2004 4BR Awards - 4BR Special Award


Every year we make a special award to someone, or an organisation who we believe has enhanced the brass band movement, not only in the past 12 months but perhaps throughout their lifetime. This year we are proud to make that award to David Read.

David ReadDavid Read

This year the award goes to David Read, the movements foremost and most experienced brass band contesting adjudicator, and a man who has given the past part of over 60 years to the movement as a player, conductor, teacher, educationalist and latterly judge.

He also produced a semi autobiography this year that was a most enjoyable read, and not only contained some wonderful experiences of his life, but was written in a style that never over romanticised a time when a player of genuine class such as himself could make a decent enough living from playing a cornet in both the mining and private industry. It was a thought provoking book (that covered great experiences as well as tragic ones) and one that should be read by as many brass band lovers as possible.

In addition, we made our award in recognition of a man who has given so much more than he has ever taken out of the movement, and continues to be regarded by the harshest critics (the bands themselves) as the best and most consistent adjudicator around.  He rewards good musical playing and has a sense that bands should sound like brass bands and not brass ensembles, whilst his written observations are always constructive in their criticism at whatever level he judges at.

At times he has had his critics (every band and player, supporter and media critic, 4BR included has a moan at some time about a decision), but nearly everyone is quietly pleased when they see his name on the adjudicators list at a contest they are playing at, because he (and we use that very much in the singular sense, rather than as part of a team) invariably gets the decision right.

We have sat next to him, interviewed him, (he is always available and willing to explain his decisions to anyone who asks politely) joked and more importantly, listened to his opinions; and he has always been one of the nicest people you could ever wish to spend some time with.  His love for the movement remains as strong as ever, and long may it continue. 

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