2009 National Championships of Great Britain - Runners and Riders


4BR looks at the records of the 20 bands that will take to the stage trying to win the title this weekend.

DykeBlack Dyke
Conductor: Dr. Nicholas Childs
4BR Ranking: 3

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Richard Marshall
Euphonium: David Thornton
Soprano: Paul Duffy
Trombone: Brett Baker
Horn: Sandy Smith
Flugel: Alexandra Kerwin
Baritone: Gareth Brindle
Eb Tuba: Joseph Cook
Bb Tuba: Matt Routley

Appearances: 77th time
Debut: 1900

Best Result: 21 Wins
Last Year: Winners

2009 Qualification: 4th place at Yorkshire Regional Championships (pre-qualified) conducted by Dr. Nicholas Childs.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: Winners (Nicholas Childs) (11)
2007: 4th (Nicholas Childs) (13)
2006: 2nd (Nicholas Childs) (8)
2005: 2nd (Nicholas Childs) (17)
2004: Winners (Nicholas Childs) (11)
2003: 4th (Nicholas Childs) (3)
2002: 3rd (Nicholas Childs) (4)
2001: Winners (Nicholas Childs) (12)
2000: DNQ
1999: DNQ
1998: 5th (James Watson) (11)
1997: DNQ
1996: 3rd (James Watson) (6)

Overall Record:
Wins: 21 times - 1902, 1928, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1959, 1961, 1967, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1994, 1995, 2001, 2004, 2008
Second place: 18 times - 1900, 1923, 1924, 1930, 1932, 1936, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1989, 2005, 2006
Third place: 11 times - 1903, 1913, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1952, 1960, 1973, 1974, 1996, 2002
Fourth place: 5 times - 1912, 1921, 1934, 2003, 2007
Fifth place: 3 times - 1908, 1955, 1998
Sixth place: 4 times - 1904, 1926, 1956, 1984
Unplaced: 14 times – 1909 (N/K), 1920 (N/K), 1922 (N/K), 1925 (N/K), 1927 (N/K), 1929 (N/K), 1931 (N/K), 1933 (N/K), 1945 (N/K), 1953 (N/K), 1958 (N/K), 1962 (8th), 1965 (N/K), 1990 (7th)

Form Guide:
If ever a band needs to reassert its claim to dominance then now is that time for Black Dyke.

The English National Champion has come off second best this year in its one head to head clash with Cory at the British Open, but only by the narrowest of margins. Now they need to show that despite the accumulated silverwear in South Wales, the real world champion band comes from Yorkshire.

A repeat of that Birmingham form should see them as one of the last band’s standing come the announcement of the results, and it will take a welder’s torch let alone a Eric Ball one to prise Nicholas Childs’s hands off the National Trophy. They all know it will take one heck of a defence though to keep the old pot in Queensbury.
Player to watch out for: David Thornton – if their star euph player does the business then one hand will already be grasping the silver trophy.   

CamborneCamborne Town
Richard Evans
4BR Ranking:  47

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Kayleigh Rowe
Euphonium: Robert Jose
Soprano: Les Kneebone
Trombone: Barry Buist
Horn: Mark Letcher
Flugel: Andrew Mitchell
Baritone: Gavin Knowles
Eb Tuba: Lee Trewhella
Bb Tuba: James Sturgess

Appearances: 38th time
Debut: 1946

Best Result: 4th place (1977 and 1982)
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: Winners of the West of England Championships conducted by Garry Cutt.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: DNQ
2007: DNQ
2006: 13th (Frank Renton) (14)
2005: DNQ
2004: 9th (Frank Renton) (16)
2003: 11th (Paul Murrell) (18)
2002: 19th (Paul Murrell) (7)
2001: 19th (Brian Grant) (19)
2000: DNQ
1999: DNQ
1998: 9th (Leonard Adams) (1)
1997: DNQ
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
No wins:
Fourth place: 2 times - 1977, 1982
Fifth place: 1 times - 1973
Sixth place: 2 times - 1951, 1965
Unplaced: 32 times - 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1978 (14th=), 1980 (12th=), 1983 (16th), 1984 (13th), 1985 (9th), 1986 (14th=), 1988 (12th), 1989 (12th), 1990 (8th), 1993 (18th), 1994 (17th), 1998, (9th) 2001 (19th), 2002 (19th), 2003 (11th), 2004 (9th), 2006 (14th)

Form Guide:
Camborne has certainly had plenty of time to put in the preperation for this contest – they haven’t been the busiest of bands at major competitions during 2009.

Their failure to make an impression at the Senior Trophy (7th) against a fairly non descript field may suggest they could be in for a hard time of it against a much higer class of opposition on the weekend.

However, with plenty of quality around the stands and the wiliest of old foxes at the helm in Richard Evans, they should be confident of taking more than a few scalps.

Player to watch out for: Mark Letcher – one of the best horn players around.  

CarltonCarlton Main Frickley Colliery
: Russell Gray
4BR Ranking:  16

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Iain Culross
Euphonium: Toni Howden 
Soprano: Gary Bates
Horn: Leah Williams
Flugel: Sam Fisher
Trombone: Becky Lundberg
Baritone: Bob Archer
Eb Tuba: Ben Dixon
Bb Tuba: Ray Sykes MBE

Appearances: 18th time
Debut: 1925

Best Result: 2nd in 1959 & 1960
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 7th place at Yorkshire Championships conducted by Russell Gray (pre –qualified).

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 4th (Russell Gray) (20)
2007: DNQ
2006: DNQ
2005: DNQ
2004: DNQ
2003: DNQ
2002: DNQ
2001: DNQ
2000: DNQ
1999: 17th (John Hinckley) (7)
1998: DNQ
1997: DNQ
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
No wins
2 Seconds: 1959, 1960
2 Thirds: 1927, 1957
3 Fourths: 1925, 1979, 2008
Unplaced: 11 times – (1928(N/K), 1929 (N/K), 1930 (N/K), 1952 (N/K) 1958 (N/K), 1971 (N/K), 1973 (N/K), 1978 (N/K), 1982 (N/K), 1983 (N/K), 1999 (17th)

Form Guide:
2009 hasn’t turned out to be the season Carlton Main would have hoped for, and their disappointing showing at the British Open where they found themselves down in the also rans wasn’t a surprise.

Hard to put a finger on the cause of their poor form as the personnel is much the same and in Russell Gray they have one of the best MDs around, but they just haven’t performed, and have been way off the pace at nearly every contest of the year. 

Last year’s showing was a cracker, and this piece would on paper seem to suit their  musical strengths, but it could be all down to confidence. Time for a contesting boost then.

Player to watch out for:  Iain Culross – one of the few who emerged from Birmingham with an enhanced reputation.  

FuneralcareCo-operative Funeralcare
Michael Fowles
4BR Ranking: 17

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jim Hayes
Euphonium: Allison Bonner
Soprano: Caroline Tennant
Trombone: Paul Kiernan
Horn: Matthew Maines
Flugel: Carline Munroe
Baritone: Lorraine Bisson
Eb Tuba: Wille Young
Bb Tuba: Andy Smith

Appearances: 39th time
Debut: 1929

Best Result: 2 Wins
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: Winners of the Scottish Regional Championships conducted by Russell Gray.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: DNQ
2007: DNQ
2006: 10th (Allan Ramsay) (12)
2005: DNQ
2004: 17th (Ian McElligott) 14)
2003: 9th (James Scott) (8)
2002: DNQ
2001: 10th (James Gourlay) (15)
2000: 6th (Nicholas Childs) (1)
1999: DNQ
1998: 7th (Howard Snell) (18)
1997: 11th (Howard Snell) (14)
1996: Winners (Howard Snell) (18)

Overall Record:
Wins: 2 times - 1990, 1996
Second place: 4 times - 1929, 1933, 1934, 1958
Fourth place: 1 time - 1992
Fifth place: 1 time - 1960
Sixth place: 5 times - 1930, 1937, 1993, 1994, 2000
Unplaced: 25 times - 1931, 1932, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1945, 1948, 1954, 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1971, 1979 (16th=), 1985 (10th), 1988 (11th), 1989 (10th), 1991 (12th), 1997 (11th), 1998 (7th), 2001 (10th), 2003 (9th), 2004 (17th), 2006 (10th)

Form Guide:
Co-op return after two years in the Nationals wilderness, with a pretty decent record to uphold by anyone’s standards.

Those last two years have had their ups and downs, but there was further evidence at the British Open that solid foundations are now in place, and with some experienced performers back around the stands, a National dividend payment could be on offer.

Michael Fowles will know just what he can and cannot do with his band, and another solid, if unspectaular performance like that of Symphony Hall could well see them in and around the top 10 again.

Player to watch out for: Paul Kiernan – the return of the top class trombonist has been a major boost the the Scots.   

Dr. Robert Childs
4BR Ranking:

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Ian Williams
Euphonium: David Childs
Trombone: Chris Thomas
Horn: Owen Farr
Flugel: Joanne Childs
Baritone: Susan Thomas
Eb Tuba: Simon Howell
Bb Tuba: Fraser Bish

Appearances: 48th time
Debut: 1924

Best Result: 5 Wins
Last Year: 3rd

2009 Qualification: Winners of the Welsh Regional Championships (pre-qualified) conducted by Dr. Robert Childs

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 3rd (Robert Childs) (14)
2007: 3rd (Robert Childs) (11)
2006: 4th (Robert Childs) (7)
2005: 3rd (Robert Childs) (6)
2004: 4th (Robert Childs) (20)
2003: 3rd (Robert Childs) (12)
2002: 2nd (Robert Childs) (9)
2001: 5th (Robert Childs) (13)
2000: Winners (Robert Childs) (12)
1999: DNQ
1998: 6th (Jeremy Wise) (17)
1997: 6th (Jeremy Wise) (11)
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
Wins: 5 times - 1974, 1982, 1983, 1984, 2000
Second place: 3 times - 1948, 1979, 2002
Third place: 5 times – 1971, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008
Fourth place: 2 times – 2004, 2006
Fifth place: 3 times - 1972, 1986, 2001
Sixth place: 6 times - 1949, 1952, 1967, 1976, 1997, 1998
Unplaced: 23 times – 1924 (N/K), 1945 (N/K), 1950 (N/K), 1951 (N/K), 1956 (N/K), 1959 (N/K), 1960 (N/K), 1961 (N/K), 1962 (N/K), 1963 (N/K), 1964 (N/K), 1965 (N/K), 1966 (N/K), 1968 (N/K), 1973 (N/K), 1975 (11th), 1977 (17th), 1978 (=7th), 1980 (6th), 1981 (=13th), 1988 (18th), 1992 (9th), 1994 (14th)

Form Guide:
The pressure is really on.

No band can quite handle it like Cory at present though and so the favourites for the title come full of confidence and expectation.

Another performance like that at the British Open and theirs could be the last name to be mentioned off the Royal Albert Hall stage come the results. They were startling at Birmingham, and this piece contains all the elements that will showcase their strengths once more.

Rivals may be clutching at the straws of an early draw (they have been pretty lucky so far under Robert Childs) as the desire to bring back the trophy to the Rhondda for the first time since 2000 seems overwhelming. 
Player to watch out for:
David Childs – the opportunity to become a National legend could well be in his grasp on Saturday.    

DesfordDesford Colliery
James Gourlay
4BR Ranking:  11

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Gary Wyatt
Euphonium: Robin Taylor
Soprano: Richard Evans
Horn: Murray Borthwick
Flugel: Simnon Platford
Trombone: David Bremner
Baritone: Kate Williams
Eb Tuba: Jonathan Truscott
Bb Tuba: Pual Tomas
Appearances: 24th time
Debut: 1976

Best Result: 4 Wins
Last Year: 19th

2009 Qualification: Winners of Midlands Regional Championships conducted by Russell Gray.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 19th (Nigel Seaman) (19)
2007: 10th (Nigel Seaman) (4)
2006: DNQ
2005: 9th (Nigel Seaman) (15)
2004: DNQ
2003: 10th (Major Peter Parkes) (6)
2002: 8th (Major Peter Parkes) (13)
2001: DNQ
2000: 11th (Major Peter Parkes) (11)
1999: DNQ
1998: 15th (Frank Renton) (19)
1997: DNQ
1996: 10th (Bramwell Tovey) (3)

Overall Record:
Wins: 4 times - 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
Second place: 2 times - 1985, 1992
Third place: 1 time - 1995
Unplaced: 15 times – 1976 (9th), 1977 (10th), 1979 (13th), 1980 (7th), 1982 (7th), 1984 (7th), 1986 (11th), 1993 (21st), 1996 (10th), 1998 (15th), 2000 (11th), 2002 (8th), 2003 (10th), 2005 (9th), 2007 (10th), 2008 (19th)

Form Guide:
If there is one band and one conductor who can frighten the living daylights out of the pre contest favourites then its Desford and James Gourlay.

There was something about their performance at the British Open off the number 1 draw that had that stamp of authentic class, even though it also had its odd moments of inconsistency too – and this test piece could be the ideal musical vehicle to showcase their very particular musical strengths.   

You just don’t know with Desford at times, but you can’t help feeling that given a touch of luck this could be a serious contender for the title.

Player to watch out for: Robin Taylor – there is always top class quality from one of the best euphonium players in the country.  

eymsEast Yorkshire Motor Services
Jason Katsikaris
4BR Ranking:  41

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Neil Day
Euphonium: Neil Johnson
Soprano: John Belton
Trombone: Mark Unsworth
Horn: Alison Grantham
Flugel: Kathy Newiss
Baritone: John Mathews
Eb Tuba: David Fox
Bb Tuba: Pete Arden

Appearances: 11th time
Debut: 1996

Best Result: 8th
Last Year: 9th

2008 Qualification: Winners of the North of England Championships conducted by Robert Childs.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 9th (Frans Violet) (9)
2007: 12th (Jim Davies) (2)
2006: DNQ
2005: DNQ
2004: 20th (Gareth Pritchard) (17)
2003: 14th (Gareth Pritchard) (13)
2002: 20th (Gareth Pritchard) (3)
2001: 14th (Gareth Pritchard) (10)
2000: DNQ
1999: 15th (John Roberts) (18)
1998: 10th (John Roberts) (5)
1997: 13th (Robert Childs) (5)
1996: 8th (Robert Childs) (14)

Overall Record:
Unplaced: 9 times – 1996 (8th), 1997 (13th), 1998 (10th), 1999 (15th), 2001 (14th), 2002 (20th), 2003 (14th), 2004 (20th), 2007 (12th), 2008 (9th)

Form Guide:
A band very much on the up and starting to show just how good they are against high class contesting company too.

The excellent early season form at Butlins and Darlington was tarnished somewhat by their demotion from the Grand Shield, but they are a band that with the right man at the helm can produce the goods – and they seem to like their association with the talented Australian Jason Katsikaris.  

They haven’t been overawed at the Albert Hall either in the past two years, so another top 10 finish could be theirs for the taking.

Player to watch out for: Neil Day – the fulcrum of their success on stage this year. A very classy principal cornet player.   

Philip Chalk
4BR Ranking: 9

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Laura Hirst
Euphonium: Gary Curtin
Soprano: Nick Walkley
Trombone: Roz Davies
Horn: Anita Milde
Flugel: Lucy Murphy
Baritone: Katie Raisbeck
Eb Tuba: Mick Morris
Bb Tuba: Gary Proctor

Appearances: 46th time
Debut: 1945

Best Result: 9 wins
Last Year: 5th

2009 Qualification: 2nd place at North West Regional Championships conducted by Philip Chalk.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 5th (Philip Chalk) (5)
2007: DNQ
2006: 7th (Simon Stonehouse) (6)
2005: 8th (Simon Stonehouse) (9)
2004: 10th (David Evans) (19)
2003: Winners (Allan Withington) (19)
2002: Winners (Allan Withington) (14)
2001: 4th (Howard Snell) (2)
2000: 8th (James Gourlay) (9)
1999: 5th (James Gourlay) (14)
1998: 3rd (James Gourlay) (16)
1997: 2nd (James Gourlay) (13)
1996: 4th (James Gourlay) (7)

Overall Record:
Wins: 9 times - 1945, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1965, 1986, 1993, 2002, 2003
Second place: 4 times - 1946, 1947, 1994, 1997
Third place: 5 times - 1966, 1978, 1980, 1992, 1998
Fourth place: 4 times - 1984, 1987, 1996, 2001
Fifth place: 5 times - 1962, 1975, 1988, 1999, 2008
Sixth place: 6 times - 1953, 1958, 1959, 1982, 1990, 1991
Unplaced: 12 times - 1948 (N/K), 1955 (N/K), 1957 (N/K), 1963 (N/K), 1972 (N/K), 1979 (15th), 1983 (8th), 1995 (8th), 2000 (8th), 2004 (10th), 2005 (8th), 2006 (7th)

Form Guide:
Better and better for Fairey – and they will surely come to London full of confidence after a quality performance at the British Open.

There they were under real pressure to safeguard their premiership status, and did that and more besides, with their eventual 12th place more than a little unlucky.

Phil Chalk’s intelligent direction is now paying dividends and there is real solidity around the stands too. 5th place last year showed a glimpse of their potential. This Saturday that potential may well be realised more fully.

Player to watch out for:  Lucy Murphy – one of the cornerstones of quality on which the Fairey rennaisance is built.  

Paul Holland
4BR Ranking: 23

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Chris Howley
Euphonium: Andrew Hicks
Soprano: Pual Eddy
Trombone: Rob Marsh
Horn: Stewart Crawford
Flugel: Danny Winder
Baritone: Carolyn Chandler
Eb Tuba: Phil Green
Bb Tuba: Jon Daw

Appearances: 10th time
Debut: 1991

Best Result: 10th
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 2nd place at the West of England Regional Championship conducted by Dr Roy Newsome.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: DNQ
2007: 11th (Philip Harper)
2006: DNQ
2005: DNQ
2004: DNQ
2003: 16th (Philip Harper) (4)
2002: DNQ
2001: 9th (Philip Harper) (11)
2000: 16th (Richard Evans) (4)
1999: 14th (Bryan Hurdley) (2)
1998: DNQ
1997: 10th (Paul Cosh) (1)
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
Unplaced: 9 times – 1991 (13th), 1994 (11th), 1995 (14th), 1997 (10th), 1999 (14th), 2000 (16th), 2001 (9th), 2003 (16th), 2007 (11th)

Form Guide:
A return to the Albert Hall for Flowers, who have been rebuilding of late under the baton of Welshman Paul Holland.

It’s been a decent season so far, and although they failed to return to the British Open at the Grand Sheild, there was an encouraging performance at the English National and a further boost to confidence at the recent Wychavon Contest. 

It could be asking a bit much for a mention off the stage just yet, but they have shown glimpses of their potential and a top 10 finish could be a realistic result if everything goes to plan.

Player to watch out for: Phil Green – great to see one of the best brass band tuba players playing at the highest level once again.  

Garry Cutt
4BR Ranking: 4

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Mark Wilkinson
Euphonium: Glyn Williams
Soprano: Alan Wycherley
Trombone: John Barber
Horn: Lesley Howie
Flugel: Helen Williams
Baritone: Natsumi Inaba
Eb Tuba: Les Neish
Bb Tuba: Derek Jackson

Appearances: 60th time
Debut: 1909

Best Result: 12 Wins
Last Year: 2nd

2009 Qualification: Winners of the North West Regional Championships conducted by Garry Cutt. (pre-qualified)

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 2nd (Garry Cutt) (6)
2007: 2nd (Garry Cutt) (6)
2006: 5th (Garry Cutt) (15)
2005: DNQ
2004: DNQ
2003: 5th (Thomas Wyss) (2)
2002: 4th (Bramwell Tovey) (20)
2001: 2nd (Bramwell Tovey) (20)
2000: 3rd (Bramwell Tovey) (15)
1999: Winners (Nicholas Childs) (5)
1998: 4th (Nicholas Childs) (20)
1997: 3rd (Nicholas Childs) (2)
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
Wins: 12 times - 1910, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1950, 1953, 1958, 1999
Second place: 12 times - 1909, 1911, 1921, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1988, 1990, 1991, 2001, 2007, 2008
Third place: 7 times - 1912, 1923, 1947, 1954, 1959, 1997, 2000
Fourth place: 5 times - 1928, 1957, 1989, 1998, 2002
Fifth place: 6 times – 1922, 1956, 1978, 1983, 1985, 2006
Sixth place: 3 times - 1925, 1931, 1961
Unplaced: 14 times – 1913, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1955, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1972, 1976 (13th=), 1977 (15th) , 1980 (16th=), 1993 (11th)

Form Guide:
A decade has now passed since the National Trophy ended back in Sandbach, so a victory at the Royal Albert Hall is long overdue.

Foden’s hasn’t quite been firing on all cylinders on every outing this year though, despite the Area and Masters wins, and the British Open in particular saw them fall a furlong or two behind their two main rivals this weekend of Cory and Black Dyke.  

They have all the necessary elements in place for victory and Garry Cutt has yet to taste success here too, so time to rid themselves of ten years of hurt. 
Player to watch out for: Glyn Williams – the classiest of class acts on the big contest stages.

HepowrthHepworth (Cookson Homes)
Frank Renton
4BR Ranking: 13 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Nicholas Payne
Euphonium: James Fieldhouse
Soprano: Mark Smedley
Trombone: Yvonne Embury
Horn: Rebecca Landon
Flugel: Natlaie Beer
Baritone: Carole Crompton
Eb Tuba: Simon Moffatt
Bb Tuba: Andy Lincoln

Appearances: 2nd time
Debut: 2007

Best Result:
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 2nd place at Yorkshire Regional Championships conducted by Ian Porthouse.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: DNQ
2007: 16th (Mark Bentham) (1)

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Unplaced: 1 time - 2007 (16th)
Form Guide:
It’s been a very good year so far for Hepworth, despite a rather error strewn performance at the British Open which resulted in them ending up in a fairly non descript 11th place.

On their day though they are more than capable of mixing it right at the top end of the results table (as shown at Bradford and Preston) and it will be interesting to see how they perform under the baton of Frank Renton – always a man willing to try something a little different.

Last time out here they were overawed by the occasion and the draw, but you sense that won’t be the case this time. 

Player to watch out for: James Fieldhouse – could well provide the trump card for Frank and his band.  

Selmer Simonsen
4BR Ranking: 20 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: David Prentice
Euphonium: Kenneth Broom
Soprano: Steve Stewart
Trombone: Luke Williams
Horn: Allan Wardrope
Flugel: Caron Robson
Baritone: James Corrigan
Eb Bass: Andy McKreel
Bb Bass: Dave Truesdale

Appearances: 13th time
Debut: 1968

Best Result: 4th in 1997
Last Year: 13th

2009 Qualification: 2nd place at Scottish Regional Championships conducted by Selmer Simonsen.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 13th (Selmer Simonsen) (13)
2007: 17th (Nigel Boddice) (8)
2006: 8th (Steve Bastable) (19)
2005: DNQ
2004: DNQ
2003: 8th (Frank Renton) (9)
2002: 14th (Frank Renton) (16)
2001: DNQ
2000: DNQ
1999: 11th (Frank Renton) (3)
1998: 12th (Frank Renton) (6)
1997: 4th (Frank Renton) (17)
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Fourth place: 1 time -1997
Fifth place:
Sixth place:
Unplaced: 11 times - 1968, 1984 (9th), 1985 (13th), 1990 (19th), 1998 (12th), 1999 (11th), 2002 (14th), 2003 (8th), 2006 (8th), 2007 (17th), 2008 (13th)

Form Guide:
An interesting one this. If the Kirky of the British Open turns up again then not even a large dose of the type of luck they enjoyed at Symphony Hall will see them post another top 10 finish.

They were awful at Birmingham, but still came 9th, so if they can really hit form, lose the aggression and make the type of impressive music that is usually the case with Selmer Simonsen and the band, then we could be looking at a top six finish.

Time for the real Kirky to turn up then.

Player to watch out for: Allan Wardope – one of the very best tenor horn players around and a key component to any potential London success.  

NewsteadNewstead Brass
Duncan Beckley
4BR Ranking: 53

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Kirk Turner
Euphonium: Lyndon Cooper
Soprano: David Bird
Trombone: Colin Davenport
Horn: Sandra Kowalenco
Flugel: Michael Corden
Baritone: Mandy Chetham
Eb Tuba: Jim Brailsford
Bb Tuba: Mark Hanson

Appearances:  2nd time
Debut: 2006

Best Result: 17th
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 2nd at at the Midlands Counties Regional Championship conducted by Duncan Beckley.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: DNQ
2007: DNQ
2006: 17th (Duncan Beckley) (1)

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Unplaced: 1 time - 2006 (17th)

Form Guide:
Newstead returns to the National Finals after a break of a couple of years, and in the intervening period Duncan Beckley has continued to mould a very competitive band under his command.

It’s been consistent rather than spectacular form during 2009, with a decent showing at the Grand Shield off set against a poor return at Buxton for instance.

There is plenty of talent and experience around the stands though and Newstead is a band on the up. It may be asking a great deal though at present for them to come anywhere higher than a midfield finish.  

Player to watch out for: David Bird – a sop player of the old school - crafted, delicate and very artistic.   

Thomas Wyss
4BR Ranking: 33

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Geraint Jones
Euphonium: Aled Williams
Soprano: Kevin Donaldson
Trombone: Daniel Sheard
Horn: Louise Skillander
Flugel: Carol Hughes
Baritone: Gwyfrai Williams
Eb Tuba: John Williams
Bb Tuba: Andy Pritchard

Appearances:  3rd time
Debut: 1995

Best Result: 16th
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 3rd place at Welsh Regional Championship conducted by Thomas Wyss.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
1997 - 2008: DNQ
1996: 16th (Thomas Wyss) (11)

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Unplaced: 2 times – 1995 (18th), 1996 (16th)

Form Guide:
Northop has been quietly going about its business over the last couple of years, but under Thomas Wyss they have been making quite remarkable progress.

The Swansea qualification was the latest step, born of the MDs intelligent use of resources and some fine individual performances too – something that could prove invaluable this weekend.

They have had their set backs too – the Senior Trophy was a poor day out in Blackpool, but overall it has been a season to remember so far, although they could find it tough going against this class of field.

Player to watch out for: Aled Williams – brother of Glyn and a chip off the old block too. 

PembertonPemberton Old Wigan DW
Mark Bentham
4BR Ranking: 39

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Joanne Johnson
Euphonium: Matthew White
Soprano: John Atkinson
Trombone: David Chapman
Horn: Andrew Oetegenn
Flugel: Carina Halliwell
Baritone: David Marsh
Eb Tuba: Steven Parfitt
Bb Tuba: Dave McGlynn

Appearances: 5th time
Debut: 1903

Best Result: 4th
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 3rd place at North West Regional Championship conducted by Mark Bentham.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
1996 - 2008: DNQ

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Fourth place: 1 time - 1906
Fifth place: 1 time - 1903
Unplaced: 2 times –  1904 (N/K), 1907 (N/K)

Form Guide:
102 years after they last appeared at the contest, Pemberton Old (an appropriate name really) are back – and back with something of a bang.

Mark Bentham’s brand of musical magic has worked wonders, and their qualification at Blackpool wasn’t that unexpected. Good early season form (they won Brass at the Guild Hall) received a bit of a reality check at the Grand Shield where they came 12th, but they have since recruited some top class players to the ranks and won’t be short of confidence.

It will take some doing to repeat the glory of a century ago, but they should have enough about them to more than hold their own on their return. 

Player to watch out for: Matthew White – there won’t be too many bands with a solo euphonium of this quality in the ranks. 

RedbridgeRedbridge Brass
Jeremy Wise
4BR Ranking: 36

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Ralph Brill
Euphonium: Lisa Brill
Soprano: Martin Britt
Horn: Chloe Mallett
Flugel: Alan Roberts
Trombone: Jayne Murrill
Baritone: Colin Leggett
Eb Tuba: Chris Bearman
Bb Tuba: Graham Patterson

Appearances: 14th time
Debut: 1988

Best Result: 7th
Last Year: 17th

2009 Qualification: Winners of London and Southern Counties Regional Championships conducted by Jeremy Wise.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 17th (Jeremy Wise) (12)
2007: 15th (Melvin White) (14)
2006: DNQ
2005: 7th (Melvin White) (4)
2004: 12th (Melvin White) (3)
2003: 15th (Melvin White) (20)
2002: 11th (Melvin White) (15)
2001: DNQ
2000: DNQ
1999: DNQ
1998: 20th (Melvin White) (12)
1997: 18th (Graham Wilson) (16)
1996: 13th (Graham Wilson) (10)

Overall Record:
Unplaced: 13 times 1988 (19th), 1990 (18th), 1991 (18th), 1992 (19th), 1996 (13th), 1997 (18th), 1998 (20th), 2002 (11th), 2003 (15th), 2004 (12th), 2005 (7th), 2007 (15th), 2008 (17th)

Form Guide:
If the Redbridge of Butlins and Stevenage turns up then we could well hear the first mention of a London based band in the top six for two decades. If they don’t though – we certainly won’t. 

That impressive early season form has diluted somewhat, with fairly non descript showings at the Grand Shield, Cambridge and Preston where they were some distance off the competitive pace.

They are a better band than those results suggest, but just how good is the question that they need to answer here on the weekend. Midfield good perhaps? 
Player to watch out for: Jayne Murrill – the very talented conductor is also a top class trombonist too.  

Reg VardyReg Vardy
Stephen Roberts
4BR Ranking: 26 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Tina Mortimer
Euphonium: Paul Robinson
Soprano: Tom Glendinning
Trombone: Chris Bentham
Horn: Steve Hardy
Flugel: Joanne Behan
Baritone: Laura Boyle
Eb Tuba: Jen McCausland
Bb Tuba: Alistair Storey

Appearances: 42nd time
Debut: 1963 as Craghead Colliery, 1969 as Ever Ready, 2004 as Reg Vardy

Best Result: 3rd
Last Year: 11th

2009 Qualification: 2nd place at North of England Regional Championships conducted by Nicholas Childs.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 11th (Allan Ramsay) (17)
2007: 19th (Ray Farr) (7)
2006: 16th (Ray Farr) (10)
2005: 10th (Ray Farr) (8)
2004: 3rd (Ray Farr) (18)
2003: 12th (Ray Farr) (15)
2002: 9th (Ray Farr) (8)
2001: DNQ
2000: 13th (Stephen Roberts) (3)
1999: 19th (Robert Childs) (8)
1998: DNQ
1997: 5th (Stephen Roberts) (10)
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
Third place: 1 time - 2004
Fourth place: 1 time - 1976
Fifth place: 2 times - 1982, 1997
Sixth: 3 times -1970, 1973, 1988
Unplaced: 33 times – 1963 (N/K), 1964 (N/K), 1965 (N/K), 1966 (N/K), 1967 (N/K), 1968 (N/K), 1969 (N/K), 1972 (N/K), 1974  (=11th), 1975 (7th), 1977 (7th), 1978 (9th), 1979 (9th), 1980 (11th), 1981 (16th), 1984 (11th), 1985 (12th), 1986 (12th), 1987 (13th), 1989 (17th), 1990 (14th), 1991 (8th), 1992 (16th), 1993 (17th), 1994 (16th), 1995 (19th), 1999 (19th), 2000 (13th), 2002 (9th), 2003 (12th), 2005 (10th), 2006 (16th), 2007 (19th), 2008 (11th)

Form Guide:
After a dodgy old period when Reg Vardy was sliding towards contesting obscurity, stability and consistency has been restored somewhat to the biggest band in the North East.

It hasn’t been anything to really write home about just yet – losing their Area title, and posting midfield finishes at the Grand Shield, Masters and English National, but they are on the road back.

There is a little way to go yet, and another midfield finish may well be the best they can hope for on the weekend before they have something to really shout about in the future.  
Player to watch out for: Tina Mortimer – showed her class at Darlington playing for a rival band. Now she will surely show it here too.  

RothwellRothwell Temperance
David Roberts
4BR Ranking: 15

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: James McCabe
Euphonium: Mark Bousie
Soprano: Paul Argyle
Horn: Catherine Roberts
Flugel: Richard Golding
Trombone: Nick Walker
Baritone: Andy Padgett
Eb Tuba: Edward Hodkin
Bb Tuba: Ben Ridgeon
Appearances:  4th time
Debut: 1999

Best Result: 6th in 1999 & 2008
Last Year: 6th

2009 Qualification: Winners of the Yorkshire Regional Championship conducted by David Roberts.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 6th (Dave Roberts) (16)
2007: DNQ
2006: 14th (Dave Roberts) (11)
2005: DNQ
2004: DNQ
2003: DNQ
2002: DNQ
2001: DNQ
2000: DNQ
1999: 6th (David Roberts) (17)
1998: DNQ
1997: DNQ
1996: DNQ

Overall Record:
No Wins:
Sixth place: 2 times – 1999, 2008
Unplaced: 1 time – 2006 (14th)

Form Guide:
4BR has just about given up trying to second guess what fate will befall Rothwell at a major contest (and they may be happy with that too).  We really liked them at the British Open, and guess what? They ended up 15th.

The Albert Hall should suit them though and they have the experience to go with the necessary musical elements to once again force their way into the top six or better.

It’s been a fine year so far (despite Symphony Hall) and you sense there is something left in the tank too. Let’s hope the 4BR curse doesn’t kill off their chances then…

Player to watch out for: James McCabe – the principal cornet has come of age in 2009 and now provides a cornerstone of high class for the band. 

Ian Porthouse
4BR Ranking: 12 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Dewi Griffiths
Euphonium: Darren Morris
Soprano: Adrian Williams
Trombone: Stephen Sykes
Horn: Vicki Reynolds
Flugel: Andrea Lewis
Baritone: Geraint Chamberlain
Eb Tuba: Steffan Jones
Bb Tuba: Andy Russell

Appearances: 23rd time
Debut: 1964

Best Result: 2nd
Last Year: 15th

2009 Qualification: 2nd at Welsh Regional Championships conducted by Ian Porthouse.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
2008: 15th (Ian Porthouse) (3)
2007: 8th (Ian Porthouse) (19)
2006: DNQ
2005: DNQ
2004: 5th (Russell Gray) (10)
2003: 2nd (Steve Bastable) (11)
2002: DNQ
2001: 7th (Steve Bastable) (14)
2000: 5th (Steve Bastable) (13)
1999: 3rd (Thomas Wyss) (11)
1998: DNQ
1997: DNQ
1996: 11th (Nicholas Childs) (4)

Overall Record:
Second place: 2 times – 1993, 2003
Third place: 1 time - 1999
Fifth place: 3 times - 1994, 2000, 2004
Sixth place: 2 times - 1977, 1979
Unplaced: 14 times – 1964 (N/K), 1967 (N/K), 1974 (=13th), 1978 (=14th), 1981 (15th), 1983 (14th), 1985 (=16th), 1990 (17th), 1992 (8th), 1995 (9th), 1996 (11th), 2001 (7th), 2007 (8th), 2008 (15th)

Form Guide:
It hasn’t quite turned into the year Tredegar would have hoped for in 2009 – so far anyway.

Qualification here was the first major objective achieved, but elsewhere it has been a tale of inconsistency and a touch of bad luck. The experience of the solid showing at the Europeans was offset by the disappointment at the Grand Shield, although they got back to form recently at the Wychavon Contest.

This is a big test of their aspirations though under Ian Porthouse, and a talented MD and band know they need to start producing the results if they are to be taken seroiously as a top class contesting force.   

Player to watch out for: Stephen Sykes – one of the best young trombonists in the country will be a key player on the weekend. 

Zone BrassZone One
Richard Ward
4BR Ranking: 122

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: David Geoghegan
Euphonium: Tony Somerville
Soprano: Craig Burnett
Trombone: Jon Stokes
Horn: Gavin Higgins
Flugel: Paul Munday
Baritone: Rob Richardson
Eb Tuba: Mark Grainger
Bb Tuba: Michael Poyser

Appearances: 1st time
Debut: 2009

Best Result: N/A
Last Year: DNQ

2009 Qualification: 2nd at London & Southern Counties Championships conducted by Richard Ward.

Last 13 Years: (Position, MD, Draw)
1996 – 2008: DNQ

Overall Record:

Form Guide:
Zone One may well be the lowest ranked band competing here on the weekend, but that shouldn’t mean they should be discounted from making a real impresison on the contest. 

Just look at some of the players in the principal seasts – recognise a few faces there don’t you now? These are quality performers under a quality MD, and if they have been able to commit to the time schedule required to master this piece they could well spring a surprise or three.

Good value for their qualification and the contest is on their doorstep too. 

Player to watch out for: David Geoghegan – a top class performer who has made an impressive name for himself in the professional ranks of the capital.


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