2006 Midlands Regional Championships - Fourth Section


A big field for this one, and picking a winner will be a difficult task. Who would like to be in the box for this one then?

Sunday 12th March
Adjudicator: Geoffrey Whitham and Alan Hope
Test Piece: Anglian Dances Alan Fernie
Commences: 10.00am
Split Draw: 9.00am & 12.00pm

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W. Kendrick

Last Ten Years:
2005: DNC
2004: 16th

Amington return this year under Wesley Kendrick after a year away last year. They came 16th in 2004, but reports from the bandroom suggest that things are very much back on track this year and the band are  looking forward to the contest with renewed confidence. Great to hear to it and we hope they do themselves justice.

Banovallum (Horncastle) Brass
S. Ingham

Last Ten Years:
2005: 14th (S. Bingham)
2004: 12th (S. Bingham)
2003: 15th (S. Ingham)
2002: 7th (E. White)
2001: DNC
2000: 15th (N/K)
1999: DNC
1998: 12th 4th Section
1997: 15th 3rd Section (rel)

Having dropped away a touch in 2003, Banovallum improved slightly in 2004 finishing in 12th place.  It was back to the old story though last time out and a slight dip in the form to come home 14th. Hopefully they will be able to beak into the top ten this time around. 

Brian DraperBestwood Black Diamonds
Brian Draper

Last Ten Years:
2005: 10th (B. Draper)

10th last year under the sartorially elegant Brian Draper and good value for their 3rd place at Butlins where they sounded a good band in the making. If they can just up their form from there here they should be confident of featuring in the prizes and a possible qualification place.  

Burbage (Buxton)
S. Critchlow

Last Ten Years:
Welcome back to the contest for the band from the High Peak area which has a history going back to the 1860's. They haven't been at the contest for over 3 years, but they have been getting expert tuition in that period from the Fodens Band players and Dr Roy Newsome. If any of that experience has rubbed off on them then look out. 

S. Fagg

Last Ten Years:
Another band making a comeback at the contest. Coleshill last competed over 3 years ago too. Formed in 1902 they have struggled through two World Wars and still maintained the tradition of music making in their area, whilst they also tasted a bit of success at Belle Vue many moons ago. Stephen Fagg is the stickman as they call him, and his experience should hold the band in good stead as they return to what hopefully will be a long stay at the contest.

Robert WoffindenCreswell Colliery
Bob Woffinden

Last Ten Years:
2005: DNC
2004: 14th (A.Wood)
2003: DNC
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC

One of the most famous names in the banding world made a return to the Fourth Section in 2004 but unfortunately failed to make it to the starting line up last year. Bob Wofffinden takes over the reins this time and we hope they come to the contest in good shape to mount a challenge.  If they can latch onto his experience as a top line player in years gone by then things will be looking up.  

Croft Silver
Steve Burton

Last Ten Years:
2005: 18th in Section Three (rel) (S. Burton)
2004: DNC
2003: 11th (C. Jones)
2002: 17th 2nd Section (rel)
2001: 11th 2nd Section
2000: 20th 2nd Section
1999: 7th 2nd Section
1998: 7th 2nd Section
1997: 3rd 3rd Section (prom)

Croft returned to the contest last year having not competed in 2004 and found life a little tough in the Third Section and were relegated on the back of coming 18th. Steve Burton has been doing sterling work and there has been a real development of younger players, many of whom have been passing their music exams of late. We bet they ask a few tricky questions in rehearsal then! 

Paul JohnsonCubbington
Paul Johnson

Last Ten Years:
2005: 8th (P. Johnson)

Cubbington were a bit of a mystery to us last year, but not now. They really made a mark for themselves, both here in coming 8th and then picking up 1st prize at Wychavon. Paul Johnson has a talented bunch of players under his command and they should be confident if they can repeat last year's form of doing well here.  

Dronfield (CMW)
Alan Tyler

Last Ten Years:
2005: 7th (A. Tyler)
2004: 6th (R. White)
2003: 7th (N/K)
2002: 14th 3rd Section (rel) (K. Mackintosh)
2001: 9th 3rd Section (M. Knowles)
2000: 11th 3rd Section (N/K)
1999: 6th 3rd Section
1998: DNC
1997: 16th 2nd Section (rel)

Another band that brings pretty good form to the contest after winning the NEMBBA Contest in February and also coming home 5th at Butlins. Alan Tyler has a good mix of youth and experience at his command and the organization has a healthy outlook with a good solid training outfit to back up its senior band as well. 7th last year could well be turned into a podium place if they can just up their form this time around.  

Hathern 'B'
Mike Cooper

Last Ten Years:
2005: 19th (M. Cooper)
2004: DNC
2003: 16th (M. Cooper)
2002: 12th (G. Wood)
2001: 20th (K. Leonard)
2000: DNC

The B Band of the excellent Hathern organization came back to the contest last year and came 19th. Onpaper that may sound like a poor result but MD Mike Cooper is building a good solid band here and one that has a real emphasis on youth.  The did well at Wychavon late last year as well, so they should be confident of climbing up the results table this time around. 

Ilkeston Brass
Dave Jones

Last Ten Years:
2005: 6th (D. Jones)
2004: 5th (D. Jones)
2003: 15th in Third Section (rel) (D. Jones)
2002: 17th (D. Jones)
2001: 18th 2nd Section (rel) (D. Jones)
2000: 19th 2nd Section
1999: 12th 2nd Section
1998: 13th 2nd Section
1997: 18th 2nd Section

The Derbyshire based band has more than held its own here in the past couple of years under the baton of David Jones. 6th last time out was the second year in a row that they had challenged in the top six and they may be ready to push on further and claim a qualification place at least and push for promotion.  

Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield)
Ian Knapton

Last Ten Years:
2005: 17th (I. Knapton)
2004: 15th (I. Knapton)
2003: DNC
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC

Ireland Colliery is another famous old name based in Staveley Chesterfield and can try its history way back when they were competing against the likes of Balck Dyke etc at the turn of the 20th century. Young Mr Ian Knapton has done a fine job with the band that has a real accent on youth development. 17th last year but we are sure that they will confident of doing so much better this time around.  

Market Rasen RPC
Alan Needham

Last Ten Years:
2005: 3rd (B. Mathews)
2004: DNC
2003: DNC
2002: 9th Third Section (rel)
2001: 7th
2000: 14th
1999: 11th
1998: 3rd 4th Section
1997: 5th 4th Section

From the very heart of the country, Market Rasen (the RPC comes from a container firm) will be looking to once more book themselves a place at the National Finlas, although last year they unfortunately couldn't make it to Harrogate. Alan Needham brings his wealth of experience to the helm this year and we think they will be once more be up there come results time. 

Melton Borough
C. Hartley

Last Ten Years:
2005: 18th (C. Hartley)

From the Melton Mowbray area famous for its pork pies, Melton Borough rehearse once a week as well as providing excellent tuition to younger players in their junior band. 18th last year was a decent start for the band and we hope they return determined to go even better this time out.  

Newstead Youth
P. Whyley

Last Ten Years:
Always nice to see a youth band make it to the starting line up and Newstead Youth are one of those this year. Part of the Newstead organization they have implemented a far-reaching youth policy that will provide the bands with a flow of talented players for years to come. It ha started already it seems.  

Ratby Co-op 'Mid' Band
G. Newman

Last Ten Years:
2005: 17th in Third Section (rel) (G. Newman)
2004: 18th (G Newman)
2003: 9th (G. Newman)
2002: 16th
2001: 8th 4th Section (prom)
2000: 10th 4th Section
1999: 12th 4th Section
1998: 14th 4th Section
1997: DNC

Ratby have found life a little tough here in the Third Section in the past couple of year and finally fell through the trap door of relegation after coming 17th last time out.  Based in the iron age village in Leicestershire. Part of the fantastic Ratby organization which can boast over 120 players able to take to the stage! Lets hope they can get back on track here then with those resources behind them.   

Rushden Town
P. Lewsey

Last Ten Years:
2005: 13th (P. Vine)

Based in Rushden, Northamptonshire they were formed in 1979 as the Rushden Windmill B Band, but has since become an independent band in its own right. They have been conducted by some famous old names in their short history including Lloyd Landry and Trevor Groom and are currently under the direction for this contest by P. Lewsey. 13th last year, they will be looking for a top ten place at least we think.  

Shipston Town
H. Gibbs

Last Ten Years:
2005: 16th (H. Gibbs)
2004: 17th  (D. Grant) (rel)
2003: 18th (G. Coleman)
2002: 20th 2nd Section (rel)
2001: DNC
2000: 13th 2nd Section
1999: 5th 3rd Section (prom)
1998: 6th 3rd Section
1997: 9th 3rd Section

Formed in 1912, it was a hard old fight here last year for Shipston Town after they came 17th in the Third Section in 2004 and were relegated. 16th last year then was a major disappointment and we are sure they will want to improve on that this time out.  

Swineshead Silver
S. Drew

Last Ten Years:
2005: 20th (K. Edwards)
2004: 13th (D. Stephens)
2003: 14th (D. Stephens)
2002: 18th (D. Stephens)
2001: 19th (D. Stephens)
2000: 24th (D. stephens)
1999: 24th
1998: DNC

Swineshead has been bobbling about a bit at the wrong end of the results table for some time now and they will be keen to make sure that they improve on last year's 20th place for certain. A new man at the helm may well bring a change in luck. We wish them luck.   

Thoresby Youth
Christine Gent

Last Ten Years:
Thoresby make their debut at the contest this year, but will come as one of the favorites to do well after a splendid performance at Butlins here they took the title in fine style under the excellent direction of Christine Gent. There they had all the basics in place and just let the music speak for itself. Another performance like that and they could be ready to book themselves in for a night out in Harrogate in September.

Barry Thompson

Last Ten Years:
2005: 5th (B. Thompson)
2004: 10th (B. Thompson)
2003: 6th (B. Thompson)
2002: 10th (B. Thompson)
2001: 18th (B. Thompson)
2000: DNC
1999: 14th
1998: 14th 3rd Section (rel)
1997: 17th 3rd Section

Tideswell really hit form here last year when they made a great leap up the results table to come in 5th place after a well managed performance.   Barry Thompson (the one who passes a close resemblance to Mike Harding and not the adjudicator) has been doing excellent work with the band and a great deal of credit must go to him (he had plenty of fans writing to 4BR after last year). Confidence should be high the for a repeat performance this time around.  

Trentham Brass
M. Caveney

Last Ten Years:
2005: 11th (M. Cavaney)

Trentham came to the contest last year as a bit of a mystery band for us but certainly went away after making a real impression in just missing out on a top ten place on what we believed was their debut at the contest. Twelve months later they return and we are sure they will be hungry for yet more success. 

Welbeck Estates
: Trevor Iles

Last Ten Years:
It's a welcome back for Welbeck Estates who were formed in 1980. The last record of them we could find here was in 1995 when they gained promotion to the Third Section, but since them nothing. Great to see them back then and we hope that it is the start of a long association. Trevor Iles has being putting in a great deal of hard work with the band in preparation for the contest, so we wish them well.  

Wellington (Telford) Brass
Setphen Curtis

Last Ten Years:
2005: 2nd (S. Curtis)
2004: 9th (S. Curtis)
2003: 17th (S. Curtis)
2002: 8th (S. Curtis)
2001: 11th (S. Curtis)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC

Wellington (Telford) Brass were excellent here last year (and elsewhere on their travels where 4BR hear them) and we think they could well be one of the bands to beat here. They went on to Harrogate and came 17th, and we think that experience will hold them in great stead as they prepare for this year's contest. Stephen Curtis is a talented young MD and we think they could well book a place at the Finals once more.  

Past Qualifiers:

2005: Matlock, Wellington (Telford), Market Rasen*
2004: Rushden Windmill, Newhall and Matlock
2003: Phoenix West Midlands Brass, Long Eaton Silver, Bakewell Silver
2002: WEM Jubilee, Leicester Cooperative, Long Eaton
2001: Carlton Brass, Shirland Miners Training, West Mercia Constabulary
2000: Raunds Temperance, Malvern Hills
1999: Audley Brass, Malvern Hills, Raunds Temperance
1998: University of Warwick, Porthywaen
1997: Porthywaen, Newham
1996: Alcester Victoria, Chapel en le Frith
1995: Kirkby Colliery, Rushden Windmill, Chael en le Frith
1994: Banovallum Brass, Kirkby Colliery
* Market Rasen did not compete at Finals

Midlands bands at the Finals:

2005: 12th, 17th
2004: 7th, 11th, 5th
2003: 2nd, 9th, 12th
2002: 6th, 9th, 18th
2001: 1st, 5th, 6th
2000: 3rd, 6th
1999: 11th, 16th, 19th
1998: 4th, 9th

4BR Prediction:

A notoriously difficult task of choosing the winners and qualifiers as always in the Fourth Section, but there are bands here who have shown good form in the last couple of months, so they may be the ones to look out for come results time. Saying that though, that means quite a few bands indeed!

That in mind we think it could develop into a scrap between the likes of Thoresby Youth, Wellington (Telford), Bestwood Black Diamonds, Cubbington, Ilkeston, Market Rasen, Tideswell and Dronfield with the others pushing them close. If we get all the top six right here then we will by everyone a pint.  

1. Wellington (Telford)
2. Thoresby Youth
3. Bestwood Black Diamonds
4. Market Rasen
5. Cubbington
6. Dronfield

Dark Horses: Tideswell


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