35th Ern Keller Memorial International Soloist of the Year - Gallery


A collection of photographs from the 2009 Ern Keller International Soloist and Band of the Year

Glen van Looy with Professor David King
The 2009 Ern Keller International Soloist of the Year, Glen van Looy with the adjudicator, Professor David King

Glen van Looy
Glen catches up with congratulatory messages.

van Looy family
Glen's Mum, Dad and sister travelled from Belgium to Australia for the event

Ben Noonan
Western Australia's Ben Noonan prepares himself for the stage

Matthew van Emmerik
Matthew van Emmerik shifts air

Dale Hosking
Dale Hosking from Townsville in tropical North Queensland

Joe Cook and Bruce Myers
All smiles from Joe Cook and Bruce Myers

Mark Smith
It was the first Keller performance for Mark Smith from South Australia

Tony Baldwin
Keller official accompianist, Tony Baldwin - an incredible 31 years in this role.

Greg Aitken, David King, Paul Terracini
Band of the Year adjudicators Greg Aitken and David King with St Marys Band Club Brass Musical Director, Paul Terracini

Joe Cook
Only the second person in the history of the Ern Keller to perform on a third instrument - Joe Cook.

Prestige Brass players
Spot the Aussie....Prestige Brass players Dean Morley, Stuart Dean, Riki McDonnell and its MD, Mark Ford

From across 'the ditch' - Gordon Lang, Allan McDonnell and Keller soloist, Tyme Marsters

The Victorians
The Victorian's

Moore Park View Brass players Don Callaghan and Mark Shearn gave us a glimpse of 'moore' things to come!

Bobby Pearce
The ubiquitous Bobby Pearce from St Mary's

Ron Prussing and Colin Burrows
Ron Prussing was back in front of Waratah. Pictured here with bass trom specialist, Colin Burrows.

Michelle Stewart
Not a female in sight on the Keller soloist stage this year.  Next best thing - past Keller winner, Michelle Stewart.

Keller front man - Ken Bradley

Andy Snell and Willoughby Brass

Prestige Brass
Prestige Brass


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