2008 North American Brass Band Championships - Preview: Explorer Section


4BR takes a look at the bands in the Explorer Section of the NABBA Contest.

NABBAExplorer Section:
Saturday, March 29, 2008
Venue: Robinson Concert Hall
Time: 10:10am-11:30am
Set Piece: Hinemoa (Wood)

The explorer section was initially set-up up to help bands "settle in" to their first year of contesting.

Over the years, it has slowly settled into the fourth adult section, that is able to serve more bands as the level of playing of the higher sections has improved so rapidly.

All Star Brass and PercussionBend in the River Brass Band
Dr. Timothy Zifer

Principal Players:
Soprano Cornet: Jim McMurray
Principal Cornet: Rick Huffman
Horn: Karin Heinicke
Trombone: Gary Kirtley
Euphonium: Donald Bookout
Basses: John Wittenbraker

Recent Form at NABBA:
2007 NABBA Championships: 2nd Place (Explorer Section)
2006 NABBA Championships: DNC
2005 NABBA Championships: DNC

The Bend in the River Brass Band returns to contest for the second year under new directior, six new band members, a new rehearsal venue and a newly established relationship with the University of Evansville.

BRBB had a fine debut last year and you can bet they’ll have their eye on the top prize and that beautiful Tor banner

Brass Band of the Tri State
Gary Clarke

Principal Players:
Soprano: Mark Shaw
Principal Cornet: Robert Chiarenzellie
Flugel: Rick Roenne
Horn: Dave Shaw
Trombone: Jim Grate
Euphonium: Chip Gue

Recent Form at NABBA:
2007 NABBA Championships: 1st Place (Explorer Section)
2006 NABBA Championships: 1st Place (Explorer Section)
2005 NABBA Championships: 5th Place (Challenge Section)

A regular for several years now, BBTS has won the Explorer Section two times in a row.

Their “neighbor” down the Ohio River (about a five-hour drive), BRBB took them by surprise last year and gave Tri-State a bit of a scare. BBTS will be aggressively preparing for this year’s competition to make sure they hang on to their title.

4BR prediction:

It's taken almost 25 years and the development of new sections for the centrifuge of the NABBA competition to properly stratify the layers of bands.  The Explorer Section is really the last section to settle in and this one could go to either band on the day.

However, as the saying goes, there is no experience quite like winning and we think Tri-State will just hang on to their title.

1. Brass Band of the Tri-State
2. Bend in the River Brass Band


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