Draws: 2009 Norwegian Nationals

Draws for all sections at this year's Norwegian National Championships from Bergen's Grieghallen.

Grieghallen, Bergen

Elite Section 

Set Work: Rococo Variations – Edward Gregson
Friday 6th February (16.30)

Own Choice:
Saturday 7th February (14.45)
Adjudicators: Jan van der Roost, Maurice Hamers, Catherine

Winnes, Edward Gregson


Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Dr Nicholas Childs, 3/4
Ila Brass Band, Thomas Rimul, 2/7
Jaren Hornmusikkforening, Helge Haukås, 7/9
Krohnengen Brass Band, Ray Farr, 4/5
Manger Musikklag, Peter Szilvay, 1/2
Molde Brass Band, Garry Cutt, 10/8
Oslo Brass Band, Frode Amundsen, 8/10
Oslofjord Brass, Armin Renggli, 5/1
Sandefjord Brass Symposium, Michael Antrobus, 6/3
Stavanger Brass Band, Allan Withington, 9/6

2009 Own Choice Selections [Saturday]

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Graham)
The Night to Sing (Tovey)
Concerto for Brass Band (Downie)
Extreme Makeover (de Meij)
Tristan Encounters (Ellerby)
Paganini Variations (Wilby)
Troglodyte Transition (Farr)
Lowry Sketchbook (Wilby)
Revelations (Wilby)
Exergy Re-visited (Egil Njaa) 
First Division:

Adjudicators: Karl Ole Midtbo, Cathrine Winnes
Saturday 7th February (9.00)


Askøy Brass Band, Egil Magnussen, 3
Jølster Musikklag, Arvid Anthun, 7
Kopervik Musikkorps, Simon Dobson, 12
Laksevåg Musikkforening, Tom Brevik, 8
Oster Brass, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, 6
Radoy Brass, Tormod Flaten, 9
Sola Brass Band, Selmer Simonsen, 11
Sørum Musikklag, Christian Tenfjord, 2
Tertnes Brass, Gary Peterson, 4
Tertnes Amatørkorps, Martin Winter, 10
Tomra Brass Band, Frans Violet, 5
Ørskog Brass, John Hudson, 1

2009 Own Choice Selections:
English Heritage (Lloyd)
Ballet for Band (Horovitz)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Graham)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
The Essence of Time (Graham)
Dances and Alleluias (Sparke)
Music of the Spheres (Sparke)
...Dove Descending (Wilby)
Pageantry (Howells)
Dances and Arias (Gregson)
Concertino for Band (Downie)
Spectrum (Vinter)

Second Division:

Adjudicators: Elisabeth Fossan and Arvid Anthun
Friday 6th February (10.30) 


Alexander Brass Band, Morten E Hansen, 8
Brøttum Musikkforening , Erling Myserth, 11
Flesland Musikklag , Patrick Randefalk, 1
Gjesdal Brass Band, Jonas Skartveit Rogne, 9
Haukås Musikklag, Thor-Arne Pedersen, 1
Hornorkesteret Stavanger, Clive Zwanswiniski, 12
Kleppe Musikklag , Russell Gray, 5
Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn, Espen Westbye , 10
Rong Brass , Stian E. Svendsen, 4
Sagvåg Musikklag, Havard Kroka, 3
Skui Brass Band, Philip Hannevik, 6
Stangaland Brass, Reid Gilje, 13
Trondheim Politis Brassband , Peter Hatfield, 7 

Own Choice Selections:

The Saga of Haakon the Good (Sparke)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
Endeavour (Sparke)
Blazon (Graham)
Swedish Festival Music (Downie)
The Land of the Long White Cloud (Sparke)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
Heart of a Salvationist (Beijer)
The Forest of Dean (Bourgeois)
Dances and Arias (Gregson)
Aspects of Praise (Himes)
Rhapsody in Brass (Goffin)
Dances and Arias (Gregson)

Third Division:

Adjudicators: Harald Eikaas and Jappie Dijkstra
Friday 6th February (16.00)


Bergen Brass Band, Bjorn Breistein, 11
Borge Brass Band, Oddvar Nostdal, 15
Fjell Brass, Svein Henrik Giske, 8
Follesø Musikklag, Reid Gilje,, 10
Frei Hornmusikk, Kim Lofthouse, 13
Fræna Musikkorps, Jens Kristian Mordal, 4
Gjøvik ByBrass, Trond Elnes, 3
Grenland Brass, Sigurd Grov Skramsett, 1
Hasle Brass, Frode Amundsen, 5
Hordvik Musikklag , Knut Emil Mjøs, 6
Kjølsdalen Musikklag, Gerard Rooker, 9
Lindås Musikklag, Hogne Holmås, 14
Manger Old Stars, Johannes Mangersnes, 7
Torkangerpoll Musikklag, Eirik Gjerdevik, 2
Tromsø Brass, Tor Kristian Innbjor, 12

Test Piece Selections:

The Forest of Dean (Bourgeois)
Variations on Maccabeus (Norbury)
Blazon (Graham)
Purcell Variations (Downie)
Song of the Eternal (Condon)
The Present Age (Concon)
The Essence of Time (Graham)
Diversions (Sparke)
Kaleidoscope (Sparke)
Toccata Festiva (van der Roost)
Rhapsody in Brass (Goffin)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
Triumphant Rhapsody (Vinter)
Music for a Festival (Sparke)
Myte (Aaagaard-Nilsen)

Fourth Division

Adjudicators: Elizabeth Fossan and Jappie Dijkstra
Saturday 7th February (9.00)


Bjorkvik Brass, Russell Gray, 19
Brummund Nordaasen Musikkforening, Morten Sanner, 6
Fagernes Musikkorps, Odd Arne Erlandsen, 14
Flora-Bremanger Brass Band, Johnny Saelemyr, 12
Flå Musikkorps, Odd Steinar Mørkved, 4
Floro Hornmusikk, Kjell Erik Husom, 17
Forde Musikkorps/Musikkorpset Heimdal, Pal W. Josak, 11
Haroy Musikklag, Nils Magne Abelseth, 16
Hetlevik Musikklag, Oyvind Nikolaisen, 5
IMI Brass, Per-Erik Petersen, 10
Kritiansand Brass Band, David Tellefsen, 15
Lalm Musikkforening, Morten Graff, 9
Langhus Brass, Idar Toskangerpoll, 8
Lismarka/Mesnalia Brass, Morten Fagerjord, 1
Lyshornet Brass, Knut Harald Rydland, 7
Nes Musikkforening, Andres Halla, 3
Randaberg Musikkorps, Selmer Simonsen, 21
Rosendal Musikklag, Torstein Hatlevik, 13
Rudsbygd Brass, Morten Fagerjord, 18
Salhus Musikklag, Sindre Dalhaug, 20
Skeie GladBrass, Espen Westbye, 2
Stavanger Kommunes Korps, Morten Ovrebekk, 22

Test Piece Selections:

Journey into Freedom (Ball)
Inspiration (de Hann)
Kaleidoscope (Sparke)
Triptych (Sparke)
Connotations (Gregson)
Music for a Festival (Sparke)
Valerius Variations (Sparke)
Triptych (Sparke)
Second Suite in F Major (Holst)
Tone Poem — Joshua (Silfverberg)
Princethorpe Variations (Downie)
Anglian Dances (Fernie)
Festivity (Condon)
Music for Thanksgiving (Downie)
Partita (Gregson)
Prelude & Jubilate (Barry)
Concert Overture (Sparke)
Dimensions (Graham)
A Gallimaufry Suite (Harper)
Lydian Pictures (Dobson)
The Talisman (Hughes)
The Dark Side of the Moon (Lovatt-Cooper)

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