2007 Spring Festival - Senior Cup runners and riders


18 quality bands line up here to tackle a very difficult set work, and try to gain one of the four promotion places to the Grand Shield.

Test Piece: Dances & Alleluias Philip Sparke
Adjudicators: Not known at present

David Williams
4BR Ranking: 111

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Kevin Robbins
Soprano Cornet: Paul Bilkey
Flugel: Claudia Tomkins
Solo Horn: Clare Smith
Solo Euphonium: Tim Dixon
Solo Trombone: Steve Schramm
Tuba: Gareth Jones
Baritone: Adam Lownds 

Blackpool Form:
2006: 7th (S. Sykes)
2005: 3rd Senior Trophy (prom) (S. Sykes)
2004: 11th (N. Seaman)
2003: 17th Senior Cup (rel) (I. Holmes)
2002: 6th Senior Trophy (prom) (I. Holmes)

Form Guide:
Could be an interesting one this. Aldbourne can blow hot or cold, but they do have plenty of experienced personnel in the ranks and in Dave Williams they have a crafty and intelligent old head at the helm.

Not great at Yeovil where they came 10th but played well above themselves in coming 5th at the Regionals. Held their own here last year and will be looking to just up that form a tad and make it into the top four.   

BessesBesses o' th' Barn
John Hinckley
4BR Ranking: 110

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Gillian Hinckley
Euphonium: Pat Stuckermeyer
Soprano Cornet: Ian Twiss
Solo Trombone: Adam Cooke
Solo horn: Johnny Carroll
Flugel horn: Claire Mumford
Tuba: Richard Cookson
Baritone: James Holt

Blackpool Form:
2006: 18th Grand shield (J. Hinckley) (rel)
2005: 9th (J. Cant)
2004: 14th (S. Sykes)
2003: 12th in British Open (rel) (S. Sykes)
2002: 2nd Grand Shield (prom); 13th British Open (Lynda Nicholson)
2001: 11th Grand Shield (G. Pritchard)
2000: 3rd Grand Shield (G. Pritchard)
1999: 21st British Open (rel) (G. Pritchard)
1998: 17th (D. Broadbent)
1997: 16th (D. Broadbent)
1996: 13th (D. Broadbent)
1995: 9th (A. Briggs)
1994: 20th (P. Andrews)
1993: 19th (T. Halliwell)

Form Guide:
In 2003 Besses were at the British Open and now they are fighting to get out of the Senior Cup. Contesting can be cruel at times to even the most famous names in the book. Still, its great to see them battling away even though 2007 didn't start too well for them at the Regionals where they came 12th in the First Section here in Blackpool.

John Hinckley is a fine conductor with plenty of experience, whilst we are sure the Besses spirit will come through on the contest stage.  It's 25 years since they last won the Open, so what price a Senior Cup win here as a silver anniversary present?    

BournemouthBournemouth Concert
David Hayward
4BR Ranking: 70

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Dan Shave
Soprano: James Cooper
Flugel: Gerald Whittingham
Horn: Phil Randal
Euph: Sarah Evans
Trombone: Richard Curren
Tuba: Bill Willis
Baritone: Bradley Rouillier

Blackpool Form:
2006: 10th (C. Davies)
2005: 7th (P. Cosh)
2004: 9th (D. Hayward)
2003: 2nd in Senior Trophy (prom) (D. Hayward)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: 18th Grand Shield (rel) (N. Taken)

Before 2002 the band did not compete in these contests

Form Guide:
A band that can really take the contest by the scruff of the neck if they hit their musical boot straps. They played this piece at the English Nationals last year and put in a decent account in coming 12th against a high class field, so they will know what they will have to do here this weekend to make an impression.

2007 has seen them do well at Yeovil where they were runners up but they didn't really hit top form at Torquay and had to settle for 6th place at the regionals. David Hayward is a colourful and talented MD and this piece could well suit the band again. Ones to watch out for.

CwmamanCwmaman Institute Silver
Nigel Seaman
4BR Ranking: 43

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Tim Malpas
Principal Euphonium: Jeremy Rugman
Soprano Cornet: Steve Barnsley
Solo Trombone: Paul Jenkins
Solo horn: James Bryant
Flugel horn: Rhian Hills
Tuba: Gareth Stonelake
Baritone: Steve Stonelake

Blackpool Form:
2006: 16th Grand Shield (J. Corry) (rel)
2005: 12th (J. Hudson)
2004: 16th British Open (rel) (J. Hudson)
2003: 17th (J. Hudson)
2002: Winners (5th at Open) (J. Hudson)
2001: 3rd Senior Cup (prom) (G. O'Connor)
2000: 19th (rel)
1999: 11th

Did not compete before 1999

Form Guide:
Cwmaman will certainly be looking for a return back towards the Grand Shield and beyond this weekend after rather unluckily falling through the relegation trap door last year.

Lots of talented players around the stands and an experienced MD at the helm they will be looking to build on a decent start to 2007 that saw them do well at Yeovil where they came 4th, at Porthcawl where they were a touch unlucky to come out of the prizes and Swansea where they came a solid 5th.   

Archie Hutchinson
4BR Ranking: 60

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Sandy McCulloch
Soprano Cornet: David Roxburgh
Flugel: John Boax
Solo Horn: Christopher Dale
Solo Euphonium: David McKellar
Solo Trombone: Derick Kirkwood
Tuba: Ian Taylor
Baritone: Alison O'Donnell

Blackpool Form:
2006: 5th (A. Hutchison)
2005: 13th (A. Hutchison)
2004: 14th (R. Evans)
2003: 3rd Senior Trophy (prom) (R. Evans)
2002: 7th (D. Hirst)

Form Guide:
Moving in the right direction here it seems. Dalmellington has used their recent drop into the First Section as a real springboard for a return to top level banding fit for purpose. The last three years has seen ever improving results and they were not far off the pace at the Scottish regionals in Dundee earlier this year when they came 5th.

There is quality around the stands and a very experienced MD at the helm, so it would be foolish to discount their chances of continuing their improvement here and a possible qualification place may well be on the cards.

EYMSEast Yorkshire Motor Services
Jim Davies
4BR Ranking: 64

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Steve Rudhall
Solo Euphonium: Neil Johnson
Solo Horn: Alison Grantham
Soprano: N/K
Flugel: Kathy Newiss
Solo Trombone: Mark Unsworth
Tuba: David Fox
Baritone: John Matthews

Blackpool Form:
2006: 6th (J. Davies)
2005: 20th Grand Shield (rel) (J. Gillam)
2004: 18th (G. Pritchard)
2003: 9th (G. Pritchard)
2002: Winners Senior Cup (prom) (G. Pritchard)
2001: DNC
2000: 14th (G. O'Connor)
1999: DNC
1998: N/K (J. Roberts)
1997: 6th (A. Snell)

Did not compete in these contests before 1997.

Form Guide:
One of the real form horses on paper and a band that has recovered a great deal of lost ground in the past two years, especially now that the Welsh legend Jim Davies has started to really exert his musical influence over the band.

That was shown most readily at the regional championship in Darlington where they pushed Reg Vardy all the way to the title and booked themselves a well deserved place in London come October. More of the same will do nicely here and they showed last year they were not far off the form required.

Paul Dalton
4BR Ranking: 59

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Alex Thomas
Solo Euphonium: Pat Howard
Solo Horn: Ben Tubb
Soprano: Phil Symonds
Flugel: Richard Carradus
Solo Trombone: John  Stevens
Tuba: Jonathan Hall
Baritone: Alison Cattanach

Blackpool Form:
2006: 17th Grand Shield (P. Dalton) (rel)
2005: 4th Senior Cup (prom) (P. Dalton)
2004: 13th (P. Dalton)
2003: 19th Grand Shield (rel) (P. Dalton)
2002: 2nd Senior Cup (prom)
2001: 18th Senior Cup

The band didn't compete at these contests before 2001.

Form Guide:
On their day Freckleton can mix it with the best most notably at the Scottish Open a couple of years ago as well as winning promotion to the Grand Shield last year.

They have just fallen off the pace a little since (and were way off colour here last year) and at the regionals they came 9th, although admittedly against a very strong field of rivals. Paul Dalton continues to work wonders and they seem to enjoy the more lyrical works that bring the best out of a fine stable of corner soloists. This could well suit them this weekend then.

InnovateInnovate Skelmanthorpe
John Roberts
4BR Ranking: 83

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Mel Wood
Solo Euphonium: Robert Cavender
Solo Horn: William Carter
Soprano: Robert Jagger
Flugel: Clare Daws
Solo Trombone: Chris Mansfield
Tuba: Martin Oke
Baritone: Owen Watson

Blackpool Form:
2006: 8th (J. Roberts)
2005: 19th Grand Shield (rel) (J. Hinckley)
2004: 8th (K. Wadsworth)
2003: 13th (K. Wadsworth)
2002: 10th (K. Wadsworth)
2001: 4th Senior Cup (prom) (K. Wadsworth)

The band didn't compete at the contest before 2001.

Form Guide:
A band riding the crest of a wave under the direction of John Roberts, Skelmanthorpe could well be a dark horse here this weekend even though nationally they are a First Section band.

Very well prepared and full of confidence they could be one to watch out for if they can repeat the form of the Mineworkers Championship in Skegness where they were excellent victors and Bradford where they were a touch unlucky to miss out on a place at Harrogate coming 3rd behind Pennine Brass and Stocksbridge.

JaguarJaguar (Coventry)
David Lea
4BR Ranking: 81

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Bob Baggott
Solo Euphonium: Rob Hunt
Solo Horn: Lynette Wild
Soprano: Darren Lea
Flugel: Andrew Bates
Solo Trombone: Kevin Lea
Tuba: Mick Wild
Baritone: David Taylor

Blackpool Form:
2006: 15th (D. Lea)
2005: 18th Grand Shield (rel) (D. Lea)
2004: 12th (D. Lea)
2003: 2nd in Senior Cup (prom) (D. Lea)
2002: 10th
2001: 16th Grand Shield (rel)
2000: 16th British Open (rel)
1999: 2nd Grand Shield (prom) 22nd British Open
1998: N/K
1997: DNC
1996: 18th Grand Shield

Form Guide:
Dave Lea and Jaquar have tasted success here in the past and were playing in the British Open in 2000. They haven't quite reached those heights since but on their day they can more than hold their own against a very high class field.

A band with limitless enthusiasm and a great deal of ability they pushed the fine Brass Band of Central Florida all the way at the US Open late last year but couldn't quite match that form at the regionals at Burton upon Trent where they fell away to a disappointing 8th place.  They will have ton up their game a touch from the form shown here last year too, or the relegation trap door may beckon. 

John Berryman
4BR Ranking: 62

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Carol Smith
Solo Euphonium: Simon Rotchell
Solo Horn: Nathan Waterman
Soprano: Bob Stradling
Flugel: Guido Damore
Solo Trombone: John Hopkins
Tuba: Linda Hobbs
Tuba: N/K

Blackpool Form:
2006: 16th (J. Berryman)
2005: 17th Grand Shield (rel) (J. Berryman)
2004: 4th (J. Berryman)
2003: 11th (J. Berryman)
2002: 8th (J. Berryman)
2001: 6th Senior Cup (prom) (J. Berryman)
2000: 17th (J. Berryman)

The band didn't compete at the contest before 2000.

Form Guide:
Just three years ago Kibworth missed out on the British Open by the narrowest of margins, but since then Blackpool hasn't been a happy hunting ground for the reigning National First Section champions. Last year they were 16th and just missed out by the narrowest of margins from being relegated, so they know both of the highs and lows of competing here.

2007 saw them come 9th at Burton upon Trent so they will have to pick up their form if they are to make any sort of mark here on the weekend. They have all the ingredients to do well, but could it just be a matter of confidence?

KingdomKingdom Brass
Craig Anderson
4BR Ranking: 36 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Lee Bathgate
Soprano Cornet: Tommy Harrower
Flugel: Laura Herriot
Solo Horn: Alison Hall
Solo Euphonium: Brian Paterson
Solo Trombone: Bill Giles
Tuba: Jim Kelly
Baritone: Brian Mitchell

Blackpool Form:
2006: Winners Senior Trophy (C. Anderson) (prom)
2005: 5th (A. Duguid)
2004: DNC
2003: 13th (A. Hutchinson)
2002: 15th (S. Kerwin)
2001: 13th (I. Davey)

Didn't compete at the contests before 2001.

Form Guide:
The Fife Charities Contest winners come south of the border with confidence sky high, not only after that fine win but also buoyed by their performance at the Regionals in Dundee where they impressed many in coming4th under the direction of Craig Anderson.  

If they can repeat that kind of form once more then who knows? The talent is certainly there around the stands and at the helm, so perhaps the time has come for a Scottish win at last. 

Knottingley Silver
Robin Morgan
4BR Ranking: Outside top 200

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: N/K
Soprano: Faye Thompson
Flugel: Steven Clayton
Solo Horn: Roger Clayton
Solo Euphonium: Elizabeth Stimpson
Solo Trombone: Chris Beaumont
Tuba: Trevor Lloyd
Baritone: Francis Ellis

Blackpool Form:
2006: 13th (K. Belcher)
2005: 14th (K. Belcher)
2004: 4th Senior Trophy (prom) (K. Belcher)

Form Guide:
A band that is more than holding its own here in the past two years Knottingley will surely be looking to break into the top ten this weekend. They are a band thatquietly and effectively goes about its business, although they will have to up their form somewhat from the Yorkshire regionals where they came a disappointing 9th in the First Section.

It's a tough ask against this strength of field, but they have shown that they have been more than capable of doing it in the past, so why not again?

Neil Jowett
4BR Ranking: 179

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Glyn Nash
Soprano Cornet: Jason Varley
Flugel: Nicola Sanderson
Solo Horn: Vicky Seville
Solo Euphonium: Sean Conway
Solo Trombone: Paul Cryer
Tuba: Ian Tiffany
Baritone: Martin Gledhill

Blackpool Form:
2006: 14th (N. Jowett)
2005: 12th (N. Jowett)
2004: 19th (rel) (Grand Shield) (N. Jowett)
2003: 6th in Senior Cup (prom) (N. Jowett)
2002: 16th Grand Shield (rel) (N. Jowett)
2001: Winners Senior Cup (prom) (N. Jowett)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: N/K (N. Jowett)
1997: DNC
1996: DNC
1995: 21st Grand Shield (D. Horsfield)
1994: DNC
1993: 18th (N. Jowett)

Form Guide:
Neil Jowett continues to do sterling work with Lindley and they too are another band that can more than hold its own at this contest as they have shown in the past couple of years.

They showed plenty of good form in coming 4th at the Yorkshire regionals in the exceptionally tough First Section contest there and a repeat of that type of form may well be able to claim them a top 10 place here this weekend at the very least.  

PembertonPemberton Old Wigan JJB
  Alan Hobbins
4BR Ranking: 78

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Joanne Johnson
Soprano Cornet: N/K
Flugel: Carina Halliwell
Solo Horn: Chris Sanders
Solo Euphonium: N/K
Solo Trombone: N/K
Tuba: Stephen Parfitt
Baritone: N/K

Blackpool Form:
2006: 12th (M. Peacock)
2005: 4th Senior Trophy (prom) (M. Peacock)
2004: 9th (M. Peacock)
2003: 19th Senior Cup (rel) (G. Cutt)
2002: Winners Senior Trophy (prom) (A. Lawton)

Form Guide:
Alan Hobbins takes over the task of continuing to push Pemberton Old Wigan JJB in the right direction and they were fine value for their excellent 7th place at the North West regionals here just a few months ago. Add to that a good result at Brass at the Guild Hall too and 2007 has been a pretty good year so far.

Up from the Senior Trophy last year they more than held their own, and you feel that they won't be satisfied with just making the numbers up this year. Another band full of confidence and led by a real conducting talent, don't bet against them making a mark come results time. 

Ratby Co-operative
Steve Sykes
4BR Ranking: 108

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Dave Purkiss
Soprano Cornet: Ian Raisbeck
Flugel: Geoff Wood
Solo Horn: Matt Taylor
Solo Euphonium: Dan Cheadle
Solo Trombone: Richard Baker
Tuba: Colin Sidney
Baritone: Kaye Root

Blackpool Form:
2006: 4th Senior Trophy (B. Baker) (prom)
2005: 11th (R. Newsome)
2004: 18th (Senior Cup) (rel) (D.Maplestone)
2003: 18th (K. J. Steward)
2002: 8th (K. J. Steward)
2001: 15th (K. J. Steward)
2000: 15th Grand Shield (rel) (K. J. Steward)
1999: 6th Grand Shield (K. J. Steward)

Form Guide:
Steve Sykes is the fifth conductor in as many years to take Ratby to the Spring Festival weekend, and the experienced tuba star will surely be looking to carry on the good work that was shown under the direction of Brett Baker last year.

The band also showed fine form at Burton upon Trent and the regionals where they came an impressive 4th, so confidence will be high for sure. If the partnership can quickly gell then they could find themselves heading back towards the Grand Shield.

ThoresbyThoresby Colliery
Ian McElligott
4BR Ranking: 86

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Pete Collins
Solo Euphonium: Simon Willis
Solo Horn: Jackie Greenstead
Soprano: Graham Drury
Flugel: Kate Johnson
Solo Trombone: Neil Warton
Tuba: Keith Latham
Baritone: Dave Buckley

Blackpool Form:
2006: 3rd Senior Trophy (M. Heartfield) (prom)
2005: 8th (M. Heartfield)
2004: 19th Senior Cup (rel) (J. Hudson)
2003: 20th Grand Shield (rel) (J. Hudson)
2002: 4th Senior Cup (prom) (S. Lippeatt)
2001: 14th Senior Cup (S. Lippeatt)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: 21st Grand Shield (rel) (S. Lippeatt)
1996: DNC
1995: 19th Grand Shield (S. Lippeatt)
1994: DNC
1993: 17th Grand Shield (S. Lippeatt)

Form Guide:
Thoresby has made real progress in the last few years and there seems to be a real air of confidence about the band. 6th at Skegness was a pretty solid effort but they may have been a touch disappointed by 7th place at Burton upon Trent.

The departure of Martin Heartfield was a blow but they have quickly moved to team up with the experienced Ian McElligott and that could be the start of a successful partnership staring here perhaps? 

KinneilUnison Kinneil
Colin McKenzie
4BR Ranking: 52

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Keith Johnston
Soprano: Owen Downs
Flugel: Trevor Gray
Solo Horn: Loiuse Tobin
Solo Euphonium: Ian Campbell
Solo Trombone: Fiona Gormley
Tuba: Paul Drury
Baritone: Paul Whitehead

Blackpool Form:
2006: 9th (A. Duncan)
2005: 6th (A. Duncan)
2004: 3rd Senior Trophy (prom) (A. Ramsay)
2003: 10th (A. Ramsay)
2002: 20th Senior Cup (rel) (A. Ramsay)
2001: 15th (John Hinckley)

Form Guide:
Unison Kinneil has shown decent form in the latter stages of 2006 and early 2007, without setting the contest stage on fire. However, they quite enjoy their trips here and have more than held their own in the past couple of years.

6th place at the Scottish regional in Dundee was about par for the course, and if they can repeat that kind of form here they could well find themselves in the top 10 once more. 

Andrew Berryman
4BR Ranking: 32

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Andy MacDonald
Flugel: Lizi Sawyer
Solo Euphonium: Garry Curtin
Solo Trombone: Peter Moore
Soprano: Matthew Balson
Solo Horn: Lucy Pankhurst
Tuba: Mick Morris
Baritone: Marion Cliff

Blackpool Form:
2006: 11th (R. Newsome)
2005: 9th (P. McCann)
2004: 8th (R. Curran)
2003: 8th (R. Curran)
2002: 18th Grand Shield (rel) (J. Gourlay)
2001: 9th Grand Shield (B. Grant)
2000: 6th Grand Shield (J. Gourlay)
1999: 23rd British Open (rel) (J. Davies)
1998: 15th British Open (C. Wormald)
1997: DNC
1996: Winners Grand Shield (prom) (N. Childs): 9th British Open (G. Whitham)
1995: 21st British Open (rel) (J. Hudson)
1994: 17th British Open (J. Hudson)
1993: 6th British Open (J. Hudson

Form Guide:
Favourites perhaps? It has been a bit of a long time since Wingates could say that, but their form over the last 18 months or so deserves it and they are now playing really well even if they disappointed somewhat in coming 10th at Skegness.

That was soon reversed at Blackpool and the regionals though where many thought them unlucky not to have taken one of the two qualification places on offer. 3rd place was an excellent result and showed just how good a band they are on their day. Could another one of those days be on Saturday?


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