2009 Scottish Open Brass Band Championship - Runners & Riders


17 bands will line up to see if their own choice performances will catch the ears of judges Frank Renton and Philip Harper.

PerthDraw for order of play: 
Contest commences:  2.30pm approx

Adjudicators: Frank Renton & Philip Harper
Test Piece: Own choice

1st: The Scottish Open Challenge Trophy, Commemorative Banner, Commemorative Engraved Glass Trophy and £3,000
2nd: Commemorative  Engraved Glass Trophy  and £1,500
3rd: Commemorative  Engraved Glass Trophy and £500

The Winning Conductor will receive a commemorative glass paperweight

The Best Soloist will receive the 4BarsRest award of £100 plus trophy

bON aCCORDBon Accord Silver
  John Maines
4BR Ranking: 70
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: David Cooper
Euphonium: Richard Kidd
Trombone: Mark Boyd
Soprano: Emma Nicol
Horn: Karen Cooper
Flugel: Oliver Mason
Baritone: Karen Crozier
Eb Tuba: Paula Leslie
Bb Tuba: Chris Lewis 

Scottish Open Record:
: 6th time
Debut: 2004
Last 5 Years:
2008: 5th (Morten Hansen)
2007: 14th (Bruce Wallace)
2006: 14th (Duncan Beckley)
2005: 16th (Duncan Beckley)
2004: 14th (Tony Swainson)
2003:  DNC

Current Form:
The Aberdeen based band has plenty to look forward to in the near future as they have taken up the challenge of representing Scotland at the 2010 European Championship in Linz in Austria.

They will be keen then to end the year in a manner that will show that they will carry the Scottish Saltaire into Europe with a bit more of a realistic challenge than Scottish football teams of late.

5th place last year was a fine achievement and they also came 4th at the Scottish Championships too, although things have been a bit quieter on the contesting front of late with just a 3rd place at the Northern Counties Contest to fall back on.

Co-opCo-operative Funeralcare
Russell Gray
4BR Ranking: 17

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jim Hayes
Euphonium: Alison Bonnar
Trombone: Paul Kiernan
Soprano: Caroline Tennant
Horn: Matthew Maines
Flugel: Caroline Munroe
Baritone: Lorraine Bisson
Eb Tuba: Willie Young
Bb Tuba: Andy Smith

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003

Last 6 Years:
2008: Winners (Michael Fowles)
2007: 2nd (Allan Ramsay)
2006: 2nd (Allan Ramsay)
2005: 9th (Frank Renton)
2004: 2nd (Frank Renton)
2003: Winners  (Russell Gray)

Current Form:
The reigning Scottish Open champion returns in upbeat manner after a year that has seen the band once again re-establish its credentials at the major contests.

Nothing to shout off the rooftops at present, but getting towards to penthouse suite, with top ten finishes at both the British Open and National Finals.

Strong players in key positions and a settled line up behind, the return of Russell Gray may herald another step up in class and strengthen their claim to domestic pre-eminence.

  Ian Porthouse
4BR Ranking: 65
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Graeme McCulloch
Euphonium: Billy Whalen
Trombone: Derick Kirkwood
Soprano: David Roxburgh
Horn: Shona Hutchison
Flugel: Elaine Roxburgh
Baritone: Alison O'Donnell
Eb Tuba: Ian Taylor
Bb Tuba: Brian Mackie

Scottish Open Record:
4th time
Debut: 2006
Last 5 Years:
2008: 9th (Archie Hutchison)
2007: 8th (Archie Hutchison)
2006: 10th (Archie Hutchison)
2005: Winners Scottish Challenge Shield  (Archie Hutchison)
2004: DNC
2003: DNC

Current Form:
An interesting combination this one as Ian Porthouse takes over the reins for the contest from the great Archie Hutchison.

The band has delivered solid performances at the contest in the last few years without quite suggesting they could break into the top six, but with wins at Brass in the Park and the Fife Charities contest and 12th place at the Senior Cup confidence should be high.

Lots of quality around the stands too, so maybe a bit of a dark horse?

EasingtonEasington Colliery
Roy Curran
4BR Ranking: 133
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Dennis Todd
Euphonium: Neil Gallie
Trombone: Elizabeth Bateman
Soprano: Mike Holiday
Horn: Jonathan Collins
Flugel: Jo Brown
Baritone: Peter Lawson
Eb Tuba: Ben Cauldwell
Bb Tuba: Mike Gray

Scottish Open Record:
3rd time
Debut: 2007
Last 6 Years:
2008: 13th (John Roberts)
2007: =10th (Norman Law)
2006: DNC
2005: DNC
2004: DNC
2003: DNC

Current Form:
Easington is continuing to rebuild slowly but surely after all the fuss and bother that came with the Secret Millionaire television programme, and there are real signs that the good times are not too far away for the hard working band.

Results haven’t been too great of late with 17th place at the Senior Trophy a bit of a downer, but they are a better band than that disappointing showing at Blackpool for certain.

Solid performers around the stands and a highly experienced man at the helm, they could well spring a surprise or two this weekend.

Alan Morrison
4BR Ranking:  58

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: John Gill
Euphonium: Clive Parker
Trombone: Malcolm Gill
Soprano: Steve Symonds
Horn: Mike Franey
Flugel: Keith Irving
Baritone: Jane Baillie
Eb Tuba: Colin Shaw
Bb Tuba: Colin Dixon

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003
Last 6 Years:
2008: 4th (Alan Morrison)
2007: 7th (Ray Farr)
2006: 5th (Russell Gray)
2005: Winners (Ray Farr)
2004: 16th (Major Graham Jones)
2003: 6th (Graham O'Connor)

Current Form:
Another band that is returning slowly but surely to better days, and in the past twelve months the signs have been very encouraging for Fishburn.

They didn’t quite do themselves justice at the beginning of the year at Brass at the Guild Hall and at the Regional contest, but a solid 5th place at the Senior Cup was a move very much on the right direction.

There is plenty of talent around the stands and a top notch musician at the helm – and they seem to like coming to this contest too, with a fine record to uphold. Maybe not a winner, but not a band to discount from the prizes by any means.

Fountain CityFountain City
Joseph Parisi
4BR Ranking:  51

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Chris Larios
Euphonium: Lee Harrelson
Soprano: Ryan Sharp
Trombone: Karen Zawacki
Horn: TJ Menges
Flugel: Matthew Vangjel
Baritone: Helen Tyler
Eb Tuba: Mark Norman
Bb Tuba: Scott Watson

Scottish Open Record:
Debut: 2009
Last 6 Years:
Debut this year

Current Form:
Could Fountain City become the first overseas band to claim a high profile top level contesting title in the UK for well over 50 years?

Don’t bet against them doing just that after they showed impressive form in their Brass in Concert appearance just a fortnight ago. They may have been on the road now for some time, but they have also been in practice too, and their recent concert appearance in Glasgow flagged up their title winning potential to the locals.

Ones to watch out for.

Kingdom BrassKingdom Brass
Andrew Duncan
4BR Ranking: 47
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Lee Bathgate
Soprano: Martin Edwards
Flugel: Michelle Cain
Horn: Stuart McKenzie
Euphonium: Brian Paterson
Baritone: Jim Ferguson
Trombone: Marion Brackpool
Eb Bass: Angus Pearce
Bb Tuba: John Hamilton

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003
Last 6 Years:
2008: 7th (Craig Anderson)
2007: 9th (John Hinckley)
2006: 11th (Craig Anderson)
2005: 12th (Graham O'Connor)
2004: 7th (Ray Farr)
2003: 13th (Archie Hutchinson)

Current Form:
The current Champion Band of Fife returns hoping to carry on its encouraging run of form at this contest in recent years.

It’s been a decent season, with a slightly unlucky 5th place at the Regionals followed by a fine 3rd at the Senior Cup to gain promotion and a step closer to the British Open, plus they gained a runner up spot at the recent Fife Charities Contest.

Another band with talent in the ranks and this year they will be led by a former winning conductor at the contest, Andy Duncan.

KirkbymoorsideKirkbymoorside Brass
John Woodward
4BR Ranking: 155

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: John Smails
Euphonium: Ben Smails
Trombone: John Barrett
Soprano: Sarah Woodward
Horn: Phil Woodward
Flugel: John Woodward
Baritone: Emma Langan
Eb Tuba: Dave Smith
Bb Tuba: John Wright

Scottish Open Record:
Debut: 2009
Last 6 Years:
Debut this year

Current Form:
Great to see Kirkbymoorside make the trip up from the North East to perform here this year, and they will be keen to make a mark against a pretty strong field of rivals.

John Woodward has moulded a solid outfit under his command and a band that held its own in coming 8th at the Regional contest in Darlington earlier this year. It’s been a bit quieter on the contesting front since then although they notched up a victory at the Malton Contest.

This is a real step up in class, but you never know.

Selmer Simonsen
4BR Ranking: 19
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: David Prentice
Euphonium: Kenneth Broom
Trombone: Luke Williams
Soprano: Steve Stewart
Horn: Allan Wardrope
Flugel: Caron Robson
Baritone: James Corrigan
Eb Tuba: Andy McKreel
Bb Tuba: David Trusdale

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003
Last 6 Years:
2008: 2nd (Allan Ramsay)
2007: =12th (Howard Taylor)
2006: 4th (Steve Bastable)
2005: 2nd (Steve Bastable)
2004: 8th (Steve Bastable)
2003: 5th (Frank Renton)

Current Form:
Kirky is like Liverpool Football Club at the moment – a potentially Premier League prize winner scrabbling for form and consistency under their foreign manager.

On their day they are as good as just about anyone in the UK (and in Scotland after winning the West Lothian title), but these days have been a bit few and far between of late – especially at the British Open where they claimed 9th place and at the Nationals where they came 17th.

The players are there for certain, the MD too, but something has been missing – confidence perhaps? Time to show their true colours and lay claim to a first Scottish Open title.

KelvinKirkintilloch Kelvin Brass
Charles Keenan
4BR Ranking: 96

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Michael Munroe
Euphonium: N/K
Trombone: Chris Pugh
Soprano: Richard Pugh
Horn: Rachel Baxter
Flugel: Laura Fitzpatrick
Baritone: Claire Ballie
Eb Tuba: Adam Wilson
Bb Tuba: John Pugh

Scottish Open Record:
 3rd time
Last 6 Years:
2008: Winners of Scottish Chalenge Shield (Charles Keenan)
2007: DNC
2006: 12th (Raymond Tennant)
2005: 5th (Alistair Orr)
2004: DNC

Current Form:
Last year’s Scottish Challenge Shield winners were a class apart in taking that particular title and went on to claim the Scottish Regional crown in equally fine style too.

They didn’t quite hit top form at the First Section National Finals in Harrogate to come 12th, but they can boast a victory at the Northern Counties Contest.

In Charles Keenan they have one of the most experienced MDs around and with plenty of high quality players to call upon, both he and his band may well be confident of taking quite a few notable scalps once more.

MarsdenMarsden Silver Prize
Glyn Williams
4BR Ranking: 48

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jason Evans
Euphonium: Lewis Musson
Soprano: Mark Harrison
Flugel: Laura Hobbins
Horn: Debbie Lea
Baritone: N/K
Trombone: Andrew Eastwood
Eb Bass: Matthew Schofield
Bb Bass: Andrew Goodier

Scottish Open Record:
Last 6 Years:
Debut this year

Current Form:
Marsden is a band that can mix it in very good company if they are playing to the top of their form, and under the guidence of Glyn Williams they should fancy their chances this weekend. 

He has been responsible for really injecting confidence to the band in the last couple of years, and as they showed in winning the Senior Cup at Blackpool, if they do click then they could upset more than a few fancied runners.

They have blown hot and cold though at times this year and their 5th place at Pontins saw them provide plenty of excitement but an error rate that cost them dearly. No room for that here if they are to feature come the results – and they know it.

NewtongrangeNewtongrange Silver
Nigel Boddice MBE
4BR Ranking:  74

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Angus Edmond
Solo Euphonium: Iain Davey
Solo Trombone: Neil Philip
Soprano: Gordon Jenkins
Flugel: Harold Wells
Horn: Charlotte Davey
Baritone: Jimmy Murray
Eb Bass: Martyn James
Bb Bass: Dave Thompson
Percussion: Graham Halliday

Scottish Open Record:
: 5th time

Last 6 Years:
2008: DNC
2007: =10th (Derek Broadbent)
2006: DNC
2005: 13th (Steve Sykes)
2004: 15th (Archie Hutchison)
2003: 13th (David Hirst)

Current Form:
Great to see Newtongrange competing in the top tier of Scottish banding again and playing with a fair old degree of confidence too under the baton of Nigel Boddice MBE.

It’s been a very good year so far for the band, with solid performances at the Regional and West Lothian contests as well as a victory at the Scottish Borders and runner up at the Northern Counties event. All that and they were one of just a handful bands who managed to get to grips with Gilbert Vinter at Harrogate in coming 5th.

The good times are back and it has been well deserved. Could more follow this weekend we wonder?

PembertonPemberton Old Wigan DW
Mark Bentham
4BR Ranking: 38
Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Joanne Johnson
Euphonium: Matthew White
Trombone: David Chapman
Soprano: John Atkinson
Horn: Andrew Oetegenn
Flugel: Carina Halliwell
Baritone: David Marsh
Eb Tuba: Steven Parfitt
Bb Tuba: Dave McGlynn

Scottish Open Record:
2nd time
Debut: 2008
Last 6 Years:
2008: 10th (Mark Bentham)
2007: DNC
2006: N/A
2005: N/A
2004: N/A
2003: N/A

Current Form:
Another band on the up, Pemberton has been revitalised under the direction of Mark Bentham.

It’s been a fine year so far, with the band making its first appearance at the National Finals in over a century. 19th place there may not appear on paper to be a great return but it was a performance that in many people’s opinion deserved much better.

12th at the Grand Shield, a win at Brass at the Guild Hall and 3rd at Wychcavon to go with 14th at the Masters shows that they can mix it with quality rivals, but they will have to be on top form if they are to round off their year with another prize winning return.

KinneilUnison Kinneil
Allan Ramsay
4BR Ranking: 78

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Keith Johnston
Euphonium: Ian Campbell
Trombone: Christopher Mansfield
Soprano: Owen Downs
Horn: Helen Corrigan
Flugel: Tommy Harrower
Baritone: Andrea Ball
Eb Tuba: Tom McCrone
Bb Tuba: Gary Kelly

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003
Last 6 Years:
2008: 11th (Andrew Berryman)
2007: =12th (Colin MacKenzie)
2006: 13th (Colin McKenzie)
2005: 15th (Andrew Berryman)
2004: 13th (Allan Ramsay)
2003: 11th (Allan Ramsay)

Current Form:
A little bit of a non descript season for Unison Kinneil - so far that is.

Any band with Allan Ramsay at the helm will be well prepared for certain, although they will know that they will have to up their form considerably from the 16th place at the Senior Cup if they are to make any kind of mark here this year.

There is the talent around the stands (as was shown with a decent showing at the West Lothian semi final) and that determined MD at the helm, but will it be enough on the weekend to break into the top ten for the first time?

uNITED cO-OPUnited Co-op Milnrow
John Ward
4BR Ranking: 75 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Donna Towse
Euphonium: Adam Snape
Trombone: Chris Binns
Soprano: Thomas Sutcliffe
Horn: Frances Thewliss
Flugel: Joey Williams
Baritone: Michael Thewliss
Eb Tuba: David Hebb
Bb Tuba: Johnny Cowen

Scottish Open Record:
Last 6 Years:

Debut this year

Current Form:
One of the form bands of the last 12 months or so, Milnrow makes its debut at the Scottish Open on the back of a decent year of competitive results.

Although they failed to repeat their 2008 Butlins form at Skegness at the beginning of the year, they certainly showed their quality at the North West Regional Championships in coming 6th and by winning the Senior Trophy in fine style at Blackpool.

John Ward has a talented young band at his disposal and one that will travel with high expectations too.

Steven Mead
4BR Ranking: 18

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Chris Bradley
Euphonium: Evelyn Bradley
Trombone: Alex Phillip
Soprano: Scott Forrest
Horn: Ian Fleming
Flugel: James Chamberlain
Baritone: Anne Crookston
Eb Tuba: Graham Fraser
Bb Tuba: Alan Gourlay

Scottish Open Record:
7th time
Debut: 2003
Last 6 Years:
2008: 3rd (Andrew Duncan)
2007: Winners (Andrew Duncan
2006: Winners (Andrew Duncan)
2005: 6th (Andrew Duncan)
2004: 3rd (Andrew Duncan)
2003: 8th (Andrew Duncan)

Current Form:
It hasn’t been the greatest of contesting years for the former double champions, and they will know that they will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders when they take to the stage on the weekend.

Their last major appearance was at the British Open – and we all know what happened there: 17th place

Other major results haven’t gone their way too in 2009 – from the failure to get to London to their defeat by Kirkintilloch at West Lothian Contest, but they remain a potent contesting force – especially at this contest.  They won’t want to end the year with another major disappointment to their name.

WireWire Brass
Paul Andrews
4BR Ranking: 18

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Mike Jones
Euphonium: Kim Holly Thorp
Soprano: Billy Parkinson
Horn: Annabel Stapleton
Flugel: Andrea Egginton
Baritone: Marianne Cliff
Trombone: Ben Knowles
Eb Bass: Richard Behrend
Bb Bass: Andy Mooney

Scottish Open Record:

Last 6 Years:
Debut this year

Current Form:
Paul Andrews and Wire are now a contesting outfit to fear and after their runner up spot at Pontins just a few weeks back their confidence will be sky high too.

It’s been another year of solid progress for the North West band, with a hard earned 7th place at the Grand Shield also in their locker of achievements.

With plenty of talented performers around the stand they could well be in the hunt for honours come the results.  That confidence isn’t misplaced for sure.


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