2019 Christmas Quiz

Forget the partridge in a pear tree, we have a John Packer JP071 Bb cornet worth over £200 to be won thanks to our friends at Band Supplies if you can get all the answers right in our annual festive quiz...

  You will need to get your thinking caps on...

We've put together 25 musical brain teasers for you to ponder over the next few days — with the chance of winning a great cornet that is ideal for a player starting out on what will hopefully be a lifetime of brass band enjoyment.

Last winner

Our last quiz before Christmas was won by Ian Perks from Staffordshire who knew that it was the city of Coventry who linked a Bramwell Tovey test-piece, a 1980's FA Cup winning team, and an English noblewoman who took to the streets in the buff to gain remission from oppressive taxation to a famous carol.

Christmas Quiz

The Christmas Quiz is a bit harder though so have an extra mince pie to help your brain power and see if you can get them all right. If in doubt check through 4BR articles etc to find some of the answers...

Some are easy, some a bit harder — and few a little obscure...

Here goes then...

1. Which famous Christmas Carol links a former principal cornet of Black Dyke, a lightweight Morris Dance folk tune by composer Percy Grainger and the fifth man to walk on the Moon?

2. In which country would you have found bands called Immanuel, Hosannah, Halleluja, Glora Dei and David competing in their National Championships this year?

3. Which colour of light was originally earmarked by Gilbert Vinter to open his test-piece 'Spectrum'?

4. August (Gus) Helmecke was alleged to be the highest paid player in John Philip Sousa's band, but what instrument did he play?

5. 'In Memoriam R.K.' by Elgar Howarth is written in tribute to which great German orchestral conductor?

6. Which band won the first ever All England Masters title in 1989?

7. Which band won the last Pontins Championship title in 2010?

8. What mythical animal links composer Philip Sparke, a Welsh regional rugby team and Daenerys Targaryen from 'Game of Thrones'?

9. What was unique about the way in which the 1958 British Open Championship was decided?

a) The band's were pre-drawn in order of ranking
b) There was open adjudication
c) The top 6 bands had to take part in a second round play-off

10. Which composer wrote an own-choice Championship Section work played this year for 'Brass Band and Ondes Martenot'?

11. Which Edward Gregson test-piece comprises movements entitled, 'Dialogue', 'Soliloquy' and 'Epigram'?

12. What does the musical term 'incalzando' mean?

13. How many times has Cory won the National Championship of Great Britain title?

14. Which famous brass band player's autobiography is called 'From Umchucks to Cadenzas'?

15. Which famous Gilbert Vinter test-piece, which started life as suite for string orchestra, omits a movement called 'Taproom Ballade' in its brass band version?

16. Which band is the current Champion Band of Sweden?

17. Which famous composer wrote a ballet, premiered in 1930, that tells of a Soviet football team visiting the West, whose captain is imprisoned by fascist agents only to be released after the players are joined by the local workers to defeat the police?

18. Who is Paul Raphael in real life?

19. Which former European Championship set-work opens with the second movement of Tchaikovsky's String Quartet No 1 in D, Opus 11?

20. Which trumpet player had a backing ensemble called 'Tijuana Brass'?

21. What nationality is the trombone player Lito Fontana?

22. Which two bands were relegated from the British Open in 2019?

23. Who was the last band to win the British Open off the number 1 draw — and in what year?

24. Which composer wrote the musical scores to the films 'Psycho' and 'Taxi Driver'?

25. Which standard brass band instrument is made up of approximately 6 and a half foot (1.9812 meters) of tubing?

a) Cornet
b) Horn
c) Baritone


Answers to be sent to: quiz@4barsrest.com

Closing date for answers: 12.00pm (midnight) on Friday 27th December 2019.

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