2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 2 - As it happened

All the action from the 2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 2 — as it happened.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 17:38:09

Section2 • Saturday 21, 16:36:40

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Section2 • Saturday 21, 16:34:35

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Section2 • Saturday 21, 16:23:53


1. Goodwick Brass (Matthew Jenkins),11
2. Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell), 5
3. Swindon Pegasus Brass (Graeme Lewis), 18
4. Middleton (Martyn Evans),12
5. City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) 2 (Gareth Ritter), 9
6. Epsom & Ewell Silver (Jack Smith),10
7. Unison Kinneil, (Craig Anderson), 2
8. Hitchin, (Craig Patterson), 16
9. Elland Silver, (Daniel Brooks), 13
10. York Railway Institute, (Gordon Eddison), 4
11. Whitworth Vale & Healey, (John Binns), 17
12. Pendennis Brass Falmouth, (Steve Thomas), 15
13. Cornerstone Brass, (Damien Wileman), 8
14. Ware, (Philip Littlemore), 1
15. Wigston, (Garry Sleath), 7
16. Bathgate, (Andy Shaw), 14
17. Ripon City, (Malcolm Dibb), 3
18. Hoover (Bolton), (Trevor Halliwell), 6

Section2 • Saturday 21, 16:01:26

Section2 • Saturday 21, 15:30:32

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Norton's Coin, winner of the 1990 Cheltenham Gold Cup, with a starting price of 100/1 became the longest-odds winner in the race's history.

Will a fancied runner win this contest or a 100/1 steal a march on the rest.

Here then are our thoughts on the contest and the 4br fancies.

Malcolm Wood's final thoughts

It’s been an intriguing six hour contest as the bands have battled to get to grips with Purcell Variations. The standard has varied at times with a number of bands being challenged with linking the tempos between sections—the waltz section has been a real problem today.

It will be interesting to hear what the judges have to say.

For 4BR though, two bands stand out, Goodwick and Bilton Silver with the Welsh contender having the edge today.

Behind them, City of Cardiff, Elland Silver, Cornerstone Brass and Hoover (Bolton) battling it out. Ware are our dark horses.

1. Goodwick Brass
2. Bilton
3. City of Cardiff
4. Elland Silver
5. Cornerstone Brass
6. Hoover (Bolton)

Dark Horse: Ware Brass

Section2 • Saturday 21, 15:07:08

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Swindon Pegasus
Conductor: Graeme Lewis

Winners of West of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Dave Lee
Solo Euphonium: Ian Williams
Soprano: Mike Hudson
Solo Horn: Ian Moore
Principal Trombone: David Williams
Flugel: Morag Sullivan
Baritone: John Roe
Eb Bass: Andy Skuse
Bb Bass: Martin Woods
Principal Percussionist: Jason Ferris

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band have enjoyed preparing this piece for the National Finals and its Variation's present a good test for all sections of the band due to the variety and technical movements written."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s a not bad start, settles well and the hymn tune comes through. Soprano, Mike Hudson does well.

The tempos in the faster section are not too bad, but some of the clarity within the ensemble is heard.

The slower section that follows has a nice sense of control about it with Ian Moore on Solo Horn in good form.

In the faster section, not everything locks into place as it could do, although the percussion blends in rather nicely.

Once again, the slower section has a nice feel to it, there are some moments though, but on the whole it works well.

It’s a little bit of mixed bag as it closes with some inconsistent playing and tiredness on show.

Overall Not an account from Swindon that we think will feature today.

Star player: Dave Lee on cornet was one of many who dug deep today.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 14:59:08

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17. Whitworth Vale & Healey
Conductor: John Binns

Winners of North West Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: David Tattersall
Solo Euphonium: Bryan Warrington
Soprano: Carl Needham
Solo Horn: Ian Dyson
Principal Trombone: Stuart Russell
Flugel: Rachel Dyson
Baritone: Johnny Willetts
Eb Bass: James Kenny
Bb Bass: George Salt
Principal Percussionist: Samuel Milton

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are relishing the challenge of Purcell Variations a very popular choice amongst all the players."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s a bold and purposeful opening that works well.

Some nice engaging playing is to be heard on the ear in the slower section and despite the confidence, there is the odd uncertain moment.

Good dynamic contracts are heard in the faster section after a shaky start and the tempo markings are not pushed to the limits. John Binns’ musical intentions are well laid out and the slower section that follows, isn’t bad at all, although any slight glitches are just pushed aside.

In upbeat mood, the ensemble playing isn’t bad at all, but the glitches are noticeable in the slower section

Confidence coupled with some good playing returns in the concluding section and it closes well.

Overall It certainly had its moments, but a little too inconsistent today to be a real challenger.

Star player: David Tattersall on top man worked hard

Section2 • Saturday 21, 14:42:39

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16. Hitchin
Conductor: Craig Patterson

Winners of London & Southern Counties Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Dinah Birch
Solo Euphonium: Keith Birch
Soprano: Simon Router
Solo Horn: Sarah Gibbons
Principal Trombone: Mike Thorn
Flugel: Alice Bailey
Baritone: Allan Hooker
Eb Bass: Martyn France
Bb Bass: Chris Ankers
Principal Percussionist: Emily Prince

Pre-Contest Thoughts

Not offered

Performance Comments

embedded picture

The reigning National Third Section Champion has a shaky start but recovers well, with the hymn tune, comfortable on the ear.

The slower section works well although there is the hint of caution around the stand at times. The upbeat quicker section is effective, although there is not always razor sharp clarity in the ensemble but the tempos impress.

Bravo, the waltz comes off and pat on the back to Sarah Gibbons on horn. This has been an enjoyable section, nicely controlled.

There is a sense of composure in the playing and the way the tempo markings are executed as the piece reaches its end. Not a bad close at all

Overall An account from the National Champions in the Third Section that didn’t really come off although had plenty to admire.

Star player: Sarah Gibbons on horn, nice tidy playing throughout

Section2 • Saturday 21, 14:21:07

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15. Pendennis Brass Falmouth
Conductor: Steve Thomas

West of England Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Gareth Thomas
Solo Euphonium: Simon Phillips
Soprano: Amanda Gardner
Solo Horn: Sue Brown
Principal Trombone: Steve Andrew
Flugel: Chris Verran
Baritone: Sammi Burley
Eb Bass: Kevyn Caddy
Bb Bass: Eric Thomas
Principal Percussionist: Adrian Dower

Pre-Contest Thoughts

None forthcoming

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Band takes time to settle, as it’s a little tentative at times but when it does there’s some nice playing on display with Amanda Gardner on soprano catching the ear.

The playing in the slower section isn’t bad whilst there is a real positive vibe in the upbeat quicker section with ensemble and percussion blending in well.

Unfortunately for Pendennis the waltz doesn’t work in the way it should—it’s been a really problematic section today so they’re not on their own by any means.

There is confidence in the quicker section with clarity but in the slower section the clarity loses focus. It’s a tired close though.

Overall A fully committed account that didn’t come off

Star player: full marks to everybody for commitment and desire on what was a tough day at the contesting office

Section2 • Saturday 21, 13:57:57

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14. Bathgate
Conductor: Andy Shaw

2nd place at Scottish Championship

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Gordon Jenkins
Solo Euphonium: Gareth Ross
Soprano: Johann Hentze
Solo Horn: Joe Kirk
Principal Trombone: Gerry Duggan
Flugel: Lois Kirk
Baritone: Maureen Marzella
Eb Bass: Jimmy Comerford
Bb Bass: Billy Downs
Principal Percussionist: Scott Logan

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"Overall, we are enjoying the piece and our hopes are that all the good work from the band room will survive the nerves of the contest stage in Cheltenham, and that our interpretation meets with the approval of the adjudicators."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

The opening was cautious and takes time to settle. The hymn tune makes its presence felt effectively.

Not everything gels together which is a real shame as the MD would have liked. The dynamic contrasts in the ensemble and percussion are nicely controlled in the upbeat jazz section

The Waltz section doesn’t really come off and is a touch scrappy and Joe Kirk on Solo Horn doesn’t deliver with as much impetus as is needed.

Not everything locks into place as the band would like and there is a hint of tiredness in evidence at the end

Overall Not the Scots at their best today

Star player: Gordon Jenkins on Solo Cornet dug deep today.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 13:33:07

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13. Elland Silver
Conductor: Daniel Brooks

Yorkshire Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Samantha Harrison
Solo Euphonium: Andrew McKinley
Soprano: Helen Robinson
Solo Horn: David Armitage
Principal Trombone: Richard Knight
Flugel: Pete Laidler
Baritone: David Woodward
Eb Bass: Robert Wood
Bb Bass: Graham Blue
Principal Percussionist: Joe Silson

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band has really enjoyed working on this excellent piece of music. It is great to have a test piece that is not only challenging but has great musical content."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s a bold confident opening that has musical purpose and works. There is a really nice feel to the music although there is some tentativeness in some of the entries at times which is a pity.

Danny Brooks is working hard to bring the best out of his band. The band sound is confident and very easy on the ear.

The music has a really nice feel to it, the dynamics are not being pushed and whilst some of the detail has been lost at times, there are some fine solo and ensemble contributions—Samantha Harrison on cornet has produced a lovely lyrical sound.

The closing section is full of musical vigour and engaging on the ear.

Overall Enjoyable stuff from the Yorkshire outfit but it may not have enough today to challenge at the top end.

Star player: Samantha Harrison on Principal Cornet—one of the best individual performances so far today.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 13:22:51

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12. Middleton
Conductor: Martyn Evans

North West Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Adam Albinson
Solo Euphonium: Tom Giles
Soprano: Louise Crane
Solo Horn: Emma Davies
Principal Trombone: Stacey Bown
Flugel: Jamie Wade
Baritone: Jackie Cross
Eb Bass: Conor Dalton/Jim Kerr
Bb Bass: Phil Tonge/Andy Duncan
Principal Percussionist: John Cooney

Pre-Contest Thoughts

The band has really enjoyed rehearsing Purcell variations. Martyn and the band have put a lot of hard work into the test piece and are hoping this pays off.

Performance Comments

embedded picture

There is a nice relaxed opening which sets the scene nicely. MD, Martyn Evans has laid out a well thought out approach to the test piece and the band is responding to his intentions.

Some nice ensemble and solo playing is on show within the ranks and everybody is working hard here to deliver the goods when it matters. Not everything comes off but it sits well on the ear.

The waltz isn’t too bad, but there are a few moments of uncertainty. There remains lot’s to admire as the piece heads for its conclusion but it just runs out of steam at the end.

Overall: Hard working show that certainly had its moments

Star player: Stacy Bown on trombone brought a lovely style to the performance.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 13:04:30

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11. Goodwick Brass
Conductor: Matthew Jenkins

Winners of Welsh Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Luke Jenkins
Solo Euphonium: Gareth Trott
Soprano: Ffion Williams
Solo Horn: Ryan Howells
Principal Trombone: Nick Mac Donald
Flugel: Roxy Rooks
Baritone: Ben Stacey
Eb Bass: Mike Hughes
Bb Bass: Hywel Davies
Principal Percussionist: Lawrence Stalbow-Best

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are enjoying working their way through the test piece, there's more to it than what meets the eye and it poses a different set of challenges in comparison to last year's test piece."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Bold confident start from the Welsh outfit sets the scene for the performance. The good playing around the stand continues with an effective musical picture being portrayed. The hymn tune has a lovely feel to it, you can hear it being sung in the local Methodist chapel.

There are some impressive dynamic contrasts from a good sounding band on stage. Nothing is being overdone by the MD. Ryan Howells does well on the Solo Horn. It’s nice playing.

There is no shortage of confidence around the stand with the band responding to the MD’s musical intentions—there is plenty to admire here for sure.

Matthew Jenkins keeps a firm grip on things as the band heads for home. The hymn tune is sung with real gusto whilst the ensemble playing is slick and effective.

Overall: A performance of real musical quality from start to finish that shouldn’t be too far away today

Star player: All of them for a quality performance

Section2 • Saturday 21, 12:43:35

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10. Epsom & Ewell
Conductor: Jack Smith

London & Southern Counties (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Andy Singleton
Solo Euphonium: Claire Slee
Soprano: Lewis Shaw
Solo Horn: Darren Hill
Principal Trombone: Lesley Batty
Flugel: Lisa Hill
Baritone: Mike Hensor
Eb Bass: Mark Goodwill
Bb Bass: Barry Smith
Principal Percussionist: Merlin Jones

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"Cracking piece of music and a nice change from the standard test pieces written specifically for contests. A good test for everyone in the band and a chance to get a lot of music out of it."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Not a bad start at all, composed if a little cautious at times but the MD is certainly encouraging his troops.

The music has a nice flow to it, despite the odd tricky moment or two along the way. MD, Jack Smith’s considered approach is paying dividends here. It’s stylish in its execution although not everything joins together as it could do.

The MD’s approach continues to deliver an impressive reading but there is tiredness in evidence.

Overall Great reading but the execution didn’t always meet the MD’s intentions today

Star player:Going to give this to Jack Smith, the MD who delivered one of the most stylish accounts so far

Section2 • Saturday 21, 12:41:17

12.40hrs Section 2 recommenced

Section2 • Saturday 21, 12:34:57

Section2 • Saturday 21, 12:17:28

INTERVAL (Section 2)
Section 2 will recommence at approx. 10mins

Malcolm Wood's halfway point prediction

The contenders have delivered an interesting contest so far. A number of the bands being challenged with linking the tempos in the contrasting sections. Bilton lead the way with a confident account with not much between Cornerstone & City of Cardiff.

1. Bilton
2. Cornerstone Brass
3. City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) 2

Section2 • Saturday 21, 12:08:58

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9. City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) 2
Conductor: Gareth Ritter

Welsh Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Laura Pegg
Solo Euphonium: Manon Gwynant
Soprano: Gareth Davies
Solo Horn: Katy Hollowood
Principal Trombone: Meilir Tomos
Flugel: Gwenno Pari-Huws
Baritone: Philip Thomas
Eb Bass: Norman Windmill
Bb Bass: Dafydd Parri
Principal Percussionist: Amy Herman

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"Purcell Variations has been an enjoyable challenge."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Starts off well, nicely restrained with a nice musical feel in evidence. The positive musical feel continues within the first slower section with some good playing along with controlled dynamics catching the ear.

The confidence gained from early on continues to be in evidence with a nice free-flowing upbeat section, although there are one or two suspect moments but hats off to cornets, percussion.

Gareth Ritter uses all his experience to bring a real sense of calm in the following slow section. A nod of appreciation goes to Laura Pegg on cornet.

The Welsh outfit are not short of confidence in the closing section either delivering some compact, effective ensemble playing.

Overall: The Welsh challenger will certainly give the judges something to ponder as they head for a comfort break.

Star player: A good all round effort from everyone on the stage today.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 11:45:26

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8. Cornerstone
Conductor: Damien Wileman

Winners of Yorkshire Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Adrian Wileman
Solo Euphonium: Joel Moore
Soprano: Oliver Ridley
Solo Horn: Phil Wainwright
Principal Trombone: Kelvin Little
Flugel: Adrian Dunn
Baritone: Paul Dixon
Eb Bass: Neil Beecham
Bb Bass: Paul Chiverton
Principal Percussionist: Christian Lewis

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are delighted to be playing Purcell Variations!"

Performance Comments

embedded picture

MD, Daniel Wileman coerces a nice opening that has a lot to admire, well done soprano, Oliver Ridley.

Band recovers from suspect opening to deliver section that brims with confidence, nice dynamics in evidence.

The following slower section has lots to admire within it but the odd uncomfortable moment or two. The MD makes sure dynamics are observed and there’s a reverent feel to the music.

Some good playing is on show within the ensemble in the quicker section and the percussion section blends in rather well.

Once more, there is plenty to appreciate within the slower section. There’s some effective controlled playing on display, led by Adrian Wileman on top man.

The closing section maintains the musical impetus that has gone before it. There is no short of confidence within the ranks and its backed up by some good playing.

Overall: Cornerstone certainly got their teeth into the performance, nice style but just a few blips along the way.

Star player: Adrian Wilemann was in good form today, solid show.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 11:30:42

embedded picture

7. Wigston
Conductor: Garry Sleath

Midlands Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Alison Harding
Solo Euphonium: Dave Harrold
Soprano: Dan Taylor
Solo Horn: Matt Davis
Principal Trombone: Phil Hales
Flugel: Kevin Malkin
Baritone: Colin Jones
Eb Bass: Mike Wildman
Bb Bass: Pet Harding/ Paul Oliver
Principal Percussionist: Simon Grant

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band thinks the test piece ‘Purcell Variations’ is a good choice for the 2nd section finals. It is easy on the ear and a pleasure to perform. There is much more in the piece than you first think. It’s a challenge for all but one that can be met by aspiring first section bands"

Performance Remarks

embedded picture

Very steady opening, but the hymn tune comes through. The energy and musical drive comes from MD Garry Sleath but the ensemble playing is not without a few blemishes along the way.

A few musical gremlins creep in during the slower section but the band recovers their composure to close this section well.

The upbeat jazz section sees them play in a style which they’re comfortable within.

Principal Cornet, Alison Harding delivers a nice lyrical cornet line which leads into an effective section that was well directed from the middle.

The closing section brims with energy but not everything knits together as they would like and tiredness is in evidence at the end.

Overall Wigston grew with confidence as they went along, but it may not be their day today.

Star player: Matt Davis and Alison Harding caught the ears today.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 11:05:36

embedded picture

6. Hoover Bolton
Conductor: Trevor Halliwell

North West Area

Principal Players

No information provided by band

Pre-Contest Thoughts

None forthcoming

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Settles well, but there is despite a hint of caution,the band finds its feet. There’s a tiny slip at the opening of the first quicker movement, but band recovers well to deliver a section that contains some nice playing within it. Soprano shines.

Trevor Halliwell has his band performing with controlled dynamics with good ensemble work around the stand.

Hoover continues to impress with some confident work in the faster section—the odd moment for sure, but there is quality on show here.

A nice delicacy of sound is in evidence in the slower section but some uncertainties creep in.

It’s bold and confident as we head for the close but not without a few lapses.

Overall A reading and performance that started off well but lost its way slightly towards the end

Star player: Soprano was confident throughout.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 10:44:32

embedded picture

5. Bilton Silver (Rugby)
Conductor: David Stowell

Winners of Midlands Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Sheila Allen
Solo Euphonium: Neil Kelsall
Soprano: Alister Rowe
Solo Horn: Paul Bennett
Principal Trombone: Laura Moran
Flugel: Judith Hayes
Baritone: Mary Goodland
Eb Bass: Adrian Raven
Bb Bass: Matthew Moran
Principal Percussionist: Jack Fisher

Pre-Contest Thoughts

The test piece is a bit of an old friend, having played it in a couple of contests several years ago—but this time round it’s a bit of an ‘onion’ of a piece—just when we think we have got to the bottom of it, we find another layer to peel off, with yet more music underneath!

It’s certainly a challenge, especially for key players around the end seats, but the band is enjoying playing it and the players are willing to work hard to peel off those musical layers to produce the best performance we can on the day.

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Opening is tastefully done with plenty of control from the MD who sets his stall out for the performance nicely.

Some fine playing in evidence in the slower moment, works so well, nothing being overdone. Take a bow solo horn Paul Bennett for your contribution.

The jazzy section has a nice feel to it and it works—there’s lots of confidence in evidence around the stand.

Solo Cornet, Sheila Allen catches the ear with some nice lyrical cornet work and it leads into a section with plenty to admire.

Finally, more good playing, full of confidence and closes well.

Overall: A performance that had lots of quality and had plenty to admire. It’s the best so far today.

Star player: Sheila Allen on Principal Cornet was solid throughout.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 10:27:08

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4. York Railway Institute
Conductor: Gordon Eddison

North of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Ollie Abbey
Solo Euphonium: Richard Lovatt
Soprano: William Rowson
Solo Horn: Sammy Latus
Principal Trombone: Pearce Abbey
Flugel: Malcolm Watson
Baritone: Dawn Groves
Eb Bass: Chris Hirst
Bb Bass: Ant Edwards
Principal Percussionist: Francesca Rochester

Pre-Contest Thoughts

Gordon Eddison said "I like this piece, it has technical passages for just about all the band, beautiful lyrical solo work and the opportunity for bands to show real 'style' - musically and with different genres too. I hope the audience take the opportunity to sit and listen so we don't play to the now routinely empty hall - this is a good piece. My band has worked hard and seem to be enjoying finding new features each and every rehearsal.”

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Opening is controlled with confidence. Downie’s work has a nice feel to it. York’s approach has a nice feel to it. Sammy Latus does well on horn and the music gels together well, although there are some tiny blemishes.

Bundles of energy comes from Gordon Eddison in the middle and the band responds. Well done for the nice lyrical playing from Principal Cornet, Ollie Abbey. The quieter, slower section is delivered with control from the middle.

There are some tricky moments on show in the closing section but its not without passion and total commitment and closes well.

Overall York gave a performance that certainly had plenty to admire, the best so far, but there were tuning issues in evidence.

Star player: Goes to MD Gordon Eddison who led the band with a fine interpretation and his band responded.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 10:10:38

embedded picture

3. Ripon City
Conductor: Malcolm Dibb

Winners of North of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Owen James
Solo Euphonium: David Lonsdale
Soprano: Julian Holling
Solo Horn: Eleanor Stokes
Principal Trombone: Steve Fieldhouse
Flugel: Rachael Andrews
Baritone: Ross Baldwin
Eb Bass: Dave Dunn-Birch
Bb Bass: Tim Yarborough
Principal Percussionist: John Mason

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band is enjoying the challenges posed by this piece which stretches every section in a number of ways. It is true to say that band members can often be heard singing or humming sections of the piece well after rehearsals have finished."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Purcell Variations takes time to settle but when it does, there’s some really effective playing on show. MD, Malcolm Dibb certainly drives the performance with energy but the clarity of ensemble doesn’t always come through as well as it could do.

The slower section finds the band quite at home with the music whilst there is a nice flow to the following quicker section.

There’s a nice approach and feel to the quieter section with some effective playing, nice dynamics. The closing section is bold and bright with plenty of confidence in evidence, closes well.

Overall: Ripon’s account got stronger as it went along, but they’re not the first band today to be caught out by finding right contrasts in the tempos.

Star player: Owen James, worked hard today and led with confidence.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 09:50:05

embedded picture

2. Unison Kinneil
Conductor: Craig Anderson

Winners of Scottish Championship

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Lauren Robb
Solo Euphonium: Ian Campbell
Soprano: Gareth Bowman
Solo Horn: Christopher Hamilton
Principal Trombone: David Frame
Flugel: Ron Wotherspoon
Baritone: Lucy Anderson
Eb Bass: John Walter
Bb Bass: Gary Kelly
Principal Percussionist: Stephen Haggis

Pre-Contest Thoughts

Both the band and their MD Craig Anderson have enjoyed working on Kenneth Downie’s piece and are sure it will prove a test for all the bands taken part in the contest. Every rehearsal has been an adventure revealing something different within the piece.

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Controlled opening has nice feel to it, hymn tune has a reverent feel to it, soprano Gareth Bowman, does well.

There’s a nice feel to the ensemble playing, MD brings out clarity within the quicker section whilst not all dynamics work well.

The quieter section isn’t without one or two blips along the way but on the whole work’s well. The following faster section features effective ensemble and percussion contributions.

Hymn tune sits well within the slower section, delivered with restraint. The closing section has clarity but there is the odd hint of tiredness in evidence.

Overall: The Scots certainly had confidence within the ranks and they had some nice moments today, but some uncomfortable ones which could prove costly.

Star player: Soprano, Gareth Bowman dug deep to deliver confident show

Section2 • Saturday 21, 09:30:58

embedded picture

1. Ware Brass
Conductor: Phillip Littlemore

London & Southern Counties Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Mark Huttlestone
Solo Euphonium: Chris Theobald
Soprano: Tony Gleave
Solo Horn: Jo Willis
Principal Trombone: Jayne Murrill
Flugel: Mike Burstow
Baritone: Lisa King
Eb Bass: Steve Munn
Bb Bass: Tony Willis
Principal Percussionist: Alan Boynton

Pre-Contest Thoughts

At the time of writing, the band had only done two rehearsals on the piece but the general view was very positive

Performance Comments

embedded picture
Image courtesy of John Stirzaker

Bold, bright opening that settles well and a nice hymn tune is portrayed within the ensemble. There’s lots of energy within the performance with Philip Littlemore keeping a tight reign on dynamics.

The slower section sits well on the ear and Jo Willis on horn makes her presence felt. The following faster section sees the tempos upped but not always with clarity within the ensemble. There remains a more relaxed feel in the slower, calmer section that follows although it’s not without a few uncomfortable moments.

The closing section is big and bold with some persuasive percussion. There is just the odd moment but it closes well.

Overall: Not a bad marker off number one from Ware. Credit to MD, Philip Littlemore for his approach.

Star player: Mark Huttlestone on top man led from the front.

Section2 • Saturday 21, 09:19:02


Adjudicators: David Hirst & Glyn Williams

Live Comments: Malcolm Wood
Twitter: Iwan Fox

Bathgate, Andy Shaw, 14
Bilton Silver (Rugby), David Stowell, 5
City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) 2, Gareth Ritter, 9
Cornerstone Brass, Damien Wileman, 8
Elland Silver, Daniel Brooks, 13
Epsom & Ewell Silver, Jack Smith, 10
Goodwick Brass, Matthew Jenkins, 11
Hitchin, Craig Patterson, 16
Hoover (Bolton), Trevor Halliwell, 6
Middleton, Martyn Evans, 12
Pendennis Brass Falmouth, Steve Thomas, 15
Ripon City, Malcolm Dibb, 3
Swindon Pegasus Brass, Graeme Lewis, 18
Unison Kinneil, Craig Anderson, 2
Ware, Philip Littlemore, 1
Whitworth Vale & Healey, John Binns, 17
Wigston, Garry Sleath, 7
York Railway Institute, Gordon Eddison, 4

Section2 • Wednesday 11, 22:44:36

2013 Second Section National Final

Saturday 21st September
Test Piece: 'Purcell Variations' - Kenneth Downie
Draw: tbc
Commence: 9.30am

Adjudicators: David Hirst & Glyn Williams

Bathgate (Andy Shaw)
Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell)
City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) 2 (Gareth Ritter)
Cornerstone Brass (Damien Wileman)
Elland Silver (Daniel Brooks)
Epsom & Ewell Silver (Jack Smith)
Goodwick Brass (Matthew Jenkins)
Hitchin (Craig Patterson)
Hoover (Bolton) (Trevor Halliwell)
Middleton (Martyn Evans)
Pendennis Brass Falmouth (Steve Thomas)
Ripon City (Malcolm Dibb)
Swindon Pegasus Brass (Graeme Lewis)
Unison Kinneil (Craig Anderson)
Ware (Philip Littlemore)
Whitworth Vale & Healey (John Binns)
Wigston (Garry Sleath)
York Railway Institute (Gordon Eddison)

Pontardulais Town Band - Annual Concert - The storytellers present.....

Saturday 22 June • Pontarddulais Comprehensive School, Caecerrig Road, Pontarddulais. SA4 8PD

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Strata Brass

Sunday 23 June • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Wotton-under-Edge Silver Band - Foden's Band

Sunday 23 June • Renishaw Innovation Centre,. New Mills, Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge,. Gloucestershire GL12 8JR

West Midlands Police Band - Sovereign Brass and Brett Baker (Trombone)

Sunday 23 June • Tipton Green Methodist Church. Park Lane West. Tipton. Sandwell. DY1 4QF

Brass Bands England - Youth Fest 2024

Friday 28 June • Barnsley Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2HZ

wantage silver band

June 19 • Wantage Band (L&SC Championship, ranked 12th on Brassstats.com) are looking for their next Principal Eb Bass. The band are looking for an experienced musician that can lead the bass section and perform with confidence at concerts and on the contest stage.

Concert Brass Poynton

June 17 • Required:. Concert Brass, Poynton Stockport, Seek: A Solo Cornet - Bb Bass - Bass Trombone - Tenor Horn. No Contesting Not a learners Band. Rehearsing on Wednesday Evenings between 8.00 to 10.00pm (with a short comfort break and cup of tea at 9.00pm)..

Concert Brass Poynton

June 17 • Concert Brass, Poynton Stockport, Seek: A Solo Cornet - Bb Bass - Bass Trombone - Tenor Horn. . No Contesting Not a learners Band. Rehearsing on Wednesday Evenings between 8.00 to 10.00pm (with a short comfort break and cup of tea at 9.00pm).

Stephen Phillips

Conductor, Band Trainer, Educator, Compere


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