2004 Spring Festival - Senior Trophy - Introduction and dodgy predictions


The most junior of the Spring Festival contests, the Senior Trophy returned to the fold in 2002 and provides ambitious bands the first opportunity to climb up the ladder towards the British Open Championships.

The standard of the bands here varies, although all are capable of producing quality when it counts. The top four bands will gain a place in the Senior Cup next year if they impress Derek Broadbent and Ian Brownbill, whilst they will have to do so by overcoming a tricky and underrated set work in the shape of John Gollands' "Concerto for Band".

There is enough here to test bands of a higher calibre, so only those who have got the players and MD's with a touch of class and musicality should prosper. We also hope the MD's had better quality scores to look at than we did, as the hand written layout is terrible to follow perhaps we just got hold of an old one?

Good luck to all the bands, as there are plenty in the wings waiting to take the pace of those who finish in the bottom six of the field. The British Open could be just three years away for those bands with the talent and the ambition though.


This is more difficult than it looks on paper, and 4BR is thankful that we are not in the box. Messers Broadbent and Brownbill have plenty to get to grips with, but it should be a difficult decision as there is no real outstanding pre match favourite. That's the way it should be, and it will make for an interesting contest for sure. Some of the bands come with better form than others, but all can make a mark and all can easily win it. Still, one or two should make their class tell and that is why we have opted for Dobcross Silver to take the top prize, whilst Pemberton Old, Unison Kinneil and BHK (UK) Horden should make up the rest of the promotion places. Staffordshire have the quality if they are settled with their MD, whilst Tongwynlais should make it into the top six. Our dark horse is Stalybridge Old.

4BR Prediction:

1. Dobcross Silver
2. Pemberton Old
3. Unison Kinneil
4. BHK (UK) Horden
5. Staffordshire
6. Tongwynlais Temperance

Dark Horse: Stalybridge Old


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