2009 European Brass Band Championships - Gallery: Set Work


Selection of postcard pictures from this year's European Championships Set Work

Photos by Ian Clowes, Goldy Solutions. Go to www.goldysolutions.co.uk
Live Comments by Iwan Fox

Time: 1600hrs
The flags are unfurled at the Kursaal Hall

Time: 1700hrs
1. Brass Band Treize Etoiles (Switzerland)
Conductor: James Gourlay

" This is controlled playing of a high class"

"Great build and stamina in reserve"

Time: 1725hrs
2. Brass Band Aeolus (France)
Conductor: Bastien Stil

"....the return for home is all bells and whistles"

"....lots to admire in the approach"

Time: 1750hrs
3. Grimethorpe Colliery Band (England)
Conductor: Allan Withington

"Red blooded stuff in the Estamppie"

" Hard to think of a more exciting performance...."

Time: 1820hrs
4. Tredegar Band (Wales)
Conductor: Ian Porthouse

" Super start has real atmosphere and sense of distance"

"There is so much in reserve and the sop tops it all off brilliantly."

Time: 1850hrs
5. Lyngby-Taarbaek Brass Band (Denmark)
Conductor: Christian Schmiedescamp

"The Sax section has its moments and lyrical lines"

" There is volume a plenty..."

Time: 1930hrs
6. Whitburn (Scotland)
Conductor: Russell Gray

"Euph is top notch and shows class in Sax interlude"

" Reprise is well handled, lots to admire in the stylish approach"

Time: 2000hrs
7. Eikanger-Bjorkvik Musikklag (Norway)
Conductor: Bjarte Engeset

" This is absolute class in execution - so much control, detail and style."

"...triumphant and resounding ending"

Time: 2025hrs
8.Cory Band (Wales)
Conductor: Dr Robert Childs

" Estampie is tour de force stuff ..."

" Reprise sees the gear change to overdrive"

Time: 2050hrs
9. Brass Band Oberoestereich (Austria)
Conductor: Hannes Buchegger

"... a finely wrought musical picture"

"Sop in the Estampie section is awesome"

Time: 2115hrs
10. Brass Band Rijnmond (Netherlands)
Conductor: Ivan Meylemans

"...fine link to Sax Interlude"

"... bravura (esp. sop)."

Time: 2150hrs
11. Festival Brass Band (Belgium)
Conductor: Manu Mallaerts

" all played with a bravura style"

"... the band enjoy this and it shows"


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