2013 Midlands Regional Championships — As it happened

All the action from the 2013 Midlands Regional Championships — as it happened.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 19:00:03

That's it from Chris Thomas in the Midlands folks. We hope you have enjoyed the coverage!

Midlands • Sunday 10, 18:59:04

Championship Section:
Test Piece: 'Harmony Music' - Philip Sparke
Sunday 10th March
Adjudicators: Graham Jones and Richard Marshall

1. Jaguar Land Rover (Dave Lea)*
2. Virtuosi GUS (John Berryman)*
3. Thoresby Colliery (Brian Grant)
4. Sovereign Brass (David Maplestone)
5. Newstead Brass (Duncan Beckley)
6. Ratby Co-operative (Michael Fowles)
7. Derwent Brass (Keith Leonard)
8. Gresley Colliery (Simon Jones)
9. Phoenix Brass West Midlands (Trevor Jones)
10. Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) (Simon Platford)
11. Oddfellows Brass (Robert Boulter)

* Top 2 bands qualify for Finals

Midlands • Sunday 10, 18:19:54

It's all over in the Championship section at Bedworth and its been an enjoyable if at times wayward afternoon of performances with several bands finding the piece beyond their abilities and even the front runners falling prey to the fiendish traps set by Philip Sparke at key moments.

It's close for the top two places with Virtusoi GUS leaving the door open for a challenge which came in the form of Jaguar Landrover. Here's our prediction!

1 Virtuosi GUS
2 Jaguar Landrover
3 Thoresby Colliery
4 Sovereign
5 Newstead
6 Ratby Cooperative
Dark Horse Derwent Brass

Midlands • Sunday 10, 18:09:54

Championship Section
Newstead Brass (Duncan Beckley). 11

Very few bands have given us a seamless,opening today and again we hear the individual voices as they come in when we should not. Neat trombones at the opening of the Molto Vivace are impressive and the performance starts to find its feet. One or two scrambled entries are heard but the MD keeps it generally well under control.

There is a nice sense of restraint about the Homage and the band is prepared to take risks in getting down to the quieter dynamics. Tuning occasionally suffers as a result but it's good to hear a band make its mark on the dynamics. Well done solo cornet. A well delivered cadenza. Solo horn is a little less secure but just about gets away with it.

The return to the Molto Vivace is scrappier than earlier in the performance and there's a feeling that concentration levels are dropping. Trombones and soprano are not quite in sync approaching the Presto and trombones stick out in the closing bar.

It had its moments did this but it lost its way in the dash to the final Presto.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 17:51:37

Championship Section
Ratby Cooperative (Michael Fowles) 10

We hear the entries in the opening bars where we shouldn't but after an untidy opening to the Molto Vivace the band starts to find its way and there is a sense of growing confidence. The solo euphonium is so well shaped and controlled. Just a hint of strain at the top but its cultured playing. The MD controls the pace well and this performance is starting to grab our attention as it moves into the Homage.

Mike Fowles knows this piece so well from his playing days at Fodens and it shows as he lovingly shapes and nurtures the slow music. The cadenzas come off solidly and the climax that follows is wrought with intensity but not overblown.

The Molto Vivace wobbles momentarily and the soprano player holds the momentum back for a bar or so but this is an intelligent and well thought out performance. It just gets a touch scrappy towards the end and runs out of steam as it gets to the Presto.

A performance that although inconsistent in execution at times showed clear musical merit, notably in the slow movement.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 17:34:39

Championship Section
Thoresby Colliery (Brian Grant) 9

A bold and confident opening that has a sense of presence and intent stamped on it. The opening of the Molto Vivace is impressively quiet....... almost too quiet? There is a tendency to rush and the MD eyeballs the cornets to keep things tight but Woweee its driven stuff and there's no shortage of excitement that's for sure.

Luminous sounds at the opening of the Homage are are nicely shaped and both band and MD seek out the Ravel that lies behind Philip Sparke's inspiration. The cadenzas very nearly come off although there are one or two fleeting moments of discomfort in both.

The reprise of the opening comes off well and there is a muscularity about the band sound. Just the odd individual entry detracts (soprano) but the momentum is building. There's just a danger that it all spills over in the final Presto as it races for home in ebullient but hair raisingly speedy fashion.

An exciting and driven performance but perhaps not quite having the refinement of the two leaders for us.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 17:15:08

Championship Section
Oddfellows Brass (Rob Boulter) 8

A shaky opening that very nearly brings the band off the rails after just a few bars. Slowly the players seem to regain their composure but the Molto Vivace rocks dangerously in places and there is a sense of both unease and fragility that prevails.

The Band tries to inject some style into the Homage but insecurity amongst the solo players contributes to a continued sense of unease.

The return of the Molto Vivace is marginally better but it's really oa case of simply getting to the end as quickly as possible.

Harmony Music claims another victim in merciless fashion.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 17:07:06

Championship Section
Jaguar Landrover (Dave Lea) 7

A safe opening and the individual entries are in tune and discreet. The music opens out expansively as it moves towards the Molto Vivace which sits in the groove well with just the odd untidy entry.

The MD keeps a good reign on the tempo and the playing has a real and sense of motion and drive. Solo euphonium soars isn't the upper register with ease and the transition into the Homage is deftly handled.

There is a nicely crafted atmosphe about the slow movement and the cornet and horn cadenzas are amongst the best of the day. Hats off to both of you!

And now its a romp for home. The shackles come off and the enjoyment is palpable amongst the players as the momentum is gradually cranked up. Again there are one or two untidy entries but the flow of the music isn't affected and the ending is sheer adrenalin.

Proably the finest performance we've heard from Jaguar at the Regionals and one that could run very close indeed for top honourstoday with four bands to go.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 16:21:38

Championship Section
Gresley Colliery (Simon Jones) 6

A safe enough opening but the Molto Vivace is untidy and we don't get the motoric drive that the music needs. Hard luck solo euphonium. There'll be plenty more that come to grief before the day is out we suspect!

Homage to MR is better although as with most of the bands today intonation is often problematic. The cornet and horn cadenzas are generally secure but need more breadth and style.

The reprise of the Molto Vivace is lacking in detail and there are clearly some very tired lips around the band. There are times when there seem to be about twenty differing tempi going on and it gets progressively more untidy as it moves towards the close.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 16:05:51

Result: Section 4:

1. Ifton Colliery
2. Market Rasen
3. Moulton 77
4. University of Warwick

Midlands • Sunday 10, 16:01:34

Championship Section
Derwent Brass (Keith Leonard) 5

The opening is a touch safe dynamically but comes off well as a result. The Molto Vivavce doesn't entirely sit in the groove but well done solo euphonium. A brave effort indeed!
The tempo pulls in different directions at times and there are one or two nasty moments in the cornets. It just needs that little bit of extra metronomic precision but there is some brave playing around the stands. We sense that the band feels it has everything to play for today.
Tuning rears its head at times as the band heads into the the Homage and phrasing is just a touch ragged in the exposed passages. The cornet and horn cadenzas are dispatched pretty safely but both need more guts and weight about them.
The final Molto Vivace bubbles along rather than drives but something is saved for the Presto which is safely negotiated.
A brave performance from a band that continues to develop and improve.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 15:49:33

Section 4: Its all over here in the Midlands Fourth Section and it has been an enjoyable contest.

The high class marker produced by Ifton off the number 1 draw hasn't been topped for us though - it has stood just about untouched by rivals.

Market Rasen came closest for us with a fine performance, with the two other early draw bands of Cubbington and Pleasley Colliery not far behind. Melton and Crofton make up our top six.

4BR Prediction:

1. Ifton
2. Market Rasen
3. Cubbington
4. Pleasley Colliery
5. Melton
6. Crofton

Midlands • Sunday 10, 15:41:46

Midland Championship
Virtuosi GUS (John Berryman) 4

The opening bars are not blemish free but the sound of the band opens out magnificently in the bars that follow and the sound positively glows as the band approaches the Molto Vivace which opens with both precision and dynamic control. Bravo trombones!
The Molto Vivace isn't always entirely secure and there a few little clips along the way but this is playing that has real momentum and inner propulsion. The dynamic range is huge but care needs to be taken to avoid those little slips. The Homage is finely shaped by John Berryman and Peter Collins plays the cornet cadenza with confidence although just clipping the top D. Again there's a slight slip in the horn cadenza but the ensuing climax is wrought with passion.
Reprise of the opening isn't entirely in tune but the MD really powers the permanent on through the closing stages. The ending is a genuine Presto and flies to the end.
An exciting involving performance but one that hasn't entirely shut the door. But without Desford who can rise to the challenge?

Midlands • Sunday 10, 15:21:56

Championship Section
Sovereign (David Maplestone) 3

There are some cracks in the opening crescendo but the band settles and we hear warmth and radiance from the middle and lower band. Molto Vivace doesn't quite click together but the dynamics are excellent and the MD is really cranking up the excitement as it progresses. There are one or two untidy entries along the way but the performance has both presence and energy as it approaches Homage. Intonation wavers occasionally but there is a sense of stillness and the quiet dynamics are so well observed. The climax is impassioned and the reprise of the opening bars is clean. Just a little scrappy at times but again the energy and drive is impressive as it powers towards the conclusion.
An exciting end to a driven if not entirely faultless performance.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 15:05:23

Championship Section
Phoenix West Midlands (Trevor Jones) 2

Immediate tuning problems are evident in the opening bars and it makes for an unsettled opening. We don't hear the detail from the trombones in the Molto Vivace and it sounds as though the rest of the band can't neither as it simply doesn't hand together.
Maybe they were distracted by the mobile phone ringing in the audience?
It settles down into the Homage but tuning problems continue to surface and the picture never quite settles as a result.
The cornet cadenza ends distinctly uncomfortably as does the solo horn. The return of the Molto Vivace is scrambled rather than detailed although there's plenty of spirit on display.
Harmony Music was a step too far for the band today although we suspect there will be other casualties along the way.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 14:51:33

Championship Section
Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) (Simon Platford) 13

A solid opening and the crescendo builds well. We lose the detail in the fast passagework but the MD builds the excitement and the players give it their all. Solo euphonium struggles at the top but there's no shortage of commitment here.
The slow section doesn't quite give us that luxuriant Ravelian colour and texture we would like to hear and the shape isn't quite there but the build to to the conclusion gathers momentum and its a powerful and adrenalin fuelled conclusion.
A decent opening performance but it might not stay the course today.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 14:17:34

Full Championship Section Draw.
Derwent Brass 5
Desford W
Gresley Colliery 6
Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) 1
Jaguar Landrover 7
Newstead Brass 11
Oddfellows Brass 8
Phoenix Brass West Midlands 2
Ratby Cooperative 10
Sovereign Brass 3
Thoresby Colliery 9
Virtuosi GUS 4

Midlands • Sunday 10, 14:09:27

Full 2nd Section results from Bedworth.
1 Bilton Silver
2 Wigston
3 Daventry Brass
4 Bakewell SIlver
5 Ibstock Brick Brass
6 Avonbank ( Evesham)
7 Long Eaton Silver Band
8 Matlock
9 Towcester Studio
10 Amington
11 Shirland Welfare
12 Wellington (Telford)

Midlands • Sunday 10, 13:36:16

Section 2 It's all over bar the cries of the fat lady singing in the Civic Hall and it's been a very interesting contest, if a touch one sided. The Plantagenets proved to be a huge challenge for most of the bands with preoccupations over the notes masking the drama and colours of Gregson's darkly powerful score for the vast majority of the performances.

First place is clear cut for us with Bilton Silver leading the field. Behind Bilton however its a real scrap for the second qualification spot. We are going with:

1 Bilton Silver
2 Ibstock Brick Brass
3 Bakewell Silver
4 Daventry Brass
5 Amington
6 Matlock

Midlands • Sunday 10, 13:20:50

Section 2: Inconsistency is once again the order of the day as Matlock veers from playing of solidity to insecurity. Amington takes to the stage as the last band of the contest with a very close battle continuing to rage for second place. This could be an interesting conclusion.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 13:18:46

Section 4: Its the half way point in the Midlands Fourth Section and its been good solid stuff. Ifton produced a fine marker off the number 1 draw and still head the field for us, closely followed by Cubbington and Pleasley.

Halfway prediction:

1. Ifton
2. Cubbington
3. Pleasley Colliery

Midlands • Sunday 10, 13:02:21

Section 2. Two very uneven performances of The Plantagenets from Wigston and Long Eaton Silver in Bedworth leave Bilton Silver the clear leaders for us with two bands to go. It's very close for that second qualification spot for Cheltenham though with Ibstock, Bakewell Silver, Towcester Studio and Daventry Brass all potentially in the mix

Midlands • Sunday 10, 12:59:29

Section 4: Ifton may still be leading the way in the Fourth Section here - although Cubbington has popped in a very good one to push them close with Pleasley.

It's been an enjoyable contest so far.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 12:31:09

Section 2 Bilton Silver is in a different league so far on Gregson's score. And judging by this that league could well be the First Section next year. Still four bands to go though and everything to play for!

Midlands • Sunday 10, 12:16:37

Section 2:Daventry Brass turns in a very respectable show indeed on The Plantagenets. Not the biggest sound we've heard but controlled and very well prepared. Next up it's our pre- contest favourite Bilton Silver under a wily old campaigner in David Stowell.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 12:01:09

Section 2: It's the half way point in Bedworth Civic Hall and its been an epic battle on the scale of Bosworth Field for the bands so far. Ibstock has been the best band for us but Bakewell Silver had the stronger soloists. Our mid-contest positions are;
1 Ibstock Brick Brass
2 Bakewell Silver
3 Towcester Studio

Our pre-contest favourites Bilton Silver are still to come though!

Midlands • Sunday 10, 11:51:19

Section 4: It's been good stuff so far here in the Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College with Ifton delivering a very fine marker off the number 1 draw and then followed by Pleasley straight after.

If it carries on like this we could be in for a cracker.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 11:16:15

Section 2: Some quality playing in parts from Towcester Studio with solo horn and soprano giving us the best individual playing of the day so far. The fugue became very scrappy as it progressed but there was plenty to enjoy here.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 11:03:40

Towcester Studio has borrowed a player from Ibstock as their solo trombone player had a major heart attack on Friday. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:52:45

Ibstock has emerged as the early leader in the Civic Hall for us. Not without moments of unease but a solid and well thought out approach to the music from Huw Thomas and his band.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:39:27

Wellington (Telford) opts for a cautious and safe approach to the opening tempo of The Plantagenets although the slower music has good atmosphere. Later mistakes are likely to cost however.

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:25:19


Fourth Section:
Test Piece: 'A Devon Fantasy' - Eric Ball

Sunday 10th March
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
Draw: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Paul Norley and Alan Morrison

Audley Brass (Ian Turner), 6
Bestwood Welfare (Brian Draper) - Withdrawn
Black Country Brass (Alwyn Manley), 7
Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass (Saphran Ali), 14
Corby Silver (Keith Espin), 9
Croft Silver (Ian Needham), 5
Cubbington (Alexander Webb), 4
Harworth Brass (Claire Cowan) - Withdrawn
Ifton Colliery (Stephen Curtis), 1
Ilkeston Brass (Dave Jones), 15
Malvern Hills District (Chris License), 11
Market Rasen Resdev (Alan Needham), 13
Melton (Graham Sutton), 12
Moulton ’77 (Roger Stevens), 17
Pleasley Colliery Welfare (Keith Buxton), 2
Ratby Co-operative Mid (Geoff Newman), 3
Sherwood Forest Brass (Christine Lippeatt), 8
Syston (Dennis Powell), 10
University of Warwick (Simon Hogg), 16

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:20:43

Good band sounds on display from Avonbank (Evesham) but the soloists found the going very tough indeed. A respectable showing from number one on a tough piece tough. Next Steve Pritchard-Jones and Wellington (Telford).

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:18:35

Second Section:
Test Piece: 'The Plantaganets' - Edward Gregson

Sunday 10th March
The Civic Hall
Draw: 9.000am
Commence: 10.00am
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth

Amington (Wesley Kendrick), 12
Avonbank (Evesham) (Warren Belshaw), 1
Bakewell Silver (Mark Wilcockson), 6
Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell), 8
Daventry Brass (Bob Stradling), 7
Ibstock Brick Brass (Huw Thomas), 3
Long Eaton Silver Prize (Sharon Stansfield), 10
Matlock (Andrew Dennis), 11
Shirland Welfare (Marie Smith), 5
Towcester Studio (Kevin Steward), 4
Wellington (Telford) (Steve Pritchard Jones), 2
Wigston (Garry Sleath), 9

Midlands • Sunday 10, 10:09:18

Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth are in the box to listen to twelve Midlands bands do battle on The Plantagenets. First up, Avonbank (Evesham).

Midlands • Sunday 10, 01:40:31

Results: Third Section
Test Piece: 'Hollywood' - Goff Richards

Saturday 9th March
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
Draw: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth

1.Hucknall and Linby MC Brass (Paul Whyley), 7
2.Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield) (Ian Knapton), 17
3.Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs), 1
4.Stamford Brass (Robert Prew), 12
5.Arrow Valley Brass (Paul White), 13
6.Burbage (Buxton) (Steve Critchlow), 14
7.Rolls Royce (Derby) (Graham Cardell), 2
8.Rushden Town (John Hudson), 15
9.Porthywaen Silver (Mark Parry), 5
10.City of Birmingham (Warren Belshaw), 6
11.Foss Dyke (Ewan Robson), 8
12.Rushden Windmill (Stephen Bell), 3
13.Trentham Brass (Mike Caveney), 16
14.Newhall (Kevin Holdgate), 4
15.Stourport-on-Severn (Mike West), 10
16.Fairfield (Buxton) (Charles Kitchen), 9
17.West Mercia Police (Kevin Steward), 11
18.WEM Jubilee (Stephen Gittins), 18

Midlands • Saturday 9, 17:58:13

First Section:
Test Piece:'Brass Triumphant' - Gareth Wood

Saturday 9th March
The Civic Hall
Draws: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and Paul Norley

1.Staffordshire (Leigh Baker), 14*
2.Foresters Brass 2000 (Peter Collins), 8*
3.Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield), 1*
4.Shirley (Dave Bishop-Rowe), 1
5.Hathern (David Newman), 7
6.Langley (Cliff Parker), 12
7.Leicestershire Co-operative (Graham Jacklin), 5
8.Enderby (Huw Thomas), 11
9.Kibworth (Iain Rayner), 15
10.Carlton Brass (Simon Gresswell), 10
11.City of Coventry (Stephen Cooper), 17
12.Shirebrook MW Unison (Mark Wilcockson), 3
13.Bedworth Brass (Jason Glynn), 16
14.Harborough (Chris Groom), 4
15.Raunds Temperance (Robin Norman), 2
16.Tintwistle (Sarah Groarke-Booth), 13
17. Brackley and District (Adrian Raven), 9

Midlands • Saturday 9, 17:12:55

It's all over in the First Section in Bedworth. It's been a tough day for many of the bands on Gareth Wood's test piece but there are two performances that rose to the top of the pile for us with a extremely close battle for the remaining places.

Our prediction.
1 Foresters Brass 2000
2 Staffordshire
3 Kibworth
4 Leicestershire Co-op
5 City of Coventry
6 Harborough
Dark Horse Blidworth Welfare.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 17:07:15

Hucknall and Linby, Ireland Colliery and Shipston qualify for the Finals from the Midlands Third Section with Stamford taking fourth place.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 16:57:41

The result has been announced of the Third Section at the Nicholas Chamberlaine College and Hucknall & Linby take the title, followed by Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield), Shipston and Stamford Brass.

Congratulations to one and all

Midlands • Saturday 9, 16:31:27

A strong performance from Kibworth is helping to build up to an intriguing conclusion in the First Section in Bedworth. No band has totally nailed Brass Triumphant today but Foresters and Staffordshire have pretty darn close. Home team of Bedworth now on stage under Jason Glynn

Midlands • Saturday 9, 16:11:25

A reading of impressive contrasts, control and individual quality from Staffordshire in the First Section.. Although there were odd scraps of intonation all of the bands have suffered from tuning issues today. This is right up there battling with Foresters for the top spot for us. Three bands to go with Kibworth up next.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 15:48:15

A energetic performance from Tintwistle under the dynamic Sarah Groarke-Booth doesn't quite make a mark on the leaders for us. Next up our pre-contest favourite Staffordshire under Leigh Baker......this could be interesting!

Midlands • Saturday 9, 15:30:33

Things are hotting up in the Third Section in Bedworth with Stamford and Burbage turning in quality second half performances of Hollywood.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 15:09:23

We are hearing very few consistent accounts of Brass Triumphant in Bedworth and Carlton Brass and Enderby have added to that tally. Band number 12 Langley now on stage and Foresters are still leading the way for us. Those places in Cheltenham are still very much up for grabs though.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 14:55:23

It's been a day of extremes amongst the soloists so far on Brass Triumphant in Bedworth. Many have found the going very tough indeed but we've heard a select clutch of very fine euphonium players in particular.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 14:28:23

Carlton Brass and Simon Gresswell are on stage to kick off the second half of the First Section draw on Brass Triumphant with everything still to play for in the Civic Hall.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 14:26:38

Half way point in the Third Section in Bedworth and Hollywood has proved to be a stern test with issues of tuning and strident sounds hampering a good many performances. Hucknall and Linby are the mid point leaders for us with Rolls Royce (Derby) and Porthywaen Silver at the head of the race for second and third

Midlands • Saturday 9, 14:01:32

We are at the half way point in the Civic Hall and Alan Morrison and Paul Norley are having a well earned cuppa. Foresters lead the way by a margin for us although there's a close battle for second place between Harborough, Leics Coop and Blidworth.

With some quality bands to come in the second half of the draw however this shows all the signs of developing into quite a battle.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 13:44:36

Foresters turn in a clear leader of a performance on Brass Triumphant for us. Dynamic, rhythmically incisive and directed with intelligence and insight by Peter Collins.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 13:31:18

Foresters take to the stage with five basses in the Civic Hall and the demeanour of a band that means business. We'll soon know!

Midlands • Saturday 9, 13:10:11

Rolls Royce (Derby) and Porthywaen Silver have emerged as the early front runners for us in the Third Section contest in Bedworth. It needs a few rays of Californian sunshine though......Hollywood isn't proving to be a roll over for the bands.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 13:05:38

The standard is improving in the Civic Hall although Brass Triumphant is certainly preventing its fair share,of challenges to the bands with tuning and soloists being stretched at times. Three solid shows from Harborough, Leicestershire Coop and Blidworth Welfare have all made a mark though. Hathern next up.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 12:24:25

The Third Section Bands are bringing a touch of tinsel town glitz to proceedings in Bedworth but not without a few tuning issues along the way. It's warming up nicely though.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 12:22:25

Harborough sets the standard in Bedworth with a dynamic and accurate performance of Brass Triumphant. A clear leader for us so far.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 12:10:11

Trevor Groom is on second euphonium for Harborough with his son wielding the baton.........great to see a legend still putting in active service!

Midlands • Saturday 9, 12:02:33

Shirebrook MW Unison emerge as the early front runner on Brass Triumphant in with a solid and exciting no nonsense show. There's a long way to go though!!

Midlands • Saturday 9, 11:51:24

It's not always precise but there's a real sense of toil and sweat about Shirebrook's second movement of Brass Triumphant.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 11:26:22

Shirley deliver a steady account of Brass Triumphant under David Bishop Rowe to open the First Section. Raunds Temperance up next.

Midlands • Saturday 9, 11:19:03

Third Section Draw:

Test Piece: 'Hollywood' - Goff Richards
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
Draw: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth

Arrow Valley Brass (Paul White), 13
City of Birmingham (Warren Belshaw), 6
Burbage (Buxton) (Steve Critchlow), 14
Fairfield (Buxton) (Charles Kitchen), 9
Foss Dyke (Ewan Robson), 8
Hucknall and Linby MC Brass (Paul Whyley), 7
Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield) (Ian Knapton), 17
Newhall (Kevin Holdgate), 4
Porthywaen Silver (Mark Parry), 5
Rolls Royce (Derby) (Graham Cardell), 2
Rushden Town (John Hudson), 15
Rushden Windmill (Stephen Bell), 3
Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs), 1
Stamford Brass (Robert Prew), 12
Stourport-on-Severn (Mike West), 10
Trentham Brass (Mike Caveney), 16
WEM Jubilee (Stephen Gittins), 18
West Mercia Police (Kevin Steward), 11

Midlands • Saturday 9, 11:07:30

First Section Draw:

The Civic Hall
Draws: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and Paul Norley

Bedworth Brass (Jason Glynn), 16
Blidworth Welfare (Martin Heartfield), 1
Brackley and District (Adrian Raven), 9
Carlton Brass (Simon Gresswell), 10
City of Coventry (Stephen Cooper), 17
Enderby (Huw Thomas), 11
Foresters Brass 2000 (Peter Collins), 8
Harborough (Chris Groom), 4
Hathern (David Newman), 7
Kibworth (Iain Rayner), 15
Langley (Cliff Parker), 12
Leicestershire Co-operative (Graham Jacklin), 5
Raunds Temperance (Robin Norman), 2
Shirebrook MW Unison (Mark Wilcockson), 3
Shirley (Dave Bishop-Rowe), 1
Staffordshire (Leigh Baker), 14
Tintwistle (Sarah Groarke-Booth), 13

Midlands • Friday 8, 10:20:58


Championship Section:

Test Piece: 'Harmony Music' - Philip Sparke
The Civic Hall
Draw: 12.00 noon
Start: after completion of the 2nd Section

Second Section:
Test Piece: 'The Plantaganets' - Edward Gregson
The Civic Hall
Draw: 9.000am
Commence: 10.00am

Fourth Section:

Test Piece: 'A Devon Fantasy' - Eric Ball
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
Draw: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Paul Norley and Alan Morrison


First Section:

Test Piece:'Brass Triumphant' - Gareth Wood
The Civic Hall
Draws: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth

Third Section:

Test Piece: 'Hollywood' - Goff Richards
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
Draw: 10.00am & 12 noon
Commence: 11.00am
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy and Kevin Wadsworth

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Phoenix Brass

Sunday 28 July • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Dobcross Silver Band - Milnrow Band

Sunday 28 July • Dobcross Band Club. Platt Lane. Dobcross. Saddleworth. Oldham OL3 8AD

Regent Brass - 'Brass on the Grass' at Westminster Abbey

Wednesday 14 August • Great Peter House, Abbey Gardens, 2 Great College St, London SW1P 3SE


Sunday 1 September • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Contest: 170th British Open

Saturday 7 September • Broad Street, Birmingham. B1 2EA

Ratby Cooperative

July 23 • . To complete our line-up, Ratby Senior Band are looking to fill our 2nd Euphonium chair. This is a rare opportunity to join our Championship Band. . . Under the Direction of Musical Director Chris Jeans. Rehearsals Weds 8-10pm & Sun 7:15 - 9:15pm

Chinnor Silver

July 23 • Require a Bass player (Bb or Eb), Bass trombone, Soprano cornet and Percussionist. We are a friendly, ambitious 2nd section band that will start 2025 at the top of their Regional league table. We are located in South Oxfordshire and have our own bandroom in Chinnor

Linthwaite Band

July 23 • We are a 4th section contesting Band, based on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and we currently have a vacancy for a tenor trombone, to complete our friendly team.

Alan Widdop

Conductor, Brass teacher, Adjudicator (ABBA)


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