2016 National Championships of Great Britain
First Section: As it happened

All the action from the 2016 National Championships of Great Britain — First Section — as it happened. Comments by Chris Thomas

Section 1

Monday 19, 20:16:31

Prize Winners from First Section

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Darren Hawken winning MD St Dennis

embedded picture
St Dennis take the National title

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The girls of St. Dennis leaving the stage after their winning performance

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2nd Place. Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel)

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Best Instrumentalist: Anne Britt Hermanen (Principal Cornet) — Vernon Building Society Poynton

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Soprano: Preben Johansen and Principal Cornet: Anne Britt Hermanen — Norwegian partnership with Poynton

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3rd Place. Aveley & Newham (Robert Nunnery)

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4th Place. Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)

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5th Place. Ebbw Valley (Gareth Ritter)

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6th Place. Jackfield Elcock Reisen (Simon Platford)

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Sunday 18, 21:59:27

That's it...

That's it from Cheltenham. Congratulations to every competing band for your efforts this weekend and in particular the four National Champions.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage this weekend. Goodnight from Cheltenham.

Section 1

Sunday 18, 21:53:42


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Test Piece: Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz)
Adjudicators: John Maines and Alan Morrison

1. St Dennis (Darren Hawken)
2. Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel)
3. Aveley & Newham (Robert Nunnery)
4. Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)
5. Ebbw Valley (Gareth Ritter)
6. Jackfield Elcock Reisen (Simon Platford)
7. Bedworth (David Maplestone)
8. Brunel (John Winterflood)
9. Rainford (Gareth Brindle)
10. Lockwood Brass (John Roberts)
11. City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) (Nigel Seaman)
12. Hatfield (Stan Lippeatt)
13. Bo'ness & Carriden (Charlie Farren)
14. Chapeltown Silver (Andrew Davies)
15. Tullis Russell Mills (Paul Kiernan)
16. Ripon City (Martin Hall)
17. Northfleet Brass (Melvin White)

Best Instrumentalist: Anne Britt Hermanen (Principal Cornet) — Vernon Building Society Poynton

Section 1

Sunday 18, 21:10:52

Chris Thomas's Final Thoughts and Prediction

embedded picture

It's been a frustrating First Section final in Cheltenham. So few bands were able to find the essential style and character of Joseph Horowitz's engaging and charming music. And that came down in no small measure to the MD's as much as the players.

It's not an easy piece for sure but we should bear in mind that a good number of these bands will be contesting in the Championship Section next year.

There is one clear winner for us (which if it comes to pass will not be without controversy) although the lower podium places could be interesting come the announcement of the results very shortly.

Chris Thomas goes for a top six of:

1. Vernon Building Society Poynton
2. Rainford
3. St. Dennis
4. Lockwood Brass
5. Ebbw Valley
6. Brunel

Dark Horses: Blidworth Welfare and City of Cardiff

Section 1

Sunday 18, 20:40:34

17. Bedworth Brass

Conductor: David Maplestone
Region: Midlands

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Steve Lilley
Solo Euphonium: Rhona Baker
Soprano: Phil Orton
Solo Horn: Jason Purkiss
Solo Trombone: Melvyn Knight
Flugel: Ian Perry
Baritone: Steve Guy
Eb Tuba: Fred Wilson
Bb Tuba: Jack Hawkins
Percussion: John Stretton

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture


A solid opening and the fanfare has a good style about it.

There are clips along the way but there is also an engaging enthusiasm about the playing. Flugel does well to open the Lento tranquillo and soprano also makes a quality contribution. Tuning is poor in the cornets in 'Slower but flowing' but again, the style is musical and the MD tries to bring the dynamic level down.

Opening of the Moderato is cleaner than many today and proceeds well through the Con gusto even though it does get scrappier in the latter stages.

The Allegro motors along and it's certainly an exciting ending even if not the cleanest. [Chris Thomas]

An enthusiastic final performance from Bedworth Brass. A little uneven in places but should hold its own reasonably well.

Star Player:
Solo Euphonium — Rhona Baker

Section 1

Sunday 18, 20:22:15

16. Vernon Building Society Poynton

Conductor: Neil Samuel
Region: North West

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Anne Britt Hermanen
Solo Euphonium: Steven Gordon
Soprano: Preben Johansen
Solo Horn: Jillian Atwell
Solo Trombone: Daniel Brooks
Flugel: Peter Cookson
Baritone: Gary White
Eb Tuba: Iain McKnight
Bb Tuba: Duncan Stephenson
Percussion: David Johnson

Test piece views:

'Ballet for Band' is a wonderful choice. It is beautifully constructed with a true sense of individual style throughout. It will take some playing all these years later since its first release.

embedded picture


A big bold opening that grabs the attention. Good basses and fine solo cornet — although it does just happen to be the principal cornet player of Manger.

There is a musicality about this that continues to hold our attention and the opening of the Lento tranquillo is so well shaped. Well done flugel! Soprano also does well and this is growing in stature all the time. Fine passage through the 'Slower but flowing' section and at last we hear genuine sensitivity.

The Moderato dovetails as well as any performance we have heard so far and the confidence is growing. The waltz is just that and the Allegro builds so well.

And now it's in overdrive. By far the most exciting playing of the day and it's a great build up to the final fanfare and flourish. [Chris Thomas]

At last! With a little help from Norway, Poynton have really turned on the style. Clearly ahead of the field for us.

Star Player
Solo cornet, Anne Britt Hermanen

Section 1

Sunday 18, 20:06:17

15. Ebbw Valley

Conductor: Gareth Ritter
Region: Wales

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Nanette Jones
Solo Euphonium: Nigel Thomas
Soprano: Ellen Waite
Solo Horn: Tracy Walkderdine
Solo Trombone: Bethan Cooke
Flugel: Jef Thomas
Baritone: Kate Rowlands
Eb Tuba: David Meredith
Bb Tuba: Dene-Paul Stephens
Percussion: Jon Morris

Test piece views:

The band has enjoyed rehearing this year's test piece and is looking forward to making music on the stage.

embedded picture


The opening has real presence about it and we can hear the inner detail. Good dynamics too and this is a promising start.

Good opening to the Meno mosso but it then gets scrappy in the Grazioso. What a shame as what follow is immediately better again.

Lento tranquillo opens well and both Flugel and soprano deliver. The 'slower but flowing' is affectionate and has feeling. It's not perfect and tuning wavers at the close but the style is there.

Moderato opens well bar one slightly wayward entry but this does have poise and again the style of the playing gets to the heart of the music. Allegro opens at a good tempo and the reprise of the opening fanfare is effective.

The build to the close is paced so well and it's an exciting conclusion. [Chris Thomas]

Such a good approach to the score on a musical level. There were slips but this was a reading of character.

Star Player
Flugel horn, Jef Thomas

Section 1

Sunday 18, 19:50:16

14. Northfleet Brass

Conductor: Melvin White
Region: London & Southern Counties

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Andrew Tovey
Solo Euphonium: Maurice Bowers
Soprano: Jerry Wilcock
Solo Horn: Stuart James
Solo Trombone: Chris Baker
Flugel: Allison Elia
Baritone: Barry Jenkins
Eb Tuba: Martin Batholomew
Bb Tuba: N/K
Percussion: Katrina Bartholomew

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture


Safely negotiated opening and it's generally neat and tidy playing if not the most elegant we have heard today.

Tuning wavers a touch in Flugel solo and one or two uncomfortable moments for soprano but otherwise this flows along nicely. Clips at the opening of the Moderato once again (are we going to hear a clean attempt at this today??) and the waltz has a rather lumpy feel about it.

The Allegro opens well but becomes increasingly scrappy as the tempo gathers pace and it's an untidy ending. [Chris Thomas]

A mixed account from Northfleet. Had its moments but so inconsistent at times.

Star Player
Solo cornet, Andrew Tovey

Section 1

Sunday 18, 19:34:17

13. Brunel Brass

Conductor: John Winterflood
Region: West of England

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Matthew Walton
Solo Euphonium: David Tong
Soprano: Richard Bullock
Solo Horn: Claire Salisbury
Solo Trombone: Rueben Jenkins
Flugel: Imogen Read
Baritone: Liz Logan
Eb Tuba: Nick Hopkins
Bb Tuba: Ieaun Walton
Percussion: Samantha James Nash

Test piece views:

Ballet for Band is an excellent choice and imposed difficult music to play and interpret.

embedded picture


A solid opening with a good fanfare style and excellent dynamic control. Good basses in the Meno mosso and again there is a sense of style about this that finds the character of the music.

Well done Flugel. The Lento tranquillo flows so well and soprano also makes a fine contribution. There is grace and elegance in the playing and the MD's interpretation.

Lovely closing chord before the Moderato but the Moderato itself opens in scrappy fashion. Frustrating to say the least!

The Allegro opens well however and this is so much better again. Good tempo, neat and tidy playing and with a good sense of style and a finely paced approach to the close.

So much to commend from Brunel. Stylish playing that was only let down by a precarious opening to the Moderato.

Star Player
Flugel horn, Imogen Read

Section 1

Sunday 18, 19:18:00

12. Blidworth Welfare

Conductor: Martin Heartfield
Region: Midlands

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Neil Escott
Solo Euphonium: Andy Baldwin
Soprano: Trevor Milner
Solo Horn: Sandra Kowalenko
Solo Trombone: Malcolm Portman
Flugel: Sara Baldwin
Baritone: Dawn Evans
Eb Tuba: Jon Wilmot
Bb Tuba: Phil Lee
Percussion: Morgan Gallimore

Test piece views:

A very musical piece with lovely sections. Challenging in places and stretches the band in different ways. Enjoying preparing the piece and looking forward to the contest.

embedded picture


A good tempo to open and controlled forte dynamic is effective. This is a promising opening.

Meno mosso works well and there is a sense of style about this. Good solo cornet and although there are little slips there is a feeling of the dance about this that comes as a relief after some performances today.

Good transition into the Lento tranquillo and flugel does well. Soprano slips but recovers and the 'Slower but flowing' passage does just that. This is musical playing.

Opening of the Moderato doesn't dovetail effectively and suddenly it all feels a little insecure. Good stringendo do to the Piu Vivo though and it gets back on track.

The Sllegro is well paced and it's an effective ending.

A musical and stylistically aware performance from Blidworth. Threatened to lose its way in the middle but there was plenty to enjoy here.

Star Player
Flugel horn, Sara Baldwin

Section 1

Sunday 18, 19:01:57

11. Hatfield

Conductor: Stan Lippeatt
Region: Yorkshire

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Greg Timmins
Solo Euphonium: Simon Willis
Soprano: Tim Pratt
Solo Horn: Christine Lippeatt
Solo Trombone: Ian Kennedy
Flugel: Andrew Bevan
Baritone: Peter Jones
Eb Tuba: David Fretwell
Bb Tuba: N/K
Percussion: Michael Godber

Test piece views:

The band are enjoying rehearsing and playing the test piece Ballet for Band, under the direction of Stan Lippeatt. The band feel and think, the test piece is well suited to the sonorous, emotive sound, famed of Hatfield Band.

The bands soloists are revelling in the 'music' of the piece, bringing to the fore the emotional, and joyous frivolity Joseph Horovitz attempts to portray in his composition.

embedded picture


weak opening note and this is one of the quicker opening fanfares we have heard today. Basses miss the character of the Meno mosso but the Grazioso is better. The tempo is again quick as we approach the Piu Mosso and there is a danger that this is running away.

Good flugel to open the Lento tranquillo and this has a nice flowing cantabile style although a few cracks appear in the bars prior to the Moderato.

The opening of the Moderato just about gets by but it lacks the grace of the waltz and the ensuing Allegro has a somewhat manic feel about as the band appears to be keen to bring the performance to an end. [Chris Thomas]

A performance that failed to find the essential dance like nature of the score.

Star Player
Solo euphonium, Simon Willis

Section 1

Sunday 18, 18:59:50

10. Bo'ness & Carriden

Conductor: Charlie Farren
Region: Scotland

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Hugh Foster
Solo Euphonium: Scott Cameron
Soprano: Dianne Waugh
Solo Horn: Suzanne Robertson
Solo Trombone: Geoff Turnbull
Flugel: Hayley Edmond
Baritone: Fiona Rodger
Eb Tuba: Toni Pacher
Bb Tuba: David Lapsley
Percussion: N/K

Test piece views:

The band under the leadership of our MD have enjoyed rehearsing the piece, we like this work, and feel it suits the band. It certainly creates many different challenges individually and to sections throughout the band not forgetting the whole ensemble.

embedded picture


10. Bo'ness and Carriden (Charlie Farren)

Performance Opening is effective with sensible dynamic level and a good fanfare style. Solid basses and just the slightest of clips approaching the Grazioso.

Flugel does well in the Lento tranquillo although there are one or two uncomfortable moments with occasional nervous sounds and wavering intonation. And now the nerves seem to have taken hold as voices are lost in the bars approaching the Moderato.

The Moderato opens in scrappy fashion and suddenly that early promise is fading away.

The Allegro is better but becomes increasingly untidy as it progresses. A shame as this was a performance that opened so well. [Chris Thomas]

A performance of early promise that came to grief in the exposed Lento tranquillo.

Star Player
Flugel horn, Hayley Edmund

Section 1

Sunday 18, 18:35:30

Chris Thomas's half way thoughts:

embedded picture

Nine bands down in the First Section and Ballet for Band is proving to be a tough test with very few bands indeed finding the grace and elegance needed to capture the balletic elements of the score.

Rainford and St. Dennis have come the closest although there is still the opportunity to take this contest to another level during the second half of the draw.

Chris Thomas goes for a half way top three of

1. Rainford
2. St Dennis
3. Lockwood

Section 1

Sunday 18, 18:09:41

9. St Dennis

Conductor: Darren Hawken
Region: West of England

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Emma Arnold
Solo Euphonium: Kim Bazeley
Soprano: Andrew Julian
Solo Horn: Sarah Whitehead
Solo Trombone: Andrew Hammett
Flugel: Ellie Joy
Baritone: Terry Sleeman
Eb Tuba: Peter Bazeley
Bb Tuba: Luke Bazeley
Percussion: Nigel Chadd

Test piece views:

Horovitz always wrote his ballet music 'seeing dancers moving around' and you can certainly hear that from bar one.

With so much sensitivity with lightness of touch and colour to achieve, this real test for all bands is going to prove a great undertaking for some.

embedded picture


Good opening with an excellent tempo and a genuine forte dynamic. This has real promise about it.

A little untidy in the Grazioso but the style has both character and shape and the Lento tranquillo is so well done to open. Fine Flugel and at last we hear a genuine cantabile style here with thoughtful phrasing and sensitivity. This has poise and elegance. Proceeds with control and the sound blossoms in the crescendos. And what a lovely close as we enter the Moderato.

A little wild in the cornet entries but again the style is effective. This is playing of character even if it is not always totally precise.

The Allegro flies along but never recklessly and caps an intelligently constructed account. [Chris Thomas]

So much to admire musically from St Dennis. A few niggling slips but this really found the balletic style and grace of the score.

Star Player
Flugel horn: Ellie Joy

Section 1

Sunday 18, 17:52:23

8. Lockwood Brass

Conductor: John Roberts
Region: North of England

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Graeme Laird
Solo Euphonium: David Shawcross
Soprano: Gareth Poole
Solo Horn: Fiona Shawcross
Solo Trombone: Dan Chirnside
Flugel: Mark Sidwell
Baritone: Laura Jackson
Eb Tuba: Gary Robinson
Bb Tuba: Duncan Beckley
Percussion: Graham Bates

Test piece views:

Ballet for Band is a great piece of music. Technically and musically challenging, the music is always descriptive with musical lines and ideas which challenge every player in the band to deliver real artistry, control and musicality.

It is such a pleasure to prepare a test piece that is so different in character to so many of the more modern, technical blockbuster test pieces. It will be interesting to see how both the bands and the conductors handle this very different style of music.

embedded picture


A bold opening and this has a presence about it. Individual work is consistent and basses are fine as we reach the Meno mosso.

Good poise about the Piu tranquillo and although there are slips, there is nothing that disrupts the musical picture.

Lovely sounds in the slow music and the playing of the final Allegro is well handled with dynamics controlled but effective.

A driving approach to the conclusion, perhaps a little too much so but this was far more consistent than some accounts so far today. [Chris Thomas]

A solid account but perhaps not enough to challenge for the top places today.

Star Player
Solo cornet Graeme Laird

Section 1

Sunday 18, 17:38:39

7. Ripon City

Conductor: Martin Hall
Region: North of England

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Owen James
Solo Euphonium: David Lonsdale
Soprano: Nathan Wake
Solo Horn: Eleanor Stoakes
Solo Trombone: Steve Fieldhouse
Flugel: Rachael Andrews
Baritone: Keith Graham
Eb Tuba: Ed Fearnley
Bb Tuba: Tim Yarborough
Percussion: Chris Snowden

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture


A bright, lively opening and it's a brisk, bold fanfare. Good lightness of touch and basses do well. Piu tranquillo flows nicely and dynamics are well controlled. Lento tranquillo opens with a nicely shaped Flugel solo and good soprano with just the slightest of clips.

Opening of the Moderato is untidy — a shame as there is so much good work that has gone on before. It settles though and the style is effective as are the tempi.

It's a well measured Allegro and really trips along although the detail is not always entirely clear. Exciting ending that really builds up a head of steam but untidiness will cost.[Chris Thomas]

Moments of quality but inconsistencies undermined musical qualities.

Star Player
Flugel horn

Section 1

Sunday 18, 17:23:37

6. Tullis Russell Mills

Conductor: Paul Kiernan
Region: Scotland

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Dean Bromage
Solo Euphonium: Tom Smith
Soprano: Craig Herriot
Solo Horn: Steven Craig
Solo Trombone: Robbie King
Flugel: Laura Herriot
Baritone: Carole Ednie
Eb Tuba: David Walker
Bb Tuba: Paul Hamilton
Percussion: Emma-Claire Smith

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture


Tullis Russell have a star on fourth man down in the shape of John Wallace, a former member of the band in his youth.

Opens well with the fanfare a touch bolder than some but the style fits well. Good basses and the playing has character with just the odd minor slip detracting.

Flugel a little nervous sounding in the Lento tranquillo and soprano just clips a couple of notes. Good flowing style although there are one or two moments of discomfort heading towards the opening of the Moderato.

Opening of the Moderato doesn't dovetail effectively and suddenly it all sounds a little tentative. Trombone not clearly audible and the Allegro becomes increasingly untidy as it progresses.[Chris Thomas]

A performance that offered much initial promise but lost its way as it progressed.

Star Player
Solo euphonium Tom Smith

Section 1

Sunday 18, 17:06:31

5. Rainford

Conductor: Gareth Brindle
Region: North West

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Morvern Sinclair
Solo Euphonium: Seth Livingstone
Soprano: Darren Humphreys
Solo Horn: Lynne Campbell
Solo Trombone: Jack Rowlands
Flugel: Laura Lea
Baritone: Gareth Nelson
Eb Tuba: Kieran Higham
Bb Tuba: N/K
Percussion: Simon Cuniliffe

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture

A dynamically controlled opening and this has an immediate sense of style about it. Good basses at the Meno mosso and again this is so well controlled. Grazioso is neat and soloists acquit themselves well.

How well shaped this is. As it progresses there is the appropriate balletic style to the playing. Well done flugel as the Lento tranquillo flows well with soprano and solo cornet also playing their part. Dynamics are nicely restrained and the opening of the Moderato is beautifully done. Elegant and light in its touch.

Allegro build so well and again the dynamics are well controlled — a key feature of this performance.

It's an exciting conclusion and caps an intelligently constructed account with so much style. [Chris Thomas]

A performance that got to the heart of the music in its balletic style, dynamic control and elegance.

Star Player
Flugel horn. Laura Lea

Section 1

Sunday 18, 16:56:10

4. Aveley & Newham

Conductor: Robert Nunnery
Region: London & Southern Counties

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Bob Osbourne
Solo Euphonium: Martin Thompson
Soprano: Steve Hooper
Solo Horn: Will Bristow
Solo Trombone: Richard Lloyd
Flugel: Bex Ransom
Baritone: N/K
Eb Tuba: Phil Adams-Howell
Bb Tuba: Tom Elsom
Percussion: Richard Scarf

Test piece views:

The band is really enjoying playing Ballet for Band. The main challenge is maintaining the dance feel throughout the entirety of the piece. It is fantastically written with lots of beautiful lyrical moments.

embedded picture


A solid opening, perhaps a little too much so at times as it pushes ff rather than f. Clips get in the way at times and it needs a touch more space.

Nice transition into the Lento tranquillo. Flugel needs to 'sing' a little more but soprano effective and solo cornet also does well. Tuning wavers shortly before the Moderato.

Moderato opens well but as it progresses it is not always rhythmically incisive. Gathers momentum well towards the conclusion and this is well paced. [Chris Thomas]

Some moments of quality from the Londoners but inconsistent in execution at times.

Star Player
Bob Osbourne, Principal Cornet

Section 1

Sunday 18, 16:36:36

3. Jackfield Elcock Reisen

Conductor: Simon Platford
Region: Midlands

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: James Roberts
Solo Euphonium: Peter Woodley
Soprano: John Siviter
Solo Horn: Jason Pickin
Solo Trombone: Simon Holland
Flugel: Jack Hoof
Baritone: Nic Aulton
Eb Tuba: Brian James
Bb Tuba: Darrin Smith
Percussion: Dominica Porrett

Test piece views:

The piece has a lot to offer to both a player and the audience and will give the adjudicators a lot to work with.

embedded picture


A bold opening with beefier dynamics than we have heard at the opening so far. It's effective although not always totally together.

Grazioso is well done and there is a confidence about the playing that come across. One or two comfortable moments in the Lento tranquillo with tuning not always secure although the style is good as are the dynamics. Slower passage flows as marked although there are one or two nervy sounds as the dynamic levels falls.

A few slips as the Moderato gets underway. Con gusto moves along nicely and Allegro trips along also leading to a bright but not entirely precise close. [Chris Thomas]

Plenty to enjoy from Jackfield but slips could prove costly

Star player:
Simon Holland, Trombone

Section 1

Sunday 18, 16:21:24

2. City of Cardiff

Conductor: Nigel Seaman
Region: Wales

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Becky Cale
Solo Euphonium: Fran Wilson
Soprano: Tim Hughes
Solo Horn: Lowenna Taylor
Solo Trombone: Peter Simmons
Flugel: Alexandria James
Baritone: Geraint Chamberlain
Eb Tuba: Martin Davies
Bb Tuba: N/K
Percussion: Mair Gwynant

Test piece views:

None given

embedded picture


Performance: Opening has a fine fanfare style. Dynamically restrained yet incisive and very neat. Meno mosso is so well done and the Grazioso has both shape and elegance. One or two little clips but it's all so well shaped.

Flugel takes a little time to settle but the style remains musical despite a few solo nerves on soprano and solo cornet. There are a few nerves again to close but dynamics are very well controlled.

Moderate again captures the imaginary ballet so well — one or two mis-pitches along the way but the shape and lightness of touch are always evident. Fine approach to the conclusion is both exciting and controlled. [Chris Thomas]

A highly musical approach from City of Cardiff. So well shaped and constructed although not without slips along the way.

Start Player:
Solo euphonium: Fran Wilson was brill and Lizzie Connell was great bumping up too!

Section 1

Sunday 18, 16:00:05

1. Chapletown Silver

Conductor: Andrew Dennis
Region: Yorkshire

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Ben Jowett
Solo Euphonium: Catherine Hodgkinson
Soprano: Alison Irvine
Solo Horn: Sue Hare
Solo Trombone: Helen Irvine
Flugel: Michelle Cooper
Baritone: Barry Meredith
Eb Tuba: Peter Gowers
Bb Tuba: Andrew Platts
Percussion: Gary Hallas

Test piece views:

Newly promoted to the 1st Section in 2016 the band is enjoying the challenges of the test piece.

embedded picture


Performance: Good opening. Lacks a little sparkle perhaps but dynamics are kept under control. Gracioso needs a little more elegance and flugel a touch nervous sounding to open the Lento tranquillo. Sop just about but solo cornet slips and it's all somewhat tentative.

Moderato doesn't sit comfortably to begin. It settles but trombones lack clarity. Allegro becomes scrambled and it's an untidy close. [Chris Thomas]

An untidy one to open from Chapeltown that simply didn't capture the imagination.

Star player:
Soprano cornet Alison Irvine

Section 1

Sunday 18, 14:34:30


embedded picture

Test Piece: Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz)
Commence: Conclusion of Section 3
Adjudicators: John Maines and Alan Morrison

1. Chapeltown Silver (Andrew Davies)
2. City of Cardiff (Mellingriffith) (Nigel Seaman)
3. Jackfield Elcock Reisen (Simon Platford)
4. Aveley & Newham (Robert Nunnery)
5. Rainford (Gareth Brindle)
6. Tullis Russell Mills (Paul Kiernan)
7. Ripon City (Martin Hall)
8. Lockwood Brass (John Roberts)
9. St Dennis (Darren Hawken)
10. Bo'ness & Carriden (Charlie Farren)
11. Hatfield (Stan Lippeatt)
12. Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)
13. Brunel (John Winterflood)
14. Northfleet Brass (Melvin White)
15. Ebbw Valley (Gareth Ritter)
16. Vernon Building Society Poynton (Neil Samuel)
17. Bedworth (David Maplestone)

Section 1

Friday 16, 02:09:47

Contest details

Sunday 9th September

Draw: 2.00pm
Start: 4.00pm

Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and John Maines
Set Work: Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz)


Aveley & Newham (Robert Nunnery)
Bedworth Brass (David Maplestone)
Bo'ness & Carriden (Charlie Farren)
Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield)
Brunel Brass (John Winterflood)
Chapeltown Silver (Andrew Dennis)
City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) (Nigel Seaman)
Ebbw Valley (Gareth Ritter)
Hatfield (Stan Lippeatt)
Jackfield (Elcock Reisen)
Lockwood Brass (John Roberts)
Northfleet Brass (Melvin White)
Rainford (Gareth Brindle)
Ripon City (Martin Hall)
St Dennis (Darren Hawken)
Tullis Russell Mills (Paul Kiernan)
VBS Poynton (Neil Samuel)

Contest: Whit Friday March Contests

Friday 24 May • Saddleworth & Tameside OL3

Boarshurst Silver Band - Canning City Brass and Boarshurst Silver Band

Sunday 26 May • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane, OL3 7EW OL3 7EW


Friday 7 June • St. Michaels Church. Duke street. Wigan WN1 2BJ

Bellshill Salvation Army Band - Guest Soloist Tom Hutchinson (The Cory Band)

Saturday 8 June • Uddington Old Parish Church, Old Glasgow Road Uddington. G71 7HF

Wotton-under-Edge Silver Band - Foden's Band

Sunday 23 June • Renishaw Innovation Centre,. New Mills, Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge,. Gloucestershire GL12 8JR

Mereside Brass

May 22 • MERESIDE BRASS (Rudheath,Northwich) are looking for a FRONT ROW CORNET & a 2nd EUPH to complete our line up. We are a friendly 4th Section band with a sensible calendar of jobs and band social events and enjoy occasional contests. Come and give us a try!

Audley Brass

May 20 • Audley Brass are seeking a Principal Cornet player to lead the band into the First Section in 2025. The band have several fantastic events in the diary including the National Finals and no less than 6 of our epic beer festival sing-along nights.

Linthwaite Band

May 20 • We currently have a vacancy for either a 2nd Euphonium or 2nd Baritone, we have a busy varied list of engagements lined up for the summer, and are a friendly 4th section contesting band based just outside of Huddersfield, and welcome any new players.

Michael Bennett

BSc, RNCM (Perf)
Performer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher


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