4BR Children's Adjudication Panel - The judges remarks...


This is what the four youngsters thought about each of the performances in the Third Section in Bradford on Paul Lovatt-Cooper's 'The Side of the Moon'.

Nicholas Birch

Order of Play:  1 (Emley)

Beginning to B – too loud from euph to baris good crescendo into B. Good troms at B good sound from cornet at E but needs more energy before I - not enough crescendo from troms good strong bass at J. 

L -  very effective.  M - great cornet, accompaniments sound great. Great basses at O.  Good constant cornet accompaniment. P - rough trom (nerves). Q - easily hear all the parts. K - great ensemble sound, great crescendo before I.  Great trom coordination at V -good basses. Pushing forward, good dynamic at Y. Great horns at CC.

Great last note.

Great performance, later in the draw may have won it.

Order of Play:  2 (Elland)

Beginning to B - good chord and can hear cornets. Gliss too quick for me. Over blown troms at B. Really clear percussion at D. Good cornet at E. Cornet and euph not quite together at F.

Basses need to sustain notes more too build euphs at L. Great cornets and accompaniments at N. Basses out of tune before P.

Soloist great at P. Good crescendo into R - good from R to T. Always hear movement - not a big enough crescendo before T. Not enough difference in tempo from beginning - too much trom at Z.

Not quite together at the end but good sound.

Order of Play:  3 (Garforth)

Beginning to B watch sound on C.  Troms not together with gliss -  means out of tune at C. Good exciting tempo, good exciting cornet at E. Watch tuning before I in cornets - not much different in tempo at J.

Watch tuning on bottom C in cornet. N-  cornet not smooth enough. Watch sound on some notes from BBb. Good solos at P-  not enough crescendo before R.  Good sound at S - not loud enough with crescendo before T. Good dynamic change at 235. Good trom chord at V-  snare too strong at 279. Not enough horns at CC - could have been louder at the end. No need for euph top C at end.

Good ensemble and solo playing. Could make more of dynamics, and watch tuning at louder and softer dynamics.

Order of Play:  4 (Crofton)

Beginning to B -  a bit jerky in rhythm otherwise good. Tempo too quick for percs. E – not together. I – alternate cornets not even. M – solo cornet doesn’t put enough feeling into it. Watch the pedals basses? O – gets in the way. 

Seems to slow down before R. more crescendo needed. T – out of tune in troms. V – not together. Too heavy at Z. feels insecure at AA. Heard no horn at end. Good sound on last note.

Good strong cornets but need to work on low band sound.

Order of Play:  5 (Gawthorpe Brass)

Great start, sop too loud before B. D - really effective good driving basses at E - great solos at E.  Great percussion at I - maybe too bold but great, can hear all the moving pats at K into L.

Great cornet sound at N. Good basses at O. Great flug sound, good crescendo into R. R - too loud only FF! Really effective crescendo into T. Good troms at V. Tempo great really exciting. Z - great sound at Z - great horns at CC.

Great performance, great band sound and great soloist all round great performance.

Order of Play:  6 (Oughtibridge)

Trombone tuning at A well out. Well balanced troms and cornets at C - good cornet. Too much vib from euph at F. Basses not loud enough at I - first time heard timp crescendo before M. N - cornet needs to hold longer phrases – disjointed.

Good soloist at P - good crescendo before R. Nice and cal at S. Not enough crescendo before T. V - didn’t feel much quicker than the beginning. Good cornets at Z - didn’t feel comfortable at BB. Good horns at the end and good sound at the end.

Good detailed interpretation but not very exciting.

Order of Play:  7 (Huddersfield & Ripponden)

Not together on first note.  Intonation in euph.  Sop out of tunebefore B. Troms rushing at B. Not enough percussion at D - too fast for cornet soloist at E.

Too much troms at I. Too much euph in cornet cadenza - out of tune soloist at 158. Basses at O not at constant dynamics (pedals probably). Horn and euph intonation at P - but good sound from horn. Not enough rhythm from the basses. Euphs out of tune on top A before T - not enough crescendo before T.

Cornets out of tune at T. Pear shaped notes from trom at T. V - didn’t feel any quicker than beginning. W-  sounded great. Troms overblown into BB. Good horns at CC - didn’t feel comfortable at the end.
Some good spots but too many mistakes.

Order of Play:  8 (Gawthorpe Brass 85)

Cornets not balanced (F# too strong) could not hear all the moving parts at A. No break before B - good FF at D. Cornets out of tune at E. Cornets didn’t feel comfortable at E slowing down at I. Too much cymbal before K.

Cornet out of tune at M - not hearing the rhythm vey clear. Soloist not given enough time at P. Accompaniments covering the tune - euphs out of tune on top A before T. Good crescendo before T. Cornets out of tune at T. Too much cornets at U. Good trom coordination at V. Good tempo at X.  Z - lost excitement it had at X. Good horns at the end and good last note.

Good performance - everything was there, it was just missing something to make it special.

Order of Play:  9 (West Yorkshire Police)

Trom intonation. Lots of intonation going into A. Good sTrt at A troms but cornets not very exciting.

Good before E. E - cornet not as it should have been - not enough bass trom at I. Cornets intonation at K. Intonation in lower end and at N - cornet solo good. Good sound from basses at O. Trom had to be smoother at P. K-  didn’t feel comfortable at the beginning but settled. Great ensemble playing at S. Crescendo before T not good enough for me. Bass trom out of tune at T.

V - didn’t feel quicker than the beginning. Good trom at V. Good sound at Z - not enough horns at the end. Good last note but took too long over bars before.

Order of Play:  10 (Rockingham)

Good feel to the beginning. Troms too loud and not balanced at B. Good cornet at E - good horn at G.

Great bass tune at I. Didn’t feel comfortable going into J. Cornet at M starts a bit quiet - good cornet at N. Good basses at O. Good soloists at P. Should be 2 bar crescendo into R. Good lyrical playing at S - great crescendo before T. 

Good before V and going through V. Great horns at CC. Great finish.

Great performance. 

Harrison Healy

Order of Play:  1 (Emley)

Good starting tempo, slightly too quiet. Good build to B. Slight intonation C to D.

Nice dynamics, very effective. Good sub ppp. Great Accel. I - very powerful.
L - very nicely done - falls away well. Nice solo at N and warm ensemble. P -  slightly loose but calms down. R - very warm and broad. S - very well handled euph and sop. 4 before T dims a bit too early. T - sound very dark and sinister. V-  slightly loose but carries on very well. Great into Z - great bass. Falls well into AA BB - great accel, real urgency. CC - big and very effective great, end!

Well Done.

Order of Play:  2 (Elland)

Good opening, not too quiet. Slight intonation. B - crochets could be longer. C - good and neat. E - great cornet. Stylish and good bass. H-  good build into I - strong bass trom. L-  well controlled. 

M - very good and great sound. L - good ensemble, very ward sound. O-  more dynamic contrast could be helpful.  P-  intonation, trom,  horn. R - broad and loud. S - good dynamic. Euph blemish unlucky. Good climax into T.  U - good sop. A little too pecked into V. All good and neat into AA, build into CC very good. Horn intonation on gliss. Nice ending.

Just the odd intonation blemish, otherwise a good performance.

Well Done.

Order of Play:  3 (Garforth)

Good opening. Euph slightly slow with tied rhythm. Nice atmosphere, small tempo fluctuations. A bit too speedy. B - A bit loose but good. E - well handled very nice. H -good and nice build to I. J - too fast and slight tuning. N - this is good and a warm sound really helps here.

P - articulation varies slightly. Q - timing is ahead of the band here but R is very good and broad. Euph does well into S. I like the molto rit. Euph slow at U and trom slightly over done. Good into V and tempo is just right. Good effect into Z. Bass good sound but slow. AA - is good and flows well. BB -  slightly loose. CC bad luck horn and a good lengthy pause. Top C from eup? Very nice.

Stage nerves got to you in the end. But still good.

Well done.

Order of Play:  4 (Crofton)

Opening slightly rushed, and struggles with ppp. B -  fast exiting good trams. E - flows well but snare goes slightly array. H - not together and minor blemishes. L - good dim but is generally loose. M - very good soloist but ensemble is a bit shaky.

O - unison breathing in bass cuts the phrase. P - great all the voices can be heard. Good dynamics. R - very broad but slightly hurried. Flows very well. S - great euph unlucky split. Good climax but dims too early. T - dark and mysterious again. X - uncertainty in the entry but resumes well. Z-  good sound marked got long. BB - unlucky euph but very urgent finish very effective. Grat last chord.

Well Done.

Order of Play:  5 (Gawthorpe Brass)

Atmospheric opening, but cornets are too quiet. Flows well into A. B - very exciting and tight - wow! C - good and into D good dynamics. E - sure footed ensemble allows solo to shine. Very exciting through to I. Very exciting and a good pace.

L - is good and well balanced. M - slight intonation on A’s. N-  good ensemble dynamic. O - bass intonation bad before R - baritone tuning. R - big sop. S - nice calm atmosphere. Nice climax and fades into T. U - very good. Y - very good dynamic. Z – superb. AA - very good the music flows. BB - very good and tight. C-  careful on gliss tuning.

Well Done. Excellent.

Order of Play:  6 (Oughtibridge)

Very effective opening, minor intonation on the gliss. B – good but not quite together Troms. D - good tight bass. E to F flows well with good dynamics. It needs to move a little more. L - fades well. M - good codenza.

N - ensemble is slightly loose. A few blemishes bar 178 horn intonation. Nice into S. Good euph, bad luck sop. Good build to climax. Intonation in euph and early dims. T - careful troms. V - not together. Z - nice and broad. AA - octave tuning? BB - snare too loud. CC - good and lively baritone gliss? Bar 319 – 321? Good close very neat.

Well Done.

Order of Play:  7 (Huddersfield & Ripponden)

Opening loose. A little tenative. Trom tuning on gliss. Good sop. B - crotchets could be fuller, troms phrasing good tempo – exciting. D - basses loose. E - nervous solos a bit loose - more dynamics? H -no acceleration into I -  very short attacking style.

M - intonation. O - rough bass, good ensemble back row. Nice flugal euph. R - good sound and horn. S - calm and controlled. Good but short climax into T - euph intonation. Good atmosphere. Crochets a little pecked at V. Very lively. Z - very warm sound. Slightly over done into BB. Ending phrases lack clarity. Sop tuning at the end.

Good performance, well done.

Order of Play:  8 (Gawthorpe Brass 85)

Good opening, euphonium late from tied crochet. B - very short crochets. Very fast and quite exciting. D - good style. E - good solo and ensemble. H - into I needs more urgency, good dim into K. L - ebbs away well.

Good into N - minor intonation in the band. Intonation in basses at O. P-  good flug. Tenor horn tuning at R. Builds well into S could be broader. Good dynamic, good euph very musical. chord at T needs attention.

Euph flow at T on tied rhythm. V- more dynamic range required. Good euph at X. Slight tempo change. Good into BB. CC - very big and well controlled molto rall. Sop missing ending.

Well Done

Order of Play:  9 (West Yorkshire Police)

Opening slightly unsteady with intonation. B - more troms needed. D and E very atmospheric and exciting solos. I - exciting but more bass trom would help. L through to M very good and at N lyrical solo is good but slight looseness in ensemble.

O - nice bass sound gives a good atmosphere. P- trom tuning goes away. Good euph through to R - big broad and warm band sound. Euph does well again. Good musical shape through to the climax. Good sop - all falls away. Into T - a little uncertain. U - builds well into V. W-  is very nice and has good sop into Z. Nice bass sound feels exciting - falls away well at BB. CC-  is very controlled and played. Good last chord. Well done!

Order of Play:  10 (Rockingham)

Good opening - well done euph. Bass trom overdone but good atmosphere. B - very big and exciting. C and again at D very good. E - ensemble goes out of tune but all calms nicely. I - a few noticeable blemishes and tuning issues. L - falls away nicely.

M - stylish codenza and build into N good ensemble. O - is quite tentative and could be louder. Good flugel. P - everything fits together well. Before R take note of the dynamics. Horn tuning at S but euph does well. Good musical shape. Good climax into T - timp rushes ahead and unsettles things. U - a good menace. V - very good here. Y - very good dynamic. Z - large bass sound, and good ensemble. AA- quaver pulse fits perfectly. CC-  very dramatic but slight tuning issues on glis - otherwise very good.

Well Done! 

Hayley Edmond

Order of play: 1 (Emley)

Beginning – too loud to start. Intonation in troms? Clean start.

B – Good FF. Good dim to D – good flugel. Well controlled cornet and euph all through to good pp before I.

Well done basses and troms before J. M – cornet bit mobbly on first note but sweet sound. Good balance in band – could be quieter. 0 – good effects and very atmospheric. P – nice flugel. Unlucky trom – intonation in horn before R – 1st bari?

R – Nice full sound. S – good dim to f. Good fff before T. Careful not to overblow sop. T – A bit nervous euph. Nicely controlled pp solo cornets. V – Good ff. W – Good rhtym basses. Nice sop AA - - good sop and fluel. BB – quieter would have made a better effect. CC – Good gliss in horns but could have been louder last note – perc too loud.

Overall – A very good performance. Great solo cornet. Well done!

Order of play: 2 (Elland)

Beginning – Good clash from cornets. Euph – nice big sound. Bass trom to loud. Sop good.

Presto – Good trom. Tight – well done horns. Good ppp before D! Nice sounds flugel. Very good solo cornet/euph. 107 – quieter!

I – Good full sound. Well controlled dim. L – Good perc. M – Nicely controlled vib solo cornet.  Band too loud for p. O – good cornets – all lines are coming through. Well done all basses – not too loud. P – Well done all soloists – few blemishes. Good connections between flugel, bari, euph. Confident sound at J. 202 – 203 – intonation sop? 207 – fff could have been louder, with more controlled dim. 216 – too loud bass trom! Nice balance before V. W – Good – keep driving. Z – fuller crotchets? AA – sop could be louder . BB- good p. CC- Good gliss. Last note – could be more balanced.

Overall – Good performance, good solo, possibly more dynamics? At times not quite together. Well done.

Order of Play: 3 (Garforth)

Beginning – good start – euph a tad too loud. Would have been more atmospheric with a quieter p. Good sop.

B – Nice balance troms before D. Could have been a bit quieter ppp. Good solo cornet, euph. Horn try not to slow down I – Big sounds, nice rall.

K – Well done cornets for linking semi breves! M – intonation. Cornet? Good balance from band. O – Glock too loud – pp? Good atmosphere. P – good linking solos – horn watch intonation. Good euph, flugel, bari links.

R – don’t overblow sop. S – good runs euph, rep. 2007 – nice fff. T – Could have been much quieter!! W – tight and good. Nice sounds W + X. Nice cresc through to Y. Z – Nice broad sounds. AA – Good rep, sop, flug. CC – More gliss horns? Last note too much perc and euph. Intonation?

Overall – Intonation in pps are problematic in some areas. Could have had more energy and been tighter. Good performance. Well done.

Order of play: 4 (Crofton)

Beginning – cornets where are you? A – B good dynamics. B – Troms not together. D – good ff. Well done basses. Perc blemishes. I – Good articulation. Not always together. L – good cornets and perc. M – N – Nice sweet sound solo cornet, intonation on the low notes?

O – possibly a bit loud cornets? Bass intonation? P – Well done soloists – be careful of intonations agaian. Q – Well done flug, bari, euph – good links. R – Well done – all lines are clearly heard and with good dynamic. S – Lovely euph (few blemishes) and sop.  206 – good dynamics. Before I – intonation. It could have been much quieter. V – a little scrappy. Solo cornets too loud. V – Good basses rhythm – horns, baris. W – cornets could be louder. AA- Well done, good sounds. BB – quieter still? CC – good balance – horns itonation on glisss?

Last note – more balance, sop and perc too loud.

Overall – Good performance – more dynamics and intonation would have improved your performance. Well done.

Order of play: 5 (Gawthorpe Brass)

Clean start – more cornets? Clean entries. Intonation bari, euph? A – too loud only mp/mf. B – Solid sounds troms – you know exactly what your doing also when cornets join in – well done! D – good ff. E – Solos clean. Horn careful on high notes. Good cresc to I. Well done – good articulation and sound.

J – sop too loud. L – nicely controlled p. M – sounds too harsh solo cornet. N – musch better done. Good balance and intonation.

O – Very good cornets – just watch dynamics for atmosphere. Basses good – just watch intonation. Good flugel at P with trom sounding a little nervous. Horn high noteis a bit flat. Well done euph. Well done flug, bari, euph and Eb bass. Q – R – together.

R – sop overblown S – good. Cornets sweet sounding. Rep/ euph good runs. Cornet tuning before V? Good balance and basses horn and bari well done!. X= Y very together – Y – great cresc Z – wow! AA – good flugel and sop. BB – intonation. CC – good gliss – tuning? Nice rall. Last note intonation?

Overall – Very good performance although sometimes overblown Good soloists. Well done.

Order of play: 6 (Oughtibridge)

Beginning – good start. 1st Bari? Euph – good  - rhythm? A – well done solo cornets not too loud, good sop and euph. B – very confident troms and cornets. Good ppp before D – horns watch intonation. E – solo cornet and euph good – musical. Horn articulation?

I – good balance, intonation? J – good fff. L – not always together, few blemishes. M – not together solo cornet and 2nd trom. Intonation again – tiny blemish. Band good though. Well done cornets and glock at O. P – Basses watch intonation. Flugel too. 1st trom and soloists lovely. Q – good linking between solo lines. Tuning off – overblowing?     S – nice sweet sounds – not always together. 204 – rep? 207 – good fff – could be quieter! V – very well done. X – good sop. Z – louder? AA – good solo lines, but missing flugel? Good glisses, but 2nd last bar overblown. Last bar good - well balanced to lose.

Overall – Intonation could have been better and so to dynamics for me. Well done.

Order of play: 7 (Huddersfield & Ripponden)

Beginning not together. Nervous entry from euph. A – good balance sop and and trom. B – well done snare drum – good basses, trom.

E – solo cornet – splits, euph not in time, but good bottom half to band. K – good solo cornets, but a few splits. L – a bit fast. M – tuning from cornet and trom. Band good. O – Glock too loud for pp. Well done cornets. Basses – tuning?

P – flugel sounds nervous. Trom good, horn intonation, euph good. Before R – trom too loud, but well done flugel and soloists. Good playing from R – S which is very nice. 207 could be much louder. T – tuning? V – well played solo cornets and euph and sop. W – well done and good perc rhythm. X – good. Z – nice tone. AA – someone goes missing. Horns careful of gliss. Out of tune last note.

Overall - Dynamics weren’t wide enough in range. Not really interesting enough performance although a good attempt. Well done.

Order of play: 8 (Gawthorpe Brass 85)

Cornets wobbly at beginning, but good eup, troms and flugel. A – good sop. B could have been louder and C – troms not always together. 59 – cornet too loud, good flug and horn though. E – a few mistakes here and too quiet in cornet. Good euph well balanced to I. Good playing although cornet tuning at K?

L – good. M – too much cresc. N – tuning on top is a little off. Band accompany well. O – Glock too loud. Well dones basses. P – more vib flug? Troms/euph and soloists good. Not too much vib sop before S! Nice ensemble cornets, good tuning sop. Well done euph and flug – good runs.

T – could be quieter but good balance and fine cresc. V – good perc and basses. Tempo is fast? Good at X + Y. nice full sounds – well done sop and flugel at AA. Horns a bit out of tune at CC. Good rall and a great last bar. Well done!

Overall – Good dynamics but in places could have been louder. Good performance. Well done.

Order of play: 9 (West Yorkshire Police)

Clean start. Euph a bit nervous and troms out of tune. A – well balanced. B – good dynamics, good roms. Good ppp before D. Well done solo cornets and basses – very together.

E – Good solos – very good euph. Nice tone. I – Good transition in tempo. Could be more articulated. K – Well done band – every part is heard. Intonation?
M – Cornet and trom don’t start together. Good cornet. N – better band although some intonation problems. O – good atmosphere – well done. P – nice tone flugel, but trom intonation with horn. Euph – very nice. Well done bass. R – well done soloists. S – very musical.

Fantastic before T. Euph again good. Intonation is sometimes off in the basses. Good though. V – good dynamics again. Very broad and rhythmic at the same time. BB – great cresc. CC – well done horns! Very in tune. Last note – very good.

Overall – very good solos, especially euph. Well done – good dynamics. However some tuning problems. A great performance. Well done.

Order of play: 10 (Rockingham)

Good start – good clash in cornets. Bass trom too loud. Nice cresc into A. Good euph and sop. B – together troms well done. D – good perc – well done this and so too flugel and horn. E – good solo cornets and euph. Well kept rhythm basses
and perc. F, G, H – connects well together – well done this.

I – good big sounds. K – good semi breves going through cornets and baris. M and N – great. Cornet sounded nervous but good accompaniment. Well done. O – good intonation and kept together. P – Open sound flugel. Horns sounds a little forced and other solos are good. R – good rhythm. S – very good – together and balanced. 

Sop watch tuning . 207 great fff. T – very good. Well done solo lines again. Watach out before W.  Very musical this. Z – fantastic! Very tight and great dynamics. Good sop before BB. Horns careful at CC not to overblow. Last bar – wow!

Overall – Very together, musical and rhythmic. A very good performance. Well done. 

Jonathan Bates

Order of play: 1 (Emley)

Beginning to B – Trom start is good but duet not together with euph. Troms feel harsh at B. Good dim to D.

Cornets flat into E. Good cornet at E. horns and baris don’t blend at G. Good speed at I. Strong accomp at I. Semi breves at K do not sound.  Effective repeat at L. Perc effective into M. N – good dynamics in the lower band. O – more cresc could be taken. P – Flugel very good sound. Untidy trom and good horn. Q – Held togetherwell and good dynamics. S – Back row don’t move together. Perc slightly loud before T. x – cornets are loud. Builds well to Z and has big sound. Good accel and effective horns. Good last note.

Order of play: 2 (Elland)

Beginning to B – good strong back row. Good euph in solo. Feels slightly fast.

B – accurate troms. D – sop is a bit harsh into E. E – very good cornet solo and good horn. H – good crescendo to I. Both solos come out. Some tuning issues into K. Euph is loud at L. M – cornet could be quieter but a good sound. O – cornet and glock out. Bass sounds slightly harsh in solo. P – soloists are good and very effective accomp. A little overblown before T. Troms overblow at N but good at AA. Horns great on glisses – not too much to end though.

Overall a very good performance with much to merit.

Order of play: 3 (Garforth)

Beginning to B feels slow. Troms also slightly harsh. Cornet inaudible at A.  B – cornet unlucky in solo. Horn tuning in solo after D is out. Cornet is good after E. horn sounds a shade harsh in solo at G.

Rhythm doesn’t fit at I. Good semi breves at K. Generally too loud at L. good cornet solo. 1st horn has good sound at O. Basses harsh into P. Solo horn goes flat after P.  R – good solo line and dynamics. Sound dims to quickly into T.
Solo cornet too loud at V. Good speed at W. Y – good dynamics and good sounds at AA. Doesn’t gell into CC. Euph out with perc at end.  

Overall – a good whole sound but the technical playing wasn’t as good.


Order of play: 4 (Crofton)

Beginning to B. Timp rushes at the beginning. Good dynamic control. B – tempo is a little excessive. Sop blows out of tune into G. Very good solo cornet but euph overblowing the ensemble at F. I – works very well but phrasing in bass line does not fit together.

Bass line is slightly above at N. Uncomfortable at P. good balance at R in dynamics. Back row tuning at S and band is too quick at 207. Good work at V and build well. A little unsettled and accents in wrong place at Y. Snare drum  out at BB.

Overall – a performance of good merit but rhythmic inaccuracies could cost.

Order of play: 5 (Gawthorpe Brass)

Beginning to B – too loud to start, but good cresc into presto. B – harsh trombone sounds and not together. G – good solo cornet and 2nd soloist. Horn slightly harsh in solo. Tuning leading into K is well out.

Cornet goes sharp at cadenza, but good flugel at P. horn goes flat in solo and too loud at R – and in some places is overblown Cornet tuning is miles out before T. Sop unlucky after V. Y is effective and moves into Z well. Good push into CC. Horns give good glisses.

Fantastic soloists all round and the sound of the band was great. Just in playing very loud it was overblown and affected the tuning.


Order of play: 6 (Oughtibridge)

Start to B – cornet tuning at start is out.  Bass trom harsh at 7.

B – harsh trombone sound in solo. F – solo cornet could use more vibrato. H – effective solos and good into I. I – minims come out well. L – horn tuning out and too loud. Percussion cuts off into M and cymbal comes in wrong?

Accomp at N is balanced but there are intonation problems between soloist and the band. O – cornets aren’t balanced but it improves into P. Flugel tuning is out in solo. Horn is very good. Good controlled dynamics and broad style at R. Good dim into S.
 Overblown at 207 and sop dominates. Cresc was left too late into V, but effective after Y. Snare drum too loud at BB and horns out of tune at end.

Order of play: 7 (Huddersfield & Ripponden)

Start to B: Not together at Start. Euph good at start but cornet is out of tune. Late cresc to B. C – harsh trombone sounds. D – very good at start. E – unlucky solo cornet, recovers well.

F – tempo sounds to be speeding up. Missing horn before I but good dynamics. Minims too forced on trombones.  L – is rushed and doesn’t work. M – tuning out between trom and euph. Basses good at O, but then gets grumbly. Good progression into R – could be louder?

Euph tuning at S out with horns. Cornet tuning leading into 207. Dims too quickly and cornets out of tune. There is no feel for the subito piano. Cornet tuning at W – too loud too soon before Z. No real dynamics at Z and cornets are out of tune at end. 

Order of play: 8 (Gawthorpe Brass 85)

Start to B: Cornets good at start but tempo feels pushed in 8th bar. Sop rhythm wrong before 23?

B – good troms in trio. Great dynamic leading into D. E – Solo cornet could use smoother sound. 2nd soloist too quiet at F. Horn top A in solo a bit harsh. Didn’t really drop in dynamic four before I. I – minims don’t fit together and cornet flat at K.  L – repeat is effective. Cornet goes sharp on 1st note of cadenza. Accomp out of tune on chord at N.

Good clear cornets at O. Good soloists at P. Good control at R. Too much vib before S on soprano. More cresc needed at 207. Good dim though into T but tuning on back row is out.

V – accomp too loud. Y – is more accurate but Z is slower than Y – but not broader. Good horns at CC but weak to end on poor last note.

Order of play: 9 (West Yorkshire Police)

Start to B: Rhythm out in euph and from troms. Trom tuning at start is out too. Troms weak at B and horn tuning is out leading into F. Good cornet at G matches horn at H. Too loud before I. Semi breves fit well but sound overblown. Euph late at L.

Good use of vibrato in cornet solo at M. Intonation in accomp is also good and is balanced. Glock rushed at O. Cornets not together in places before P. Good control at R. The dynamics get to sound uncertain in places and tuning wavers into S. Euph out at 204, good at 2007. Doesn’t feel togther towards Y and it gets out of tune.    BB – good sub p and accel to CC. Good back row at 332? Harsh last note spoils things a bit. 

Order of play: 10 (Rockingham)

Beginning to B: good dynamics and balance in opening section. Troms just a bit harsh.

D – overblown in cornets. E – accomp is not balanced. Top A on horn is out but welsewhere is fine. Poor intonation in cornets into I. I not effective and no chord into K? L – is too quick and M too harsh.

Glock out at O but good trom solo after P. This is high standard playing now very controlled and musical. Just gets overblown into 207 but it is good playing. Slower than beginning but it moves well into V. Perc adds colour at Z and all the notes are heard. Very broad and effective into BB and onto CC. Just overblown on glisses. Last note is stunningly good! 


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