainly deliver credible show. Interesting so far how many are taking some of the tempo's a touch quicker than marked. Contesting adrenaline?

North West • Sunday 10, 11:42:23

Section 1 - Wardle Anderson Brass (Steven Walsh) 6
1. Very full middle band sound is out front 2. Iron-fisted and rhythmic with a pulse. 3. Pleasing tones wash over the hall. Exceptionally long pause to close 4. Sprightly and fizzing
Overall: Well balanced approach with a truly exciting finish.

North West • Sunday 10, 11:28:22

Section 1 One of our fancies up now Wardle - we'll have a keen ear on this band!

North West • Sunday 10, 11:20:59

Section 1:
Haydock (Mark Quinn) 5

1. Alert and driving. 2. Not quite a dark as others in interpretation 3. Scratchy in horns but delicate euph and lower band hold it together in the main. 4. Effervescent sounds.
Overall: 3rd Movement cracks might be costly in this company today.

North West • Sunday 10, 11:13:40

Section 2: Four bands gone and Middleton & Delph have given the two performances to stand out so far.

North West • Sunday 10, 11:06:17

Section 1: Section continues with Haydock famous with its premier racecourse.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:56:29

The perils of Plantaganets are being found in the 2nd Section here in Blackpool. Middleton on stage now with the knowledgeable, Martyn Evans at the helm.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:54:50

First Section: It's a pleasure to be in this contest so enjoyable is the music making.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:40:13

First Section:
Haslingden and Helmshore (David Holland)

1. Broad in style. 2. Music continues with a wide approach in phrasing but a few crackles catch 3. Delicate approach especially in solo lines 4. Swaggering and punchy.
Overall: Well delivered but broader interpretation.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:25:17

Huge respect for Douglas Town as they battle through Gregson's piece. Huge ammount of guts and character on show here.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:18:55

First Section:
Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel)

1. Clean attack and lots of detail. 2. Deeply resonant tone and style. 3. Lovely horn opens and a bewitching style hallmarks the whole movement. 4. Brisk with plenty of contrast.
Overall: Very clean and rewarding performance.

North West • Sunday 10, 10:07:05

Delph are giving this a right good go, lots of lovely controlled playing, Mark Rodgers on top man (ex Dyke) a real star and MD, Philip Goodwin is drawing on all his experience - so well measured this and musical

North West • Sunday 10, 10:04:33


Second Section
Sunday 10th March
Opera House
Draw: 9.00am
Start: 10.00am
Adjudicators: Derek Southcott and Simon Kerwin

Delph (Philip Goodwin), 1
Douglas Town (Ken Mitchell), 2
Rivington and Adlington (Brian Harper), 3
Middleton (Martyn Evans), 4
Cheshire Constabulary (David Woollam), 5
Tyldesley (Robert Taylor), 6
Dobcross Silver (Kenny Pain), 7
Greenall’s (Karl Stott), 8
Hazel Grove (Nigel Beasley), 9
Pemberton Old Wigan DW ‘B’ (Peter Ashley), 10
Eccleston Brass (Danny Brooks), 11
Farnworth and Walkden (Peter Ashley), 12
Whitworth Vale and Healey (John Binns), 13
Mossley (Duncan Byers), 14
Besses o’ th’ Barn (Alan Wycherley), 15
Hoover (Bolton) (Trevor Halliwell), 16
Besses Boys (James Holt), 17

North West • Sunday 10, 10:03:16

Poynton under Neil Samuel begin their performance in style

North West • Sunday 10, 09:58:14

So about to get underway in 2nd Section with Band 1, Delph, 17 bands in the section

North West • Sunday 10, 09:56:52

First Section:
Freckleton (Paul Dalton) 1

1. Solid bright opening. 2. Driven and focused. 3. Uneven opening but soon settles with some alluring sounds 4. Well defined and rhythmic.
Overall: Really good account and a solid marker.

North West • Sunday 10, 09:47:16

Doors open in Opera House, audience starting to come in. Interesting draw in 2nd Section which starts around 10am

North West • Sunday 10, 09:43:34

Very bright sound from Freckleton if this to be the standard we are in for a corker.

North West • Sunday 10, 09:39:06

2 bands qualify for Finals - Comfort break after band 8 - Results at end of the section

North West • Sunday 10, 09:37:23

Freckleton take the stage - here we go then

North West • Sunday 10, 09:36:29

First Section Draw
Sunday 10th March
Empress Ballroon
Draw: 8.30am
Start: 9.30am
Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill and John Roberts

Freckleton (Paul Dalton) 1
Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel) 2
Haslingden and Helmshore (David Holland) 3
Uppermill (Alan Widdop) 4
Haydock (Mark Quinn) 5
Wardle Anderson Brass (Steven Walsh) 6
Oldham (Lees) (John Collins) 7
Longridge (Mark Peacock) 8
Poulton-le-Fylde (John Wood) 9
Manx Concert Brass (Ian Clague MBE) 10
Flixton (Stephen Curtis) 11
Crewe Brass (Jamie Meredith) 12
Silk Brass (David Holling) 13
Morecambe (Andrew Warriner) 14
Diggle (Sean Conway) 15

North West • Sunday 10, 09:35:30

Decent audience gathering and there's the hum of anticipation in the ballroom.

North West • Sunday 10, 09:34:09

Bands are set up on the dance floor facing the judges box also at floor level. Purple curtain around the box. Ray Payne just finished tuning up percussion. Waiting for the off.

North West • Sunday 10, 09:32:07

Test Piece: 'Brass Triumphant' - Gareth Wood

Sunday 10th March
Empress Ballroon
Draw: 8.30am
Start: 9.30am
Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill and John Roberts

Crewe Brass (Jamie Meredith) 12
Diggle (Sean Conway) 15
Flixton (Stephen Curtis) 11
Freckleton (Paul Dalton) 1
Haslingden and Helmshore (David Holland) 3
Haydock (Mark Quinn) 5
Longridge (Mark Peacock) 8
Manx Concert Brass (Ian Clague MBE) 10
Morecambe (Andrew Warriner) 14
Oldham (Lees) (John Collins) 7
Poulton-le-Fylde (John Wood) 9
Silk Brass (David Holling) 13
Uppermill (Alan Widdop) 4
Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel) 2
Wardle Anderson Brass (Steven Walsh) 6

North West • Sunday 10, 09:29:43

The First Section has just started in The Ballroom. The Second Section draw has been made and starts at 10am. The draw will be posted just before it kicks off

North West • Sunday 10, 08:32:03

Morning from Blackpool, its bracing as they say in these parrts. The action starts in the First Section at 9.30am in the Ballroom followed by the Second Section in The Opera House at 10am. Draws posted once judges go in the box.

North West • Friday 8, 10:28:15

All sections on Sunday:

Championship Section:
Test Piece: 'Harmony Music' - Philip Sparke
Opera House
Draw: 1.30pm
Commence: after Second Section
Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent and David Horsfield

First Section:
Test Piece: 'Brass Triumphant' - Gareth Wood
Empress Ballroon
Draw: 8.30am
Start: 9.30am
Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill and John Roberts

Second Section:
Test Piece: 'The Plantaganets' - Edward Gregson
Opera House
Draw: 9.00am
Start: 10.00am
Adjudicators: Derek Southcott and Simon Kerwin

Third Section:
Test Piece: 'Hollywood' - Goff Richards
Sunday 10th March
Empress Ballroom
1st Draw: 1.00pm
Start: at conclusion of 1st Section
Adjudicators: Alan Holdsworth and Barry Thompson

Fourth Section:
Test Piece: 'A Devon Fantasy' - Eric Ball
Pavilion Theatre
Draw: 12 noon
Start: 1.00pm
Adjudicator: Ewan Easton and Stephen Brodie

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Phoenix Brass

Sunday 28 July • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Dobcross Silver Band - Milnrow Band

Sunday 28 July • Dobcross Band Club. Platt Lane. Dobcross. Saddleworth. Oldham OL3 8AD

Regent Brass - 'Brass on the Grass' at Westminster Abbey

Wednesday 14 August • Great Peter House, Abbey Gardens, 2 Great College St, London SW1P 3SE


Sunday 1 September • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Contest: 170th British Open

Saturday 7 September • Broad Street, Birmingham. B1 2EA

Ratby Cooperative

July 23 • . To complete our line-up, Ratby Senior Band are looking to fill our 2nd Euphonium chair. This is a rare opportunity to join our Championship Band. . . Under the Direction of Musical Director Chris Jeans. Rehearsals Weds 8-10pm & Sun 7:15 - 9:15pm

Chinnor Silver

July 23 • Require a Bass player (Bb or Eb), Bass trombone, Soprano cornet and Percussionist. We are a friendly, ambitious 2nd section band that will start 2025 at the top of their Regional league table. We are located in South Oxfordshire and have our own bandroom in Chinnor

Linthwaite Band

July 23 • We are a 4th section contesting Band, based on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and we currently have a vacancy for a tenor trombone, to complete our friendly team.

John Maines

BA (Hons)
Presenter, compere and conductor


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