2007 Norwegian National Championships - Fourth Division


13 bands are set to take part in the Fourth Section as the growing stature of banding in the country bears fruit. The standard is improving and so are the ambitious choices of repertoire.

GeighallenFourth Division
Adjudicators: Erling Myserth, Paul Farr
Saturday 10th February (9.00am)

The lowest section in the Norwegian Championships sees 13 bands battle it out in the open forum brand of modern contesting. Nice to see this happening and with some pretty good choices from the bands (although one or two look a bit ambitious), and it should also make for an open and enjoyable contest.

Five bands were promoted last year to the Third Division, with the one coming back in the return direction. It is difficult to assess how great the difference is between the two lowest divisions here, but there is a small but significant step up to the Third.

As with any contest that needs a starting point, the playing field can be a little uneven and that was shown here last year when Kopervik won at a canter. That was perhaps no fault of theirs as they had to play to the rules, but they were in a different league from the rest. That said there were also some pretty impressive performances elsewhere with the bands that were promoted all displaying admirable basic virtues of good tuning, neat ensemble and some fine soloists. 

The good news for Norway is that the overall standard in the lowest section is improving and improving fast. We first came here to listen in 2003 and it was variable to say the least, but now that standard has been raised significantly.  There are 7 bands here this year that were not here last time out.

Who will win of course depends on how well they play and there are some interesting choices of test pieces on display.  It's a bit of a mixture but all the better for it with something for everyone including Leighton Lucas, James Curnow, Peter Graham, Alan Fernie and the undoubted star turn, Idar Torskangerpoll's ‘A Breathless Gnu Kiss!' Who needs plain old ‘Contest Music' eh? 

Brummund Nordaasen Musikkforening
Karsten Dalsrud

National Record:
2006: DNC
2005: 8th (Botolv Gjeldaker)
2004: 9th (Botolv Gjeldaker)
2003: 10th
2002: 13th
2001: DNC
2000: DNC

Last Year: DNC

Own Choice Selections:
2006: DNC
2005: Inspiration

A return this year for Brummond after missing out 12 months ago. Welcome back then and if their record was anything to go by they were going in the right direction before their break.

Fagernes Musikkorps
Tor Arthur Hagen

National Record:
2006: 7th in Third Section (Tor Arthur Hagen) (rel)
2005: Winners of Fourth Division (Tor Arthur Hagen)
2004: 13th in Third Division

Last Year: 7th in Third Section

Own Choice Selections:
2006: The Plantagenets
2005: Triptych

Fagernes came 7th in the Third Division last year, so we are a little puzzled why they are now in the Fourth Division. The band also came 7th in the Third Division at SIDDIS, so they should be one of the favourites for a podium place here.

Flå Musikkorps
Odd Steinar Mørkved

National Record:
2005: 8th
2004: 8th
2003: 5th
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC

Last Year: DNC

Own Choice:
2006: DNC

A return hopefully for the first time in three years for Flå Musikkorps. The last time they competed was in 2003 when they came 5th. More of the same would be a welcome homecoming present.  

Hetlevik Musikklag
Jan Arne Pupe

National Record:
2006: 12th (Jan Arne Pupe)

Last Year: 12th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: A Malvern Suite - Philip Sparke

Hetlevik Musikklag came 12th here last year and will be looking for a move up the prize table this year. 10th place at SIDDIS showed that they had some form, so what will they do here? 

Hordvik Musikklag
Knut Emil Mjøs

National Record:
2006: =6th (Knut Emil Mjøs)

Last Year: 12th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: Triptych for Brass Band - Philip Sparke

Hordvik were pretty good last year in coming joint 6th and were 9th at SIDDIS, so they may be in pretty good shape for the contest here.  

Kaland/Lysefjorden Musikklag
Oddvar Nøstdal

National Record:
2006: 15th (Oddvar Nøstdal)

Last Year: 15th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: A Salford Sinfonietta - Darrol Barry

Not a bad debut for Kaland even though they eventually came 15th last year, but if they have made progress in the past 12 months then a place in the top 10 may be on offer.  

Kjølsdalen Musikklag
Arvid Anthun

National Record:
2006: =10th (Helge Øren)

Last Year: =10th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: The Four Noble Truths - Philip Sparke

Kjølsdalen came joint 10th here last year with a decent performance of a difficult own choice selection. That experience should set them up nicely for their assault this time around.

Lalm Musikkforening
Morten Graff

National Record:
2006: 9th (Morten Graff)

Last Year: 9th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: March Prelude - Edward Gregson
Vikingkirken, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

Lalm played two works last year and it came off for them as they recorded a well deserved place in the top 10. More of the same would be great, or even higher. 

Langhus Brass
Idar Toskangerpoll

National Record:
2006: DNC

Own Choice Selection:
2006: DNC

Langhus make a debut here we believe according to our records – but we may be wrong. Could be an interesting musical debut though we think. 

Lismarka/Mesnalia Brass
Morten Fagerjord

National Record:
2006: =10th (Morten Fagerjord)
2005: 10th
2004: 5th (Erling Myrseth)
2003: 4th
2002: Joint 16th
2001: 13th
2000: 16th

Last Year: =10th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: A Celtic Suite - Philip Sparke

Lismarka/Mesnalia Brass seem to enjoy themselves here year in year out without really pushing for a promotion place. They have been fairly close a couple of times, but have settled into the midfield during the past two years. Time for a move upwards then.  

Rudsbygd Brass
Botolv Gjeldaker

National Record:
2006: =12th (Grethe Berntsen)
2005: =12th (Grethe Berntsen
2004: =13th (Grethe Berntsen)

Last Year: =12th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: Schattdorf Impressions - Darrol Barry and Country Scenes - Goff Richards

Joint 12th last year was a decent effort for the band and showed that they are making steady if incremental progress. A couple of places higher would be nice though this time around.  

Skeie GladBrass
Einar Mæland

National Record:
2006: =6th (Einar Mæland)
2005: =6th (Einar Mæland)
2004: 5th (Einar Mæland)
2003: 12th in Third Division
2002: 8th 
Last Year: =6th

Own Choice Selection:
2006: Kaleidoscope (Five Variations on the Brugg Song) - Philip Sparke

Steady as she goes in the past couple of years but signs at SIDDIS that they may have struck form just at the right time for their assault here. We will wait and see.  

Stavanger Kommunes Korps
Morten Ovrebekk

National Record
2006: DNC

Own Choice Selection:
2006: DNC

Could be brilliant, could be awful, could be just middle of the road. We don't know much about Stavanger other than they came 3rd at SIDDIS so they could be a form horse here to do very well.  

Test Piece Selections:
A.     A Breathless Gnu Kiss!     (Idar Torskangerpoll)    
B.     A Celtic Suite     (Philip Sparke)    
C.     A Saddleworth Festival Overture     (Goff Richards)    
D.     Anglian Dances     (Alan Fernie)    
E.     Chorale and Variations     (Leighton Lucas)    
F.     Gothic Dances     (Alan Fernie)    
G.     Images for Brass     (Stephen Bulla)    
H.     Laudate Dominum     (Edward Gregson)    
I.     Legend in Brass     (James Curnow)    
J.     Lydian Pictures     (Simon Dobson)    
K.     Music for a Festival     (Philip Sparke)    
L.     Northern Landscapes     (Peter Graham)    
M.     Triptych     (Philip Sparke)      

2006 Result:

1. Kopervik Musikkorps, Selmer Simonsen, 96
2. IMI Brass, Per-Erik Petersen, 91
3. Rosendal Musikklag, Jan Magne Olsen, 90
4. Frei Hornmusikk, Stein Åge Sørlie, 89
5. Grenland Brass, Rune Hansen, 88
6. Hordvik Musikklag, Knut Emil Mjøs, 86
6. Skeie Glad Brass, Einar Mæland, 86
8. Brumund-Nordaasen Musikkforening, Botolv Gjeldaker, 85
9. Lalm Musikkforening, Morten Graff, 84
10. Kjølsdalen musikklag, Helge Øren, 83
10. Lismarka/Mesnali Brass, Morten Fagerjord, 83
12. Hetlevik musikklag, Jan Arne Pupe, 82
12. Rudsbygd Brass, Grethe Berntsen, 82
14. Eigersund Blåseorkester, Dag Voigt, 81
15. Kaland/Lysefjorden Musikklag, Oddvar Nøstdal, 80
15. Sauda Musikklag, Eli-Jorun Tangeraas, 80
17. Kvikne Hornmusikk, Geir Morten Øien, 79

Solo prize: Euphonium, Kopervik Musikkorps
Best section: Percussion, IMI Brass 

4BR Prediction:

Who will win?

Well, to tell you the truth, we haven't a clue, although that has never stopped us in the past. So here we go.

1. Stavanger Kommunes Korps
2. Fagernes Musikkorps
3. Hordvik Musikklag
4. Skeie Gladbrass
5. Hetlevik Musiklag
6. Brummund

Dark Horse: Lismarka


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