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Captain Justin Matthews

Mission accomplished - 4BR talks to Captain Justin Matthews

As he prepares for the next chapter in his musical career, 4BR catches up with Captain Justin Matthews to reflect on the historic decision he helped make in creating a trio of professional British Army Brass Bands.

4BR Roadtest: Fohqudill cornet

Fohqudill aims to trip off the tongue of the professional level player with their new large bore cornet...

Contest integrity? - The demise of the Corinthian spirit and level playing field

4BR Editor Iwan Fox wonders why we have the contest problems we do and finds that it is possibly history just repeating itself...

The lure of gold - The Spring Festival 2015

4BR Editor Iwan Fox looks back at an engrossing Spring Festival - and the lure of the chance of winning the ultimate golden prize of banding that still attracts bands to Blackpool.

Trevada Music Denis Wick

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"If you really want to worry about why brass bands are struggling to command air time then tune into Frank Renton and Listen to the Band - which has become a complete and utter late night irrelevance"

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Lostock Hall Brass Band
Lostock band near preston need basses and solo cornets to fill all our seats. We have various jobs and contests but not too m...


SCABA Autumn Contest
Date: 13-Sep-2015
Venue: The Hawth Theatre, Hawth Ave, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6YZ


Bletchington Silver Band Kidlington Concert Brass
Date: 11-Jul-2015
Venue: Gosford Hill School, Oxford Road, Kidlington OX52NT