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Results archive for the First Section contest

euro pramme cover1994

Adjudicators: William Relton, Michel Barras, Jan de Haan

1. Brass Band Frossch Hall (Austria) 193pts
Conductor: Hannes Buchegger
(Resurgam/Elsa's Procession to the Minster)

2. Mitropa Brass Band (Italy) 182pts
Conductor: M. Pennati
(L'Italian in Algeri/Convergeants)

3. Toolo Brass (Finland) - 175pts
Conductor: T. Bildo
(Serenade in Brass/Dances and Arias)

4. Brass Band Bratislava (Slovakia) 166pts
Conductor: A. Hudec
(Overture Festivo/Graduation Day)

euro pramme cover1995

Adjudicators: Jean Baily, Yvon Ducene, William Relton
Set Test: The Three Musketeers (G. Hespe)

1. Oberschwaben Allgau (Germany)
Conductor: Gerd Kurat
(A Moorside Suite)

2. Konservatorium Bratislava (Slovakia)
Conductor: Dr Michel Janos
(Dei Sclacht bei Austerlitz)

3. Klaksvikar Hornorkestur (Faroe Islands)
Conductor: Fiona Parker

euro pramme cover1996

Adjudicators: Jappie Dijkstra, Rod Franks, Sverre Stakston Olsrud
Test Piece: Occasion (E. Gregson)

1. BB Normandie (France) 84pts (2nd)/ 83pts (1st) - 167
Conductor: P. Gervais

2. Toolo Brass (Finland) 85pts (1st)/ 81pts (3rd) 166pts
Conductor: T. Bildo
(The Year of the Dragon)

3. Havnar Hornork (Faore Islands) 80pts (3rd)/ 82pts (2nd) 162pts
Conductor: O. Olsen

euro pramme cover1997

Adjudicators: Tom Brevik, Eric Crees, Jacob Slagter
Test Piece: Entertainments (G. Vinter)

1. BB Froschl Hall (Austria) 95pts (1st)/ 97pts (1st) 192pts
Conductor: H. Buchegger

2. Loch Garman (Republic of Ireland) 91pts (2nd)/ 89pts (2nd) 180pts
Conductor: J. Clancy
(Tam O'Shanter's Ride)

3. BB Oberschwaben Allgau (Germany) 86pts (3rd)/ 88pts (3rd) 174pts
Conductor: D. Gilson
(Matto Grosso)

4. BB Normandie (France) 80pts (4th)/ 80pts (4th) 160pts
Conductor: P. Gervais
(Salute to Youth)

euro pramme cover1998

Adjudicators: Markus Bach, Peter Graham, Jan Van der Roost
Test Piece: Fantasy

1. BB Frosch Hall (Austria) 93pts (1st)/ 95pts (1st) 188pts
Cnductor: H. Buchegger
(Land of the Long White Cloud)

2. BB Oberschwaben Allgau (Germany) 91pts (2nd)/ 90pts (2nd) 181pts
Conductor: D. Gilson

3. Toolo Brass (Finland) 86pts (3rd)/ 87pts (3rd) 173pts
Conductor: T. Bildo
(The Plantagenets)

4. Armitage Shanks Arklow Silver (Ireland) 84pts (4th)/ 83pts (4th) 167pts
Conductor: J. Bonner
(The Land of the Long White Cloud)

euro pramme cover1999

Adjudicator: Jappie Djkstra, Pascal Favre, Bob Ross
Test Piece: Bandsmen's Challenge (B. Moren)

1. BB Frosch Hall (Austria) 174pts
Conductor: H. Buchnegger

2. BB Normandie (France) 173pts
Conductor: P. Gervais

3. BB Oberschwaben Allgau (Germany) 167pts
Conductor: D. Gilson
(Paganini Variations)

4. Junges Blechblaserensemble (Germany) 167pts
Conductor: S. Fritzen
(Masquerade J. Curnow)

euro pramme cover2000

Adjudicators: Michel Barras, Tom Brevik, Torgny Hanson
Test Piece: Corpus Christi (R. Redhead)

1. BB Normandie (France) 91pts (1st)/ 93pts (1st) 184pts
Conductor: P. Gervais
(English Heritage)

2. Toolo Brass (Finland) 84pts (2nd)/ 90pts (2nd) 174pts
Conductor: T. Bildo
(Rhapsody in Brass)

3. Faroe Brass (Faroe Islands) 84pts (2nd)/ 86pts (3rd) 170pts
Conductor: S. Foggin

4. Drogheda (Ireland) 82pts (4th)/ 84pts (4th) 166pts
Conductor: M. Maher

euro pramme cover2001

Adjudicators: Jappie Dijkstra, Maurice Hamers, Thomas Wyss
Test Piece: Symphonic Music (Paul Huber)

1. Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia (Switzerland) 93pts (1st)/ 90pts (1st) 183pts
Conductor: A. Scheider
(Contest Music)

2. Nord Pas de Clais (France) 87pts (2nd)/ 88pts (2nd) 175pts
Conductor: P. Lorthois

3. Arklow Silver Armitage Shanks (Ireland) 81pts (3rd)/ 82pts (3rd) 163pts
Conductor: J. Bonner

euro pramme cover2002

Adjudicators: James Gourlay, Yves Illi, Manu Mallaerts
Test Piece: Excalibur (Jan van der Roost)

1. BB Nord Pas de Calais (France) 90pts (1st)/ 89pts (1st) 179pts
Conductor: P. Lorthios
(London Overture)

2. Armitage Shanks Arklow Silver (Ireland) 87pts (2nd)/ 85pts (2nd) 172pts
Conductor: J. Bonner
(Tam O'Shanter's Ride)

3. Berga Brass Band (Sweden) 84pts (3rd)/ 84pts (3rd) 168pts
Conductor: M. Hjortlinger
(Malvern Suite)

4. Mannheim Young Brass Ensemble (Germany) 82pts (4th)/ 82pts (4th) 164pts
Conductor: P. Vierneisel
(Corpus Christi)

5. Novedrate Brass Band (Italy) 81pts (5th)/ 81pts (5th) 162pts
Conductor: M. Gerosa
(Chorale and Toccata)

euro pramme cover2003: Bergen

Adjudicators: Torgny Hanson (Sweden); Goff Richards (England); Jan Van der Roost (Belgium)

1. Brottum Brass (Norway) 86pts
Conductor: Erling Myserth
(Variations for Brass Band)

2. Arklow Shipping Silver Band (Ireland) 84pts
Conductor: J. Bonner
(The Kingdom Triumphant)

3. Brass Band Malmo (Sweden) 81pts
Conductor: Stefan Cooper
(The Land of the Long White Cloud)

2004: Glasgow

Adjudicators: Tom Brevik (Norway), Nigel Boddice (Scotland), Johan de Meij (Netherlands)
Test Piece: Airs and Dances (Alan Fernie) and own choice programme

1. Torshavn BB (Faeroe Islands) - 91pts
Conductor: Ove Olsen

2. Brass Band Pfeffersberg (Italy) - 90pts
Conductor: Bernhard Reifer

3. Arklow Shipping Silver Band (Ireland) - 87pts
Conductor: John Bonner

4. Austrian Brass Band (Austria) - 85pts
Conductor: Uwe Koller 


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