2009 Norwegian National Championships - Gallery: Elite division own choice


Selection of pictures from this year's Norwegian National Championships, Elite division own choice.

The Journey to the Centre of the Earth unfolds with Oslofjord Brass

Manger Musikklag deliver Troglodyte Transition (Farr)

Taking the applause Sandefjord Brass Symposium

"Fantastic percussion playing" - a Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag highlight

Concero for Brass Band (Downie) from Krohnengen Brass Band

"A classy effort" from Stavanger Brass Band

Ila Brass Band following the playing of Exergy Re-Revisited

Garry Cutt led Molde Brass Band thorugh a Lowry Sketchbook

Muted moments from Jaren Hornmusikkforening

Oslo Brass Band conclude the Elite Own Choice Section


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