2008 London & Southern Counties Regional Championship - Runners & Riders: Fourth Section


A huge field of bands for Steve Pritchard-Jones to listen and ponder over, but who will be looking forward to the Autumnal season the most and a trip to Harrogate?

Sunday March 18th
Adjudicator: Steve Pritchard-Jones
Test Piece: Four Cities Symphony, Rodney Newton

Commences: 10.30am
Draw: 9.30am (first draw)

A. Duguid

Last 12 Years:
2007: 15th (A. Duguid)
2006: 15th (A. Fawbert)
2005: 16th (A. Fawbert)
2004: DNC
2003: 17th in Third Section (A. Fawbert) (rel)
2002: 13th (A. Fawbert)
2001: 4th in Fourth Section (prom)
2000: 13th
1999: 21st 
1998: 13th
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Amersham returned in 2005 after relegation to the Fourth Section and on their three appearances since have bobbled along in the midfield placings. 

Alan Duguid continues his busy weekend at Stevenage and fronts the band once again, and they will be hopefully looking for a top ten finish. 

Battle Town
J. Penton

Last 12 Years:
2007: 12th (J.Penton)
2006: 7th (J. Penton)
2005: 10th (J. Penton)
2004: 4th (J. Penton)
2003: DNC
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC

Since returning in 2004, Battle has held their own after a quite spectacular debut performance. They just fell away a little last year but in such a big section as this, 12th place was still a pretty solid effort. 

BletchingtonBletchington Silver
N. Hall

Last 12 Years:
2007: 14th (N. Hall)
2006: =24th (S. Barwick)
2005: 2nd (S. Barwick)
2004: 18th (S. Barwick)
2003: 15th (S. Barwick)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC

Bletchington will still be wondering how they can come 2nd as they did in 2005 and 24th= equal the following year.  They went some way to rectifying what must have been a very bad day at the office in 2006 by finishing 14th last year but they would dearly love to get back to that 2005 form. 

3d place at the West Midland contest shows that a single figure result may well be back on the cards. 

BradwellBradwell Silver
Chris Johnston

Last 12 Years:
2007: 15th in Third Section (C. Johnston) (rel)
2006: 14th (C. Johnston)
2005: 11th (K. Durbin)
2004: 5th (B. Keech)
2003: 12th (B. Keech)
2002: 4th (B. Keech)
2001: 13th (B. Keech)
2000: 15th (B. Keech)
1999: 6th in Fourth Section (prom)
1998: 6th
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

The tough times continued for Bradwell in the Third Section last year and they dropped through the relegation trap door as a result. 

The challenge will be on then to ensure that they make an immediate impression here in their first appearance back at this level since 1999. 

Charles Church Camberley
R. Cherry

Last 12 Years:
2007: 7th (R. Cherry)
2006: 14th (R. Cherry)
2005: 20th (R. Cherry)
2004: 12th (R. Cherry)
2003: 13th (G. Hughes)
2002: 12th (G. Hughes)
2001: 20th (G. Hughes)
2000: 5th (G. Hughes)
1999: 17th
1998: 15th
1997: N/K
1996: 12th

Charles Church Camberely put on an excellent display last year in the Main Concert Hall when they came 7th. 

It’s a result that will have given them plenty of confidence as they have been making moves up the results table now for the last three years. More of the same and a podium place may be on the horizon. 

  David Ruel 

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC
2006: 20th (D.Ruel)
2005: 12th (D. Ruel)
2004: DNC
2003: 16th (T. Howard)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: 25th
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Cobham is the place that is home to the millionaires that play for Chelsea FC. 

The band hasn’t had the success of those from nearby Stamford Bridge of late though and having not entered last year, it’s good to see them back contesting again with David Ruel back at the helm. 

Cold Ash Brass
M. Clark


A huge welcome to the Regional contest to Cold Ash Brass.  According to their website Cold Ash Brass was founded in April 2003 by a small group of local brass players determined to put the fun back into their brass banding. 

Cold Ash itself is just 2 miles from Newbury. With players ranging from below ten to one who allegedly admits to being over sixty, make sure you give them and their MD Mike Clark a huge welcome on Sunday.  We wish them well.  

CPCrystal Palace ‘B'
I. Whittaker

Last 12 Years:
2007: 23rd (I. Whittaker)

Crystal Palace ‘B’ Band was formed in 1995 and having continued to build the band they made their contesting debut here last year. 

The placing of 23rd was an irrelevance in many respects and its great to see them back again – a year’s more experience under their belts too. 

Fakenham Town
D. Wakefield

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC
2006: 23rd (D.Wakefield)
2005: 6th (D. Wakefield)
2004: 16th (D. Wakefield)
2003: DNC
2002: 27th (D. Wakefield)
2001: 15th (D. Wakefield)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Fakenham return once again having missed 2007. When they appeared in 2006, they finished 23rd, quite a way from the form that saw them finish 6th the year before. 

It will be interesting to see how they get on during Sunday’s contest and its fingers crossed they do well once more. 

HarwichHarwich RBL
A. Sanders

Last 12 Years:
2007: 9th (A. Sanders)
2006: 5th (A. Sanders)

You can’t argue with Harwich’s record over 2 years here.

Two top 10 positions is an indication that they can more than hold their own at this level and this might be the year when they make the breakthrough to Harrogate? 

Hemel Hempstead
G. Weeks

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC
2006: 13th in Third Section (G.Weeks) (rel)
2005: 17th (G. Weeks)
2004: 8th in Fourth Section (G. Weeks) (prom)
2003: 7th (G. Weeks)
2002: 7th (G. Weeks)
2001: 25th (G. Weeks)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Hemel Hempstead return to the contesting arena once again having sat out 2007. 

They gained promotion from the Fourth Section in 2004 but didn't have the most comfortable of two years in Section Three and so come back down after their sabbatical.  They've done well here though in the past so no reason why they shouldn't again. 

Hilgay Silver
Andrew Clarke

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC (rel)
2006: DNC
2005: 12th (A. Clarke)
2004: 5th Fourth Section (A. Clarke) (prom)
2003: 3rd (A. Clarke)
2002: 11th (R. Smith)
2001: DNC
2000: 13th in Third Section (A. Broadbent) (rel)
1999: 9th
1998: 18th
1997: 3rd in Fourth Section (prom)
1996: 7th

Hilgay are similar to Hemel Hempstead in that they have tended to bounce between the two lowest sections over the years.

They have now dropped into the Fourth Section and will be looking to give a good account of themselves on Sunday on their return. 

Jubilee Brass (Oxford)
C. Sadler

Last 12 Years:
2007: 4th (C. Sadler)
2006: 19th (C. Sadler)
2005: 16th in Third Section (K. Membury) (rel)
2004: 11th (K. Membury)
2003: 16th (K. Membury)
2002: 3rd in Fourth Section (K. Membury) (prom)
2001: 22nd (K. Membury)
2000: 6th (K. Membury)
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC

Jubilee Brass came down into the Fourth Section two years ago and found it tough going at their first attempt to bounce back.

Since then though they have found their feet and came a well deserved 4th last time out. More of the same or even better perhaps this weekend then? 

King's Lynn Town
P. Mole

Last 12 Years:
2007: 5th (S. Ingham)
2006: 11th (S. Ingham)
2005: 8th (S. Ingham)
2004: 9th (S. Ingham)
2003: 13th (D. Taylor)
2002: 22nd (K. Mann)
2001: 12th (K. Mann)
2000: 8th (K. Mann)
1999: 27th
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

King's Lynn has been consistently in the top half in recent years and last year were very solid in finishing5th. 

P Mole comes in this year to direct their assault but if they can continue their solid form, there’s a chance Harrogate maybe on the horizon. 

LETCHLetchworth Garden City
T. Welch

Last 12 Years:
2007: 13th (T. Welch)
2006: 6th (T. Welch)
2005: DNC
2004: 15th in Third Section (T. Welch) (rel)
2003: 14th (T. Welch)
2002: 8th in Fourth Section (T. Welch) (prom)
2001: 8th (T. Welch)
2000: 13th (T. Welch)
1999: 17th
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC

Letchworth returned to the contest in 2006 and immediately found their feet with 6th place. 

Last year saw them finish off the pace somewhat though when they came 13th so they will be hoping for a return to that 2006 form. 

brosleyMK Development Broseley
D. Johnston

Last 12 Years:
2007: 18th (D. Johnston)
2006: =24th (D. Johnston)

This is MK Development Broseley’s third year at the contest and the good news is last year they showed improvement from their of 2006. 

Great to see a banding organisation using the regional in this way and we wish them every ounce of luck as we are sure they continue their climb up the results table. 

newmarketNewmarket Town Brass:
L. Ager

Last 12 Years:
2007: 16th (L. Ager)
2000 - 2006: DNC
1999: =21st

Newmarket came back into the contesting arena last after sitting it out on the sides since the turn of the Millennium.

16th place was a very decent return too, given the time they had been away and the size of the field here, so hopefully they can just edge a bit further up the results table again this time around. 

Oxford Templars Brass
J. Davis

Last 12 Years:
2007: 21st (J. Davis)
2005: 17th (J. Davis)

Two contesting appearances for Oxford Templars Brass and perhaps they’ve still to show their real potential at this contest. 

It would be great to see such a fantastically named band doing well here so lets hope they can push further up the results table. 

RoystonRoyston Town
Simon Jones

Last 12 Years:
2007: 10th (S. Jones)
2006: 9th (S. Jones)
2005: 7th (G. Smith)
2004: DNC
2003: DNC
2002: 25th (J. Jones)
2001: 27th
2000: 28th
1999: 17th 

Royston have continued to do well here in recent years finishing in the top ten over the last three years. 

One of the few bands here to compete already this year, they went to Butlins in January finishing 14th and will want to build on that result this weekend. 

Snowdon Colliery
K. Twyman

This Kent based brass band owes its roots to the days when East Kent possessed three working collieries with their almost obligatory brass bands. The collieries no longer exits but the bands, Betteshanger and Snowdown, continue as they always did. The Snowdown Band performs at many functions during the course of the year, many of them on bandstands.

Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band was formed in 1926 and consisted entirely of miners from the colliery. We currently have approxinately 30 members, of which only one player is an (ex) miner. Although we do have members whose fathers were miners and played in the band.

Tadley Concert Brass
P. Chapman

Last 12 Years:
2007: 6th (P. Chapman)
2006: 12th (P. Chapman)
2005: 11th (P. Chapman)
2004: 11th (P. Chapman)
2003: 12th (P. Chapman)
2002: 16th (P. Chapman)
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Tadley have continued their consistent form here in recent years and last year saw them break into the top ten with sixth place. 

Given that they have been making steady progress in the last few years we suspect they may be aiming just a little bit higher once again come the announcement of the results. 

WantageWantage Silver B
D. Dullforce

Last 12 Years:
2007: 8th (D. Dullforce)
2006: 13th (D. Dullforce)
2005: 17th (P. Uzzell)
2004: 21st (P. Uzzell)
2003: 11th (D. Dullforce)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: N/K
1996: DNC

Wantage had their best result here last year finishing in 8th place reinforcing their continuous improvement since 2003. 

Good odds then on them this year continuing that form, especially as they posted a hard earned 4th place at the West Midlands contest late last year. 

M. France

Last 11 Years:
2007: 11th (M. France)
2006: 4th (M. France)
2005: 19th (M. France)
2004: 19th (M. France)
2003: DNC
2002: DNC
2001: DNC

Having put on a cracking show in 2006 that saw Watford reach Harrogate, our hunch was that they could feature last year.  How wrong we were as the band finished 11th, although they were unlucky not to come higher. 

They finished  7th at Leicester and 10th at Butlins in some good company, and that should prove to be a timely boost to their confidence.

Past Qualifiers:

2007: Chalgrove, Great Yarmouth, Hungerford Town
2006: Thundersley Brass, Waterbeach Brass, Hungerford Town, Watford
2005: Norfolk Wherry Brass, Bletchington Silver, Fulham Town
2004: Waterbeach Brass, Potters Bar Town,. Fulham Brass
2003: Great Yarmouth Brass, Woodbridge Excelsior, Hilgay
2002: Sandhurst Silver, Hungerford Town, Jubilee Brass, Ware Brass
2001: Sandhurst Silver, Fulbourn and Taversham, Ware Brass
2000: Canterbury Youth, St. Sebastian's Wokingham, Amersham
1999: Canterbury Youth, St. Sebastian's Wokingham, St. Albans
1998: Stonesfield, Becontree Brass,
1997: Brent Brass, Becontree Brass,
1996: Southend, Becontree Brass, Chichester City
1995: Southend, Crystal Palace, Chichester City 

London bands at the Finals:

2007: 7th, 9th, 19th
2006: 9th, 13th, 14th, 22nd
2005: 5th, 16th, 18th
2004: 1st, 19th, 20th
2003: 13th, 16th, 21st
2002: 10th, 12th, 15th, 20th
2001: 3rd, 13th, 19th
2000: 11th, 15th, 16th
1999: 4th, 7th, 18th
1998: 5th, 8th  

4BR Prediction:

Anyone got a crystal ball?  Picking the winner here is one of the toughest predictions we have to make, purely down to the number of bands competing and the lack of any real contesting form guide to look back at.

There are a number of bands that have that unknown quality about themselves as well as consistent outfits and bands that could well spring a surprise or two. There are also a few bands that have done well here in the past and we think they may well be the ones to look out for.

With the likes of  Chalgrove, Great Yarmouth and Hungerford promoted after last year, Kings Lynn, Tadley, Wantage, Watford, Jubilee Brass, Bradwell and Charles Church could well be the ones to feature - but what do we know eh? 

Bradwell could well bounce back and the other bands may just spring a surprise or three!

Still – here goes…

1. Kings Lynn
2. Tadley Concert Brass
3. Jubilee Brass
4. Charles Church Camberely
5. Wantage
6. Watford

Dark Horse: Bradwell Silver


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