2009 European Brass Band Championships - Gallery: Postcard


Selection of postcard pictures from this year's European Championships

Photos by Ian Clowes, Goldy Solutions. Go to www.goldysolutions.co.uk

Around Ostend

Welcome to Belgium

Greetings weary traveller!

Ostend Marina

EBBC 2009 banners line the streets

"The long day closes" - Ostend 2009

The Contest Venue

The EBBC 2009 Programme Cover

Walkway to the press area - Kursaal Hall

Pianist in bronze - Kursaal Hall

Foyer and reception - Kursaal Hall

EBBA Events

Attentive listeners at the Open EBBA Conference

Mrs. Jo De Groote speaker on 'Music Education'

Jan Van der Roost explains the foundations of 'From Ancient Times'

A pair of "Grimey" shoes back stage looking for a player!

The 4br Team at the Championships

The 4br team take an evening stoll before the competition

4br team in action in the Kursaal Hall

Enjoying traditional Belgian quisine




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