2013 Spring Festival — Senior Cup - As it happened

All the action from the 2013 Spring Festival (Senior Cup) — as it happened.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 16:51:32


Derek Broadbent’s arrangement has proved to be a very enjoyable listen today but one which has found the bands out and in many respects was too hard for this Section and would have been more suitable in The Grand Shield.

Not many bands got close to it, and there was hardly no orchestral interpretations. It could come down to personal preference in the box with so many varied interpretations with regards to tempo markings.

Woodfalls from the late draw of 16, had enough in their musical locker today to take the title and then it becomes a real scrap from a host of bands to fill the remaining qualification and podium spots.

EYMS, Skelmanthorpe, Burry Port, Ratby, Tylorstown, NASUWT Riverside & Derwent are the ones we think will be fighting out it for honours, but it could be very close.

4BR Prediction

1. Woodfalls
3. Skelmanthorpe
4. Ratby
5. Tylorstown
6. Burry Port

Dark Horse: Derwent Brass

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 16:41:26

Coming shortly, our overall thoughts and top six.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 16:40:56

20. Felling (Stephen Malcolm)

The North Eastern outfit closes the contest with an invigorating account that certainly had its moments.

A little uneven at times, the commitment and musical endeavour was there as was the thoughtful way the piece was laid out.

Tiredness crept in towards the end to take the edge of a little.

Overall: Not a bad one but some untidiness may prove costly.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 16:21:24

19 Ratby Co-operative (Michael Fowles

Michael Fowles & Ratby becomes the first band of the day to go for an entirely orchestral reading.

The opening was purposeful and so musical, the tempo’s persuasive and there was some impressive ensemble and solo contributions.

The closing section is a real edge of the seat drive for home, full of drama, colour and bucket loads of adrenaline.

Overall: Brave, so brave. The first band to go out on a limb to deliver an orchestral account. Certainly ear catching, and deserves some reward today, but what will it resonate in the box?

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 15:58:38

17. Kingdom Brass (Alan Duguid)

Kingdom Brass becomes the latest band today to discover how hard this piece is.

Huge amount of credit goes to the MD, but commitment, passion and musical endeavour aside, the band just didn’t hit their straps today.

The interpretation wasn’t bad but it was a tough ask for them at times. Sounding laboured and tired.

Overall: Perhaps a day the band didn’t find its contesting best

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 15:40:10

16. Woodfalls (Dr Nicholas Childs)

Woodfalls & Dr Nicholas Childs certainly gave it their all today and could have booked a place in The Grand Shield.

Dr Childs milked the slow opening for all its worth and laid the foundations for a musical portrait full of colour, drama, energy and excitement.

The attention to detail was impressive as was the way the MD let the music flow with real fluidity without having to put the brakes on the tempo’s and the closing section was invigorating.

Overall: A performance that in the context of the competition is out in front for us as it stands and should get some reward today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 15:20:36

15. NASUWT Riverside Brass (Ray Farr)

The North of England Champion outfit delivers an orchestral influenced interpretation but they like others today found the piece a very difficult nut to crack.

As you’d expect from a man such as Ray Farr, every planned tempo marking and dynamic contrast was planned and the band responded to his direction.

Overall: There was lots to admire and it may just feature today

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 14:57:06

14. Bo’ness & Carriden (Paul Drury)

Bo’ness & Carriden becomes the latest band today to discover that Derek Broadbent’s piece is no easy task to crack at all.

The opening section took time to settle and there was potential for the performance to build but it just didn’t happen for them despite some committed solo and ensemble contributions and a tired ending.

Overall: A performance that never really came to life

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 14:34:57

13.Skelmanthorpe (John Roberts)

Skelmanthorpe and John Roberts deliver not just a robust reading but extremely enjoyable one.

The MD gave his players the freedom to play the music and they responded with an account that was never dull from the first note until till the last.

With sensible tempo markings, good quality ensemble and solo work, coupled with energy and excitement in the closing section

Overall: Wasn’t with a glitch or two but certainly had lots to admire and could be in with a shout today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 14:34:23

12. Derwent Brass (Keith Leonard)

The Midlanders serve up an intriguing interpretation that kept you interested all the way through.

A nicely delivered opening sits well on the ear and there’s a relaxed flow about the music as the MD lets Tchaikovsky come to the fore.

Tempo markings are very much controlled, but the odd bit of latitude proves effectively and there is some excellent ensemble and solo work on display.

The excitement and drama mounts, proper Tchaikovsky this (and that’s something not many have captured) and it closes well.

Overall: Not bad at all and could feature today

Overall: Wasn’t with a glitch or two but certainly had lots to admire and could be in with a shout today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 13:54:26

11. Tylorstown (Gary Davies)

Tylorstown recommences the contest with an engaging and colourful reading.

Gary Davies laid out a very deliberate set of tempo markings which complimented by some impressive ensemble and solo contributions although just occasionally it sounded a touch brash in places.

The energy and verve were constants as the Tchaikovsky shone through and it closed well.

Overall: Kept you interested, certainly had lots to admire

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 13:37:14

We're back underway in The Senior Cup with band 11, Tylorstown. Band number 10 was one of the two bands to withdraw. Band 18 is the other allocated number to a withdrawn band.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 13:27:42

Halfway point

It’s been a contest so far where Derek Broadbent’s arrangement has got the better of the bands and its proving to be a very difficult test for two notches down from The British Open.

Interpretations have varied particularly with regards to tempo’s but this is a contest still very much up for grabs. EYMS lead so far us with Burry Port Town, Staffordshire, Ashton not too far behind.

All to play for though

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 13:06:50

Comfort break in the Senior Cup - contest to resume at 1.30pm

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 13:05:22

9. Blackburn & Darwen (Nick Sheppard)

The slow cautious opening sets the tone for a performance that perhaps doesn’t see the Lancastrian’s at their best today.

The tempo’s were very deliberate but the insecurities in ensemble and solo playing ensured some uncomfortable and uncertain moments around the stand and try as hard as Nick Sheppard did, it just didn’t come off for them when it needed to.

Overall: Yet another band to find Tchaikovsky getting the better of them today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 12:47:11

8. Burry Port Town (Nigel Seaman)

Nigel Seaman and Burry Port find this musical take on Tchaikovsky to their liking.

The nicely shaped reading was full of attention to detail, effective tempo markings and contained some excellent ensemble and solo work.

There were slips (nobody is getting away unscathed) but these were brushed aside without too much. The closing section was full of excitement, drama and colour whilst the MD maintained control—it worked.

Overall: An engaging reading which may or may not feature today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 12:24:34

7. Unite the Union (City of Sheffield) (Derek Renshaw)

The slow opening contained more than one or two uncertain moments and it took them a long time to find their contesting feet.

MD Derek Renshaw tried very hard but the band just never sounded comfortable at all throughout a rendition that was extremely edgy despite some valiant contributions.

Overall: A band that just didn’t find its contesting feet today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 12:07:11

6. East Yorkshire Motor Services (Alan Morrison)

EYMS deliver a performance that certainly isn’t short of confidence.

Alan Morrison opts for a very controlled musical reading which allows for the music to come to the fore. The tempo’s are controlled effective and there is some nice ensemble playing in evidence.

We do hear the odd blemish, but they don’t detract from the overall picture of a reading where Tchaikovsky is allowed to take the prominent role and there is a real sense of energy and musical purpose about the closing section.

Overall: Full marks to the MD for his approach in a performance full of musical merit.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 11:45:58

5. Fishburn (Huw Thomas)

Fishburn MD, Huw Thomas’s opts for a very deliberate slow and controlled approach that just took time to get going. When it did, some quality playing was on display.

There were uncertain moments but confidence grew as it moved along and it closed confidentially.

Overall: One that took time to get going into its stride

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 11:25:00

4. Aveley & Newham (Melvin White)

There is lots of nicely warm sounds to open. Tchaikovsky is never far away but the MD lets the music come through in a very deliberate way. It’s not without the odd flaw but the attention to detail isn’t bad at all coupled with the tempo’s.

The excitement is built and the close isn’t bad at all.

Overall: Not a bad one that certainly had its moments

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 11:02:26

3. Staffordshire (Steven Walsh)

Former YBS, stalwart, Steve Walsh leads Staffordshire through a performance that was never short of confidence. The tempo’s allowed for the detail to come through. Tchaikovsky was in evidence and there was a very controlled approach as the tempo’s, excitement and drama built to a fine climax.

Overall: A an intriguing account that had lots to admire

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 10:42:21

2. Ashton under Lyne (Paul Andrews)

Ashton MD, Paul Andrews (who judged in this hall a year ago), opts for a very slow deliberate approach which allows for the detail to come through.

There are a few uncertain moments but Tchaikovsky is in evidence in an effective musical picture full .of drama, verve and energy that closes well.

Overall: Not a bad one at all. A very slow deliberate approach to let the detail come through was effective.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 10:32:39

First impressions under contest conditions. The piece will sort them out today. Bands will need to adjust to the lively acoustic of the hall for detail to be heard.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 10:27:21

1. Wakefield Metropolitan (Michael Howley)

The opening band of the day took time to get going in their Tchaikovsky. The quality stuff was overshadowed by some uncertainties at times which took the edge of the overall musical picture.

Overall: A performance that grew in confidence as it went along.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 10:07:28

We are underway in the Senior Cup. It's a split draw and Freckleton and Lochgelly have withdrawn, so 18 bands today.

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 10:05:40

Senior Cup:

Test Piece: Capriccio Italien Op 45 (Tchaikovsky arr. Derek M Broadbent)
Draws: 9.00am & 12.30pm
Commence: 10.00am
The Pavilion Theatre

Adjudicators: David Read MBE & Adrian Morris

Live comments by Malcolm Wood

Ashton under Lyne (Paul Andrews), 2
Aveley & Newham (Melvin White), 4
Blackburn & Darwen (Nick Sheppard), 9
Bo’ness & Carriden (Paul Drury), 14
Burry Port Town (Nigel Seaman), 8
Derwent Brass (Keith Leonard), 12
East Yorkshire Motor Services (Alan Morrison), 6
Felling (Stephen Malcolm), 20
Fishburn (Huw Thomas), 5
Kingdom Brass (Alan Duguid), 17
NASUWT Riverside Brass (Ray Farr), 15
Ratby Co-operative (Michael Fowles), 19
Skelmanthorpe (John Roberts), 13
Staffordshire (Steven Walsh), 3
Tylorstown (Gary Davies), 11
Unite the Union (City of Sheffield) (Derek Renshaw), 7
Wakefield Metropolitan (Michael Howley), 1
Woodfalls (Dr Nicholas Childs), 16

Senior Cup • Saturday 11, 08:54:26

The action takes place in The Pavilion Theatre. bands have to get to grips with Capriccio Italien Op 45 (Tchaikovsky arr. Derek M Broadbent).

It all kicks off at 10.00am. Aother split draw: 9.00am & 12.30pm

In the box - David Read MBE & Adrian Morris

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Ratby Cooperative

July 23 • . To complete our line-up, Ratby Senior Band are looking to fill our 2nd Euphonium chair. This is a rare opportunity to join our Championship Band. . . Under the Direction of Musical Director Chris Jeans. Rehearsals Weds 8-10pm & Sun 7:15 - 9:15pm

Chinnor Silver

July 23 • Require a Bass player (Bb or Eb), Bass trombone, Soprano cornet and Percussionist. We are a friendly, ambitious 2nd section band that will start 2025 at the top of their Regional league table. We are located in South Oxfordshire and have our own bandroom in Chinnor

Linthwaite Band

July 23 • We are a 4th section contesting Band, based on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and we currently have a vacancy for a tenor trombone, to complete our friendly team.

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