2014 Butlins Mineworkers Championships — Lower Sections - As it happened

All the action from the 2014 Butlins Mineworkers Championships — Lower Sections — as it happened.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 16:18:07

Results: Youth & Junior Sections

Youth Section

1. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
2. Wardle High (Lee Rigg)
3. St Helens Youth (Anna Hughes-Williams)
4. Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)
5. Gresley Colliery (Duncan Jackson)

Soloist Prize: Georgina Moulsdale (St Helens Youth)

Junior Section

1. Wardle Junior (Gwen Smith)
2. Youth Brass 1000 (Adele Hudson)
3. Wigston Enterprise (Pat Allsopp
4. Shirland Training (Dave Harvey)
5. Silver Sounds (Roy Duncan)

Soloist Prize: Rachael Clegg - Cornet (Wardle Junior)

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 15:23:29

Youth Section

4BR Overview

What a cracking contest this was, bringing to an end an enjoyable day in Reds. There has been some great playing on display from all of the bands and at the top end where the prizes will go, it was extremely high.

Youth Brass 2000, Wardle High & St Helens Youth have produced performances today worthy of taking the £1000 first prize and accolade of being crowned Butlins Youth Champions.

It’s going to be close whichever way it goes but we think

1. Youth Brass 2000
2. St Helens
3. Wardle High

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 14:49:41

Youth Section

5.Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)

Vegas Nights
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Euphonium Solo: Rhapsody for Euphonium
Serenade For a Senorita

Darrol Barry’s march, ‘Vegas Nights’ is a bright and breezy opener whilst the hymn tune is a neat and tidy rendition.

Euphonium soloist, Chris Packwood demonstrates a lovely sound in James Curnow’s ‘Rhapsody for Euphonium’

‘Serenade for a Senorita’ has a sense of fun about it whilst the Denis Wilby ‘Salamanca’ once again reminds the audience of the much warmer South American warmer climate

A programme that was a little different for sure, well delivered though.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 14:14:58

Youth Section

4.Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

Cornet Solo: Idyll on a Irish Folk Hymn (Thomas Fountain)
The Cossack
Abide with Me

The choreographed on the floor of the hall, ‘Volero’ just bounces with freedom, panache and swagger.

The take on ‘Lord of all Hopefulness’ is full of reverence from Thomas Fountain—the best solo playing of the contest so far—so lyrical and stylish.

Rimmer’s march bristles along with real confidence with the MD ensuring a tight reign is kept on the dynamics—the contrasts are there and the precision of the ensemble playing really stands out.

Goff Richards’ arrangement of ‘Abide With Me’ is delivered with so much confidence throughout the different verses. The dynamics may increase, but the quality of the playing doesn’t - with a host of instrumentalists making a contribution..

Peter Graham’s ‘Breakout’ from his suite, ‘Cry of the Celts’ has a touch of the old Yorkshire Building Society and David King about it—classy. It's so effective and enhanced by some cracking flugel and cornet contributions.


Youth Brass 2000 can’t have done anymore today in their search for six straight Butlins Youth titles. A programme that was well conceived but so musically delivered.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 13:42:18

Youth Section

3.Wardle High School Youth (Lee Rigg)

The Old 100th - All People that on Earth Do Dwell
Cornet Solo: Macushla— Laura Conway
Fill The World With Music
Macarthur Park
Hey Jude

The hymn tune, ‘The Old Hundreth’, sees cornet players standing either side of the stage and it’s a confident, composed and bold sounding outfit. Some neat stage presence sees the players return to their seats before delivering the second ‘Gaudete’ of the day—so confidentially delivered this.

Laura Conway plays with her heart on her sleeve in the old classic, ‘Macushla’ whilst the march, ‘Fill The World With Music’ is a cracker and typical of how of Wardle delivers a march: full of brio and confidence.

The Alan Fernie arrangement of ‘Macarthur Park’ is controlled without pushing the dynamics beyond their limits. The closing Beatles classic, ‘Hey Jude’, features an accomplished bit of euphonium playing.

Excellent stuff from start to finish—a real contender today

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 13:16:38

Youth Section

2.Gresley Colliery Youth (Duncan Jackson)

1st Movement from Vaughan Williams’ English Folk Song Suite—Seventeen Come Sunday
Dear Lord & Father of Mankind
Cornet Solo: I Don’t Know How to Love Him

The march, ‘Slaidburn’ is compactly played; the dynamics are well down—well done band and MD

‘Seventeen Come Sunday’ is effective although the band works hard, overcoming some tricky moments.

The cornet soloist is full warmth and sentimentality in ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’

The hymn tune produces dynamic contrasts whilst the cornet soloist holds their nerve—well done.

‘Gaudete’ proves to be an effective piece to finish with—played with real enthusiasm

Enjoyable stuff from the Midlanders, full committed playing throughout.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 12:48:19

Youth Section

1.St Helens Youth Brass (Anna Hughes-Williams)

Wo unsere Farhne welt (Where our Flag Waves)
Harry James Trumpet Concerto—Georgina Moulsdale
Ashoken Farewell
Abide With Me
Sky Fall

The Strauss march is taken at a vibrant tempo with some confident and compact ensemble playing.

The Harry James fizzes along superbly—real confident, composed playing, so secure—great stuff.

‘Ashoken Farewell’ is delivered in an understated manner—lots of good solo and ensemble work.

There’s a nice cornet lead in ‘Abide with Me’—hymn tune notable for its dynamics and secure ensemble.

The Merseyside outfit closes with a tasty bit of James Bond in ‘Sky Fall’—trombonist, Jack Rowlands shows his musical credentials with an accomplished bit of playing, as does the bands solo cornet, whilst the ensemble work is neat and tidy.

A very impressive showing from St Helens, so well directed by their MD.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 12:24:29

Junior Ensemble

4BR Overview

What a cracking contest this was with some great playing, played in a cracking atmosphere. Picking a winner out of those five won't be easy for judge Alan Fernie, but we think its between the first two bands that played today, Wardle & Youth Brass 1000 for the title.

5.Wigston Enterprise (Pat Allsopp)

Mr Sandman
Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
Sister Act

A confident ‘Westbound’ commences Wigston’s programme whilst ‘Mr Sandman’ has the right mix of humour and controlled playing.

‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’ works well whilst the closing ‘Sister Act’ is full of fun, good tempo’s anmd dynamics—even Alan Fernie gets into the spirit of it all and claps in great time.


Yet another fine performance from Wigston = really confidently played.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 12:23:07

Junior Ensemble

4.Silver Sounds (Roy Duncan)

Hymn tune
Love is Here to Stay
Eye of the Tiger/Jurassic Park

The opening ‘Ivanhoe’ is nicely done as is the hymn tune. ‘Love is Here to Stay’ is again nicely played is is ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to close.

A nicely judged programme, well delivered.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 11:35:10

Junior Ensemble

3.Shirland Training (Dave Harvey)

The Spirit of Freedom
Bb Bass Solo: Fathams
Latin Fiesta

Shirland’s opening march, ‘Spirit of Freedom’ is just that—played with real freedom and a sense of fun allowing players to express themselves.

The hymn tune, ‘Lloyd’ is controlled and the dynamics build nicely.

Shirland’s Bb bass player enjoys himself in a cracker of a piece where he shows his technical and musical skills off to a tee.

Conductor, Dave Harvey brings to an end the bands contribution with a neat and tidy ‘Latin Fiesta’.

A performance full of passionate commitment and fun.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 11:18:30

Junior Ensemble

2.Youth Brass 1000 (Adele Hudson)

Death or Glory
Be Still For The Presence of the Lord (Featuring: Penny Marshall - Flugel)
Soul Bossa Nova (Featuring: Penny Marshall - Flugel, Claudia Cockerill - Tenor Hor, Robin Way - Cornet)

R B Hall’s ‘Death or Glory’ is taken at an effective tempo with dynamics and percussion work that comes off.

The hymn tune, ‘Be Still For the Presence of the Lord’ builds nicely with the flugel player clearly being heard with the ensemble dynamics firmly under control.

‘Soul Bossa Nova’ features a flugel, tenor horn and cornet all in good voice and its complimented by some impressive ensemble work.

A well judged programme that worked and was played very well.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 10:59:53

Junior Ensemble

1. Wardle Junior (Gwen Smith)

Raiders March
Amazing Grace
Scooby Doo meets the Muppets
Singin in the Rain
Snake Rattle & Role

The ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ march is a confidently played opening number. The traditional ‘Amazing Grace’ features a lovely cornet line to open and some delicate ensemble playing—good dynamics—well done.

It’s a change in mood with an upbeat mix of theme tunes from children’s tv shows—‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘The Muppets’, all delivered with a sense of fun, but delivered with musical control.

The classic ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ maintains the musical momentum that’s been built up—the players are enjoying this performance and it shows.

‘Snake, Rattle & Role’, fizzes along at a rate of knots—and played with so much confidence.

An excellent programme that was well played and came off—special mention goes to Principal Cornet & Principal Trombone who really delivered the goods.

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 10:40:26

Junior Ensemble & Youth Sections We're around 20 minutes away from the Junior Ensembles & Youth Section contests getting under way in Reds. Alan Fernie will be judging own choice programmes and it promises to be a great day - come over and have a listen

Other Sections • Sunday 19, 10:38:10

Draws: Junior Ensemble & Youth Section

Junior Ensemble

Programme of Music not to exceed 10 minutes but must include a hymn tune
Adjudicator: Alan Fernie

1. Wardle Junior (Sean Conway)
2. Youth Brass 1000 (Adele Hudson)
3. Shirland Training (Dave Harvey)
4. Silver Sounds (Roy Duncan)
5. Wigston Enterprise (Pat Allsopp)

Youth Section

Programme of Music not to exceed 20 minutes but must include a march and a hymn tune
Adjudicator: Alan Fernie

1. St Helens Youth Brass (Anna Hughes-Williams)
2. Gresley Colliery Youth (Duncan Jackson)
3. Wardle High School Youth (Lee Rigg)
4. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
5. Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 20:06:14

Results: Sections 1-4

First Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Reds
Draw: 8.25am
Commence: 10.00am

Test Piece: 'Vitae Aeterum' - Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Adjudicators: Frank Renton and Derek Southcott

1. Sandhurst Silver (Ian McElligott)
2. Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel)
3. Longridge (Mark Peacock)
4. Thundersley Brass (John Ward)
5. Leicester Co-operative SMW (Graham Jacklin)
6. City of Coventry (Stephen Cooper)
7. Strata Brass (David Holling)
8. Cornerstone Brass (Damien Wileman)
9. Becontree Brass (Matt Hardy)
10. Whitworth Vale & Healey (John Binns)
11. Cawston (Leigh Sharpe)
12. Haverhill Silver (Mark Ager)
13. Shirebrook Miners Welfare (Mark Wilcockson)
14. Morecambe (Andrew Warriner)
15. Harborough (Chris Groom)
16. Haydock Band (Mark Quinn)
17. Gresley Colliery (Simon Jones)
18. Langley (Cliff Parker)
19. Uppermill (Alan Widdop)
20. Enderby (Simon Jones)
21. Bedworth Brass (Jason Glynn)
22. Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman)

Highest Placed Mining Band: Leicester Co-operative SMW (Graham Jacklin)

Second Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Lakeside
Draw: 8.35am
Commence: 10.00am

Test Piece: 'Kenilworth' - Sir Arthur Bliss
Adjudicators: John Berryman and Brian Rostron

1. Mossley (Duncan Byers)
2. Eccles Borough (Marieka Gray)
3. St Keverne (Gareth Churcher)
4. Pemberton Old Wigan DW ‘B’ (Peter Ashley)
5. Middleton (Martyn Evans)
6. Kippax (David Lancaster)
7. Old Silkstone (Simon Kerwin)
8. Colchester Band (David Maddocks)
9. Dodworth Colliery MW (Eliot J Darwin)
10.Shirland Welfare (Lynden Cooper)
=11. Murton Colliery (John Pearson)
=11. Tilbury (Andrew Austin)
=13. Dronfield Genquip (John Davis)
=13. Epsom & Ewell Silver (Jack Smith)
15. Fulham Brass (Chris Agustine)
16. Ibstock Brick Brass (Huw Thomas)
17. Amington (Wesley Kendrick)

Highest Placed Mining Band: Kippax (David Lancaster)

Third Section

Saturday 19th January
Venue: Royal Arthur Suite
Draw: 8.45am
Commence: 11.00am

Test Piece: 'Music for a Festival' - Philip Sparke
Adjudicators: Barry Thompson and Mark Walters

1. BMP Europe Goodshaw (Mike Cotter)
2. Rushden Town (John Hudson)
3. Coppull & Standish (Matt Stringer)
4. Hucknall & Linby (Paul Whyley)
5. Boarshurst Silver (David W Ashworth)
6. Dinnington Colliery (Jonathon Beatty)
7. Worsbrough Brass (John Roberts)
8. Stamford Brass (Robert Prew)
9. Foss Dyke (Gareth Westwood)
10. Darwen Brass (Steve Hartley)
11. Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson)
12. Dunstan Silver (Steven Archer)
13. Waterbeach Brass (David Minchin)
14. Great Yarmouth Brass (Colin Swaep)
15. Market Rasen Resdev (Dave Dearnley)
16. Chinnor Silver (David Pegram)
17. Hemel Hempstead (Philip Fisher)
18. Melton Band (Graham Sutton)

Highest Placed Mining Band: Coppull & Standish (Matt Stringer)

Fourth Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Centre Stage
Draw: 8.55am
Commence: 10.00am

Test Piece: 'Three Saints' - Dr Goff Richards
Adjudicators: Alan Fernie and Ian Porthouse

1. Ifton Colliery (Wayne Ruston)
2. Sherwood Forest Brass (Christine Lippeatt)
3. Greenfield (Tom Haslam)
4. Whitwell Brass (Kevin Holdgate)
5. Banovallum Brass (Steve Ingham)
6. Maltby Miners Welfare (Terry Clifford)
7. Pleasley Colliery Welfare (Keith Buxton)
8. Royston Town (Steve Earley)
9. Brighton & Hove City Brass (Matt Hackett)
= 10. East Coast Brass (Paul Speed)
=10. Tewkesbury Town (Nigel Morgan)

Highest Placed Mining Band: Ifton Colliery

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 16:23:32

Section 1
4BR Prediction:

The First Section proved to be intriguing and at times frustrating six hour contest in Reds today. A number of bands got to grips with the music and understood the reverence of the music whilst others were perhaps a little too aggressive in their approach to feature.

Judges Frank Renton and Derek Southcott will have found the prize winners for sure, (they were out of the box pretty quickly) whilst there will not be much to choose between a host of midfield runners.

For us, it’s a close call at the top with any of the top three being in with a serious shout of honours.

Morecambe may just have nicked it at the death from Vernon Building Society Poynton, Cornerstone Brass and Longridge. Becontree Brass, Haydock go into our top six with Uppermill & Sandhurst our dark horses

1. Morecambe
2. Vernon Building Society Poynton
3. Cornerstone Brass
4. Longridge
5. Becontree Brass
6. Haydock

Dark Horses: Uppermill & Sandhurst

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 16:09:53

Section 1:
21. Leicester Co-operative SMW
22. Becontree Brass

Leicester Co-op became one of a number of bands today to deliver a performance that showed plenty of promise but overall was too inconsistent in its delivery.

It may have been a six hour wait for Becontree but they certainly grabbed their opportunity. The reading bristled with energy and efficiency and they may have put themselves in the mix.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 15:34:49

Section 1:
19. Uppermill
20. Morecambe

The Saddleworth outfit delivers an intriguing musical reading under the experienced Alan Widdop. Controlled, lyrical and musical, there was lots of dynamic contrasts and energy - but they also had some uncomfortable moments which could prove costly today.

Andrew Warriner certainly delivers a performance from Morecambe full of musical purpose and innate understanding of the religious foundations of which the piece is based.

Energy, control and good dynamics were complimented by effective ensemble work.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 15:26:01

Section 1:
17. Strata Brass
18. Shirebrook Miners Welfare

David Holling’s Strata Brass certainly dug deep to deliver a nice coherent musical reading. It wasn’t without the odd blemish though.

Shirebrook gives a reading full of power, passion and control, but they did push the dynamic contrasts a bit at times.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 14:55:32

Section 2:

With the completion of the section we departed from the Lakeside venue to get a better wireless signal. Apologies for the delay in getting our round-up to you.

The saying 'pick the bones out of that one' certainly rang true today in Section 2. The piece was unquestionably a tough test of everyone MD's, ensemble and soloists and there were a few scrapes along the way.

The adjudicators would have had to to use all that experience and knowledge in deciding this contest. I think everyone who sat in for this section needs to show a huge appreciation for the men in the box today because it couldn't have been an easy job.

In the end we have set our thoughts as such; Mossley, St. Keverne, Dodworth, Middleton, Eccles, and Pemberton with other interesting performances coming from Epsom, Fulham and Kippax.

1. Mossley
2. St Keverne
3. Dodworth
4. Middleton
5. Eccles
6. Pemberton

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 14:31:23

Section 2:
16. Kippax
17. Shirland Welfare

16. After bright opening some nervous solo lines do catch the ear but musical picture isn't lost too much and confidence grows. MD shapes the piece well but those early blemishes may undo the overall sadly.

17. Steady approach by MD but the overall is a little tentative especially in solo figures. Ensemble works well and the lower band fully commit as the piece progressed through it course.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 14:25:54

Section 1 Comfort Break

Sixteen gone and just six to go— can a band really grab this contest by the throat today? Only Haydock and Sandhurst made an impression on us in that segment and its still a tussle between Vernon BS, Cornerstone Brass & Longridge.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 14:22:09

Section 1:
15. Sandhurst Silver
16. Harborough

Sandhurt’s interpretation is one of control and finesse from the former Brighouse MD, Ian McElligott.

There was good attention to the detail and an understanding of the spiritual aspect of the piece which came through.

Harborough certainly gave it their all but they was another band who needed more security in the ensemble and impetus to make a real impression today.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 13:50:59

Section 1:
13. Haydock
14. Cawston

Haydock becomes the first band in a while to get to grips with Vitae Aeturnum. It wasn’t without its glitches but the MD combined the religious and musical elements well. Ex Black Dyke man, Paul Duffy enhanced the reading with a tasty bit of soprano playing.

Cawston’s interpretation of PLC’s piece was one that just took a long time to settle and suffered from too many nerves which will prove costly today in the context of the contest.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 13:40:40

Section 2:
14. St Keverne
15. Mossley

14. Lots of conviction all across and the music really grows and is nicely honed by MD. Odd blemish in solo lines are forgiven as musical flow and shape isn't disturbed.

15. Confident in style and approach throughout and the principal cornet led well from the front. A very solid and committed performance.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 13:19:26

Section 1:
11. Bedworth Brass
12. Coalburn Silver

Bedworth account of Vitae was of the slow burner variety as it took a long time to take shape. When it did, there was certainly some good playing to be heard.

Coalburn Silver flies the flag for Scotland with a committed reading that was a touch cautious and nervous at times, to really make a greater impression

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 13:10:59

Section 2:
12. Murton Colliery
13. Dronfield Genquip

12. Steady ensemble but not without a bit of turbulence in the solo lines. Good outer and close but the tuning did wander in the middle section.

13. Overall a bright approach and tone with conviction, in ensemble, but a few unsteady entries in solo lines do catch the attention unfortunately.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:52:16

Section 4:
4BR Prediction:

An enjoyable contest that varied greatly in standard and in the interpretations from the MDs.

We do not know what religions some conductors were but all that was missing today was a trio of Scientology Saints such were the wide ranging musical portraits on offer.

One performance from Ifton stood out a mile though - a cracking rendition that should take the title with something to spare.

Behind them it is much close but we go for Pleasley, followed by Maltby, Greenfield, Whitwell and Tewkesbury.

1. Ifton Colliery
2. Pleasley Colliery
3. Maltby Miners
4. Greenfield
5. Whitwell
6. Tewkesbury

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:45:22

Section 1:
9. Haverhill Band
10. Langley

Haverhill certainly gave Vitae Aeturnum a real go. It was a little too inconsistent though throughout which took the edge of the performance which was unfortunate.

Langley’s MD, Cliff Parker deserves a lot of credit for allowing the music to breathe. It wasn’t always as it should be, but there was a lovely controlled central section that had so much to admire.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:43:24

Section 4:
11. Royston Town

Its a bold one from the last band of the contest - and these are three fire and brimstone saints - led by a banzai sop. This was a very vibrant account that just got a touch brash in too many places. A pity as the MD kept the music flowing from start to finish.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:42:01

Section 2:
10. Middleton
11. Dodworth Colliery MW

10. Good opening and music unfolds with conviction. Some intonation issues were noted but the overall performance was not short on character from both band and MD.

11. Purposeful and nicely shaped where the MD and band give the music space and time. Another strong reading straight after the interval.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:26:27

Section 4:
9. Tewkesbury Town
10. Brighton & Hove City Brass

Once more a brace of contrasting renditions. It would be interesting to note what religious inspiration was behind these two solid shows.

Very high church and controlled from Tewkesbury with an interpretation that was coherent and well shaped by the MD. A fine sop led the way in a performance that had a such a serious intent. A trio of rather pious saints this.

A much more evangelical take from Brighton - lots of energy, boldness and a little rough around the edges at times too. Very engaging though but a somewhat peculiar interpretation. Three saints who knew how to have a bit of fun.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:24:22

Section 1:
Comfort break

Been an interesting first segment of the contest with lots of varied performance of PLC's work. Certainly plenty to play for but very little to choose between Vernon Building Society Poynton, Cornerstone Brass & Longridge for us, but plenty for Messrs Renton & Southcott to ponder.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:16:47

Section 3:

Davy Jack our correspondent is a non iPad user so has sent us his updates on good old fashioned paper via his busy photographer lad Steve. It's like the good old days!

He has listened to the first six and thinks that Hucknall & Linby have set a stern but not unbeatable marker off the number 1 draw. They produced the most coherent account so far - although it was a little heavy in places.

Not that far behind are BMP Europe Goodshaw with a well shaped account that just had a few noticeable unforced errors that may cost, and Worsbrough who produced a stylish and well controlled account that just needed touch more vibrancy in places.

Decent accounts from Dinnington and Hawk Green (Marple) - both just let down by untidy ensemble, whilst Rushden gave a very confident account of themselves in a rendition that also just fell foul of a few too many little slips and errors.

Hucknall it is though so far for us.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:08:36

Section 1:
7. Longridge
8. Whitworth Vale & Healey

The Lancastrians of Longridge deliver a really effective & controlled reading that had lots to admire. Mark Peacock allowed his band to play with confidence and it had the PLC razzle dazzle within it as well.

North West outfit Whitworth Vale & Healey produced a reading that grew in confidence and had lots to admire. It wasn’t as bold and colourful as some so far today, but John Binns let the music breathe.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 12:03:46

Section 2:
Half Way - Interval

As was predicted this piece is proving to be a really stiff test. It is hard to pick a clear leader because all the bands have found it stern challenge.
Eccles Borough perhaps have an edge with Pemberton, Epsom and Fulham giving it a good try but.....

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:56:48

Section 2:
9. Ibstock Brick Brass

9. Decent opening and the band really worked hard throughout it becomes a stiff challenge as music unfolded.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:50:03

Section 2:
7. Amington
8. Colchester Band

7. Opens with attack though very measured in style in slower musical thematic lines. Overall a steady account.

8. Quite serene in style for much of the music which asks a lot for the music to flow. The more direct themes have some decent articulation in upper band. Safe and steady performance overall.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:43:31

Section 4:
7. Greenfield
8. East Coast Brass

Another brace of contrasting takes on the trio of Cornish saints with Greenfield's a triptych of boldness and bravura. Nothing held back - and just got all a little over wrought in places. Troms shone but it was a rendition that needed a touch more dynamic control.

A debut performance full of plus points for East Coast - and one that grew in confidence as it went on. Just tired towards the close but helped by another fine trom trio.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:37:06

Section 1:
5. Thundersley Brass
6. City of Coventry

John Ward’s Thundersley Brass delivers an engaging account that kept you on your toes throughout. Not everything clicked into gear as well as it could have done an d it just needed a touch more colour at times.

City of Coventry delivers an account that was bold and flamboyant but it wasn’t a few glitches along the way, but full marks for the commitment.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:24:31

Section 2:
5. Epsom & Ewell Silver
6. Fulham Brass

5. Good performance. Solid solo lines and plent of vitality. Well balanced and constructed.

6. Pushed along with a swagger at times. Confident playing in ensemble. Odd blemish along the way but solid in the main with bass end unpinning very well.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:14:46

Section 2:
3. Pemberton Old Wigan DW ‘B’
4. Eccles Borough

3. Very workman like performance. Decent overall with no major issues. Warm sound

4. Direct and well structured. Solo lines in upper reg. prove a challenge but rewarding performance overall

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:08:58

Section 4:
5. Whitwell Brass
6. Ifton Colliery

Whitwell do themselves and their supporters far and wide pretty proud with a performance that grew in confidence and stature as it went along. MD did a fine dep job and another classy flugel on show too.

Ifton raise the bar though - very high indeed you suspect. This was high quality playing that was in a different class - big, bold, balanced, tuneful and dynamically coherent. MD used all his experience and solo cornet was excellent. A very clear leader.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 11:01:34

Section 1:
3. Cornerstone Brass
4. Vernon Building Society Poynton

Cornerstone Brass has cornets standing on both sides of the stage in what was an excellent reading from the MD who really got his band to pull out all the stops.

It may have been bold and colourful at times, but the ensemble playing was tight and precise.

The Chorale Section was lovely on the ear (well done muted cornets) whilst the energetic cornet lead in the closing section worked well—nice stuff and we hear lots of detail and dynamic contrasts for the first time today—really enjoyable it must be said.

Neil Samuel delivers a heart on the sleeve account of Vitae Aeturnum with VBS Poynton.

The ensemble took a bit of time to get into its stride but when it did there was some effective playing on display—lots of controlled dynamics—that were very understated at times, but the rhythmic pulse and energy were maintained right through to the close.

The audience goes nuts

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 10:58:37

Section 4:
3. Maltby Miners Welfare
4. Pleasley Colliery

Two contrasting performances follow with Maltby's vibrant and bravura account really full of fight the good fight spirit. MD has sought out the emotion and was helped by some committed playing - especially a fine solo cornet.

Pleasley produced a very musical performance that was so well shaped by the MD too. There was a lovely bit of high class euph playing on show too in a performance that just tired to close.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 10:52:13

Section 2:
1. Old Silkstone
2. Tilbury

1. A touch scratchy in places but balanced ensemble. Soloists perform well. Tuning away at close getting tired.

2. Decent attempt but few challenges in solo lines. Worked hard all through although the slips may cost.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 10:29:03

Section 1:
1. Enderby
2. Gresley Colliery

Enderby’s Vitae is a slow burner that takes a bit of time to fizzle into life. The dynamics had contrast but the performance needed a little bit more energy, excitement and control but it ended well.

Simon Jones returns to the podium to front Gresley’s committed and passionate account. It was a touch full bloodied at times though. The Flugel player stood to deliver his solo passage and did well. There was some nice ensemble playing as they headed for home.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 10:12:24

Section 4:
1. Banovallum
2. Sherwood Forest Brass

Two solid performances to kick off the weekend in the Fourth Section, with robustly played accounts from both bands.

The usual basics will be tested in full, but there was a neat balance of happy clappy evangelical vibrancy and solemn high church seriousness about these performances - aided by sensible direction from MDs Steve Ingham and Christine Lippeatt.

Special mention to both flugel players too - who played with a real sense of musicality.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 09:57:41

Section 1:

We are around 5 minutes away from the start of the First Section in Reds, not a bad crowd. Interesting to see what the bands make today of PLC's piece.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 09:55:43

Section 2: Stage set and Band 1.Old Silkstone in registration.
Before entering the box John Berryman spoke of his admiration for today's music and recalled recording it with Harry Mortimer's All Star Brass when was at the peak of his cornet playing days.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 09:53:32

Section 4:

We have just kicked off the weekend in Skegness with the first performances in the Fourth Section.

Not a bad crowd in to enjoy the Saintly music of Goff Richards - although the lighting is very dark in the hall and on the stage.

The music should brighten things up though.

Other Sections • Saturday 18, 09:20:37

Draws for the 2014 Butlins Mineworkers Festival
Skyline Resort, Skegness,
Saturday 18th January 2014

First Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Reds
Commence: 10.00am

Test Piece: 'Vitae Aeterum' - Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Adjudicators: Frank Renton and Derek Southcott

Becontree Brass (Matt Hardy), 22Jason Glynn
Bedworth Brass (Jason Glynn), 11
Cawston (Leigh Sharpe), 14
City of Coventry (Stephen Cooper), 6
Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman), 12
Cornerstone Brass (Damien Wileman), 3
Enderby (Simon Jones), 1
Gresley Colliery (Simon Jones), 2
Harborough (Chris Groom), 16
Haydock Band (Mark Quinn), 13
Haverhill Silver (Mark Ager), 9
Langley (Cliff Parker), 10
Leicester Co-operative SMW (Graham Jacklin), 21
Longridge (Mark Peacock), 7
Morcambe (Andrew Warriner), 20
Sandhurt Silver (Ian McElligott), 15
Shirebrook Miners Welfare (Mark Wilcockson), 18
Strata Brass (David Holling), 17
Thundersley Brass (John Ward), 5
Uppermill (Alan Widdop), 19
Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel), 4
Whitworth Vale & Healey (John Binns), 8

Second Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Lakeside
Commence: 10.00am

Test Piece: 'Kenilworth' - Sir Arthur Bliss
Adjudicators: John Berryman and Brian Rostron

Amington (Wesley Kendrick), 7
Colchester Band (David Maddocks), 8
Dodworth Colliery MW (Eliot J Darwin), 11
Dronfield Genquip (John Davis), 13
Eccles Borough (Marieka Gray), 4
Epsom & Ewell Silver (Jack Smith), 5
Fulham Brass (Chris Agustine), 6
Ibstock Brick Brass (Huw Thomas), 9
Kippax (David Lancaster), 16
Middleton (Martyn Evans), 10
Mossley (Duncan Byers), 15
Murton Colliery (John Pearson), 12
Old Silkstone (Simon Kerwin), 1
Pemberton Old Wigan DW ‘B’ (Peter Ashley), 3
Shirland Welfare (Lynden Cooper), 17
St Keverne (Gareth Churcher), 14
Tilbury (Andrew Austin), 2

Third Section

Saturday 19th January
Venue: Royal Arthur Suite
Commence: 11.00am

Test Piece: 'Music for a Festival' - Philip Sparke
Adjudicators: Barry Thompson and Mark Walters

BMP Goodshaw (Mike Cotter), 5
Boarshurst Silver (David W Ashworth), 7
Chinnor Silver (David Pegram), 11
Coppull & Standish (Matt Stringer), 17
Dinnington Colliery (Jonathon Beatty), 2
Darwen Brass (Steve Hartley), 8
Dunstan Silver (Steven Archer), 12
Foss Dyke (Gareth Westwood), 9
Great Yarmouth Brass (Colin Swaep), 16
Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson), 3
Hemel Hempstead (Philip Fisher), 18
Hucknall & Linby (Paul Whyley), 1
Market Rasen Resdev (Dave Dearnley), 14
Rushden Town (John Hudson), 6
Stamford Brass (Robert Prew), 10
The Melton Band (Graham Sutton), 15
Waterbeach Brass (David Minchin), 13
Worsbrough Brass (John Roberts), 4

Fourth Section

Saturday 18th January
Venue: Centre Stage
Commence: 9.30am

Banovallum Brass (Steve Ingham), 1
Brighton & Hove City Brass (Matt Hackett), 10
East Coast Brass (Paul Speed), 8
Greenfield (Tom Haslam), 7
Ifton Colliery (TBA), 6
Maltby Miners Welfare (Terry Clifford), 3
Pleasley Colliery Welfare (Keith Buxton), 4
Royston Town (Steve Earley), 11
Sherwood Forest Brass (Christine Lippeatt), 2
Tewkesbury Town (Nigel Morgan), 9
Whitwell Brass (Kevin Holdgate), 5

Other Sections • Friday 17, 11:53:41

Section 1:

Venue: Reds
Saturday 18th

Set Work: Vitae Aeternum (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
Adjudicators: Frank Renton & Derek Southcott

Section 2:

Venue: Lakeside
Saturday 18th

Set Work: Kenilworth (Arthur Bliss)
Adjudicators: John Berryman & Brian Rostron

Section 3:

Venue: Royal Arthur Suite
Saturday 18th

Set Work: Music for a Festival (Philip Sparke)
Adjudicators: Barry Thompson & Mark Walters

Section 4:

Venue: Centre Stage
Saturday 18th

Set Work: Three Saints (Goff Richards)
Adjudicators: Alan Fernie & Ian Porthouse

Junior Ensemble:
Venue: Reds
Sunday 19th

Own Choice programme
Adjudicator: Alan Fernie

Youth Section:

Venue: Reds
Sunday 19th

Own Choice programme
Adjudicator: Alan Fernie

Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band - Reading Festival of Brass: Open Workshop Rehearsal

Saturday 27 April • St Laurence Church, Reading RG1 3EJ

London Central Fellowship Band - Hemel Hempstead Salvation Army

Saturday 27 April • Waterhouse St, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1ES

Haverhill Silver Band - Friends' Requests

Sunday 28 April • Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 8AR

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Stockport Silver Band

Sunday 28 April • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Contest: European Brass Band Championshiips

Friday 3 May • Palanga Konsortu, Vytauta st. 43, LT-00135, Palanga 43, LT-00135

Mereside Brass

April 23 • MERESIDE BRASS (Rudheath,Northwich) are looking for a FRONT ROW CORNET & a 2nd EUPH to complete our line up. We are a friendly 4th Section band with a sensible calendar of jobs and band social events and enjoy occasional contests. Come and give us a try!

Bilton Silver Rugby Band

April 23 • Applications are invited for a Euphonium player to join our Rugby based band. Bilton Silver (Rugby) band are currently contesting in the Championship section and has a varied programme of events spread throughout the year.

Chinnor Silver

April 23 • We are looking to strengthen our team ready for 2025 and require Bass (Bb or Eb), Bass trombone, Soprano and percussion players. We are a very friendly, progressive 2nd section band who will start next year at the top of their regional rankings table.

Martyn Evans

BEd (Hons) NABBC member
Conductor, Band Trainer, Teacher, Adjudicator


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