2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 1 - As it happened

All the action from the 2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 1 — as it happened.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 21:25:04


Adjudicators: Dr Robert Childs & Paul Holland

1. Tylorstown, (Gary Davies), 15
2. Staffordshire, (Leigh Baker), 2
3. Kidlington Concert Brass, (Duncan Wilson), 9
4. Foresters Brass 2000, (Peter Collins), 16
5. Drighlington, (Jim Davies), 12
6. Filton Concert Brass, (Tom Davoren), 3
7. Newtongrange Silver, (Lee Skipsey), 7
8. Harrogate, (Craig Ratcliffe), 8
9. Alder Valley Brass, (Roger Burke), 13
10. Lanner & District Silver, (Stuart Chappell), 1
11. Freckleton, (Paul Dalton), 6
12. Penclawdd Brass, (Tony Small), 10
13. Hebden Bridge, (Alan Hobbins), 5
14. Johnstone, (Paul Kiernan), 4
15. Morecambe, (Andrew Warriner), 11
16. Blidworth Welfare, (Martin Heartfield), 1
Withdrawn: Catterick Brass

Best Instrumentalist: Andy Jennings, (Soprano) - Staffordshire

Section1 • Sunday 22, 21:11:51

4BR Prediction

It's been a frustrating contest at times but the best performance for us was left to the very end. For us it's Foresters Brass 2000 from Newtongrange and Staffordshire with Tylorstown, Harrogate and Freckleton occupying the remaining places.

1. Foresters Brass 2000
2. Newtongrange
3. Staffordshire
4. Tylorstown
5. Harrogate
6. Freckleton

Dark Horse: Kidlington

Section1 • Sunday 22, 21:05:26

embedded picture

16. Foresters Brass 2000 (Peter Collins)

1. A fine opening. The tempo is fractionally quick but what a great cornet sound and there is a vigour and energy at play that impresses.

2. What a lovely sense of line this has. There is a freedom to the flow of the music that carries us along and there is both warmth in the sound and a heartfelt expression that strikes home. The phrasing is subtly nuanced and the MD conjures with the harmonies and colours.

3. Dynamics are well controlled to open and the ensemble is impressively taut. We hear waves of sound that carry us along and it's involving and exciting. Its so well paced as we approach the conclusion and the ending is controlled but bracing. Bravo!

Overall. A performance of real quality to finish. It's been a long time coming in the second half of the draw but this really got to the heart of the music.

Star player. Bass trombone. What a fine sound!

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:51:01

embedded picture

Foresters Brass 2000
Conductor: Peter Collins

2nd at Midlands Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Mathew Hampton
Solo Euphonium: Rosie Saxton
Soprano: Ian Williams
Solo Horn: Simon Jones
Principal Trombone: Rob Wilshaw
Flugel: Helen Parker-Bates
Baritone: Richard Simnor
Eb Bass: Laura Moore
Bb Bass: Richard Meads
Principal Percussionist: Ben Smith

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:47:04

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15. Tylorstown ((Gary Davies)

1. The opening fanfare really makes us sit up and listen. Its bold, stirring stuff. Its a little fast for us at the tempo change but this is bracing playing that has real vigour about it.

2. There is a warmth about the band sound and the MD is really trying to shape and phrase the melodic lines with freedom. It needs to flow a little more at times but the band carefully builds the atmosphere. Wayward tuning intervenes but it recovers and we hear the muted cornets. Huzzah!!! A nice ending although the bass pedal gets sharper!

3. The MD adopts a excellent tempo and we don't get the frantic feeling that has dogged many a performance today. The momentum is kept up and its a well paced run up to the final flourish.

Overall. A well thought out performance that displayed character and although a touch scrappy at times had energy and drive.

Star player Solo cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:30:51

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Conductor: Gary Davies

Winners of Welsh Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Kevin Jones
Solo Euphonium: Angela Westacott
Soprano: Ceri Twohey
Solo Horn: Karen Fletcher
Principal Trombone: Andrew Pryse
Flugel: Jane Pryse
Baritone: Philip Wicks
Eb Bass: Lyndon Baker
Bb Bass: Gavin Johnson
Principal Percussionist: Sarah Burgess

embedded picture
Reflections of night music as the contest moves towards its conclusion

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:28:47

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14. Lanner and District (Stuart Chappell)

1. A bright opening movement that shows a good stylistic feel with the dynamic kept on a tight leash. This has promise.

2. Tuning is an issue at times and it becomes almost dirge like as tempo slows. There is a good attempt to shape the melodic lines though and we hear some lovely little touches of colour. Its hard to ignore the tuning though.

3. The band goes for excitement although the ensemble suffers at times. We like the spirit of this though. It's something g that so few performances this evening have had.

Overall. Some real moments of merit here although tuning in the central movement and a scrappy close just took the shine off.

Star player Solo euphonium

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:18:17

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Lanner & District Silver
Conductor: Stuart Chappell

2nd place at West of England Area (Stuart Chappell)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Richard Rowe
Solo Euphonium: Steve Coad
Soprano: Juliet Richards
Solo Horn: Emily Evans
Principal Trombone: Gareth Cottrell
Flugel: Hannah Evans
Baritone: Paula Chappell
Eb Bass: Steve White
Bb Bass: Shaun Jenkin
Principal Percussionist: Andrew Tellam

Section1 • Sunday 22, 20:13:58

embedded picture

13. Alder Valley (Roger Burke)

1. We are really struggling with bands failing to stamp any musical personality on the opening fanfares and again, we hear competent playing with little sense of style or cohesion. Its a solid sound but we really want to be made to sit up and listen.

2. Once again there are passages that are totally inaudible to the audience and judges. It really does render the music pointless if it cannot be heard.

3. This is so much better. The tempo is well chosen and there is a sense of freedom that gets us away from the shackles of the first movement. It's all undone by a rather strident ending though.

Overall. A mixed one this. Some good sounds but a wayward ending and moments of in audibility in the slow movement detracted.

Star player Solo cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:53:38

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Alder Valley
Conductor: Roger Burke

2nd at London & Southern Counties

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Peter Haigh
Solo Euphonium: Brian LeTissier
Soprano: Steve Burgess
Solo Horn: Liz McGrath
Principal Trombone: Andy White
Flugel: Donna Tubb
Baritone: Ed March
Eb Bass: John Gillespie
Bb Bass: Richard Coltart
Principal Percussionist: Tim Lain

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:52:26

The composer's comment:

embedded picture
Gavin Higgins in discussion with 4br commentator Chris Thomas

We are now in the second half and it's clear that many of the bands and conductors have struggled to really get inside the nuances of the score.

Very few today have given performances that are accurate, clear and musical which is disappointing. Tempo choice seems to be a contentious issue today, some bands have got it right and given the music lovely shape and space but many more have not.

The last movement is still tripping up a number of bands today though, the sense of majesty at the end needs to be controlled and not overblown.

The approach needs to be almost romantic and not too 'bandy' to really bring off the piece. Enjoying hearing the different interpretations though.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:47:11

embedded picture

12. Drighlington (Jim Davies)

1. A neat and tidy opening movement with the fanfares benefitting from a well chosen tempo. This is solid playing if not the most dynamic we've heard.

2. The slow movement opens well and we can sense the players and the MD searching for the expression in the score. Once agin the muted passages are so quiet that they are inaudible to us and must presumably therefore be the same for the judges. The musical intent throughout the music is admirable though.

3. Tempo is bang on the money and the music sits well as a result. The band has a solid full blooded sound and we hear solid individual entries but there's a touch of sparkle missing for us.

Overall. A solid well constructed performance that just lacked finesse at times.

Star player Solo horn

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:29:42

embedded picture

Conductor: Jim Davies

2nd at Yorkshire Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Nick Payne
Solo Euphonium: Adam Turner
Soprano: Daren Blake
Solo Horn: Rhiannon Davies
Principal Trombone: Ian Clough
Flugel: Lynne Walsh
Baritone: Catherine Chadwick
Eb Bass: Anna Stone
Bb Bass: Joe Steede
Principal Percussionist: Steff Evans

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:26:15

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11. Morecambe (Andy Warriner)

1. The tempo is well judged and it's together but this just lacks a touch of energy and sparkle for us.

2. The soloists are not always entirely comfortable although the MD builds some heartwarming textures and colours. Perhaps a little more personality stamped upon it would make all the difference.

3. It lacks momentum and we don't always hear the precision that the faster music needs. This is a movement that needs drive and this is hard work.

Overall. A solid showing in terms of the playing but overall lacking in drive and excitement.

Star player Soprano cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:15:07

embedded picture

Conductor: Andrew Warriner

2nd place at North West Area

Principal Players
Principal Cornet: John Evans
Solo Euphonium: Andrew Porter
Soprano: Perry O’Brien
Solo Horn: Jeff Cunningham
Principal Trombone: Simon Moore
Flugel: Carol Baxendale
Baritone: Sara McKinley Harwood
Eb Bass: Harry Cunningham
Bb Bass: John Innes
Principal Percussionist: Devon Rae

Section1 • Sunday 22, 19:10:38

embedded picture

10. Penclawdd (Tony Small)

1. The opening fanfares are both bold and confident although not always entirely accurate. It's bracing stuff though.

2. There is both warmth and security in the playing as the movement opens although it just loses its momentum at times as it progresses. A few tentative entries threaten to disrupt the flow and there are odd tuning issues also. There's an enveloping warmth about the sound though and the movement ends peacefully.

3. Good opening tempo but as the tempo quickens the band rocks precariously. It's just not together at times but makes up in spirit what it lacks in accuracy.

Overall. A well conceived performance that fell prone to unstable ensemble at times.

Star player. Solo euphonium

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:58:13

embedded picture

Conductor: Tony Small

2nd place at Welsh Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Christopher Smith
Solo Euphonium: Alun Evans
Soprano: Gurnos Rees
Solo Horn: Elizabeth Worth
Principal Trombone: John Richards
Flugel: Mark Smith
Baritone: Alex Salter
Eb Bass: Ioan Harry
Bb Bass: Richard Trafford Philips MBE
Principal Percussionist: Paul Gratrix

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:47:19

embedded picture

9. Kidlington Concert (Duncan Wilson)

1. The opening fanfares are bold and to the fore as marked and the voices are heard with clarity. There is confidence and clarity in evidence here.

2. Tempo is good and there is a nice sense of line and simplicity to the mode of expression as the solo cornet sings beautifully. The dynamics come right down but its inaudible at its lowest level with muted cornets. The judges need to hear it. A warmly hued ending brings a finely shaped slow movement to a close of gentle repose.

3. Good opening tempo isn't too fast and as we hit the quicker tempo we don't get the frantic feel that has marred several performances this evening. It doesn't quite have the energy and excitement that is needed but this is competent and solid playing.

Overall. A solid performance if not the most dynamic amongst the bands so far. The slow movement stood out for us.

Star player. Principal cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:33:18

embedded picture

Conductor: Duncan Wilson

Winners of London & Southern Counties Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Tom James
Solo Euphonium: Mike Gomme
Soprano: Ed Clark
Solo Horn: Marilyn Elliott
Principal Trombone: Nick Abbott
Flugel: Richard Cox
Baritone: Keith Whittingham
Eb Bass: Aine Jackson
Bb Bass: John Underwood
Principal Percussionist: Steve Merrow-Smith and Cayenna Ponchione

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:28:39

Half way prediction

Fanfares and Lovesongs has proved a youth test for quite a few of the bands with misjudged tempi often being to blame. Two performances are comfortably ahead for us with Newtongrange and Staffordshire leading the way from Harrogate in this place.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:19:47

embedded picture

8. Harrogate (Craig Ratcliffe)

1. The fanfares have a good sense of style and the faster music sparkles. This is enjoyable stuff.

2. There's a rich vein of expression here that flows nicely and gives the melodic lines a sense of space and shape. It just loses way as it gets almost too quiet at one point and the final bass note doesn't quite speak clearly. Plenty of good playing on show here though.

3. Again this bubbles along so well and there is a spirit about the playing that the music so badly needs. Dynamics are kept well under control and although there are momentary lapses and the momentum is maintained to the final flourish.

Overall. One or two scrappy moments along the way but a performance of real spirit.

Star player Principal cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:05:17

embedded picture

Conductor: Craig Ratcliffe

Winners of North of England Area (Craig Ratcliffe)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Robert Illsley
Solo Euphonium: Andrew Hodge
Soprano: Nathan Wake
Solo Horn: Mollie Renshaw
Principal Trombone: Daniel Dickinson
Flugel: Lynne Illsley
Baritone: Keith Graham
Eb Bass: Gavin Holman
Bb Bass: Matthew Brunt
Principal Percussionist: Vincent Ashby-Smith

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:03:09

'Fanfares and Love Songs' - Gavin Higgins
The composer's comment

embedded picture

I think the key to bringing off this piece successfully comes down to musicality. The second movement is proving a challenge for some bands and conductors, whatever tempo the movement starts in it must have shape. With the finale, tempo is everything. If it starts too fast the music can quickly run away and become chaotic. Steadier tempos but attention to detail will help to give the clarity and sense excitement the movement needs.

The best bands I've heard so far have really understood the piece and given it the shape and space it needs.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 18:02:21

embedded picture

Newtongrange Silver (Lee Skipsey)

1. The tempo is bang on and the fanfares sit well as a result. At last we hear the right style and the fanfares have a sense of stately majesty about them.

2. This flows so well and Lee Skipsey is finding a rich vein of expression without allowing it to become slow or cloying. Individual solos are of high quality and the ending is beautifully done. This is intelligent music making and refreshing to hear.

3. Again the temp is bang on and the music has a real feeling of life and energy. The balance is excellent. All parts are heard and the ensemble is generally tight leading than uplifting, adrenalin fuelled apotheosis.

Overall. A vlast performance marked by excellent tempos, a sense of joie de vivre and rhythmic precision.

Star player. Soprano cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:49:10

embedded picture

Conductor: Lee Skipsey

Winners of Scottish Championship

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Ross Brotherston
Solo Euphonium: Jamie McVicar
Soprano: David McLeod
Solo Horn: Dan Williamson
Principal Trombone: Chris Griffin
Flugel: Cheryl Saunders
Baritone: Jimmy Murray
Eb Bass: Martyn James
Bb Bass: Dave Thomson
Principal Percussionist: Graham Halliday

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:46:31

embedded picture

6. Freckleton (Paul Dalton)

1. A good tempo and the movement opens well although it feels a touch wooden as it progresses.

2. There is a real attempt to find the expressive core of the music here even though not all of it comes off. It wavers and loses its way a touch along the way but dynamics are good and the players give it their all.

3. Lacks the precision of some but again the band puts its heart into the music. It's the balance that is often the problem and as with several performances so far the execution is not always consistent.

Overall. A performance stamped with intent that litho ugh not always consistent strived to get to the heart of the music throughout.

Star player. Principal cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:28:32

embedded picture

Freckleton Band
Conductor: Paul Dalton

Winners of North West Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Dave Booth
Solo Euphonium: Patrick Howard
Soprano: Adrian Turner
Solo Horn: Caroline Cross
Principal Trombone: Jonathan Parton
Flugel: Christina Durnan
Baritone: Alan Brewer
Eb Bass: Neil Hodgson
Bb Bass: George Barker
Principal Percussionist: Arron O’Neill

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:25:26

embedded picture

Hebden Bridge (Alan Hobbins)

1. A very bold first movement that needs a touch more majesty rather than aggression.

2. This slow movement lacks any real shape and expressive nuance. If the melodic lines fail to flow the music makes no sense and that sense of freedom of line is notably absent here.

3. The tempo is good and this is better even though there are still concerns about precision and ensemble.

Overall. A performance that never really got to grips with the musical demands of the score.

Star player. Solo horn

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:12:08

embedded picture

Hebden Bridge
Conductor: Alan Hobbins

Winners of Yorkshire Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Colleen Smail
Solo Euphonium: David DeMair
Soprano: James West
Solo Horn: Steve Gardner
Principal Trombone: Mark Ayres
Flugel: Kelly Hayes
Baritone: Ann Squires
Eb Bass: Ian Coleman
Bb Bass: Matt Wrigley
Principal Percussionist: Dayle Squires

Section1 • Sunday 22, 17:09:46

embedded picture

4. Johnstone (Paul Kiernan)

1. A bold opening but with some notable clips. It was a little quick for us too. Hitting the tempo right is proving to be a crucial ingredient in each of the movements.

2. Tempo is good but it just needs a touch more breadth and the sound through the phrases isn't always sustained as we ll as it could be. The band tries to take the dynamics down admirably but it all feels a tad insecure.

3. The ensemble playing is very loose at times and we don't get the sense of building excitement that the music needs. The band is really struggling here and the performance is tiring as it progresses.

Overall. The musical intent was good but execution often very wayward.

Star player. Solo euphonium.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:59:21

embedded picture

Conductor: Paul Kiernan

Scottish Championship (Runner-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Lesley Dardis
Solo Euphonium: Wesley Stuart
Soprano: Clare Thomas
Solo Horn: Jen Crockett
Principal Trombone: June Deans
Flugel: Fiona Kennedy
Baritone: Louise Clark
Eb Bass: Kevin Jerome
Bb Bass: Neil McDonald
Principal Percussionist: Graeme Law

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:50:41

embedded picture

Filton Concert (Tom Davoren)

1. A bold opening fanfare is kept under tight dynamic control. It's quite understated and perhaps a touch brittle but the dynamic contrasts are good and the first full ff hits home effectively.

2. A finely shaped opening and the warmth of the band sound is used to telling effect. Balance is carefully nuanced and although there are minor slips the style is there. There's just a danger of it slowing and becoming dirge like and it needs to move on. There's no shortage of emotion here though.

3. An opening of energy and drive and as it hits the faster tempo it really takes off. Perhaps a little too much so at times. It threatens to get a touch frantic but it certainly builds the electricity as it builds to an ending of real excitement.

Overall. Some very fine playing from Filton. Maybe just a touch too slow in the middle movement but plenty to admire.

Star player. Principal cornet

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:32:23

embedded picture

Filton Concert Brass
Conductor: Tom Davoren

Winners of the West of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Kevin Darby
Solo Euphonium: Anthony Smith
Soprano: Chris Howley
Solo Horn: Stewart Crawford
Principal Trombone: Andy Newell
Flugel: Tim Malpas
Baritone: Phil James
Eb Bass: Oliver Browne
Bb Bass: Tom Fox
Principal Percussionist: Nathan Cole

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:30:04

embedded picture

2. Staffordshire (Leigh Baker)

1 The opening fanfares have a suitably stately feel and the style of this sits so well. We hear the contrapuntal detail and voices are well balanced.

2. Trombone player moves to sit in principal cornet chair.......and then moves back again. Strange! This is a luscious opening though and there is warmth and freedom in the melodic lines with gently nuanced dynamics evident throughout. The quieter dynamics are well observed and the band takes risks that come off. Bravo. This is so beautiful and finds the bitter sweet element of the music so well.

3. The opening temp is bang on the money and the 'bright and rhythmic' music that follows is dynamic but with clarity and balance between the lines. The waves of sound are aided by excellent dynamic extremes and themed ding is superbly paced.

Overall. A performance of real contrasts. Vigour and expression in equal measure.

Star player. Principal Cornet. Played with such warmth in the slow movement.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:25:09

embedded picture

Conductor: Leigh Baker

Winners of Midlands Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Adrian Lacey
Solo Euphonium: Mark Lowe
Soprano: Andy Jennings
Solo Horn: Murray Borthwick
Principal Trombone: Alan Gifford
Flugel: Lesley Howarth
Baritone: Richard Wallace
Eb Bass: Kris Davies
Bb Bass: Tony Whittingham
Principal Percussionist: Ian Richards

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:12:14

Live comments by Chris Thomas

embedded picture

1. Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)

1. A bright opening movement but with notable slips heard in the cornet section. We would like to hear the fanfares be given a little more space.

2. Opens well but tuning is poor at times and we'd like to hear a little more freedom and expression in the melodic lines. It warms as it progresses and the climax is finely done.

3. This feels fast and rushed to us and we lose the detail. The consequence is that the movement lacks overall shape and it becomes more of a struggle for the band as it progresses. The band tires towards the close and its a scrappy ending.

Overall An untidy opening account not helped by rushing tempi

Star Player Solo euphonium. Some very neat and tidy detail.

Section1 • Sunday 22, 16:03:00

embedded picture

Blidworth Welfare
Conductor: Martin Heartfield

Midlands Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Stephen Milner
Solo Euphonium: Andy Baldwin
Soprano: Trevor Milner
Solo Horn: Sandra Kowalenko
Principal Trombone: Richard Walker
Flugel: Sara Baldwin
Baritone: Dawn Evans
Eb Bass: Jon Wilmot
Bb Bass: Phil Lee
Principal Percussionist: Rachel Wells

Section1 • Sunday 22, 15:47:32


Adjudicators: Dr Robert Childs & Paul Holland

Alder Valley Brass, (Roger Burke), 13
Blidworth Welfare, (Martin Heartfield), 1
Drighlington, (Jim Davies), 12
Filton Concert Brass, (Tom Davoren), 3
Foresters Brass 2000, (Peter Collins), 16
Freckleton, (Paul Dalton), 6
Harrogate, (Craig Ratcliffe), 8
Hebden Bridge, (Alan Hobbins), 5
Johnstone, (Paul Kiernan), 4
Kidlington Concert Brass, (Duncan Wilson), 9
Lanner & District Silver, (Stuart Chappell), 14
Morecambe, (Andrew Warriner), 11
Newtongrange Silver, (Lee Skipsey), 7
Penclawdd Brass, (Tony Small), 10
Staffordshire, (Leigh Baker), 2
Tylorstown, (Gary Davies), 15
Withdrawn: Catterick Brass

Section1 • Wednesday 11, 22:27:25

2013 First Section National Final

Sunday 22nd September
Test Piece: 'Fanfares and Love Songs' - Gavin Higgins
Draw: tbc
Commence: at the conclusion of Third Section

Adjudicators: Dr Robert Childs & Paul Holland

Alder Valley Brass (Roger Burke)
Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)
Catterick Brass (tbc)
Drighlington (Jim Davies)
Filton Concert Brass (Tom Davoren)
Foresters Brass 2000 (Peter Collins)
Freckleton (Paul Dalton)
Harrogate (Craig Ratcliffe)
Hebden Bridge (Alan Hobbins)
Johnstone (Paul Kiernan)
Kidlington Concert Brass (Duncan Wilson)
Lanner & District Silver (Stuart Chappell)
Morecambe (Andrew Warriner)
Newtongrange Silver (Lee Skipsey)
Penclawdd Brass (Tony Small)
Staffordshire (Leigh Baker)
Tylorstown (Gary Davies)

PEMBERTON OLD WIGAN DW BRASS BANDS - 150th Anniversary of Wigan Rotary Club

Saturday 15 June • Pemberton Old Band rooms. Enfield Street. Pemberton. Wigan WN5 8DZ

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Ashton Band

Sunday 16 June • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Strata Brass

Sunday 23 June • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Wotton-under-Edge Silver Band - Foden's Band

Sunday 23 June • Renishaw Innovation Centre,. New Mills, Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge,. Gloucestershire GL12 8JR

West Midlands Police Band - Sovereign Brass and Brett Baker (Trombone)

Sunday 23 June • Tipton Green Methodist Church. Park Lane West. Tipton. Sandwell. DY1 4QF

East of England Co-op Band

June 16 • The East of England Co-op Band are looking for a determined and experienced Musical Director following the current MD's decision to step down. The band are looking to further their development and continue their healthy concert and contesting diary.

The Wigston Band

June 15 • The Wigston Band is a friendly 3rd Section band based within South Leicestershire. We are looking for cornets and basses to complete our ranks so we can achieve our ambitions of climbing back to the 2nd section as soon as possible.

East of England Co-op Band

June 15 • The East of England Co-op Band are looking for a determined and experienced Musical Director following the current MD's decision to step down. The band are looking to further their development and continue their healthy concert and contesting diary.

Julian Bright

Conductor, Compere/MC, Cornet Soloist


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