2007 Yorkshire Regional Championship - Postcard


Everyone likes coming to Yorkshire - from composers to Coronation Street.

Everyone loves coming to Bradford for the Yorkshire Regional Championships – and who could blame them?

This year the Region had the honour of welcoming Robert Redhead, the composer of the Championship Section test piece, ‘Isaiah 40', who had flown in from Canada at the initiation of Trevor Caffull, Managing Director of Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd, to hear first hand so to speak his composition played by perhaps the strongest regional section of top class bands anywhere in the world.

Sign here please: Robert Redhead signs his score for a happy fan

That he was almost moved to tears with some performances and inspired to write again for secular brass bands tells you a great deal about what he thought. Lets hope he does just that, for his work proved to be a fine test and a quite inspirational piece of music, especially after he had given his own short address to an appreciative audience.

Also in the audience on the weekend to listen to his composition was Professor Philip Wilby who enjoyed himself thoroughly listening to the bands make the most of his wonderful score ‘The Seasons'. It was also nice to see a lovely little presentation at the end of the Fourth Section made by Ian Thompson to the conductor of the winning band of a signed copy of the score. The piece was written to remember his wife Myra who Ian said would have loved every performance on the day especially with all the young players enjoying Philip's music.

Also making the trip north were Philip Morris and Nicola Bland from Kapitol Promotions. Philip was making only his second appearance at the championship and was suitably impressed not only by the standard of the playing but by the organisation of Peggy Tomlinson and her team that made the whole weekend run like clockwork. If he can see that the extra money Kapitol are putting into the regions is being used to such good effect elsewhere around the country as it is here then he can be well pleased with his decision to go with Schreiber Keilwerth and their York brand of instruments as sponsors of the National Championships.

More interestingly though was the sighting of the cast of Connotation Street in Bradford over the weekend, where Granada was filming scenes for the forthcoming trial of Tracey Barlow. Ken and Deirdre, Ashley and the rest of the cast were holed up in the Bradford Hilton, whilst the producers used Bradford Town Hall as Weatherfield Crown Court. Wonder if any of them took the time to pop in and listen to a few bands?

Well what did you think of that verdict then? Ken and Deirdre wonder about the results 
Picture: John Stirzaker

As always Peggy Tomlinson ran a cracking contest and her extended team of recruits and helpers all played their part to the full in making sure everything went to plan. It was also noticeable that Peggy has already made sure the next generation of officials is in place with plenty of younger faces helping out behind the scenes.

Hair we go... stylish or what?

It was also encouraging to see so many younger faces in many of the bands too with some real nippers on parade. Some of the haircuts may leave a lot to be desired, but the playing was excellent and it was great to see a band like Tingley in the Fourth Section make it to the stage this year after so many years away. Their young payers looked around the old hall with something approaching awe before they settled to put in a fine little performance. Some older faces too were on parade, with Ray Payne, who worked his socks off all weekend making sure all the percussionists were well catered for even turning his hand to helping out his local band. He was pretty good too. 

Wonder how this goes then? Ray Payne takes his turn on stage 

The welcome as always here is warm and friendly, with some of the best catering on offer for the hard pressed journalists anywhere in the country. Top marks to the cooks who provided some wonderful food, including roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on the Sunday. What a treat.

It's only a puppet! Emley Bands mascot surveys the stage

4BR had the opportunity to present a number of its 2006 Awards at the end of the First and Championship Section too and Peggy Tomlinson was obviously a very proud and delighted Secretary when she announced that at the Royal Albert Hall her region would be providing no less than five bands to try and bring the National trophy back here again next year.

As she mischievously pointed out. The sponsors banner read "York – Brass at its best". All she said they really needed to do was add ‘shire' and it would have summed up the whole weekend perfectly. It was hard to disagree.

Iwan Fox.


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