2008 Spring Festival - Senior Cup: Runners & Riders


19 quality bands line up here to tackle a very English inspired set work, to try to gain one of the four gilt edged promotion places to the Grand Shield.

Melvin White
4BR Ranking: 124

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Richard Hughes
Soprano Cornet: Paul Bilkey
Flugel: Dan Ruby
Solo Horn: Clare Smith
Solo Euphonium: Matthew Dixon
Solo Trombone: Simon Ridge
Baritone: Graham Palmer
Eb Tuba: John Harmon
Bb Tuba: James Sheppard

Blackpool Form:
2007: 6th (D. Barringer)
2006: 7th (S. Sykes)
2005: 3rd in Senior Trophy (S. Sykes) (prom)
2004: 11th (N. Seaman)
2003: 17th in Senior Cup (I. Holmes) (rel)
2002: 6th in Senior Trophy (I. Holmes) (prom)

Form Guide:
Not a great 2008 so far for the hard working band from the West of England as they continue to rebuild after a period of major changes.

Melvin White is a very experienced hand at the tiller and he will be looking to see if he can improve the form from the 13th place at Yeovil and the 12th place at the Area. A good solid showing here may be a step in the right direction.   

aSHTONAshton under Lyne
Carl Whiteoak
4BR Ranking: 80

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Claire Chalk
Principal Euphonium: Nigel Lawless
Soprano Cornet: Phil Ramsden
Solo Trombone: Dave Priestley
Solo horn: N/K
Flugel horn: N/K
Solo Baritone: Danny Catlow
Eb Bass: John Clough
Bb Tuba: Gary Roylance

Blackpool Form:
2007: 17th in Grand Shield (P. Chalk) (rel)
2006: 19th British Open (P. Chalk) (rel)
2005: 17th (Philip Chalk)

Form Guide:
After the giddy heights of the British Open in 2005 and 2006, Ashton has found life harder going of late and now find themselves at least two steps away from a return to Birmingham.

2nd at Tameside and 4th in the First Section Area at Blackpool gives some indication of their current contesting form and status, but it would still be foolish to write of their chances of a good result here again. 

WireBactiguard Wire Brass
Paul Andrews
4BR Ranking: 81

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Mike Jones
Soprano Cornet: Billy Parkinson
Flugel: Andrea Egginton
Solo Horn: Anabel Stapleton
Solo Euphonium: N/K
Solo Trombone: N/K
Baritone: Marianne Cliff
Eb Tuba: N/K
Bb Tuba: Nick Jones

Blackpool Form:
2007: 4th in Senior Trophy (P. Andrews) (prom)

Form Guide:
After their amazing climb up through the contesting ranks Bactiguard has been settling down with solid performances in the top section over the past year or so.

Promotion here from the Senior Trophy was well deserved and they were entertaining at Butlins despite the 10th place. 14th at Brass at the Guild and 8th at the Area may suggest they have a little way still to go before they reach closer to the British Open itself, but they are moving very much in the right direction under Paul Andrews.  

BessesBesses o' th' Barn
John North
4BR Ranking: 162

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Matt Sale
Euphonium: Amyt Stuckermeyer
Soprano Cornet: John Atkinson
Solo Trombone: Kerry Hendley
Solo horn: Nick Guzman
Flugel horn: Mike Stott
Baritone: James Holt
Eb Tuba: Richard Cookson
Bb Tuba: Kieran Higham

Blackpool Form:
2007: 16th in Senior Cup (J. Hinckley)
2006: 18th Grand Shield (J. Hinckley) (rel)
2005: 9th (J. Cant)
2004: 14th (S. Sykes)
2003: 12th in British Open (S. Sykes) (rel)
2002: 2nd Grand Shield (prom); 13th British Open (Lynda Nicholson)
2001: 11th (G. Pritchard)
2000: 3rd (G. Pritchard)
1999: 21st in British Open (G. Pritchard) (rel)
1998: 17th (D. Broadbent)
1997: 16th (D. Broadbent)
1996: 13th (D. Broadbent)
1995: 9th (A. Briggs)
1994: 20th (P. Andrews)
1993: 19th (T. Halliwell)

Form Guide:
After some pretty desperate times of late Besses make a return to the contesting stage this weekend with renewed confidence and just about a full compliment of players.

There has been plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes to revive the band and despite not being able to make it to the Area contest this could be the start of much better things to come.      

BonessBo'ness and Carriden
Mike Marzella
4BR Ranking: 116

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Craig Robertson
Soprano Cornet: Richard Tobin
Flugel: Sarah Findlay
Solo Horn: Suzanne Robertson
Solo Euphonium: Scott Cameron
Solo Trombone: Gregor Stewart
Baritone: Jan Komorowski
Eb Tuba: Toni Pacher
Bb Tuba: David Lapsley

Blackpool Form:
2007: 3rd in Senior Trophy (M. Marzella) (prom)
2006: 18th in Senior Cup (S. Lippeatt) (rel)
2005: 16th (D. Hirst)
2004: 12th (D. James)
2003: 5th in Senior Trophy (I. Davey) (prom)
2002: 10th (I. Davey)

Form Guide:
Winners of the Scottish Championship First Section, Bo’ness is celebrating their 150th anniversary in some style in 2008.

The band has a busy calendar of engagements and projects for the year, but it seems they haven’t forgotten that they would love to be able to also say that it was an extremely successful contesting one too.  Confident and well directed, there are plenty of experienced players in the ranks to make sure they could well do just that here. 

BournemouthBournemouth Concert
Jonathan Camps
4BR Ranking: 94

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Willem van der Leest
Soprano: Kevin Hughes
Flugel: John Kidby
Horn: Phil Randal
Euph: Stephen Didcott
Trombone: Peter Hartley
Baritone: Bradley Rouillier
Eb Tuba: Bill Willis
Bb Tuba: Phil Henley

Blackpool Form:
2007: 13th (D. Hayward)
2006: 10th (C. Davies)
2005: 7th (P. Cosh)
2004: 9th (D. Hayward)
2003: 2nd in Senior Trophy (D. Hayward) (prom)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: 18th in Grand Shield (N. Taken) (rel)
Before 2002 the band did not compete in these contests

Form Guide:
Bournemouth has just fallen away off the pace on the contest stage both here and elsewhere in the last year or so, and will surely be looking for a return to contention this time around after coming 13th last time out.  

2008 has seen them lose a couple of major players and come 9th at Yeovil and then a disappointing 10th at the West of England Area. Time for a return to form then.  

CwmamanCwmaman Institute Silver
David Evans
4BR Ranking: 51

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Tim Malpas
Principal Euphonium: Jeremy Rugman
Soprano Cornet: Carol Flannery-Davies
Solo Trombone: Steve Stonelake
Solo horn: John Jemmett
Flugel horn: Rhian Hills
Baritone: Bill Cross
Eb Tuba: Richard Killen
Bb Tuba: Andrew Rooke

Blackpool Form:
2007: 8th (N. Seaman)
2006: 16th in Grand Shield (J. Corry) (rel)
2005: 12th (J. Hudson)
2004: 16th in British Open (J. Hudson) (rel)
2003: 17th (J. Hudson)
2002: Winners (J. Hudson) (prom); 5th at British Open (J. Hudson)
2001: 3rd in Senior Cup (G. O'Connor) (prom)
2000: 19th in Grand Shield (rel)
1999: 11th
Did not compete before 1999

Form Guide:
A few moths ago there were rumours flying around Wales about the imminent demise of Cwmaman, but the band that not so long ago came 5th at the British Open itself, has rallied impressively and will return to Blackpool with confidence under David Evans.

The Area contest has provided them with their only run out this season so far and there were glimpses there that things were moving back in the right direction, so a solid performance here may be just what is required to build on for the future.    

Archie Hutchison
4BR Ranking: 58

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Sandy McCulloch
Soprano Cornet: David Roxburgh
Flugel: John Boax
Solo Horn: Christopher Dale
Solo Euphonium: David McKellar
Solo Trombone: Derick Kirkwood
Baritone: Alison O'Donnell
Eb Tuba: N/K
Bb Tuba: Ian Taylor

Blackpool Form:
2007: 12th (A. Hutchison)
2006: 5th (A. Hutchison)
2005: 13th (A. Hutchison)
2004: 14th (R. Evans)
2003: 3rd in Senior Trophy (R. Evans) (prom)
2002: 7th (D. Hirst)

Form Guide:
The experienced Archie Hutchison brings his band south once again to see if they can climb a little close to an appearance at the British Open.

They will be keen to improve on last year’s showing of 12th place, but an encouraging performance at the Scottish Championships were they cam a hard earned 7th may indicate that they are more than capable of doing just that or more.  

EYMSEast Yorkshire Motor Services
Frans Violet
4BR Ranking: 59

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jef Vermeiren
Solo Euphonium: Neil Johnson
Solo Horn: Alison Grantham
Soprano: Kevin Moxon
Flugel: Kathy Newiss
Solo Trombone: Mark Unsworth
Baritone: John Matthews
Eb Tuba: David Fox
Bb Tuba: Stephen Gibson

Blackpool Form:
2007: 5th (J. Davies)
2006: 6th (J. Davies)
2005: 20th in Grand Shield (J. Gillam) (rel)
2004: 18th (G. Pritchard)
2003: 9th (G. Pritchard)
2002: Winners of Senior Cup (G. Pritchard) (prom)
2001: DNC
2000: 14th (G. O'Connor)
1999: DNC
1998: N/K (J. Roberts)
1997: 6th (A. Snell)
Did not compete in these contests before 1997.

Form Guide:
Now this is an interesting combination isn’t it now? The brilliant Belgian may have a few problems understanding the accents in Hull but his music making crosses any linguistic border.

EYMS have really pushed the boat out here and made a real statement of intent. If they can match the MDs intentions (and work ethic) then they could well be in with a real shout. Confidence is high after coming runner up at Darlington too, so watch out.   


Ray Farr
4BR Ranking: 31

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: John White
Solo Euphonium: Jeff Bell
Solo Horn: Martin Armstrong
Soprano: Malcolm Usher
Flugel: Melissa Madison
Solo Trombone: Malcolm Gill
Baritone: Caroline Bell
Eb Tuba: Colin Shaw
B Tuba: Keith Hepworth

Blackpool Form:
2007: 18th in Grand Shield (R. Evans) (rel)
2006: 13th (D. Roberts)
2005: 14th (I. McElligott)
2004: 10th (I. McElligott)
2003: 4th (G. O'Connor)
2002: 6th (G. O'Connor)
2001: 10th (I. Robinson)
2000: DNC
1999: 14th (I. Robinson)
1998: DNC
1997: 19th (I. Robinson)
1996: 10th (I. Robinson)
1995: DNC
1994: DNC
1993: DNC

Form Guide:
Like their North East rivals EYMS, Fishburn are also making a serious statement of musical intent with the appointment of Ray Farr to take them here.

After coming 9th at Brass at the Guild Hall and a disappointing 4th at the Area (under Russell Gray) they may well feel they are due a touch of luck after their relegation from the Grand Shield last year.  If they really play to form then they too could be celebrating a promotion or even better. 

JaguarJaguar (Coventry)
David Lea
4BR Ranking: 102

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Bob Baggott
Solo Euphonium: Rob Hunt
Solo Horn: Lynette Wild
Soprano: Darren Lea
Flugel: Andrew Bates
Solo Trombone: Kevin Lea
Baritone: David Taylor
Eb Tuba: Mick Wild
Bb Tuba: N/K

Blackpool Form:
2007: 11th (D. Lea)
2006: 15th (D. Lea)
2005: 18th in Grand Shield (D. Lea) (rel)
2004: 12th (D. Lea)
2003: 2nd in Senior Cup (D. Lea) (prom)
2002: 10th
2001: 16th in Grand Shield (rel)
2000: 16th in British Open (rel)
1999: 2nd in Grand Shield (prom); 22nd in British Open
1998: N/K
1997: DNC
1996: 18th Grand Shield

Form Guide:
Not so log ago now Jaguar was taking to the stage at the British Open, and although a repeat of those heady days may be a little way over the contesting horizon at present, they still possess enough quality in front and behind the stands to more than make a mark here again.

10th at Yeovil and 9th at the Area at Burton upon Trent may suggest they are a little way off producing enough to win, but a promotion place may not be beyond Dave Lea and his band.   

KingdomKingdom Brass
Craig Anderson
4BR Ranking: 29

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: James Smith
Soprano Cornet: Martin Edwards
Flugel: Michelle Cain
Solo Horn: Stuart McKenzie
Solo Euphonium: Brian Paterson
Solo Trombone: Marion Brackpool
Baritone: Brian Mitchell
Eb Tuba: Jim Kelly
Bb Tuba: Graham Smith

Blackpool Form:
2007: 14th (C. Anderson)
2006: Winners of Senior Trophy (C. Anderson) (prom)
2005: 5th (A. Duguid)
2004: DNC
2003: 13th (A. Hutchinson)
2002: 15th (S. Kerwin)
2001: 13th (I. Davey)
Didn't compete at the contests before 2001.

Form Guide:
The talented tuba star Craig Anderson has seemingly rejuvenated Kingdom in the past year or so and after finding their feet here in coming 14th last year they will be keen to take another significant step towards Symphony Hall.

Winners of the recent Fife Contest and a fine 3rd place at the Scottish Area seems to have set them up with confidence for their assault here and a promotion place at the very least must be in their ambitious sights.  

Knottingley Silver
Robin Morgan
4BR Ranking: Outside top 200

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: N/K
Soprano: Faye Thompson
Flugel: Steven Clayton
Solo Horn: Roger Clayton
Solo Euphonium: Elizabeth Stimpson
Solo Trombone: Chris Beaumont
Baritone: Francis Ellis
Eb Tuba: Trevor Lloyd
Bb Tuba:  Barry Dobson

Blackpool Form:
2007: 18th (R. Morgan)
2006: 13th (K. Belcher)
2005: 14th (K. Belcher)
2004: 4th in Senior Trophy (K. Belcher) (prom)

Form Guide:
Knottingley will want to regain some sort of form at this contest this year after falling away to come bottom of the pile twelve months ago.

Robin Morgan is an experienced MD who knows what it takes to produce fine results, but with the band coming a lowly 12th in the First Section Area contest at Bradford earlier in the season he may have his work cut out this time around to do that.  

Neil Jowett
4BR Ranking: Outside top 200

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Glyn Nash
Soprano Cornet: Jason Varley
Flugel: Nicola Sanderson
Solo Horn: Vicky Seville
Solo Euphonium: Sean Conway
Solo Trombone: Paul Cryer
Baritone: Martin Gledhill
Eb Tuba: Ian Tiffany
Bb Tuba: N/K

Blackpool Form:
2007: 15th (N. Jowett)
2006: 14th (N. Jowett)
2005: 12th (N. Jowett)
2004: 19th in Grand Shield (N. Jowett) (rel)
2003: 6th in Senior Cup (N. Jowett) (prom)
2002: 16th in Grand Shield (N. Jowett) (rel)
2001: Winners of Senior Cup (N. Jowett) (prom)
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: N/K (N. Jowett)
1997: DNC
1996: DNC
1995: 21st in Grand Shield (D. Horsfield)
1994: DNC
1993: 18th (N. Jowett)

Form Guide:
The vastly experienced Neil Jowett returns once more with Lindley looking to set them back on track for a return to the Grand Shield for the first time since 2004.

Over the years they have performed well here, but 2008 hasn’t seen the best of them as yet with a hugely disappointing 14th place in the First Section at Bradford a blow to morale. Hopefully they can turn things around on the weekend and push for at least a tip ten finish or better.  

PembertonPemberton Old Wigan JJB
  Mark Peacock
4BR Ranking: 71

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Joanne Johnson
Soprano Cornet: Simon Morgan
Flugel: Carina Halliwell
Solo Horn: Chris Sanders
Solo Euphonium: Andy Tyson
Solo Trombone: David Chapman
Baritone: N/K
Eb Tuba: Stephen Parfitt
Bb Tuba: Dave McGlynn

Blackpool Form:
2007: 9th (A. Hobbins)
2006: 12th (M. Peacock)
2005: 4th in Senior Trophy (M. Peacock) (prom)
2004: 9th (M. Peacock)
2003: 19th in Senior Cup (G. Cutt) (rel)
2002: Winners of Senior Trophy (A. Lawton) (prom)

Form Guide:
One of the form bands coming into this contest, Pemberton should be confident of at least making it into the promotion places after a fine 2008 season so far.

That has included a sojourn to France, a decent 10th place at the Area Championships and wins at both Brass at the Guild Hall and Buxton just a week ago on this very test piece. Omens perhaps for success? 

Ratby Co-operative
Brett Baker
4BR Ranking: 135

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Pete Collins
Soprano Cornet: Iain Raisbeck
Flugel: Guido Damore
Solo Horn: Matt Taylor
Solo Euphonium: Mark Glover
Solo Trombone: Becky Moss
Baritone: Kaye Root
Eb Tuba: Graeme Foulds
Bb Tuba: Stuart Venables

Blackpool Form:
2007: 17th (S. Sykes)
2006: 4th in Senior Trophy (B. Baker) (prom)
2005: 11th (R. Newsome)
2004: 18th in Senior Cup (D. Maplestone) (rel)
2003: 18th (K. J. Steward)
2002: 8th (K. J. Steward)
2001: 15th (K. J. Steward)
2000: 15th in Grand Shield (K. J. Steward) (rel)
1999: 6th (K. J. Steward)

Form Guide:
Black Dyke’s trombone star Brett Baker continues his conducting association with Ratby and after a solid finding of their Senior Cup feet last year they will surely be looking to take another major step towards the Grand Shield promotion places.

2008 hasn’t been too bad so far with a decent 8th place at the Area contest, so a bit of a dark horse perhaps here? 

John Roberts
4BR Ranking: 60

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jo Payne
Solo Euphonium: Robert Cavender
Solo Horn: William Carter
Soprano: Robert Jagger
Flugel: Clare Daws
Solo Trombone: Chris Mansfield
Baritone: Owen Watson
Eb Tuba: Martin Oke
Bb Tuba: Mark Wilkinson

Blackpool Form:
2007: 7th (J. Roberts)
2006: 8th (J. Roberts)
2005: 19th in Grand Shield (J. Hinckley) (rel)
2004: 8th (K. Wadsworth)
2003: 13th (K. Wadsworth)
2002: 10th (K. Wadsworth)
2001: 4th in Senior Cup (K. Wadsworth) (prom)
The band didn't compete at the contest before 2001.

Form Guide:
The form band of 2008 without a doubt. Victories at Butlins and Bradford mean that Skelmanthorpe come here on the crest of a huge wave of confidence.

Those wins were in the First Section however and this is a step up in class, but given that they have been there or thereabouts here in the last two years you get the feeling that a promotion place or better will be the least of their ambitions on the weekend. They shouldn’t be disappointed either.   

David Nesbitt
4BR Ranking: 83

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Matthew Knowles
Solo Horn: Trevor Goodison
Solo Euphonium: Ian Wright
Solo Trombone: Neil Twist
Soprano Cornet: Kevin Donaldson
Flugel: Jennifer Fawcett
Baritone: Isobel Radford
Eb Tuba: Don Jones
Bb Tuba: Arthur Cutts
Blackpool Form:

2007: Winners of Senior Trophy (D. Nesbitt) (prom)
2006: DNC
2005: 10th in Senior Cup
2004: 19th in Grand Shield (D. Renshaw) (rel)
2003: 12th (D. Renshaw)
2002: 5th in Senior Cup (D. Renshaw) (prom)
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: 10th in British Open (R. Newsome)
1995: 15th (G. O'Connor)
1994: 8th (G. O'Connor)
1993: 7th (K. Bolton)

Form Guide:
Last year’s Senior Trophy winners return this year looking to take another important step back towards the British Open – a stage they last graced over a decade ago now.

If they can produce the form of 12 months ago then they should be a band to look out for, but they were not really firing on all cylinders at Bradford where they came 12th in the Area contest. Lots of talent they should fancy their chances if they recover their form.   

KinneilUnison Kinneil
Colin McKenzie
4BR Ranking: 46

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Keith Johnston
Soprano: Owen Downs
Flugel: Trevor Gray
Solo Horn: Kirsty Lehany
Solo Euphonium: Ian Campbell
Solo Trombone: Colin Buchanan
Baritone: Hayley Bain
Eb Tuba: Jamie Quin
Bb Tuba: Graham Kelly

Blackpool Form:
2007: 10th (C. McKenzie)
2006: 9th (A. Duncan)
2005: 6th (A. Duncan)
2004: 3rd in Senior Trophy (A. Ramsay) (prom)
2003: 10th (A. Ramsay)
2002: 20th in Senior Cup (A. Ramsay) (rel)
2001: 15th (John Hinckley)

Form Guide:
Consistent results here over the last three years for Unison Kinneil but they have been moving away from the promotion places too.

Colin McKenzie will be looking to reverse that trend this weekend and if they can build on the solid 5th place at the Scottish Championship they could well be in with a chance of doing just that or more.


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